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Enterprise Cemetery

West Enterprise Cemetery is located 11 miles north of Springview on
Highway 183-1 mile east on a county road and 1-2 mile south on a trail road.
The cemetery records are maintained by the Enterprise Cemetery Association.
Upkeep is minimal.

Name Birth Death Notes
Berkheimer, Clarence H.19231924Son of John & Gertrude Schoettger Berkheimer
Berkheimer, Dennis F.19101911Son of John & Gertrude Schoettger Berkheimer
Bowles, Isabella F.18611960-
Bowles, Lilly Victoria12-31-190009-09-2006Wife of William Thomas Bowles
Bowles, Nellie M.18941970 -
Bowles, William T.1855 1941 Father
Bowles, William Thomas07-26-190108-24-1996-
Boyd, Annie18761956Wife of David F. Boyd
Boyd, David F.18541929-
Callom, Myrtiel02-04-1888Age 11 yr. 5 mo.Granddaughter of J.N. & H. Tiffany
Didier, Henry18541943-
Frick, Vance Ragland05-11-192810-07-1999"Parents of Karen & Chris"
Gierau, Frances M.19111963-
Gierau, Henry J.09-02-189111-02-1983-
Gierau, John19101911-
Gierau, Joseph18971897-
Gierau, Lorenz F.19081962-
Gierau, Minnie M.18981994Wife of Theodore P.
Gierau, Paul W.08-21-189010-21-1982-
Gierau, Theodore P.18941985-
Godfrey, Annie L.18471924Wife of Robert Godfrey
Godfrey, Robert18451920-
Harvey, Mary18591919-
Hastings, Amelia Cook11-12-184611-12-1886Wife of Wm. G. Hastings
Haun, H.??Cement stone with no further information
Jackson, Lola03-14-1904Aged 4 mo.Daughter of Violet & David Jackson "Gone but not forgotten"
Kenaston, Floyd West06-11-188804-28-1939Nebraska Fireman 3 CL, US Navy "At rest"
Kenaston, Infant dau06-02-1976?Daughter of R. & A. Kenaston
Kenaston, Marium Rose18631940"Mother" Wife of Sanford H. Kenaston
Kenaston, Martha M.18961977Wife of S. Dewey Kenaston
Kenaston, Mary B.18601929Wife of Walton A. Kenaston
Kenaston, Roy B.05-21-189508-02-1897Son of S.H. & M.R. Kenaston "Darling we miss thee"
Kenaston, S. Dewye18981960-
Kenaston, Sanford H.18601943Father
Kenaston, Walton, A.18581927Father
Kuhl, Jurgen02-23-183510-02-1909-
Kurzenberger, Amelia05-30-188706-28-1897Daughter of Gottfried & Caroline Kurzenberger
Kurzenberger, Caroline01-02-185603-19-1892"Wife" Wife of Gottfried Kurzenberger
Kurzenberger, Cora Ann08-09-188808-24-1929"Mother" Wife of William Henry Kurzenberger
Kurzenberger, Gottfried 01-12-185201-11-1907Husband
Kurzenberger, Infant son1917?Infant son of W.H. & Cora Kurzenberger
Kurzenberger, Jacob18811956-
Kurzenberger, Wilhelm 18491932-
Kurzenberger, William Henry12-01-188104-10-1972Father
Lilly, George F.18671939-
Lilly , Celestia18761967Wife of George F. Lilly
Lilly, Oliver C.19111986-
Lilly, Ruth C.19131974Wife of Oliver C. Lilly
Lilly, Wayne Clark06-23-193510-05-1935-
McIntosh, Caroline11-28-193803-05-1939-
Instosh, Raymond 07-05-193707-06-1937-
McKinney, Chester06-19-191609-17-1916"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
Moles, Adeline 18631937"Mother" Wife of Francis M. Moles
Moles, Edward A. 19401940"Infant"
Moles, Emma19141999Wife of Jay J. Moles
Moles, Francis M. 18641950Father
Moles, Jay J.19001980-
Musilek, Delores Jean11-30-194005-19-1941Baby of Ed & Ruth Musilek
Musilek, Edward19071988-
Musilek, Shirley Mae19421960Daughter of Ed & Ruth Musilek
Myers, Beecher C.10-20-18891 yr 5 moSon of J.H. & M.E. Myers "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God calls away when He thinks best."
Myers, Charles09-15-186612-26-1936-
Myers, Henry18551935Father
Myers, Lillie Bell04-12-186105-02-1887Wife of Henry Myers "She sleeps in Jesus' peaceful rest, no mortal strife invades her breast, no pain, no sin, no anxious care can reach the silent slumberer there."
Myers, Malinda E.01-04-186107-24-1897Wife of J.H. Myers "The vacant place, the empty chair, we see them day by day. And, oh it fills our hearts with care since our loved one went away."
Myers, Marietta D.18681933Wife of Henry Myers Mother
Myers, Sarah E.03-12-182305-09-1907-
Potter, Jesse J.18891924-
Potter, Margaret Anna11-29-188604-15-1968Wife
Schottger, August J.G.05-06-189209-13-1908Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Schoettger "Again we hope to meet thee when the day of life is fled, and in heaven with joy to greet thee where no farewell tears are shed"
Schottger, Joseph19291929Son of Fred A & Louisa Gierau Schoettger
Schoning, Caroline E.18801945Wife of Otto H. Schoning
Schoning, Clayton G.03-26-191411-25-1918Son of Otto H. & Caroline E. Schoning "We shall meet again"
Schoning, Otto H.18811959-
Sherwood, Eliza03-13-183805-02-1911"Christ is my hope"
Spangler, Harry08-23-189609-26-1968"Nebraska Pvt 324 Aux. Rmt. Depot VC, World War I
Tiffany, Clyde-10-01-189116 yrs 5 mo., Son of J.N. & H. Tiffany-
Webster, Charles03-11-182612-01-1910"Sleep father dear and take thy rest. God called thee home, He thought best."
Webster, Clarence O.06-21-185501-30-1912Father
Webster, Ida M.04-22-189509-02-1897"Daughter of C.O. & M.C. Webster"
Webster, Margaret07-13-185912-17-1911Mother Wife of Clarence O. Webster

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