Several of the cemeteries in Howard County have been "walked" by volunteers and indexes to the tombstones made.   Below is a listing of all the cemeteries in the county, but not all of them have indexes.   I will be adding indexes as more cemeteries are walked.  If the cemetery index you are interested in is not here, you might try the Nebraska Tombstone Project, as new postings are usually made there first.   If you are able to help and walk a cemetery, please contact the me or the Tombstone Project.

  1. Bohemian National
  2. Cotesfield
  3. Czechoslovak
  4. Danish
  5. Dannevirke
  6. Ebenezer Methodist
  7. Elba Catholic (St. Joseph)
  8. Elba Public
  9. Kelso Lutheran
  10. Loup Fork (Dry Creek)
  11. Melrose
  12. Mt. Carmel (Paplin)
  13. Norwegian
  14. Nysted Evangelical
  15. Oak Ridge
  16. Rock Creek
  17. Scottish (aka Turkey Creek or Posen).
  18. Scott Hill (Fairdale)
  19. South Logan
  20. Spring Creek
  21. St. Anthony Catholic
  22. St. Libory Catholic
  23. St. Paul Public (Elmwood)
  24. St. Peter & Paul Catholic
  25. St. Wenceslaus Bohemian
  26. Swedish Pioneer
  27. Warsaw
  28. Cooper Private
  29. Detholfs Private
  30. Haggart Private
  31. Hamm Private
  32. Private
  33. Plot on Kingsley
  34. Private
  35. Lemburg Private
  36. Lewis Private
  37. Private
  38. Obermiller Private
  39. North Logan (Shirley Moore has taken pictures of headstones in this cemetery)
  40. Summit (Free Baptist Church) (index) ( stone placement map)
  41. Fairdale Sunrise

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