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C. V. Svoboda


Howard County, located near the state's geographical center, early became the home of foreign groups--Bohemian, German and Polish. But after conquering the prairie together, their differences melted, and today every Howard County citizen is an American. The county was created March 1, 1871 by an act of the territorial legislature, and shortly afterward J. N. Taylor, probate judge of Platte County appointed N. J. Paul, J. C. Lewis and Luther H. North Howard County commissioners.
     Among the earliest settlers to arrive were J. N. Paul, Major Frank North, Ira Mullen, A. J. Hoge, Joseph Tiffany, J. E. North, Luther North, Charles Morse, Gus Cox, S. W. Smith and Enos Johnson. After a preliminary investigation by the Paul brothers they met at the Indian village in the Pawnee reservation in January, 1871, and then explored the North and Middle Loup rivers, seeking a good place to settle. The spot on which they decided was not far from the present site of St. Paul.
     On this trip they observed the broad level valleys of the Loup rivers, somewhat sandy on the South and Middle Loup and a fertile sandy loam in the North Loup valley. They saw some of the land outside the valleys to be rich table land, with a thick loam topsoil.
     Other persons, investigating the southern portion of the county, found there "sandhills," which they considered useless to cultivate. With the passing years, however, sandhill fertility increased, and recent drouth seasons have demonstrated this land is better able to withstand dry periods than the heavy soil. What little timber the county has is found along the river and creek banks, and in small groves planted by pioneers.
     Another early settlement was sponsored by the Danish Land and Homestead Colony, which chose lands on Oak creek. A locating committee of Lars Hannibal, John Seehusen, S. M. Petersen and Paul Hansen chose the site, after one Mr. Moeller had visited the region.
     On April 9, 1871 a severe three day blizzard trapped six persons in a temporary camp. A. G. Metcalf, Jacob Peters, D. Richardson, T. C. Martin, Lawrence Fleming and his son, and J. P. Johnson were unable to leave their quarters, and were suffering from hunger when S. Hazeltine and C. P. Simpson arrived with part of an antelope they had killed. Two years later another three day storm struck the county, killing about half the livestock and six persons. This blizzard began the afternoon of April 13, 1873 with a steady rain, but the wind soon increased in intensity and the rain became snow.
     Among the tragic deaths caused by this blizzard were those of Lizzie Cooper and her mother. Jim Cooper, the husband and father, was forced to make a trip to Grand Island, and went before the blizzard began, leaving Mrs. Cooper, Lizzie, and another daughter, Emma, home alone. On the second day of the storm the roof was blown off their unfinished house, and the girls decided to go for help. After covering their mother in her bed, they struck out for a neighbor's home, but soon lost their way. Lizzie, becoming exhausted, dropped into a gully and died. Emma stayed with her sister's body the rest of the day and the next night, being saved from freezing by snow drifting over her. The next morning Emma set out to find help, and when the storm began to abate in the afternoon, she was seen passing a house occupied by W. T. Wyman and taken in there. Lizzie's body was found that afternoon near the Dannebrog-Cotesfield road; her dead mother was found only a hundred yards from a neighbor's home.
     Other Howard County citizens who were victims of this storm were Allen Cozens, and the entire Dillon Haworth family with the exception of an eighteen months old girl.
     It was on April 20, 1871, when the first white woman moved to Turkey creek. She was Mrs. James Eddy, and shortly after her arrival the citizens there met to choose a name for their little city. They voted by lot, and N. J. Paul's suggestion of "Athens" was accepted. The postoffice department, however, would not allow that name, and the name was left up to Senator P. W. Hitchcock. His choice of St. Paul was acceptable to everyone.
     Because most of the county's good land lay north of the Middle Loup river, a bridge was soon built. Paul began soliciting donations in Grand Island and in a short while had $392 in cash and pledges of $258 more. J. B. Beebe, the contractor, began driving the piles May 4. Five days later the county commissioners proclaimed St. Paul the "Seat of Justice" for Howard County.
     About this time the Pawnee and Sioux Indian tribes began warring with each other, causing fear for the safety of settlers living between the two Indian camps. Company C of the Ninth Infantry arrived, and after helping with construction of the Middle Loup bridge, marched ten miles north on the North Loup to establish a permanent summer camp. Completion of the bridge and the protection


in Nebraska


offered by the soldiers attracted many new homesteaders.
     During June and July of 1871, 80 acres of the St. Paul townsite were platted, and on July 12 a postoffice was established, with Jacob Peters, postmaster. After C. C. Ridell arrived with a portable sawmill, construction of homes and other buildings was made easier.
     On January 4, 1872, a regular mail route to Grand Island was established; on April 29 the first school district was organized, the first session conducted in the town hall by Lizzie Cooper. A party of forty Canadians swelled the county population in the spring of 1872, and a great many other settlers arrived that year. Much prairie was broken for planting crops, which were bountiful. The next spring, 1873, the tide of immigration continued to increase. But in April the second great blizzard struck, taking tremendous toll of cattle.
     The first number of the St. Paul Advocate was issued Sept. 10, 1873, by Mr. and Mrs. Seth P. Mobley. During the same month 320 acres of St. Paul townsite were platted, as were also 30 acres of Dannebrog townsite.
     The years 1872 and 1873 were bountiful crop years, and the mild spring of '74 promised even greater prosperity. But then a calamity struck, in the form of a grasshopper plague. Swarms of these insects obscured the light of the sun on July 17, and during the afternoon they descended to the fields. After remaining on the ground three days, they departed toward the northeast, but returned in a short time and remained another three days. When the grasshoppers finally left for good, hardly any vegetation remained in the county. The following winter, 1874-75, was a hard one. All crops had been destroyed, and money or credit was practically unobtainable. General Ord and Governor Furnas, however, organized the Nebraska State Aid Society to help relieve the state's farmers. Grain, food, clothing and seed were distributed to the distressed citizens through a local committee made up of J. N. Paul, H. N. Smith and W. R. Stitt.
     A Bohemian colony called Slovania was started in Howard County at this time. There being no more homesteads available, they bought relinquishments from original English-speaking homesteaders and consequently did not form a compact group settlement as other foreign groups did.
     Grasshoppers again caused damage in 1875, but that year they came after most of the crops had been harvested. The next July, however, they invaded Howard County again, this time remaining on the fields five days. Again all the crops were devoured.
     The condition of all the settlers, particularly the Bohemians, was critical. This group, strangers in a strange land, unable to speak English, leaderless, penniless and with all their crops destroyed, turned to prayer for relief. Having no church, they erected a large wooden cross in the center of the cemetery, and there Catholics and Protestants alike gathered to worship their common God. The women succeeded in raising late vegetables, and the men, after preparing their fields for next year's crops, hunted wild game. They ground parched wheat and barley to make a brew which replaced coffee, they ground wheat in coffee mills to make whole wheat bread and corn for cornbread. A considerable quantity of relief supplies was distributed that winter, as had been two years before, but the recently arrived Bohemian settlers got none of it. Their ingenuity, a few chickens, cows and game for meat enabled them to last out the winter and the following season was very favorable. In appreciation of better conditions they collected a modest sum of money and built a little church, the first Catholic Church in Howard County.
     In 1877 Father Klaviter, a Polish Catholic priest from Pittsburgh, came to Howard County, seeking a location for a Polish colony. The next year he led a group of Polish settlers to new homes along Turkey creek near the Sherman County line. This group was augmented by arrivals from Illinois the same year. The only material things to result from the optimistic hopes of this colony's leaders are a convent, a parochial school at Posen and another at Choynice.
     The winter of 1880-81 was one of the most severe the settlers had yet endured. When the spring thaws came, ice swept out four bridges on the Middle and North Loup rivers, including one railroad bridge. This was rebuilt, however, and within the next six years the rails were extended to Dannebrog, Palmer, Loup City and Ord.
     After those difficult years, Howard County progressed steadily, with no more setbacks than any other Nebraska region.
     A special election on Aug. 30, 1879 approved the county's issuing $20,000 in bonds to aid construction of the county's first railroad, to extend from Grand Island to St. Paul. Before this time crops of Howard and the surrounding counties had to be taken to Grand Island for rail shipment.
     With the advent of the railroad, St. Paul became the shipping point for Howard, Greeley, Valley, Sherman Counties and part of Custer. St. Paul boomed, and in one year its population doubled. Nearly a thousand carloads of farm produce were shipped from St. Paul in six months after Aug. 1, 1881. In the spring of that year, the St. Paul City Flouring Mill was erected by H. C. Metcalf. Shortly afterwards a more modern mill was built by Crowe and Leftwich, with the aid of the community. Both the mills were later destroyed by fire, and now the town's only mill is a small one which E. H. Sorenson operated until a short time ago.
     In 1900 the St. Paul Business College, a privately owned institution was built by Svoboda and



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Gruber, contractors. In 1920 a high school building was erected at a cost of $130,000.
     The county board completed a new courthouse in St. Paul in 1915, after the original builder had failed to fulfill his contract. The expense ran $28,000 over the original bonded amount of $75,000 and the board lost its suit to recover the additional cost.
     The population of Howard County consists of about one-third English, one-third Scandinavian (mostly Danish), and one-third German, Bohemian, and Polish extraction.
     During the first twenty years of Howard County's existence, about 30 percent of its population was unable to speak and write English; forty years later few non-English speaking persons could be found. Practically all these immigrants acquired United States citizenship as soon as they were eligible, and are gradually becoming a more important political factor in the life of the community. Many of them, particularly those of Polish, German and Bohemian extraction, have held important county offices, and have done their work efficiently
     New York City has gained some renown as the "Melting Pot of America." But quiet Howard County has had the same experience. It is peopled by prosperous, well educated, loyal United States citizens--nearly all of whom are of foreign extraction. Their outstanding county is ample evidence of their worth.

ANDERSON, ANNA C: Insurance Agent; b Howard Co, Neb; d of Paul Anderson-Maren K Nielsen; ed St. Paul HS 1889, mbr first graduating class; Cook Co Ill Normal Sch 1892-94; Shenandoah Ia Bus Coll; Moody Bible Inst, Chicago 1906; foster s Russell C; foster d Edna Mae, 1892 sch tchr, St. Paul; 1894-98 Howard Co dep treas; 1899-1906 mgr bookkeeping dept, Herpolsheimer Co, Lincoln; 1907-15 with US dept of interior, tchr in govt schs at Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Nome & Fairbanks, Alaska; 1915-19 with father in ins bus, St Paul; 1919- mgr & opr ins bus; during World War secy Howard Co ARC; 1917-21 secy OES 21; treas PEO; secy-treas lib bd; First Presby Ch; hobby, travel, has been to Europe twice, has made Mediterranean, North Cape & South American cruises; father (dec 1919) located at Dannebrog 1872, in merc bus, co judge, in ins bus; off 613 1/2 Howard; res 506 Seventh, St Paul.

ANDERSON, CHARLES HENRY: Dairyman; b Omaha, Neb Mar 15, 1898; s of Peter Anderson-Mary Butterick; ed Omaha; m Aletha Fuller, Oct 11, 1920 Central City; s Charles William; d Louise Virginia; as young man emp in cooper shops & packing houses, South Omaha; 1906-19 emp on farm, Howard Co; 1919-31 emp by Stanley Meade on dairy farm, St Paul; 1931- owner & mgr dairy bus; during World War ent US army June 23, 1916, Mexican border service co M, 5th Neb inf; during World War O/S 3 mos, non commd ofcr, disch Feb 1919; Amer Leg; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res St Paul.

ANDERSON, MRS MARGARET MARY: Hatchery Owner & Operator; b Franklin, Penn; d of Eric Hansen-Minnie Catherine Jacobsen; ed St Paul; m Paul Anderson Nov 22, 1900 St Paul; s Elmer George; d Alice Agnes, Florence Minnie Catherine (Mrs Harold Williams), Hilma Marie (Mrs Roy Welch); came with parents to Neb when 4 years old, located at Grand Island, later moved to St Paul; 1901 started first comml chicken hatchery in Neb & so far as known first W of Mississippi River, now Loup Valley Hatchery of St Paul; 1901- with husband & son in hatchery bus; during World War active in ARC & women's war work; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn; Neb Poultry Assn; Amer Poultry Assn; Internatl Baby Chick Assn, life mbr; Amer Brown Leghorn Club; Amer Barred Rock Club; PEO; OES; Luth Ch, attends Presby Ch; res St Paul.

ANDERSON, PAUL: Hatchery Owner & Operator; b Dannebrog, Neb Nov 5, 1874; s of Mads Anderson-Karen Marie Nielsen; ed Dannebrog; St Paul HS; m Margaret Mary Hansen Nov 22, 1900 St Paul; s Elmer George; d Alice Agnes, Florence Minnie Catherine (Mrs Harold Williams), Hilma Marie (Mrs Roy Welch); as young man assisted father in whol groc bus; 1894-1900 with father farmed near Cushing; 1900-22 indep farmer near Cushing; 1901 wife began comml chicken hatchery in Neb & so far as known first one W of Mississippi River, now Loup Valley Hatchery of St Paul; 1922- in hatchery bus, also owner & opr locker system & Downtown Frozen Foods & Locker Plant, St Paul, of which son is mgr; hatchery has 235,000 egg capacity, turning out about 1,000,000 chickens annually & shipping to every state in US; int in Western Land Roller Co, Hastings; about 1912 ran in the old Neb Farm Journal & old Neb Farmer, first advertisement ever carried offering baby chicks for sale; past mbr Cushing bd of edn; Internatl Baby Chick Assn; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn; Amer Poultry Assn; Luth Ch; attends Presby Ch; res St Paul.

ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH G: Farmer & Cattle Raiser: b Farwell, Neb Jan 17, 1893; s of I G Armstrong-Anna Welsh; ed Howard Co; St Paul Bus Coll; m Elizabeth Harvey Jan 28, 1920 St Paul; s Max G, Donald R, Bobble J, Edgar Dale; d Joan Elizabeth; helped father on farm while in sch; 1915-20 indep farmer; 1920- owner & opr farm near Farwell; treas sch bd dist 52; AF&AM 82, St Paul; Presby Ch; res RFD 1, Farwell.

ARNOLD, MERTON 0: Physician & Surgeon; b in sod house, Palmer, Neb July 19, 1889; s of William G Arnold-Winnifred E Prince; ed York Acad; York Coll BSc 1914; U of N, BA 1915; Northwestern U MD 1919; Phi Rho Sigma; m Urcell Seneff June 20, 1919 Chicago; s Merton 0 Jr; d Jean, Elaine; m Edith Koborg July 2, 1936 St Paul; d Patricia Ann; lived in sod house until 2 years old; 1919-20 interne St Lukes Hosp, Chicago; 1920- prac med St Paul; staff mbr St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; mbr Howard Co insanity bd; local surg for CB&Q & UP RRs; past city phys; during World War 1916-18 in med res corps, Northwestern U, 1918 in reg army, base hosp 2, Fort Sheridan Chicago; Howard Co Med Soc; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn, councilor 9th dist; Fellow AMA; C of C; US C of C; AF&AM; Presby Ch, past trustee; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father came to Howard Co 1871, was farmer & itinerant preacher; off 806 Seventh; res St Paul.

ARTERBURN, CARLOS EPPERSON: Banker; b Imperial, Neb June 12, 1890; s of Ellsworth E Arterburn-Della N Epperson; ed Lincoln HS; Neb Mil Acad, Lincoln; U of N 1910-12; Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill 1913; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Pauline Paul Sept 23, 1914 St Paul; s Carlos Paul; came with parents to Lincoln 1905; one of first jobs was for 0 J King & Son Groc, Lincoln; 1913-21 with St Paul State Bank, first in a minor capacity then throught (sic) the entire orgn; 1921 examiner for Neb St ins dept; 1921- exec VP in chg of St Paul State Bank; 1930 bank was nationalized as St Paul Natl Bank, oldest bank in this section of state, org Dec 19, 1879, as Howard Co Bank; during World War enl in old 5th NNG June 1917, became part of regular army as 134th inf, 1st lt. adjt of 3rd batt stationed at Lincoln & later at Camp Cody, Deming N M. disch July 3, 1918; Neb & Amer Bankers Assns; Platte Valley Clearing House Assn; Uni Club, Lincoln; C of C; St Paul Golf Club; AF&AM 82; Scot Rite 32o; KT, past comm; Tehama Shrine; Epis Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, trap shooting; father (dec Feb 3, 1938) came to Chase Co 1886, in abstract bus, oprd several ranches, moved to Lincoln 1905; wife owns her father's original homestead; off St Paul Natl Bank; res 724 Paul, St Paul.

ARTERBURN, MRS PAULINE PAUL: Homemaker; b St Paul, Neb; d of Nicholas Jay Paul-Abigail Hobson Boswell; ed St Paul HS 1905; Brownell Hall Omaha, 1912; m Carlos Epperson Arterburn Sept 23, 1914 St Paul; s Carlos Paul; with husband still


in Nebraska


owns & resides on father's original homestead; during World War active in women's war work; ARC; PEO; St Paul Golf Club; Epis Ch; father (dec 1921) located in Howard Co in 1869, founded & named town of St Paul in 1871, was recorded as first ofcl "trustee & proprietor of town," banker; res 724 Paul, St Paul.

BALIMAN, ALFRED L: Farmer & Cattle Feeder: b St Paul, Neb Mar 5, 1879; s of William H Baliman-Mary May LaClalr; ed St Paul HS; St Paul Bus Coll 1900; m Pearl Daddow Oct 15, 1902 Wiggle Creek1; s Percey LaClair; 1896 clk in groc store while in HS; 1900 in restaurant bus with ptr 6 mos at St Paul; 1900-02 farmed with father; 1902-19 oprd father's farm; 1918- owner & opr own farm; 1929- opr gas & oil bus; past mbr sch bd dist 8; past road overseer 7 years; AF&AM 82; Shrine; York Rite; RAM, king, past high priest; KT, warder, past comm; R&SM, past master; father in Civil War 1862-65 with 13th Ill inf, with Sherman on march to the sea; mother believed to be first white woman in St Paul; parents came from Omaha in covered wagon 1871; res RFD 3, St Paul.
1 Wiggle Creek is a stream five miles S of Loup City; now has consolidated sch, church & small store.

BARTLE, EDWARD T: Merchant; b St Paul, Neb Sept 18, 1886; s of Frank Bartle-Veronica J Kavan; ed St Paul HS; m Martha E Poppe Nov 17, 1920 Omaha; s Edward F; 1902-28 with mother, mgr gen mdse bus after father's death; 1928- after mother's death owner & mgr gen mdse store; dir Natl & Citizens Banks, St Paul; mbr city council 12 years; past mbr vol fire dept; during World War ent US army Oct 19, 1917, 89th div Co E & hdqrs Co, sgt mjr, O/S 1 year, disch June 1919; past comm Amer Leg; Fedn of Neb Retailers; past pres Comm Club; past mbr Lions; ch mbr St Paul Golf club; Peter & Paul Ch; hobbies, travel, fishing hunting; res St Paul.

BELL, TRUMAN THADDUS: Attorney; b Crawford Co, Ind Sept 2, 1859; s of James M Bell-Mary E Conrad; ed Crawford Co Ill; Grand Island HS; 1881-85 studied law in off of Caffin & Grimes of Ord; U of Mich, LLB 1886; m Mary Ella Orcutt Sept 6, 1889 Rochester N Y; s Percival H (dec); d Beulah (Mrs Thomas C Minnich), Bernice (Mrs George R Field); 1874 with parents came in covered wagon to Neb; 1875-87 with parents on farm near Grand Island; until 1881 tchr in rural schs, Hall & Merrick Cos; 1881-85 prin Ord HS; 1885 adm to Neb bar; 1886-87 prin St Paul HS; 1887 with brother William A in law firm Bell Bros, St Paul; 1887- indep law prac; past Howard Co atty 4 years; past city atty 20 years; has 50 year continuous service certificate Home Ins Co of New York; chmn Howard Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; past chmn Howard Co ARC 7 years; AF&AM, past master, York Rite; RAM, past high priest; KT, life certificate, past Comm; Tangier Shrine: Tehama Shrine; Presby Ch; hobbies, travel, chopping wood; celebrated golden wedding anniversary Sept 6, 1939; res St Paul.

BORZYCH, EDWARD: Postmaster; b Farwell, Neb Oct 1, 1892; s of Alexander Borzych-Mary Lorkowski; ed Farwell HS 1909; St Paul Bus Coll; m Martha Horkey June 27, 1923 St Paul; s Edward Jr; d Rosemary, Virginia; 1910-15 clk in groc store, Farwell; 1915- P M, Farwell; during World War Oct 5, 1917 became corp 2nd draft inf, Co E, 355th inf, 89th div O/S in 4 major drives Lucey sector, St Mihiel offensive, Euwezin sector, Meuse-Argonne offensive, disch June 3, 1919; KC; St Anthony Cath Ch; hobby, baseball; res Farwell.

CARLSON, KENNETH P: Superintendent of Schools; b Fink, Neb Mar 22, 1912; s of S Elmer Carlson-Anna L Soderholm; ed Holdrege HS 1929: KSTC, BSc 1932; U of N, grad work 1932-34; Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley, MA, 1938; Pi Mu Epsilon; m Fern M Jacobsen July 8, 1936 Edgar; 1933-34 tchr, U of N coll of engineering, also ticket agt at coll bus depot; 1934-35 with C E Park org & oprd Neb Stamp Co at Bruning; 1935-36 prin & tchr at Platte Valley HS; 1936-37 supt Platte Valley schs; 1937-38 supt Brule schs; 1938- supt at Dannebrog; Comml Club; secy-treas & VP Howard Cc HS Activities Assn; NSTA; hobbies, Stamp collecting; hunting, fishing; res Dannebrog.

CARLSON, MRS MARIE NIESS: Drug Store Owner; b Grand Island, Neb Dec 8, 1886; d of August Niess-Emma Stelk; ed Grand Island; m Axel E Carlson Aug 21, 1910 Grand Island (dec 1930); d Marion L (Mrs Lothard Jessen); 1930- mgr drug store since husband's death; during World War active in ARC work; Neb Pharm Assn, secy womans aux; chmn Girl Res Coun; Comml Club, OES; Luth Ch, SS tchr 8 years, ladies aid; Rep vice-chmn Howard Co Central Com; hobby, reading; res Dannebrog.

CARLSON, OSCAR: Inventor; b Boden, Sweden Apr 16, 1867: s of Carl 0 Blomquist-Anna M Olson; ed Sweden; m Hilda M Nordeling Dec 17, 1892 Dannebrog; s 0 Gilbert; d Garnette (Mrs J M Miles Jr), Emily (Mrs Lester Ike, dec); 1882- learned carriage & wagonmaking trade in Sweden; 1886- came to Amer locating at Dannebrog, later went to Rock Springs Wyo, Littleton & Denver Colo; 1889 pur Henry Blickfelt blacksmith shop at Dannebrog, later built shop at present site of Larsen-Scofield garage, added to it 1919, making it largest bldg in Dannebrog; sold property in 1926 & converted barn at his home into garage & workshop; installed first tele in Dannebrog, bought & installed first gasoline engine; 1912 built & oprd first electric light & power plant, later sold it to Central Power Co; has invented many machines in 46 years as blacksmith & machinist: past J P, Dannebrog; past pres Comml Club; past chmn village bd 13 years; past marshal; past treas sch bd; org & chief vol fire dept; tuba player in cornet band 25 years; MWA; AF&AM; KT; Tehama Shrine; life mbr; Luth Ch; hobby, inventing machinery; res Dannebrog.

CECIL, HUGH I: Manager Light & Water Department; b Plattsmouth, Neb Feb 26, 1887; s of Steven D Cecil-Emma Creamer; ed Plattsmouth HS 1905; m Mildred Balser Mar 4, 1914 Plattsmouth; s Herbert M, Phillip H, Bernard B, Kenneth D; while in sch worked as fireman on CB&Q RR in summers; 1905-08, 1908-15 with Neb Lighting Co, Plattsmouth; 1908 in electrical dept UP RR 9 mos; 1915-22 dist mgr Neb Lighting Co, Dunlap Ia; 1922-35 with Central Power Co at Grand Island later dist mgr at St Paul; 1935- supt St Paul Light & Water Co, 1st supt of light dept after pur by city from Central Power Co; past mbr sch bd; past committeeman BSA; past band mbr, Plattsmouth, Dunlap Ia & Woodbine Ia; C of C; past mbr Lions; mbr Goodfellowship Club; past 1st chmn Employes Benefit Fund of Central Power Co; AF&AM 82; RAM; York Rite; Presby Ch, tress; hobbies, reading, music; res St Paul.

CHRISTENSEN, CHRIS C: Manager Co-op Assn; b Farwell, Neb Jan 3, 1888; s of Mads C Christensen-Syrine Nielsen; ed Farwell; m Hilda M Hansen Apr 10, 1912 Grand Island; s George, Max; d Sylvia (Mrs ___ Ibsen), Mildred (Mrs ___ Nelson), Katherine, Alice, Grace; 1912- farmer, sons now opr farm; 1934- mgr Farmers Union Co-op Assn of Howard Co; pct assessor 1916-18; road overseer Kelso pct 1914-15; during World War active in Liberty bond drives; Farmers Union, past pres & ch mbr; past dir Dannebrog elevator; dir St Paul Oil Assn 1930-33; Danish Luth Ch; hobbies, readIng, family; res St Paul.

CHRISTENSEN, RASMUS: Farmer & Feeder; b Denmark Aug 7, 1884; s of Lars Christensen-Christina Fredricksen; ed Fremont; Howard Co; m Nora Leth July 17, 1917 St Paul; s Clayton E; d Eda Mae; 1911-15 with brother, Andrew in groc bus, Dannevirke; 1915-19 feeder & buyer of cattle & horses near Farwell; 1919- farmer & feeder, Farwell; mbr sch bd; during World War active in Liberty bond drives; Danish Brotherhood; Luth Ch, bd mbr; hobby, fishing; res Farwell.

CHRISTOFFERSEN, GEORGE: Pharmacist; b Grand Island, Neb June 15, 1899; s of Chris Christoffersen-Mary Petersen; ed Elba HS 1916; U of N, 1921-22; LBC 1923-24; m Jessie Englebrecht May 24, 1924 Lincoln; s William; d Georgia Jean; came with parents to Elba 1904; 1919-21, 1922 & 1924-29 with Clayton Drug Co, Grand Island; 1929- owner & mgr drug store, Elba; village treas; past mbr village bd 2 terms; treas bd of edn; during World War ent US army Aug 1917 Co M, 5th Neb, 34th div 12 mos O/S non-com ofcr, disch Oct 1919, Amer Leg post 241; NARD; AF&AM 82; U B Ch. past mbr ofcl bd; hobby, fishing; res Elba.

CONGER, CASSIUS RANDOLPH SR: Railway Agent; b West Point, N Y Sept 29, 1876; s of William Henry Conger-Elizabeth Turnbull; ed Loup City HS; m Myrtle May Baldwin Oct 25, 1899 Grand Island; s Cassius Cadwell Jr; d Lucy Myrtle (Mrs Howard Brown), Julia May (Mrs George Stevens), Bernice Marie (Mrs Arnold L Sorensen); as a boy contributed articles to local newspaper; 1894-97 station helper & appr in teleg for UP RR, Loup City, 1897-1903 helper, agt, teleg opr along UP RR at various places between Omaha & North Platte; 1903- UP RR agt, Dannebrog; first in seniority on UP RR; ORT; First Bapt Ch; hobbies, fishing,



Who's Who

reading; parents located at Loup City in 1882; father representative in Neb legislature & sponsored enactment of law locating soldiers' & sailors' home at Grand Island; res Dannebrog.

CONKLIN, MRS MITTIE B: Homemaker; b Ashton, Ill; d of John P T. Taylor-Susan K Bridge; ed St Paul HS; m Abram Nelson Conklin June 12 1889 Ashton (dec Aug 12, 1916); foster-s Laurence B (dec Aug 15, 1937); reared nephews Millard B, Donald C, & Harold Conklin; d Hazel (dec), reared niece Celia Conklin (Mrs Floyd Rockwell); with parents came to Neb 1879, located near Ashton which father named; 1888-89 sch tchr, Sherman Co; 1889- homemaker; 1917-28 oprd The Needlecraft Shop, St Paul; during World War Howard Co chmn womens World War activities; past pres PEO; OES, ch mbr, DUV, mbr 53 years; First Presby Ch, ladies aid, ladies aux; hobby, needlecraft; husband came to Neb as 1st agt of CB&Q RR, Ashton, later in gen merc bus & farming; moved to St Paul & ent grain elevator & stock feeding bus; P M, St Paul 1914-16; res 609 Sheridan, St Paul.

CZAJKA, JOHN: Clergyman; b Ulanow, Poland Nov 24, 1904; s of Andrew Czajka-Caroline Maziarz; ed parochial sch, Oil City Penn; Orchard Lake Mich; St Marys HS & Coll BA 1928; St Cyril Methodius Seminary, Orchard Lake Mich; ordained in Grand Island May 22, 1932 read first Mass following Sunday in Oil City Penn; 1932-33 asst clergyman Loup City; 1934- pastor, Elba; religious instr parochial sch, Loup City, also supvr of Arcadia & Rockville; org Cath Youth Orgn; KC; chaplain to St Felician nuns; hobbies, fishing, stamp & coin collecting, reading, flowers; res Elba.

DANITZ, ANSELN L: Dentist; b Farwell, Neb Jan 17, 1907; s of A M Danitz-Katherine Lorkowski; ed Farwell; St Paul HS 1925; Creighton U, DDS 1929; Delta Sigma Delta; m Frances E Flanigan Jan 16, 1930 Omaha; d Kathleen, Joann; 1929-39 dentist, Omaha; 1939- dentist, St Paul; active in ARC work, taught first aid at Creighton & Omaha U, Howard Co publicity chmn; US army ofcrs res corps; Douglas Co Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; C of C, Omaha; 1936 state pres Cosmopolitan Club; Goodfellowship Club; St Paul Golf Club; St Paul Gun Club; KC; Peter & Paul Cath Ch; hobbies, golf, shooting, photography; res St Paul.

DOBRY, CHARLES: Attorney; b St Paul, Neb June 28, 1883; s of John Dobry-Antonie Horky; ed St Paul HS, 1902; U of N, LLB 1911; m Elizabeth Schmidt Nov 14, 1911 Wolbach; s John, George, Donald; d Doris; m Pearl Demary July 21, 1936 St Paul; s Charles A; as young man worked for father on farm; 1913-26 Howard Co atty, also farmer & purebred livestock raiser; 1927-34 prac law, St Paul; 1935-38 Howard Co atty; 1939- prac law, St Paul; 1917 prosecuted Alson B Cole & Vincent Grammar for murder of Mrs Lulu Vogt & they were 1st men to receive capital punishment by electrocution in Neb; counsel for Howard Co Rural Pub Power Dist; capt 5th inf NNG; 1922-34 mbr Neb St bd of agr & Neb St Fair bd; secy Howard Co Agrl Soc 1921-39; past dir Howard Co Farm Bur; past pres Howard Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; during World War chmn legal advisory bd, capt HG; past mbr C of C; IOOF, past dist dep grand master; ZCBJ; hobby, sports; off P 0; res St Paul.

DVORACEK, EDWARD: Merchant; b St Paul, Neb Oct 13, 1898; s of Joseph Dvoracek-Kathryn Struma; ed St Paul HS; m Mrs Mayme Knight Nov 11, 1919 Grand Island; step-s Charles Glen Knight; 1915-26 clk for Ed Hoover in groc, St Paul; 1926- with ptr L E Johnson in gen mdse store, St Paul; VP C of C; Fedn of Neb Retailers; ch mbr Lions; AF&AM 82; MWA; Presby Ch, past trustee; hobbies, fishing, hunting, outdoor sports; res St Paul.

FLEMING, MICHAEL EDWARD: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Tarrytown, N Y Dec 15, 1873; s of Henry Fleming-Kathorin Meagher; ed Clay Co; m Rose G Eagan Oct 7, 1907 Grafton; s Henry J, Edward F; d Mary G (Mrs Howard Lynch), Clara R; 1875- with parents came to Neb; 1905-19 in men's clothing bus, Sutton; 1919-24 managed bus ints, Sutton; 1924- in lbr & coal bus, St Paul; 1928- mayor; mayor during time water supply system extended, town pur electric light & power plant, city lib was estab; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, history, biography, geography; res St Paul.

GANGWISH, CARL LA VERN: Superintendent of Schools; b Juniata, Neb June 9, 1915; s of Earl L Gangwish-Nellie Mae Gish; ed HS, Adams Co 1933; Hastings Coll, BA 1938; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Tau Phi; m Dorothy Mae Haumont May 20, 1939; 1938-39 prin & tchr, Dix; 1939- supt of schools, Elba; NSTA; 4-H Club; hobbies, archery, leather craft work, woodwork; res Elba.

GDANITZ, ABDON MARTIN: Merchant; b Detroit, Mich July 30, 1870; s of Edward Gdanitz-Josephine Ruchniewiz; m Katherine Lorkowski June 26, 1895 St Paul; s Edmund (dec), Isadore, Roman Alexander, Dr Anseln L Danitz; prior to 1892 assisted father on farm; 1892-94 emp in meat market of Charlie Meninger, Milwaukee Wis; 1894-95 in retail liquor bus, Farwell; 1896- owner & opr meat market, later added dry goods, shoes, groc & gen mdse; 1915 erected modern brick bldg; opr branch store, Loup City since 1923; P M 14 years, Farwell; city treas 25 years; past mbr town coun; past mbr bd of edn; speaks English, German, Polish & Bohemian; Fedn of Neb Retailers; ch mbr AOUW; ZCBJ; St Anthony's Cath Ch; hobbies, hunting, sports, yard; parents came from West Prussia to Detroit Mich in late 1860's, came to Howard Co 1877; res Farwell.

GDANITZ, ROMAN ALEXANDER: Merchant & Insurance Adjuster; b Farwell, Neb July 4, 1897; s of Abdon Martin Gdanitz-Katherine Lorkowski; ed parochial sch & Farwell HS; KSTC; m Regina Jankowski Oct 12, 1924 Ashton; s David Alexander (dec), Robert Alexander; d Ann Marie; as young man assisted father in gen mdse bus at Farwell, after finishing sch became ptr of father; past mbr bd of edn; chief vol fire dept; St Anthony's Cath Ch, choir mbr & organist; hobbies, hunting, home landscaping, baseball & sports; res Farwell.

HAGGART, MRS CLARA V BARTLE: Homemaker; b St Paul, Neb Apr 17, 1892; d of Frank Bartle-Veronicia J Kavan; ed St Paul HS 1910; St Paul Bus Coll 1911; KSTC 1913; m Ralph A Haggart June 21, 1916 St Paul; s Richard James; d Janet E; 1913-15, kindergarten Central City; 1916- homemaker; helped mother in Bartles Dept Store in absence of brother during World War; during World War mbr ARC Priscilla Club; ch mbr Amer Leg aux; PEO; Womens Club; Presby Ch; hobbies, collecting poems, stamps, newspaper clippings, pictures of old autos, photography, reading; res St Paul.

HAGGART, MRS FREDA LOUISE: Homemaker; b Chicago, Ill; d of Hugo Weidenpesch-Mina Freihardt;. ed Chicago Ill & Davenport Ia; Chicago Art Inst; m Frederick Raymond Haggart Sept 18, 1912 Davenport Ia; d Elaine Louise; during World War active in women's war activities; ARC, instrumental in obtaining Howard Co charter; Howard Co chmn last 13 years; pres lib bd; past correspondent, secy & past treas PEO; Adelphian Club; Presby Ch; hobbies, flowers & yard, painting; res St Paul.

HAGGART, FREDERICK RAYMOND: Banker; b St Paul, Neb May 1, 1886; s of James Arch Haggart-Joanna O'Hollaren; ed St Paul HS 1903; St Paul Bus Coll; U of N 1906, Neb Cadets; Delta Tau Delta; Iron Sphinx; m Freda Louise Weidenpesch Sept 18, 1912 Davenport Ia; d Elaine Louise; 1906-20 asst cash First State Bank, now St Paul Natl Bank, 1920-24 VP, 1924- VP & cash; city clk; past treas; past chmn Howard Co FERA; mbr advisory bd FSA, Howard Co; mbr advisory bd Howard Co conciliation com; chmn War Savings Stamp com & vice-chmn Liberty Loan, com during World War; NNG, batt sgt maj; ARC; past mbr & past chmn exec coun, Neb Bankers Assn; Amer Bankers Assn; AF&AM 82, secy 20 years, past master; past high priest RAM 27; past master R&SM; Presby Ch; Rep, secy Howard Co Central Com; hobbies, golf, bridge; res St Paul.

HAGGART, MRS JOANNA A: Homemaker; b Adams Co, Wis; d of Patrick O'Hollaren-Ann Hickson; ed Merrillan Wis; convent, Humbird Wis; m James Arch Haggart July 11, 1884 St Paul (dec Nov 28, 1936); s Ralph Archie, Fred R, Virgil J; d Ethel G (Mrs Lewis L Wessels), Helen E (dec), Clarice A (Mrs H Seiter); 1883 came to St Paul to visit a brother, James O'Hollaren, remained; 1884- homemaker; celebrated golden wedding anniversary July 11, 1934; during World War active in ARC work; Amer Leg aux, past pres & past treas; past mbr Womans Club; PEO, past matron; OES, past pres; Presby Ch, past secy-treas missionary soc 13 years, mbr ladies circle; hobbies, fancywork, travel; res St Paul.

HAGGART, RALPH ARCHIE: Attorney; b St Paul, Neb Dec 14, 1888; s of James Arch Haggart-Joanna A O'Hollaren; ed St Paul HS 1906; U


in Nebraska


of N, LLB 1913; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; m Clara V Bartle June 21, 1916 St Paul; s Richard J; d Janet E; adm to Neb bar 1913; 1913-36 prac law with father James Haggart, St Paul; 1936- indep law prac, St Paul; 1915-25 Howard Co judge; 1924 candidate for dist judge 11th Judicial dist; 1927- city atty; during World War chmn 4 min-men, Howard Co, chmn legal advisory bd; 1st lt NNG; pres Howard Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; 1916-34 secy C of C; AF&AM 82, past master; past high priest, RAM; Goodfellowship Club; Presby Ch, trustee; hobby, hunting; off 816 7th; res 516 6th, St Paul.

HANISCH, EDWARD C: Physician; b Rockville, Neb Jan 19, 1883; s of 0 G Hanisch-Loulse S Dieterichs; KSTC; U of Omaha; U of N, MD 1918; Phi Chi; interne Uni Hosp, Omaha 1 year; m Hulda M Wiese June 23, 1919, Omaha; s Edward C Jr, Robert W; d Beata L; 1919- prac med, St Paul; mbr sch bd 6 years; Howard Co Med Soc, secy; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; hobbies, hunting, fishing, travel; off P 0; res St Paul.

HARUDA, FRED F: Baker; b Czechoslovakia May 28, 1889; s of John A Haruda-Joullie Fiala; ed Czechoslovakia; m Anna Eret May 28 8, 1912 Sargent; s Fred J, Joe S; d Ann; 1903 came to Amer; 1903-07 in bakery bus, Baltimore Md; 1907-12 emp on farm near Wolbach & also in bakery bus; 1912-13 farmed near Wolbach; 1913-15 in bakery bus, Wolbach; 1915-17 baker, Stanton; 1917-18 farmed; 1918- baker, St Paul; mbr bd of edn; 2 years band mbr; past mbr Neb Master Bakers Assn; Neb lce Cream Mfrs Assn; C of C; past mbr Lions; past mbr St Paul Gun Club; ch mbr St Paul Golf Club; MWA; ZCBJ; KC; Peter & Paul Cath Ch; hobbies, music, fishing, hunting; res St Paul.

HINZMANN, JOSEPH: Clergyman; b Stenkienen, E Prussia, Germany Mar 9, 1879; s of John Hinzmann- Gertrude Gehrman; ed Germany; Nazareth Coll, Longwy Belgium 1896-99; Coll of Montfort France 1899-1901; Bellevue Seminary, Rennes France; Inst of Chevilly, Paris France; ordained at Chevilly, France 1907; sang first Mass Aug 1907 at Schoeneberg Germany; 1907-08 asst pastor Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ch, Mt Carmel Penn; 1909-10 asst pastor, Immaculate Heart of Mary Ch, Pittsburgh Pa; 1911-19 org & first pastor of St Stanislaus Ch & Parish, Toronto Ontario Canada; 1919-23 pastor St Mary's Ch, Bridgeport; 1924-26 pastor of St Mary's Ch, Sargent; 1926- pastor St Anthony's Ch & prin of St Anthony's Parochial Sch, Farwell, during this time ch & schl bldgs were erected; org & leader of Father Hinzmann's band, Farwell; during World War asst in organizing units in Toronto Canada for service in France; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, fishing, cultivation of trees; res Farwell.

HUGHES, J RAY: Dentist; b Grandmound, Ia. Dec 5, 1898; s of J B Hughes-Elizabeth McDonald; ed Sioux Falls S D HS 1918; Creighton U, DDS 1926, also grad work; Delta Sigma Delta; m Cathrine E Norris Oct 16, 1928 Omaha; after HS with CB&Q RR; 1926-28 dentist, Wood River; 1928- dentist, St Paul; Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Comml Club; pres St Paul Softball Assn; KC, mbr 9 years; Cath Ch; hobbies, reading, travel, hunting, softball; res St Paul.

HUNKINS, A C: Secretary-Treasurer Farm Loan Association: b Beaver Crossing, Neb Oct 3, 1884; s of Clarence Hunkins-Susan Haney; ed Cordova HS 1901; LBC 1911; d Helen (Mrs Richard Briggs), Audrey; worked with father in gen store until 1904; 1905-06 with Neb Beet Sugar Co; 1906-09 traveling salesman for clothing firm; 1912 asst mgr Jorgensen Racket Store; 1913-14 bkkpr & steno E Stock Grain Co; 1915 bkkpr, Cushing State Bank; 1916-17 with Miller & Paine Co, Lincoln; Jan 1, 1918-Mar 30, 1939 cash & VP Cushing State Bank; 1939- secy-treas Natl Farm Loan Assn; 1938 candidate for unicameral legislature 29th dist; AF&AM; RAM; Dem; hobby, hunting; off Taylor Block, St Paul; res Cushing.

INGERLE, HENRY: Farmer; b Weston, Neb Nov 30, 1876; s of Vencil Ingerle-Marie Grecar; ed Howard Co: m Hattie Elizabeth Naprstek July 27. 1904 Elba; s Louis V, Herbert H (dec), Albert W; d Augusta M (Mrs Joseph Spilinek), Clara A (Mrs Henry Shimek); 1883 with parents came to Howard Co; 1899- farmer, Howard Co; 1911 mgr Farmers Elevator, Elba; pct assessor 1912-16; 1929-33 PM, Elba; 1935- in gravel bus; 1918-28 mbr Howard Co Fair bd, chief of police 17 years, gen supt 1939; 1921-29 Howard Co commr, state highway commr; mbr Howard Cc sch redistricting com 1918; mbr sch bd 1921-24; during World War 1918-20 Ist lt Co A Howard Co HG; Nebraskana Soc; past mbr WOW; AF&AM 82; Tehama Shrine; KT; OES; past mbr AOUW; past mbr IOOF; U B Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Elba.

JACOBS, WILLIAM A: Oil Dealer; b Howard Co, Neb Aug 13, 1882; s of William Jacobs-Rose Rochek; ed Howard Co; m Clara Bly Nov 15, 1909 Grand Island; s William Lyle, Clayton E; d Neiona (Mrs ___ Guien); 1903-04 brakeman for CB&Q RR, 1904-08 mbr bridge gang; 1908-20 barber, St Paul; 1920-32 mfr of hog & cattle mineral food, St Paul; 1932- in oil bus with sons, Lyle & Clayton; during World War mbr HG also Co B 2nd NNG; WOW; AOUW; hobby, baseball; off P 0; res St Paul.

JACOBSEN, LaVERNE P: Cafe Owner; b Dannebrog, Neb Sept 1, 1909; s of M M Jacobsen-Helen Nielsen; ed Dannebrog HS 1928; m Juanita Hansen July 28, 1939 Kearney; 1928-30 clk in Jacobsen & Nielsen Hdw Co, Dannebrog; 1930-39 clk in Cash Hdw Store, St Paul; 1937- owner & opr Top Hat Cafe, St Paul; past mgr St Paul Baseball Club & past mgr softball team; past supvr softball, Neb dist; mbr vol fire dept; Howard Co chmn Neb Wildlife Fedn; past secy & an org St Paul Flying Club; past mbr St Paul Golf Club; as a boy won Copsey trophy contest; 1939 an org & 1st VP St Paul Gun Club, class B champion Neb St shoot, Omaha 1939; past VP Dannebrog HS Alumni Assn; mbr & past com mbr C of C & Jr C of C; Luth Ch; hobbies, shooting, hunting, baseball & softball; res St Paul.

JACOBSEN, MAGNUS M: Operator Hardware Co; b Dannebrog, Neb July 19, 1890; s of Lars S Jacobsen-Ingar Marie Andersen; ed Dannebrog; m Helen Pauline Nielsen May 19, 1909 Dannebrog (dec June 16, 1933); s LaVerne Paul, Eugene, Raymond, Osborne, Kenneth; d Helen Mae; as boy assisted father in plastering & masonry; 1906-12 emp by Jacob Sorensen as carp, Dannebrog; 1912-17 oprd billiard & recreation parlor, Dannebrog; 1917-18 farmer near Dannebrog; 1919-21 owner & opr hdw bus, Dannebrog; 1921- ptr of Ainer H Nielsen in hdw bus, 1928- also owner & opr store at St Paul; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past mbr town coun; past mbr bd of edn 3 years; an org of The Pleasure Isle of Dannebrog; Danish Brotherhood; IOOF; MWA; Luth Ch; hobbies, baseball, fishing, hunting; res Dannebrog.

JENSEN, ALBERT M: Garage Owner & Implement Dealer; b Dannebrog, Neb Dec 21, 1889; s of Andrew Jensen-Margaretta Swersen; ed Dannebrog; m Christina F Christensen Apr 19, 1912 Dannebrog; s Howard M, Carroll L; d Marion U; with father in garage & impl bus while in sch & until father's death Nov 1932; 1932- owner & opr garage & impl bus, Dannebrog; past mbr village bd; chief of vol fire dept 32 years; past mayor 1 term; during World War mbr HG; ch mbr Comml Club; past mbr Amer Trapshooting Assn 1920-21; IOOF, has held all offs; hobbies, horseshoes, shooting; res Dannebrog.

JENSEN, BRYAN: Clothing Merchant; b Dannebrog, Neb Mar 1, 1901: s of C G Jensen-Mary Hald; ed St Paul HS 1919; m Beth Fairbairn June 1928 St Paul; 1919-25 clk Shanstrom Clothing Store, St Paul; 1925- owner & opr clothing bus; res St Paul.

JENSEN, FRED CHRISTIAN: Lumber Dealer; b Fremont, Neb Oct 20, 1893; s of Edward Emil Jensen-Christina Petersen; ed Platte & Howard Cos; St Paul Bus Coll 1914-16; m Clara Rose Sazama July 26, 1922 St Paul; d Jean Claribel; 1895 with parents came to Genoa; 1901-16 worked for father on farm, St Paul; 1916-17 & 1919-28 emp in Lars Larsen Lbr Yard, St Paul; 1928 farmed near St Paul; 1928- owner lbr bus, Farwell; chmn bd of edn, mbr 9 years; village trustee; mbr vol fire dept, past mbr at St Paul; during World War enl July 14, 1917 with 5th NNG, 134th inf Cc M 34th (Sandstorm) div, Camp Cody N M, O/S 10 mos; non-commd ofcr, sgt, disch Aug 4, 1919; past comm. Amer Leg post 119, mbr 20 years; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Natl Retail Lbr Dealers Assn; KC, past recorder & past trustee; Cath Ch; hobbies, travel, fishing; res Farwell.

JENSEN, NIELS: Bank President; b St Paul, Neb Sept 5, 1886; s of Anders Jensen-Karen Pedersen; ed Dannebrog & St Paul; St Paul Coll; m Maren Klausen June 12, 1911 Boelus; s Ray, Paul, Lee; d Erma; when young man helped father with farming; 1904-05 with brother, Peter, in gen store, Boelus; 1905-18 with fa-



Who's Who

ther, brother Peter, & L B Kenyon in Boelus State Bank, 1905-07 asst cash, 1907-18 cash; 1918-27 farmed, retained int in bank; 1927-38 VP Boelus State Bank, 1938- pres; past mbr bd of edn; past city clk; past mbr AOUW; Luth Ch; hobby, baseball; res Boelus.

JOHNSON, LEVI E: Merchant; b St Paul, Neb Jan 3, 1895; s of E E Johnson-Laura C Schultz; ed St Paul HS 1916; in Hazel M Morley Apr 1918 St Paul; s Donald Wayne, Burt Eugene; d Helen Lorene; 1915-18 clk in groc store of Ed Hoover, St Paul; 1919-26 ptr of father in ins & real est bus; 1926- with ptr Edward Dvoracek in groc store; city treas 1920-21; mbr city coun 1928-29; during World War enl June 1918 in U S army, hdqrs Co 336th inf, 84th div, 0/S over 1 year, disch Sept 1919; Amer Leg post 119, past comm & past adjt; Fedn of Neb Retailers, past Howard Co chmn; C of C; ch mbr Lions; MWA; Meth Ch, bd mbr, mbr finance com; hobby, fishing; res St Paul.

JULESGARD, CHRISTIAN T: Banker; b Denmark Oct 5, 1898; s of Goodman Julesgard-Elsie K Jensen; ed Denmark & Neb; m Marie V Stiller June 25, 1929 Elba; s Paul G; 1904 came with parents to US for visit; 1906 came to live in US; 1923-28 worked in garage, Neb; 1928-38 owner & opr confectionery, St Paul; 1939- with Elba State Bank; dir C of C, St Paul; AF&AM 82; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Elba.

KEATING, RICHARD H: Mortician; b Elba, Neb Apr 27, 1909; s of Nickolas J Keating-Andrea A Andersen; ed Elba HS 1928; Normal Training HS, Chappell; Coll of Mortuary Science, St Louis Mo 1931; Delta Pi; m Loretta C Borzych May 28, 1935 St Paul; d Grace Ann; helped father on farm until 1927; tchr few mos in Chappell grade sch; 1931-36 in undertaking bus, Elba; 1932-35 asst cash Elba State Bank, 1936-36 cash; 1936- in undertaking bus, St Paul; 1936- mortuary owner, Elba; 1937- in abstract bus & notary public also monument dlr; secy vol fire dept; 4th Neb Dist Funeral Dirs Assn, chmn public relations com; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; secy-treas Jr C of C; Goodfellowship Club; past mbr Lions; Golf Club; KC, lecturer; St Peter & Paul Cath Ch; hobbies, baseball, machinery, music, active in orchestra work; res St Paul.

KEISTER, BAIRD VINTON: Superintendent of Schools; b Essex, Ia Aug 13, 1895; s of William E Keister-Ida Baird; ed Essex Ia HS 1913; Coe Coll Cedar Rapids Ia; Ia St Coll, BSc 1918; U of Chicago MA 1928; Alpha Sigma Phi; mbr band & orchestra; m Emma Lindberg Aug 25, 1919 Essex Ia; s Thomas Dwight; d Jean Marie; 1918-1919 with Natl Lamp Works, Cleveland 0; 1919-21 HS tchr Wagner S D; 1921-26 asst HS prin, Norfolk; 1926-33 supt of schs, Neligh; 1933-34 in groc bus, West Point; 1934-36 supt of schs, Stuart; 1936- supt of schs, St Paul; during World War, ent U S army July 1918, casual detachment, stationed Camp Pike Ark, non commd ofcr, disch Jan 1919; Amer Leg, adjt; Neb Schoolmasters Club; NSTA, past mbr exec com, past secy, past VP, past pres, 3rd dist NEA; Neligh Rotary, past secy at Neligh; Lions, past pres; past mbr Kiwanis; First Presby Ch elder, choir mbr & soloist; hobby, music; res St Paul.

KILPATRICK, HENRY L: Oil Dealer; b Cotesfield, Neb May 16, 1901; s of A L Kilpatrick-Margaret Smith; ed St Paul HS; Hastings Coll; m Pauline Kotrch May 22, 1929 St Paul; d Elaine, Jeanine; reared by grandfather, a Civil War veteran, Wheeler Co, helped on farm; while in HS, did farm work during vacations & helped uncle in carpentry & electrical work; while in coll, emp in carpentry & electrical work; 1923-27 emp by W B Steen in tire & battery bus at St Paul, 1928-36 ptr in bus; 1936- bulk agt for Sinclair Refining Co, St Paul; 1937- mbr city coun; AF&AM 82, past master; RAM high priest; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res St Paul.

KIMBER, WALTER LAMAR: Photographer; b Hennepin, Ill Sept 28, 1880; s of William Henry Kimber-Rachael Ann Marple; ed Hebron; in Mate Andrews Nov 11, 1903 Hebron; s Earl Lee, Wayne Justin; d Margaret Irene (Mrs Clement J Suchanek); 1886- with parents came to Neb; with father on farm until 1901; 1901-03 in photographic studio of Claude J Fennel, Schuyler; 1903- owner & opr studio, St Paul, 1913 built present studio; 1937- police judge; Neb St Photographers Assn; Photographers Assn of Amer; AF&AM 82, master 1921; RAM, secy; Meth Ch: hobby, fishing; wife assists in studio, water color artist, mbr OES, Meth Ch; res St Paul.

KLIPPEL, HARRISON M: Mail Carrier; b St Paul, Neb Feb 28, 1889; s of William Henry Klippel-Annie Lahowetz; ed St Paul; St Paul Bus Coll, course in photography; m Ruth Meston Aug 31, 1927 Grand Island; 1910-13 ptr of Mr Kimber in photography; 1913-15 in photography bus Julesburg Colo; 1915-16 worked for CB&Q RR; 1916-17 & 1919-22 with bridge gang in steel construction work for UP RR; 1922-25 carp, St Paul; 1925- RFD carrier, St Paul; during World War enl Aug 1917 in Wyo ent Fed Service Sept 10, 1917 wagon co, 116th ammunition train, (Sunset) 41st div, O/S 14 mos, disch Mar 10, 1919; Amer Leg post 119, past adjt 4 years, past comm 1 year, mbr bldg & finance corns; AF&AM 82, RAM 27, KT 23; Meth Ch; hobbies, working at home, gardening, gathering rocks; res St Paul.

KLIPPEL, MRS RUTH: Homemaker; b Spring Ranch, Neb; d of William Meston-Edith Buchanan; ed St Paul; St Paul Coll, music; m Harrison M Klippel Aug 31, 1927 Grand Island; music tchr 2 years; practical nursing, St Paul, short time; during World War worked in gen store; 1922-31 asst to Drs Thomsen, dentists St Paul; 1927- homemaker; Meth Ch; hobbies, quilts, fancy work, studying people; res St Paul.

KOLAR, EDWARD L: Farmer; b Howard Co, Neb Sept 26, 1890; s of Fabian Kolar-Anna Eret; ed Howard Co; Wolbach HS; in Mary Bartunek Nov 21, 1916 St Paul; s Edwin Lyle; d Norma; 1913- farmer, Howard Co; 1934- secy Farmers Elevator, Wolbach; dir Peoples State Bank, Wolbach; 1936- pres Howard Co Rural Pub Power Dist; 1917-39 moderator & treas dist 56 sch bd; mbr Howard Co allotment com Corn-Hog Program; Farm Bur; Dem; hobby, planning construction work; father, farmer in Fillmore & Howard Cos 28 years, ret; res Wolbach.

KOMSAK, JOSEPH: Retired; b Bohemia Apr 26, 1870; s of John Komsak-Mary Novak; ed Howard Co; m Mary Jelenek June 30, 1896 Warsaw; s Frank; d Lucille (Mrs Edward Lahowetz); prior to 1896 assisted father on farm; 1896-1935 indep farmer; 1935- ret but still owns homestead; past mbr sch bd; past mbr Farm Bur; past mbr Farmers Union; ZCBJ; hobbies, raising chickens. pipe, reading; parents came to Amer in 1870, located at Winona Minn. homesteaded & farmed near Warsaw, Howard Co; wife's parents located near Warsaw 1880; res St Paul.

KREUGER, ALFRED W: County Agent; b Steinauer, Neb Mar 20, 1894; s of Rev H Kreuger-Margaret Sonderegger; ed Steinauer HS; Sch of Agr, Lincoln 1916; summer sch work at various times: m Grace King Aug 24, 1921 Edgar; s Russell F; d Elizabeth Ann; 1913-14 during summers in carp trade; 1915 helped install electric light system, Steinauer; 1916 worked on farms after sch; 1916-17 prin rural sch near Cozad; 1917-18 prin rural HS near Valley; 1919 took soldiers right homestead, Wyo; 1919-20 tchr & coach, Edgar HS; 1920-21 tchr & coach, Holdrege; 1921-22 tchr & coach, Hooper HS; 1922-23 prin Humboldt HS; 1923-25 dist agt at Hastings for Mutual Life Ins Co of New York; 1925-26 HS tchr & coach, 1926-30 supt of schs, Belvidere; 1930-33 in garage & filling station bus, Fairfield; 1933- Howard Co agt; 1934- also opr farm near St Paul; during World War enI June 1918 in special training electrical engineering & radio, U of N; Aug 1918: selected for intensive radio training, College Park Md; tsfrd to Yale U, completed course & commd 2nd It, while waiting for disch the order came for 85 German speaking ofcrs for O/S service, commd sgt, signal corps tsfrd to Camp Vail N J, disch June 1919; Amer Leg post 119; BSA, past scoutmaster, Belvidere 3 years; C of C; past mbr Lions; Yellow Dogs; AF&AM; Evang Ch; bobby, study of handwriting; off Courthouse; res St Paul.

LARSEN, CHARLES C: County Judge; b Holstein, Neb Feb 24, 1893; s of Paul C Larsen-Caroline Petersen; ed Holstein; Fremont Normal; studied law under Howard Co atty W M Crow 1912-15; m ElIen Rothwell Aug 30, 1911 Kearney; 1912-15 dist clk Adams Cc; 1917 adm to Neb bar; 1915-18 Adams Co, recorder of deeds,1918-25 prac law, Adams Co; 1925-34 prac law, Taylor, also Loup Co atty 1925-33; 1934-36 prac law, St Paul; 1936- Howard Co atty; 1933 mbr state legislature from dist 91, Loup Co; mbr HS bd 3 years, Taylor; ofcr Howard Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; past mbr St Paul Golf Club, AF&AM 82; Meth Ch, trustee, treas; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off Courthouse; res St Paul.

LARSEN, LARS: Retired; b Estate of Kjerstrup, Island of Lolland, Denmark Sept 13, 1865; s of Lars Larsen-Magdalena Hansen; ed Denmark; m Julianna Brock Sept 13, 1891 St Paul; s Chess Brock, Paul Christian;


in Nebraska


d Frances (dec), Frances (Mrs John Von Henry Schantz), Alta (Mrs Frank Rogers), Helen (Mrs Harry Rinderspacher); 1883 came to Amer: 1883-86 farmer, Aurora; 1886-90 emp in lbr yard of J H Bell, Aurora; 1890-99 with Chicago Lbr Co, St Paul; 1899-1900 owner & opr lbr bus, Elba; 1900-32 owner & opr lbr bus, St Paul; 1932- ret, son, ptr & mgr lbr bus; dir Ulry-Talbert Co, Grand Island; dir Citizens Natl Bank of St Paul; past dir St Paul Natl Bank; past mbr city coun; 1908-10 dir Neb Lbr Mchts Assn, 25 years trustee; AF&AM 82; RAM 27; KT 23; Tehama Shrine; BPOE 604; St Paul Golf Club; Loth Ch; hobby, travel, last trip covered 27 states, Canada & Cuba; res St Paul.

LARSEN, PAUL C: Lumber Dealer; b St Paul, Neb Apr 8, 1904; s of Lars Larsen-Julianna Brock; ed St Paul HS 1922; U of N 1923; Delta Upsilon; m Helen Brammann Oct 15, 1927 Omaha; d Maren; 1922-23 salesman Ulry-Talbert Co, whol groc, Grand Island; 1925-37 salesman for Ulry-Talbert Co, Columbus; 1927-28 asst mgr & yardman Christensen Lbr Co, Blair; 1928-32 part owner, Larsen Lbr Co, Bennington; 1932- mgr & ptr in lbr bus, St Paul, after father's retirement; pres Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Natl Retail Lbr Dlrs Assn, dir dist 5; past pres C of C, dirs; helped org jr C of C, dirs; bd mbr St Paul Golf Club; Liederkranz Soc, Grand Island; AF&AM 82; RAM, Omaha; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, collecting maps, travel; res St Paul.

LARSEN, THORVAL: Rural Mail Carrier; b Farwell, Neb June 17, 1894, s of Hans Larsen-Mary --- ; ed HS in Howard Co; St Paul Bus Coll; m Helen I Stewart July 3, 1821, Grand Island; s Arnold L; d Kathleen J; after bus coll clk 2 years in groc store, St Paul; 1917-31 clk in P 0, St Paul; 1931 RFD carrier, St Paul; during World War ent US army inf July 22, 1918, disch Mar 3, 1919; past mbr St Paul Golf Club; MWA; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res St Paul.

LE GATE, ANDREW HENDRIX: Railway Agent; b Mannington, Ky Mar 6, 1885; s of Joseph LeGate-Martha McLean; ed Mannington Ky; m Sadie Long Mar 23, 1904 Mannington Ky; s Donald, Rae, Wayne; d Beene (Mrs Earl Nelson); as a boy learned telegraphy from sister; 1900-01 night teleg opr for L&N RR, New Empire Ky; 1901-02 yard off night opr for L&N RR, East St Louis Ill; 1902-04 teleg opr at various L&N RR stations between Nashville Tenn & St Louis Mo; 1905-07 teleg opr for JC RR stations between Paducah & Louisville Ky; 1907-08 teleg opr yard off Southern RR, New Albany Ind; 1908 teleg opr UP RR at Brady Island, later Gothenburg; 1908-10 opr & clk at St Paul, 1910-14 agt & teleg opr at Yutan, 1914-20 Pleasanton, 1920-27 Stapleton, 1927 opr & night ticket clk at Kearney, 1928-31 agt at Pleasanton, 1931- agt, St Paul; past mayor, Stapleton; past mayor, Pleasanton; past pres sch bd, Stapleton; ORT, AF&AM, Ravenna; U B Ch; hobbies, fishing, travel; res St Paul.

LETH, JOHN: Retired; b Denmark Nov 7, 1860; s of Chris 0 Leth-Idte M Hansen; ed Denmark; Danish HS in surveying; m Marie Jensen 1882 Dannevirke1 (dec Dec 15, 1930); s Marius, Chris, Alfred, Jim; d Alma (Mrs Dan H Harvey), Nora (Mrs Ras Christensen), Olga (Mrs Horace C Buckingham); 1881 came to Amer to visit brothers in Howard Co, became ptr with them on their farms, later pur one farm from brother; 1881-82 emp on steel gang UP RR, Wyo; 1882 with E D Rice Lbr Co, St Paul; 1883-1917 farmed near Dannevirke; 1917-24 Howard Co assessor, learned abstracting; 1928- abstractor, St Paul; still owns original farm near Dannevirke; past mbr MWA; Danish Brotherhood; Danish Evang Luth Ch; Yes St Paul.
1 Dannevirke, an incorporated village 10 miles NW of Elba, Howard Co, has church, hall & gen store, postoffice discontinued when RFD established, mail received route 1 Elba.

LIND, EMIL SWEN: Garage Owner; b Loomis, Neb Feb 15, 1886; s of John Lind-Anna Louise Turner; ed Loomis HS; Hastings Bus Coll 1906; m Minnie Fern Doll Dec 22, 1906 Hastings; s Vance; prior to 1904 emp in groc store of Jimmy Anderson, Loomis, Loomis elevator, & in lbr yard Phelps Lbr Co; 1904-06 with Phelps Lbr Co, Holdrege; 1906-10 mgr Cotesfield Lbr Co, Cotesfield; 1911 in hdw bus, Cotesfield; 1912-14 with J H West estab & oprd Ford Garage, Cotesfield; 1914- owner Ford Garage; one of oldest businessmen in Cotesfield; in point of service oldest Ford dIr in Howard Co, one of oldest In Neb; said to be only Ford dlr in Neb owning one of first cars sold by self; past mbr sch & town bds; hobby, home; res Cotesfield.

LIND, VANCE L: Owner Radio & Electric Shop; b Cotesfield, Neb June 6, 1909; s of Emil S Lind-Minnie Fern Doll; ed Cotesfield HS 1928; Grand Island Bus Coll; RCA Inst June 16, 1931; m Myrtle H Mortensen Mar 12, 1933 St Paul; s Archie D, Herbert E; d Delores E; 1927-31 during summers worked for Atwater-Kent Radio Co, Grand Island; 1931-34 in indep radio work, Cotesfield; 1934- owner & opr radio shop, St Paul; Radio Service Mens Assn; C of C; Jr C of C; Comml Club; AF&AM 82; hobbies, hunting, fishing, boating; res St Paul.

LINGFORD, HARRY L: Clerk of District Court; b Adams Co, Neb May 7, 1894; s of William A Lingford-Rel Brown; ed Dannebrog HS 1909; m Alta M Thayer Mar 14, 1917 St Paul; s Eugene T; d Marian, Ellen, Doris; 1905- with parents came to Howard Co; prior to 1926 with father on farm; 1926-27 in life ins bus, Dannebrog; 1927-30 in cream buying dept, Grand Island Creamery Co; also engaged in farming & dairying, Dannebrog; 1930- clk of dist court, Howard Co; secy C of C; secy Howard Co ARC; MWA; IOOF; Presby Ch, past SS tchr 6 years; Dem, mbr Howard Co Central Com since 1938; hobbies, farming, livestock; res St Paul.

LORKOSKY, MICHAEL: Editor & Publisher; b near Crowell, Neb Sept 12, 1876; s of Adam Lorkosky- Kunigunda Spoida; ed Farwell; studied telegraphy; m Martha Bukowski Sept 14, 1898 Farwell; d Olga E, Irene J; prior to 1907 clk in store & later recd apptmt in railway mail service; 1907-16 editor & publisher Sargent Leader; 1920 pur St Paul Republican, renamed Howard Co Herald, 1920- editor & publisher; parents came to Howard Co 1887, located at Posen, which is now Farwell; mother served as first P M; res St Paul.

LUKASIEWICZ, CHARLES STANISLAUS: Hardware & Furniture Dealer; b Momence, Ill Jan 25, 1879; s of Romauld Lukasiewicz-Konstancya Jehorek; ed Howard Co; m Anna Mary Wysocki June 29, 1898 Farwell; s Paul Joseph, Edward Anton; d Hattie (Mrs Joe Curtis), Eugene (Mrs Alfonz Maschka); prior to 1896 with father on farm; 1896-97 emp in hdw store of James Lang & appr harnessmaker to C C Miles; 1898-1915 harness maker, Farwell; 1915-17 in garage bus; 1916- furn dlr; 1922- also hdw dlr; past mbr town coun; past mbr sch bd; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past mbr MWA; St Anthony's Cath Ch, past trustee; hobbies, fishing, dancing; father came from Poland in 1872, with mother came in covered wagon to Howard Co, in 1877, among 1st settlers to settle at New Posen, retd to Howard Co 1880; res Farwell.

LUKASIEWICZ, EDWARD ANTON: Hardware & Furniture Dealer; b Farwell, Neb Jan 16, 1902; s of Charles Stanislaus Lukasiewicz-Anna Mary Wysocki; ed parochial sch, Farwell; Farwell HS; m Elda Jorgensen June 3, 1925 Rockville; s Darryl, Marvin, Vionne; d Erdice; as boy & young man with father in harness bus later in furn & hdw bus; 1922- ptr of father & brother in furn & hdw bus, Farwell; past mbr sch bd; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; KC; St Anthony's Cath Ch; hobby, hunting; res Farwell.

LUKASIEWICZ, PAUL JOSEPH: Hardware & Furniture Dealer; b Farwell, Neb July 7, 1900; s of Charles Stanislaus Lukasiewiez-Anna Mary Wysocki; ed parochial sch, Farwell; Farwell HS; St Paul Bus Coll; m Emelia Pauline Strzlecki June 11, 1923 Farwell; s LaVerne, Melvin; as boy & young man with father in harness bus & later furn & hdw bus, Farwell; 1922- ptr of father & brother in hdw & furn bus, Farwell; past mbr town & sch bds; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; KC; St Anthony's Cath Ch; hobby, fishing; res Farwell.

MANN, LESLIE OATHER: Station Agent; b Jumping Branch, W Va Mar 29, 1889; s of Albert Henderson Mann-Sarah Elizabeth Lilly; ed Jumping Branch W Va; Mtn State Bus Coll, Parkersburg W Va 1910; m Hattie Mae Upton June 25, 1913 Hinton W Va; s Earl Lester; d Katherine, Hattie Mae; 1909-10 sch tchr, Jumping Branch W Va; 1910-11 station helper UP RR, Brule; 1911 teleg opr, agt on box car job at *1Korty & Colton; 1911-13 worked at every UP RR station from North Platte to Sidney & the North Platte branch to & including Gering, with exceptions of Sutherland, Big Spring & Julesburg, Colo; 1913-17 second trick teleg opr, Ogallala; 1917- station agt UP RR, Boelus; mbr town bd since 1925, past chmn; 1925- mbr bd of edn, chmn 10 years; ORT, mbr 25 years; UP RR Old Timers Club; past mbr IOOF; Meth Ch; hobbies,



Who's Who

squirrel hunting, golf, bridge; res Boelus.
*1Korty & Colton RR sidings had no PO; Korty 5 miles W of Paxton, Colton 5 miles E of Sidney; at time of single tracks RR had sidings approximately 1 mile long every 5 miles if located in town had agt-opr on daytime duty if no town opr on night duty; night jobs called box car jobs, usually dismantled box cars equipped with train order bd & teleg instrument, most beginners received first teleg experience in box car off.

MORAVEC, LOUIS: Pharmacist; b Omaha, Neb July 8, 1882; s of Louis Moravec-Frances Pycha; ed Omaha & Elba; Omaha Coll of Pharm; m Emma Marie Bartle June 20, 1907 St Paul; s Dr Clayton Louis, Max Edward, Daniel Francis; 1902-03 registered pharm with H C Hansen Drug Co, Omaha; 1903-04 pharm. with Van Tilborg Drug Co, Altman Colo; 1904-06 with Van Tilborg Assay Co, Cripple Creek Colo; 1907- owner & opr drug store, St Paul; past mbr city coun; past mbr bd of edn; Neb Pharm Assn; C of C; ZCBJ; Cath Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 609 Howard; res 419 6th, St Paul.

MORTENSEN, PAUL: Mail Carrier; b Troy, N Y Dec 30, 1876; s of Hans Mortensen-Minnie Hansen; ed Howard Co; Scotia Coll 1892-93; m Carrie Hansen Apr 1, 1899 St Paul; d Minnie (Mrs Nels Thompson), Anna (Mrs Robert Nelson), Emma (Mrs Albert Rasmussen), Myrtle (Mrs Vance Lind); prior to 1898 assisted father in farming; 1898-1918 indep farmer; 1918-34 owner & opr furn & undertaking bus, Cotesfield; 1925- RFD carrier, Cotesfield; owner & opr 660 A farm land; many years ago discovered early day Indian village site & Indian burial or grave sites in Howard & Greeley Cos, also discovered near Cotesfield ancient fossil beds, which have since been explored extensively by U of N & Neb St Hist Soc; registered embalmer; past secy-treas 15 years Cotesfield Indep Tele Co; past dir 10 years Fed Loan Bank Assn of Howard Co; past VP 3 years past pres exec bd, Cotesfield Co-op Credit Assn; past mbr sch bd; past mbr town bd; NE dist of Neb Rural Letter Carriers Assn; Natl Assn of Letter Carriers; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; hobby, Indian relics; parents came to Neb in 1877, homesteaded in Howard Co; res Cotesfield.

MUDLOFF, AUGUST: Auto Dealer; b Farwell, Neb 25, 1888; s of Joseph Mudloff-Susan Wistawki; ed Howard Co; m Grace Borzych Aug 4, 1920 Farwell; s William Conrad; with father on farm until 1903; 1903-09 emp by brother Frank in livery bus, Farwell; 1909-12 oprd auto livery bus, Farwell; 1912-17 oprd garage, Farwell; 1919-20 salesman for Kyhn Motor Co; 1920- owner & opr garage bus, Chevrolet & Buick dlr, St Paul; mbr vol fire dept since 1920, secy 10 years; during World War ent US army Sept 5, 1917, 89th div, 355th inf, Co E stationed Camp Funston Kas until May 22, 1918; O/S at Argonne & St Mihiel, commd ofer, disch Camp Funston Apr 28, 1919; Amer Leg post 119; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; Cath Ch: hobbies, fishing, hunting, baseball; res St Paul.

NIELSEN, AINER HARRY: Hardware Dealer; b Dannebrog, Neb Feb 24, 1895; s of Paul Nielsen-Cecelia Christensen; ed Dannebrog; m Metha Pedersen Apr 23, 1924 Smith Center Kas; s Harvey Ainer; d Marjorie Alice; prior to 1915 assisted father on farm; 1915-17 with Loup Valley Co-op Creamery Assn, Dannebrog; 1919-21 in hdw bus, Dannebrog; 1921- ptr in Jacobsen & Nielsen Hdw Store, Dannebrog; 1928- with ptr owner & opr hdw store St Paul; during World War ent US army Sept 21, 1917, 355th inf Camp Funston Kas, sgt first class, disch Sept 27, 1919; Amer Leg 119, past adjt, past vice-comm; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; AF&AM 82; Prot; hobbies, fishing, hunting, trap shooting; holder of 2nd high Neb average in trapshooting I season; res St Paul.

OBERMILLER, HENRY C: Farmer; b Farwell, Neb Dec 25, 1890; s of Henry Obermiller-Dora Obermiller; ed Farwell: m Jennie Irvin May 5, 1914 Farwell; prior to 1919 worked on father's farm, later mgr; 1919- owner of farm, opr 2 farms; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; RFD 1 St Paul.

OBERMILLER, JENNIE: Homemaker. b Farwell, Neb Jan 20, 1890; d of George Irvin-Sarah Kerr; Howard Co; St Paul Bus Coll; m Henry C Obermiller May 5, 1914 Farwell; 1914- homemaker; Presby Ch, ladies aux; res RFD 1, St Paul.

OBERMILLER, ROBERT: Farmer & Stockman; b Boelus, Neb Jan 23, 1894; s of John H Obermiller-Christena Schuett; ed Boelus; m Ida Fries Apr 18, 1917 Lincoln; d Bernice, Irma, Ardyce; as young man assisted father on farm; 1917 bill clk in Neb legislature; 1917- farmer & stockman on home farm; 1933 representative in Neb legislature, mbr com on mfg & commerce, secy road & bridge com; past mbr Howard Co Fair bd; past mbr Loup Fork Grange; past secy Howard Co Farmers Union 10 years; Luth Ch; hobby, baseball; res Boelus.

OLESON, MRS NELLE E: Homemaker; b Deputy, Ind; d of Charles H Long-Carrie E Brady; ed Hopkinsville Ky HS; Ind; m Seth William Oleson Nov 16, 1910 Grand Island; s Dale B; 1910 came to St Paul; 1910- homemaker; ARC; OES, past matron; DUV; Meth Ch, mbr music com, choir mbr, soloist; Dem, vice-chmn Howard Co Central Com, state commitee-woman 29th dist Neb St Central Com; res St Paul.

OLESON: SETH WILLIAM: County Clerk; b St Paul, Neb Jan 31, 1891; s of William H Oleson-Mary Lahowetz; ed St Paul HS 1908; LaSalle Extn U, accountancy 1931; m Nelle E Long Nov 16, 1910 Grand Island; s Dale B; 1908-17 with Ed D Hoover Groc Store, St Paul; 1917-18 asst P M, St Paul; 1918-25 P M; 1926 mgr groc dept Hub Store, St Paul; 1926-27 dist mgr Equity Life Ins Co, Omaha; 1927-39 Howard Co dep clk; 1939- Howard Co clk; Central Dist Neb Co Ofcrs Assn; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds, & Co Highway Commrs; AF&AM 82, past master; past secy RAM 27; Meth Ch, steward; hobby, sports; off Courthouse; res St Paul.

OLSEN, JAMES: County Treasurer; b Farwell, Neb Feb 16, 1894; s of Fred Olsen-Petra C Jensen; ed Farwell; m Hertha Rasmussen Apr 10, 1918 Farwell; s Clarence, Roy, HaroId,Dale; d Edna; as young man with father on farm; later Indep farmer; with sons opr 430 A near Farwell; temporary chmn prior to orgn of Howard Co Corn-Hog Program, 1934-35 chmn; 1935 supvr Rural Rehabilitation, now FSA for Howard & Merrick Cos; 1936-38 chmn Soil Conservation Com, Howard Co; 1938 Howard Co treas; past treas sch bd; Farm Bur; AF&AM 82, RAM, Luth Ch, tress; res St Paul.

PAUL, NICHOLAS JAY: Sub-district Director US Forest Service; b St Paul, Neb Jan 20, 1907; s of John Jay Paul-Bessie Seward; ed St Paul HS 1925; U of N, 1925-26; Colo St Coll 1927-30; Forestry Club; Sigma Chi; m Alyce Nelsen June 17, 1927 Council Bluffs Ia; s Nicholas Jay III (dec Sept 1, 1938); d Jacqueline; 1930-34 with St Paul Natl Bank; 1932-38 city treas, St Paul; 1935-38 pct assessor; 1938- sub-dist head of US forest service, shelter belt project; opr farm & property ints; 1933-39 mbr bd of edn; past mbr DeMolay; hobby, travel; descendant of brother of John Paul Jones; grandfather Nicholas Jay Paul & uncle, James Nay Paul were founders of St Paul & estab Howard Co 1871; res 221 61th, St Paul.

PAUL, WILLARD S: Bank Vice-President; b St Paul, Neb Jan 24, 1880; s of James M Paul-Mary F Paul; ed, St Paul HS; m Susan Thomas Sept 16, 1908 St Paul; s Robert T, Willard S Jr; 1898-1901 dep P M, St Paul; 1901-02 bkkpr Boelus State Bank; 1902- bkkpr, St Paul Bank, later asst cash, cash, 1924- VP; 1922-23 mgr Centralia Bank, Centralia Wash; past mbr sch bd; during Sp-Amer War enl May 14, 1898, Co B, 2nd Neb vol Inf, disch Oct 24, 1898; Neb St & Amer Bankers Assns; FDIC; past VP, Platte Valley Clearing House Assn; past pres Comm Club; ch mbr St Paul Golf Club; past treas, Howard Co Hist Soc since 1921; AF&AM 82; past comm KT; Tehama Shrine; York Rite; past mbr IOOF; past councillor comm, KP; hobbies, travel, hunting; off St Paul Natl Bank, res St Paul.

PEDERSEN, PETER M: Physician; b Toustrup, Denmark June 24, 1871; s of Cristen Pedersen-Mette Marie Pedersen; ed Toustrup, Denmark; Blair Coll; U of N, MD 1904; m Christina J Nielsen Apr 2, 1910 Dannebrog; s Paul Milton; d Norma C (Mrs Earle Pritchitt), Helen M (Mrs L H Lincoln); 1892 came to US; 1892-94 resided in Wis; 1894 came to Neb; 1904- prac med, Dannebrog; phys for UP RR; past mbr village bd 8 years; past mbr sch bd 15 years, past chmn; 1910-14 mayor; during World War mbr med advisory bd; pres Howard Co Med Soc; Neb, St & AMA; Comm Club; Luth Ch, pres of bd; hobbies, reading, gardening; res Dannebrog.

PETERSEN, HANS PETER: Lumber Dealer; b Dannebrog, Neb May 19, 1881; s of Hans Petersen-Magrethe Hansen; ed Dannebrog; Elkhorn Coll Elkhorn Ia; Dana Coll; St Paul Bus Coll 1899-1900; m Emma Nielsen Oct 30, 1907 Dannebrog; s Richard V, Howard P; d Rosemond (Mrs George Rasmussen); as boy assisted father in lbr bus, Dannebrog; 1901 with Dierks Lbr & Coal Co, De Queen


in Nebraska


Ark; 1902-03 with Empire Mill Co, Harrison Ida; 1905-09 with Rawlins Wyo Stone Co; 1910 with father in lbr bus, Dannebrog; 1911-18 with father in lbr bus, Potter; 1918-37 owner & opr lbr yard at Cotesfield; 1918- owner & opr lbr yard, Elba; 1918-25 with father in lbr bus, 1925- opr with brother & 2 sisters at Dannebrog & Elba; past mbr Potter & Dannebrog town bds, past mbr Potter sch bd; 1938 candidate for Howard Co treas; Neb Mchts Assn, past dir ins dept; Dannebrog Golf Club; WOW; AF&AM 82, mbr since 1905; RAM 27; KT 23; Korein Shrine; Luth Ch, secy 20 years; hobby, travel; res Dannebrog.

PETERSEN, LOUIE MARIUS: Lumber Dealer; b Dannebrog, Neb Aug 29, 1884; s of Hans Petersen-Magrethe Hansen; ed Dannebrog; Dana Coll 1903; St Paul Bus Coll 1907; m Rose Mead Hall Jan 1, 1910 St Paul; s Donald, Nelson, Robert, James, John Herbert; d Helen Rose; prior to 1910 assisted father in lbr bus, Dannebrog; 1910-25 ptr of father in lbr bus, 1925- opr with brother & 2 sisters, at Dannebrog & Elba; mbr bd of edn; mbr village bd; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Natl Retail Lbr Dlrs Assn; First Bapt Ch, mbr ofcl bd; res Dannebrog.

PETERSEN, PETER SIGSHOG: Retired; b Thisted, Denmark Sept 13, 1861; s of Jens S Petersen-Dorothea D Petersen; de (sic) Skjoldborg Sogn, Denmark; Howard Co; m Kristiana S Kieldsen Oct 5, 1893 Dannebrog; s Jens F, Dr Emil C, Clarence S, Dr Millard T R; d Dora V (Mrs Robert Henderson), Olga S (Mrs Emerald Nielsen), Gladys Agnes (Mrs Ivan Johansen); came with parents to U S in 1872, settled in Howard Co; 1887 & 1890 on M 0 ranch, near Cheyenne Wyo; 1888 emp in lbr yard, Dannebrog; 1888-90 with Hayden Brothers Gen Store, Grand Island; 1890-91 billing clk for Neb Merc Co, St Paul; 1891-1905 with Hald & Winchester Gen Store, Dannebrog; 1893-97 bkkpr & asst cash Internatl State Bank; 1898-1900 Howard Co dep clk, St Paul; 1905-26 owner & publisher Dannebrog News; 1905-16 & 1920-34 P M, Dannebrog; 1934- ret; past treas & past mbr village bd; past secy, past treas & past pres Danish Brotherhood; AF&AM; RAM; hobbies, reading, writing; father homesteaded in Howard Co; res Dannebrog.

PETERSON, LOUIS H: Retired; b Ystad, Skane, Sweden July 3, 1865; s of Lars Peterson-Christine Hanson; ed Sweden; m Etta Jennie Ellis Oct 3, 1889 Woodville1; s Oscar; d Bessie (Mrs Allen White); 1878 came to Amer to visit brothers in Ill, remained & helped brothers in farming; 1886-89 with brother farmed near Genoa; 1889-94-indep farmer near Genoa; 1895-99 hdw dlr, Genoa; 1903-06 foreman Kent & Burke ranch, near Wolbach; 1906-07 in restaurant bus, St Paul; 1907-08 emp in Davis Gen Store, St Paul; 1908-09 emp in Freeman Gen Store; 1910-28 in gen mdse & variety store; 1928- ptr of Vic Peterson in variety store, Julesburg Colo; 1936- ptr of Mrs Gertrude Harris in variety store, Grant; 1937- ret; 1928-37 water & street commr, St Paul, extended water works to cover 25 additional blocks, surfaced 90 blocks city streets; past mbr election & counting bds; during World War mbr price fixing com, Howard Co; AF&AM 82, past master; OES; IOOF 117, past noble grand; MWA, mbr 52 years; celebrated golden wedding Oct 3, 1939; Presby Ch, elder; hobby, golf; res St Paul.
1Woodville discontinued postoffice between Genoa & St Edward.

PFREHM, MRS. BLANCHE MARY: County Superintendent of Schools; b St Paul, Neb July 7, 1888; d of William Henry Oleson-Mary Lahowetz; ed St Paul HS 1904; St Paul Bus Coll 1905; KSTC 1908; U of N; m Roley Henry Pfrehm June 8, 1921 St Paul, (dec Dec 22, 1932); s Ralph Henry; d Mary Jane; 1905-06 sch tchr, Howard Co; spring 1906 substitute tchr near Farwell; 1906-07 sch tchr, Howard Co; 1908-09 tchr in primary grades, Clarks; 1909-17 tchr, St Paul; 1917-18 asst prin Boelus HS; 1918-20 HS prin, Farwell; 1920-21 prin South Ward sch & Jr HS, Central City; 1921-22 prin Cushing HS; 1922-24 substitute tchr in grades; 1924-28 tchr in grade sch, 1931- Howard Co supt of schs, chmn com which revised Neb St Fair school premium list 1939; during World War assisted women's war activities; Howard Co Tchrs Assn; Neb St Assn of Co Supts; NSTA, past mbr reading circle bd 4 years & past chmn; NEA; PTA; Amer Leg Aux; ARC; past mbr PEO, OES, & Rebekah; Meth Ch, mbr ofcl bd, SS supt & tchr, sponsor PhIlathea group; hobbies, gardening, fancy work, quilting; res St Paul.

POLANSKY, EDWARD F: Pharmacist; b St Paul, Neb June 3, 1894; s of Frank Polansky-Hattie Novotny; ed St Paul HS 1913; Creighton U, PhG 1916; m Alice Svoboda Oct 5, 1918 Thedford; d Rosemarye, Joan, Harriett; as a boy helped father in drug store; 1914 rural sch tchr, Howard Co; 1916-36 with father in drug store, St Paul; 1936- opr drug store since father's death; registered pharm in Neb; secy bd of edn, mbr 16 years; mbr cemetery bd; secy Howard Co soldiers & sailors relief com; an org & secy St Paul Softball Assn; during World War ent U S army Aug 1918, Neb detachment, provost marshal general's off, Fort Omaha & Fort Crook, later at Thedford, disch Jan 1919; Amer Leg post 119, service ofer past comm, mbr 15 years; Neb Pharm Assn; C of C; AF&AM 82, past master; hobby: managing farm; father, druggist, came to Howard Co 1886; off 601 Howard; res St Paul.

POTTS, ELMO WARD: Oil Dealer; b Fairfield, Neb June 21, 1890; s of Edward F Potts-Rose Etta Phillips; ed Albion HS; Mozer-Lampman Bus Coll, Omaha; m Gladys H Foster June 14, 1916 Hastings; d Kathleen Lucille; 1891 came with parents to Kearney; 1910 emp in Johnson's Gen Merc Store, Osceola; 1910-13 emp by Polk Co Tele Co, Osceola; 1914-17 salesman for Sipple Brothers, Ford agts, Hastings; 1917-20 salesman for F H Brandes, Dodge sgt; 1920-23 salesman for Townsend Motor Co, Buick agts; 1924-25 oil dlr; 1925-27 hdw dlr, Pierce; 1927- owner & opr oil & service station, St Paul; AF&AM 50; Scot Rite 32o; Tehama Shrine; Prot; res St Paul.

PRIMROSE, WILLIAM JAMES: Clergyman; b Pittsburgh, Penn July 1, 1876; s of John Primrose-Martha Johnston; ed Allegheny, now Pittsburgh Penn; Boone Co; Cedar Rapids HS 1898; U of N; Omaha Presby Theological Seminary 1907; Bellevue Coll, Bellevue BA 1910; m Jewel Effie Jones June 14, 1911 Rushville; s John Wilbur; d Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs Silas Binderup), Kathryn, Arlene, Jewel Fredrica (Mrs Bertram Christensen); prior to 1898 assisted father on farm; 1898-99 tchr near Primrose; 1900-03 farmer, Primrose; 1903 lic local evangelist by presbytery of Kearney; spring to summer 1904 pastor Presby Ch, Bridgeport; 1910-11 HS tchr, Primrose & supply pastor Presby Ch, Spalding; 1911 ordained pastor; 1911-30 pastor Presby Ch, Spalding; org & built churches at Cedar Valley,1 Akron & Spadling (sic); 1930- pastor First Presby Ch, St Paul; mbr BSA com, sponsor of Cub Scouts; during World War lt of HG, active in fund drives; pres Comm Welfare Soc; Comml Club; Goodfellowship Club; Presby Ch, past moderator synod of Neb, presbytery representative to gen assembly, Dallas Tex 1917 & Baltimore Md 1926; hobbies, bldg bird houses & tool boxes, woodwork, stamp collecting, travel; parents came to Neb 1886, settled near Cedar Rapids; res St Paul.
1Cedar Valley is between Spalding & Ericson, Akron located between Spalding & Albion, PO discontinued many years.

PYNE, GEORGE: Farm Manager; b Chicago, Ill Apr 6, 1878; s of Charles W Pyne-Jermle Armstrong; ed St Paul HS 1896; m Adnell L Cady Oct 11, 1905 St Paul; s George Cady, John William; d Georgia Elizabeth (Mrs ___ Kelley); 1896-98 clk P G Shanstrorn Clothing Store, St Paul; 1899-1900 played professional baseball, Iola Kas; 1900-04 Howard Co dep clk under father Howard Co clk; 1904-06 clk of dist court; 1904-21 bkkpr later mgr Neb Retail Merc Co, St Paul; 1921- realtor & mgr of farms over Neb; during Sp-Amer War enl Apr 10, 1898 in Co B, 2nd Neb regiment priv, disch Nov 8, 1898; treas Howard Co Fair bd 10 years; treas Corn-Hog Program 4 years; mbr 3 years of feed & seed, drouth relief, debt adjustment coms; mbr soldiers & sailors relief com 6 years; past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd 2 terms; past city treas 4 years; Co-op Assn; secy-treas Farm Bur; ch mbr St Paul Golf Club; past KP; past IOOF; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res St Paul.

RASMUSSEN, RASMUS 0: Farmer; b Middelfort, Denmark Aug 17, 1869; s of Christian Rasmussen-Anna McGradia Offersen; ed Denmark; m Anna Hansen Feb 20, 1897 Laramie Wyo; s Henry, Arthur; d Hertha (Mrs James Olsen), Clara (Mrs Niels Nielsen), Christina (Mrs Jacob Blaha), Hilda (Mrs Louis Nesiba), Rosa (Mrs Minor Nielsen); 1891 came to US; 1891 worked on farm of Dick Jones, Farwell; 1892-98 section hand, later foreman for UP RR, Laramie Wyo; 1898- farmer near Farwell; past mbr sch bd; past mbr AOUW; Luth Ch; res RFD 1, Farwell.

ROHMAN, ANDREW A: Farmer & Stockman; b El Paso, Ill July 17, 1883; s of Peter Rohman-Anna Grieser; ed Howard Co; m Clara Morrison Jan 23, 1907 St Paul; s Dallas, Kenneth; came with parents to Neb 1894, located in Howard Co near St



Who's Who

Paul where father farmed; helped father on farm until 1906; 1906- farmer & stockman near St Paul, owner 960 A land, specializes in purebred Aberdeen-Angus cattle, running 100 head annually; mbr Corn-Hog Program; bd mbr Farmers Elevator Co, Farmers Union Oil Co & St Paul, Ravenna & Kearney Transport Assn; past mbr bd of edn 25 Years; Past mbr Howard Co Agrl Soc; Farm Bur; secy Howard Co Farmers Union; St Paul Farmers Union; past bd mbr Neb Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Assn; Amer Aberdeen Angus-Breeders Assn; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; wife's parents came to Neb In early 1890's, homesteaded near St Paul, father farmer; res St Paul.

ROSE, GILBERT E: Auto Dealer; b Central City, Neb Dec 15, 1901; s of G Albert Rose-Lela Clark; ed Central City HS 1921; m Alice Ireen Gibson Mar 24, 1924 Council Bluffs Ia; s Gilbert Jr; d Beverly Jean; while in HS & until 1930 worked in Ford Garage, car washer & later mgr; 1930-32 oprd Ford Agcy, Palmer; 1932- owner & opr garage & Ford Agcy, St Paul; mbr city coun; mbr NYA bd; past dir Comml Club, Palmer, C of C, past dir; ch mbr, DeMolay; Presby Ch, Central City; hobby, reading; res St Paul.

RUBECK, MILTON DOUGLAS: Manager Telephone Co: b St Paul, Neb Feb 13, 1905; s of Walter L Rubeck-Lena Bishop; ed St Paul HS 1923; m Elizabeth G Buchfinck Nov 7, 1925 Palmer; s Rector Arch; d Dorothy June, Sharon Rae; while in sch helped father in plumbing bus; 1923-26 crew man for tele co 3 mos, later crewman for Northwestern Bell Tele Co at Grand Island, 1926-33 mgr at Ogallala, 1933- mgr, St Paul; mbr sch bd; past mbr Ogallala band; past secy C of C; Jr C of C; chmn BSA com; past mbr St Paul Golf Club; AF&AM 82; Meth Ch, bd mbr; hobbies, hunting, music; off 7th & St Paul; res 1524 Sheridan, St Paul.

SEVCIK, PETER PAUL: Farmer; b Warsaw, Neb June 28, 1885; s of Albert Seveik-Katherine Trubl; ed Howard Co; St Paul Bus Coll; m Frances Kudrna Feb 16, 1909 Omaha; s George, Emil; d Henrietta (Mrs Henry Hill), Mildred; prior to 1909 assisted father on farm; 1909- farmer, St Paul; with sons opr 400 A, family opr 1000 A; lives on father's original farm; past pct assessor 2 years; past mbr sch bd 20 years; active in Corn-Hog Program; past mbr Soil Conservation Com; past mbr KC 25 years; Farmers Union, an org, ch mbr, secy & treas since orgn in 1915; St Wenceslaus Cath Ch, trustee 20 years, Warsaw; hobby, travel; wife came to Amer 1903 to visit aunt at Warsaw, then resided in Omaha until 1907; res St Paul.

SEVCIK, THEODORE: Farmer; b Winona, Minn Nov 8, 1871; s of Albert Sevcik-Katherine Trubl; ed sod sch, Howard Co; m Alice Manasal Nov 20, 1904 Grand Island (dec Dec 17, 1905); s Milford; prior to 1897 assisted father on farm; 1897- farmer, with son opr 300 A, family opr 1000 A; past mbr MWA; Farmers Union; past mbr MWA; KC; St Wenceslaus Cath Ch; parents came to Neb 1876, settling in Howard Co, farmed; res St Paul.

SHAUGHNESSY, CYRIL PATRICK: County Attorney; b St Paul, Neb Feb 9, 1913; s of F T Shaughnessy-Anna Carraher; ed St Paul HS 1930; Creighton U, PhB 1934, LLB 1936; Delta Kappa Delta; m Louise French Sept 14, 1936 St Paul; s Cyril Patrick; 1936 adm to Neb bar, one of youngest men ever adm; 1936-38 priv law prac, St Paul; 1938- prac law with Charles E Taylor Jr, in firm Shaughnessy & Taylor; 1938- Howard Co atty; secy-treas Howard Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; an org & first pres Jr C of C, mbr exec coun; advocate, KC; Cath Ch; Dem; Howard Co Y D Club: hobbies, gardening, home; off Courthouse; res St Paul.

SHAUGHNESSY, FRANK T: Bank Cashier; b Harts Grove, 0 Oct 6, 1870; s of Thomas Shaughnessy-Ellen Murphy; ed Harts Grove 0 HS; m Anna Carraher Sept 24, 1900 Wahoo; s Paul, Francis, Edwin, Cyril; d Winnefred; fireman in sawmill until 1885; 1886-87 farmer, Madison Co; 1887-91 agt for Watkins Products, St Paul; 1906-09 clk of dist court, Howard Co; 1909- with Citizens Natl Bank, St Paul, 1909-15 asst cash, 1915- cash; mbr city coun 2 terms, secy sch bd 12 years: during World War, 4-min man; Neb St Bankers Assn; mbr city coun 2 terms: KC, past financial secy 21 years; St Paul Golf Club; St Peter & Paul Cath Ch; hobbies, golf, travel, reading; res St Paul.

SHEARBURN, GEORGE L: Manager Dairy Association; b Adams Co, Ia Jan 11, 1888; s of B W Shearburn- Martha McDonald; ed Nodaway Ia HS; m Margaret B Query Dec 20, 1913 Red Oak Ia; d Margaret W (Mrs Howard Haggstrom); prior to 1913 farmed with father; 1914-32 buttermaker Hurd Creamery, Council Bluffs Ia; 1932-33 butter maker for Co-op Dairy Assn at St Paul, 1933- mgr; C of C; Comml Club: AF&AM 82; Meth Ch, trustee; hobby, BSA work; res St Paul.

SORENSON, FRED: Farmer; b Bonderod, Denmark May 28, 1870; s of Anders Sorensen-Katherine Jensen; ed Denmark; m Hannah Larsen Aug 27, 1891 Dannebrog; s Verner E, Arnold W, Evald L, Norman 0; d Adnell (Mrs B L Moudy, dec); 1889-91 emp on farm near Grand Island & Dannebrog; 1892-94 emp in coal mines, Rock Springs Wyo; 1895-1920 farmer, Dannebrog; 1909- owner & opr 240 A farm; 1920- ret from farm; agt ins dept, Neb St Farmers Union; agt & dir Nysted Assessment Ins Assn; past mbr Danebrog Shipping Assn; past mgr Farmers Union Elevator; 1896-1920 sch bd mbr; pct assessor 12 years; mbr village coun 17 years, chmn; several years road overseer & J P; past mbr allotment com, Wheat Program; Howard Co Farmers Union; past mbr Howard Co Farm Bur; hobby, travel; parents came to Amer 1889, locating at Dannebrog, farmed; res Dannebrog.

SORENSON, HAROLD E: Editor & Publisher; b Dannebrog, Web Aug 31 1905; s of Jacob Sorensen-Mary Nielsen; ed Dannebrog HS 1924; Dana Coll 1933-34; m Grace Shack Aug 11, 1927 Dannebrog; s Harold Herbert, Phillip Lavern; helped father in carpentry & contracting work until 1925; 1926- owner & publisher Dannebrog News, at time of pur was youngest editor & publisher in Neb; 1931- secy bd of edn, past treas; pres Young Editors Assn; past pres & past secy Loup Valley Press Assn; NPA; past secy & past pres Comml Club; IOOF, past noble grand; Luth Ch; hobby, civic affairs; res Dannebrog.

SOUTHARD, ALVIN LEVY: Implement Dealer; b St Paul, Neb July 4, 1884; s of William Reese Southard-Teressa Maria Pennington; ed St Paul; St Paul Bus Coll; m Laura Almeda Griffin Southard June 16, 1909 Grand Island; s Clarence Lee, Jimmie Raymond, Floyd (dec); d Alice Irene (Mrs Carl Larson); step d Laura May (Mrs George Zlomke), Norma Teressa (Mrs Kenneth Brown); prior to 1918 & 1921-24 farmer on home place; 1917-20 Howard Co commr; 1925-26 in garage bus, Akron Colo; 1926 traveling representative in Neb for Neb-Ia Steel Tank Co; 1926-28 in trucking bus, St Paul; 1928-29 bulk agt for Standard Oil Co, St Paul; 1930-32 farmer near St Paul; 1935- impl dlr, St Paul; 1938- mbr city coun; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; AOUW; IOOF 117, past noble grand; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, pinochle; res St Paul.

SPIKES, WILLIAM F: Attorney; b Arkansas Nov 16, 1889; s of Ben F Spikes-Sarah P Dalton; ed Pocahontas Ark HS 1907; U of Ark 1908-10; U of Mich, LLB 1914; Phi Alpha Delta; Order of Coif; m Genevieve Spelce Apr 30, 1919 Jonesboro Ark; s Billy F; d Betty; 1914-17 prac law, Pocahontas Ark; 1917- prac law, St Paul; past city atty; past Howard Co atty; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd; during World War ent U S army, Jan 5, 1918, 1st lt field arty, disch Dec 1918; past pres, secy-treas Howard Co Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn, mbr legal edn & complaints coms; St Paul Golf Club; AF&AM 82; Presby Ch, secy, elder; hobbies, hunting, golf, reading; res St Paul.

STARKEY, WILLIAM T: Railway Agent; b Coshocton, 0 Nov 1, 1878; s of Wilson C Starkey-Frances V Carter; ed Pawnee Co; m Mable F Jackman Oct 15, 1902 Louisville (dec); s Glen W, Loyd A, Neal E; farmed with father until 1899; 1899-1901 helper on bridge gang CB&Q RR; 1887 learned Morse code, from older brother; 1901-02 night teleg opr, Malcolm, tsfrd to Louisville; 1902-06 station agt & teleg opr, South Bend; 1906-08 station agt, Utica; 1908-16 station agt, Louisville; 1916-17 station agt, Greenwood; 1920- station agt, St Paul; during World War 1917-20 joint agt for MoP & CB&Q RRs, Louisville; ORT, holder of medal for 25 year mbr; C of C mbr various coms; AF&AM 82, Scot Rite; York Rite, has held all offs; KT; past mbr MWA; & AOUW, past mbr; St Paul Golf Club; Meth Ch; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting, football, baseball, collecting old coins; res St Paul.

SUCHANEK, CLEMENT J: Assistant Postmaster; b St Paul, Neb Sept 15, 1905; s of Anton Suchanek-Martha Jelinek; ed St Paul HS 1924; m Margarent Irene Kimber Sept 6, 1925 Marysville Kas; d Betty Lou; 1924-


in Nebraska


1925-29 (sic) substitute clk-carrier; 1929- asst P M, St Paul; past secy vol fire dept; VP Central Neb Postal Employes Assn; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms; pres Jr C of C; IOOF, dist dep grand master 3 times, scribe; Rebekah, trustee; scoutmaster BSA; ZCBJ; Meth Ch, past bd mbr; hobby, collection of miniature elephants; res St Paul.

SVOBODA, CHARLES VINCENT: Agriculturist; b Jaromerice, Moravia Jan 19, 1859; s of John F Svoboda-Mary Dobes; ed Moravia; Imperial Coll, Trzebics, Moravia; m Jane Sevcik Sept 22, 1887 Warsaw; s Carl Franklin Stanislaus, Clement Valdemar, Alfred Vincent, Edwin Jaroslaus, William Edward; d Lucy Estella (Mrs L J Punchochar), Blanche Marie Alice (Mrs Floyd V Francis), Leona Evelyn; 1874 with parents came to Amer, located at Schuyler; 1880 recd final citizenship papers; 1875- farmer, Howard Co, owns several thousand A in Neb, N M, Tex & Canada; past mbr firm Svoboda & Gruber, brick mfg & contracting bus, St Paul & Ord; built Bohemian Cath Ch at Warsaw & St Paul Bus Coll bldg; 1908 an org & past secy Farmers Grain & Supply Co, St Paul; 1891-97 Howard Co clk; 1919-20 mbr Neb constitutional conv; 1923 mbr Neb house of representatives; org & secy 15 years Farmers Union & Farm Bur; past pres & co-org Farmers Alliance; road supvr, & assessor 6 year; past mbr bd of edn; contributor of articles to newspapers served early settlers as interpreter, having knowledge of 6 languages, including English & Polish; during World War mbr Howard Co coun of defense; pres Czech Hist Soc of Neb; secy since 1907 ZCBJ; MWA; Dem, chmn Howard Co Central Com; hobbies, travel, has toured US, Canada, Mexico & Europe, history, Howard Co historian for Who's Who in Neb; celebrated golden wedding anniversary 1937; res St Paul.

TAYLOR, MRS BYRDIE E: Homemaker; b St Paul, Neb; d of George West-Emma Johnston; ed St Paul HS; m Frank James Taylor June 27, 1895 St Paul; s Harold W; d Frances Burdette (Mrs Wayne 0 Stoehr); sch tchr, St Paul 1 year; 1895- homemaker; mbr Iib bd, past pres; past pres Self Culture Club, St Paul; during World War in surgical dressing activities of Howard Co ARC, past com mbr; Amer Leg aux; past pres AP ch, PEO; PTA; DAR; First Presby Ch, past pres ladies aux, organist & music dir 40 years; Dem; Howard Co Dem Womens Club; hobbies, travel, reading, painting in both oil & water, also does china painting; parents came from Md to St Paul in 1885, father in merc bus; descendant of Caesar Rodney, signer of Declaration of Independence; res St Paul.

TAYLOR, CHARLES EDGAR JR: Attorney; b St Paul, Neb June 2, 1913; s of Charles Edgar Taylor Sr-Vera Force; ed St Paul HS 1931; Hastings Coll, 1931-33; U of N, BSc 1935, LLB 1938; letter man in football; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; adm to Neb bar 1938; 1938- mbr law firm Shaughnessy & Taylor, St Paul; Howard Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Jr C of C, past state VP; pres St Paul Golf Club; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, golf; res St Paul.

TAYLOR, CHARLES E SR: Executive Vice-President of Bank; b Ashton, Ill Dec 9, 1872; s of John P Taylor-Susan K Bridge; ed St Paul HS; Western Normal, Lincoln, BA 1893; m Vera I Force June 17, 1901 St Paul; s Charles E Jr; d Harriet (Mrs Lumbard), Cathryn (Mrs Armstrong), Maydee (Mrs ___ Hill): 1879 came with parents to Neb; as young man helped father on farm; 1895-98 Howard Co dep clk; 1898-1901 Howard Co dep treas; 1902-05 Howard Co treas; 1906-09 cash St Paul State Bank; 1909-16 cash & part owner Citizens Natl Bank of St Paul, 1916- exec VP & chmn bd of dirs; 1907-08 mayor, St Paul; past pres bd of edn 7 years; past pres C of C; active in BSA work; treas Howard Co ARC; past mbr Lions; ch mbr St Paul Golf Club, has held all offs; AF&AM 82; RAM 27; KT; Tehama Shrine; York Rite; Presby Ch; hobby, golf; res St Paul.

TAYLOR, FRANK JAMES: Attorney; b Ashton, Ill Feb 12, 1866; s of John P Taylor-Susan Bridge; ed Ashton Ill; Ashton Neb; St Paul HS; studied law in off of Darnell & Kendall, St Paul until 1890; U of Mich, LLB 1891; m Byrdie E West June 27, 1895 St Paul; s Harold W; d Frances Burdette (Mrs Wayne 0 Stoehr); 1890 adm to Neb bar; 1891-92 prac law with A A Kendall, in firm of Kendall & Taylor, St Paul; 1892-1917 priv law prac; 1892- owner farm ints, opr 1000 A; 1909- pres Citizens Natl Bank; 1917- ptr of W F Spikes in law firm, Taylor & Spikes; past city atty 4 years; past Howard Co atty 12 years; local atty 20 years for CB&Q RR, Fed Land Bank, Union Central Life Ins Co, Aetna Life Ins Co, HOLC & others; mbr Neb advisory com FSA; during World War chmn coun of defense, mbr legal advisory bd; past regent U of N 14 years; Howard Co & Neb St Bar Assns; ch mbr Royal Highlanders; MWA; past mbr KP; First Presby Ch, treas, elder & SS supt 35 years, trustee; Dem, 1914 candidate for Congress, past chmn Howard Co Central Com, del to 7 natl convs; hobby, travel; parents came to Neb 1879 & farmed near Ashton, which they named; res St. Paul.

TENOPIR, CHARLES: Tailor; b Prague, Bohemia July 14, 1864; s of Vaclav Tenopir-Anna Beranek; ed Bohemia; m Frances Tuma, 1885 Wilber (dec June 1938); s Frank, Charlie, Jim, Emil; d Anna (Mrs L E Williams), Molly (Mrs Frank Polak), Frances (Mrs Randall Knapp), Lottie (Mrs Ralph Horning), Pauline (Mrs Dean Brown); as boy learned tailor's trade from father in Bohemia; tailor 1 1/2 years, Vienna Austria; 1879 came to Amer, located near Tobias; 1879-83 tailor for Aron Tailoring Co, Crete; 1884 tailor for Charles Damrow Tailoring Co, Lincoln; 1885 with Kurka Tailoring Co, Grand Island; 1886- tailor, St Paul, oldest continuous bus in St Paul; 1893-1901 also in retail liquor bus, St Paul; Bohemian Cath First Central Union; Cath Workmen Cath Ch; hobby, business; res St Paul.

THOMPSON, MONS: Theater Owner; b. Bergen, Norway Dec 19, 1895; s of Andrew Thompson-Emma Monson; ed Superior; m Margaret C Sullivan Feb 27, 1924 Central City; came with parents to Amer 1896, located Scandia Kas, came to Superior 1898; 1906 appr moving picture opr with Mr Hader, Superior; 1907-14 moving picture opr in old Adelite Theatre, first moving picture theatre in Superior; 1914-17 opr & asst mgr Brown Grand Theater, the White Way Theatre, Concordia Kas; 1919-20 mgr Strand Theater, Hastings; 1920-22 mgr E C Preston Theaters, Central City, Holdrege & Grand Island; 1922 mgr Hobart Swan Theaters, Kearney; 1922-23 mgr Sun Theater, York: 1923-32 sales representative for Universal Film Corp, hdqrs Sioux Falls S D, later with Film Booking offs, traveling in Omaha, Des Moines Ia, Sioux Falls, S D territory, later with Fox Film Corp, Omaha territory; 1932- owner & opr Riviera Theater, St Paul; during World War ent US army Apr 1917, Co A 342nd machine gun batt 89th div, O/S 14 mos, witnessed action of St MihieI & the Argonne, mbr army of occupation, non commd ofer, disch July 22, 1919; chmn Motion Picture Theater Owners Assn of Neb & Ia; Goodfellowship Club; St Paul Golf Club; past pres C of C; Cath Ch; hobbies, golf, fishing; res St Paul.

THOMSEN, MRS JOHANNE C: Dentist; b Dannebrog, Neb June 25, 1877; d of R Mortensen-Josephine Larsen; ed Fremont Normal, 1899; U of Ill, DDS 1907; various grad courses; Omicron Kappa Epsilon; m Dr Thomas M Thomsen Sept 25, 1901 Nysted; d Bonnie Lee; 1907-23 dentist, Dannebrog; 1923- dentist, St Paul; has att state, dist & natl dental convs & one Internatl conv, Paris 1931; NW Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; Amer Assn of Woment (sic) Dentists of US; mbr legislative com, regional chmn 6th dist; Chris Set Soc; hobbies, flowers, gardening, dentistry; res St Paul.

THOMSEN, THOMAS M: Dentist; b Copenhagen, Denmark Dec 3, 1871; d (sic) of N Thomsen-Margrette Straarup; ed Mil HS in Denmark; Copenhagen U sch of pharm & dental sch grad; m Johanne C Mortensen Sept 25, 1901 Nysted; d Bonnie Lee; June 1896-Dec 1897 in Danish army; came to US 1899; took state bd examination: dentist until 1923, Dannebrog; 1923- dentist, St Paul; mbr Dannebrog city bd 8 years; N W Nebr Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; has att all state & natl dental convs & the Internatl conv, Paris 1931; Lions; Goodfellowship Club; hobbies, fishing, gardening; res St Paul.

TOMAN, JOSEPH C SR: Farmer & Stockman; b St Paul, Neb Aug 26, 1883; s of Joseph C Toman-Mary Slobodny; ed St Paul HS; m Antoinette Moravec Jan 23, 1905 Grand Island; s Joseph C Jr, Raymond William: d Olive L (Mrs R M Beall): 1894-1906 ptr of father on farm until father's death 1906; 1906- indep farmer & stockman, St Paul; dir Elba Natl Farm Loan Assn; past mbr sch bd dist 12; helped org Rural Electrification Administration, St Paul; past supt of St Paul City Park 1936; past road overseer of St Paul & dist; helped org 1st NYA in Howard Co; during World War, 4-min man, also mbr NNG 3 years; ZCBJ; Presby Ch: hobbies, out-door sports, hunting, fishing; off Tomans Lake; res St Paul.



Who's Who

WEBSTER, MRS GOLDA ETHEL: Postmaster; b Scotia, Neb Jan 12, 1885; d of Ward Barnes-Samantha Shaffer; ed Scotia; m John F Webster July 1, 1902 Elba (dec Feb 18, 1939); s James Lavern; d Cathryn M, Marguerite E (Mrs A H O'Neill), Velma (Mrs Edward Gnaster); 1902-39 homemaker; 1939- P M, St Paul; active in ARC work during World War; VP Amer Leg aux 119; RNA; Cath Ch, past pres Altar Soc; hobby, quilting; res St Paul.

WEBSTER, JAMES LAVERN: Editor; b Elba, Neb Feb 11, 1907; s of John F Webster-Golda Barnes; ed St Paul HS 1925; m LaJeanne Carmody Apr 8, 1937 St Paul; s James Carmody; 1925-36 with father in newspaper, St Paul Phonograph; 1936- editor of paper; pres Loup Valley Press Assn; NPA; paper is mbr of Half-Century Club of Amer Press Assn; Natl Editorial Assn; pres C of C; Jr C of C; past secy, Lions; Frontier Rangers of Neb; St Paul Golf Club; twice past golf club & past city golf champion; KC; Cath Ch; past secy & past pres Y D Club, 5th dist; hobbies, golf, sports of all kinds; res St Paul.

WEBSTER, JOHN F: b Sterling, Ill Jan 20, 18711; s of James Webster-Margaret Pollard; ed Platte Center; m Golda Ethel Barnes July 1, 1902 Elba; s James Lavern; d Marguerite (Mrs A H O'Neill), Velma (Mrs Edward Gnaster), Cathryn; 1902-08 mgr Omaha Elevator Co, Elba; 1901-03 emp by C B Manuel on Phonograph Press; 1903-17 owner & editor Phonograph Press; 1917-18 state printer & purchasing agt apptd by Gov Neville, Lincoln; 1918-1936 in newspaper bus; 1936-39 P M, St Paul; past chief vol fire dept; during Sp-Amer War enl in Co K, 1st Neb inf Apr 27, 1898, O/S 11 mos, disch Mar 10, 1899; first secy Loup Valley Press Assn 1913, pres 1919; pres NPA 1929; pres Comm Club 2 years, ch mbr; past pres Lions; 1936-38 secy Neb ch of Natl Assn of P Ms of US, pres 1938-39; Modern Brotherhood of Amer; Cath Workmen; Yeoman; first grand knight KC 1918; Cath Ch, past trustee; parents came to Neb 1879.
1Deceased Feb 18, 1939.

WENGERT, DORWIN BURDETTE: Physician & Surgeon; b Mapleton, Ia June 4, 1904; s of H G Wengert-Anna Johnson; ed Pierre S D HS 1922; Grand Island Coll 1922-25; U of N, BSc 1928, MD 1929; lettered in football & basketball; Phi Chi; m Laura Marie Buchanan Oct 17, 1931 Fremont; s James Warren; d Sarah Ann; 1929 interne Bell Memorial Hosp, Kansas City Kas; 1929-30 interne Uni Hosp, Is, City Ia; 1930 prac med, Ruthven & Jewell Ia; 1930- prac med, St Paul: staff mbr St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; Howard Co Med Soc; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn, dist 9; Lions; Jr C of C; past pres, Comm Club; St Paul Golf Club, pres 6 years; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; off 717 1/2 Howard; res 1122 Elm, St Paul.

WENKE, CHARLES WILLIAM: Merchant; b Bloomfield, Neb June 1, 1903; s of Herman Wenke-Louise Lange; ed Bloomfield; m Laura Witt June 1, 1929 Creighton; s William; d Fauneil; prior to 1927 helped father on farm; 1927-35 indep, farmer & dairyman, Bloomfield; 1935- owner & opr, Gamble Store, St Paul; past mbr twp bd, Bloomfield; past mbr Bloomfield sch bd; C of C; Jr C of C; St Paul Golf Club; Luth Ch, mbr various coms, del to synodical conf; Rep, past committeeman, Bloomfield; hobby, bowling; res St Paul.

ZAVITKA, JAMES JOSEPH: Hardware Dealer; b Elba, Neb Jan 24, 1900; s of Joseph Zavitka-Mary Svoboda; ed Elba; m Josephine Boruch Sept 29, 1920 Elba; s Ned; d Betty Anne; as youth with father in butcher bus & farm work; 1916-23 emp in gen store of Chris Leth, also in stores of Martin Leth & Soren Soulberg, Elba; 1923- owner & opr hdw bus, Elba; past mbr town coun, 8 years town clk; past mbr KC; St Joseph's Cath Ch; res Elba.

ZOCHOLL, JOSEPH S: Business College Owner; b Ashton, Neb Sept 11, 1888; s of August Zocholl-Frances Gorecki; ed St Paul HS & Comml course, 1906; Gregg Coll, Chicago 1908; U of N, life teaching certificate; m Louise A Putz June 16, 1912 Ohio; s Eugene Joseph; d Leone L; 1908-09 tchr in St John's U, Toledo Ohio; 1910-11 tchr, St Paul Normal & Bus Coll; 1911-16 with H Lew Mathre owner half int in St Paul Bus Coll; 1916- owner & opr St Paul Bus Coll; during World War 4-min man, active in sale of bonds; past mbr NSTA; Natl Comml Tchrs Fedn; St Paul Golf Club; KC, grand knight 4 terms, dist dep 2 terms; Cath Ch; hobbies, sports, golf, books, travel; off P 0; res St Paul.


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