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Olive Branch Cemetery

The Olive Branch Cemetery (also known as the Mills Cemetery) is located 1 mile west of Mills, NE or from Springview, 5 miles north on Highway 183, 14 miles east on Highway 12, 2 miles north and 1 1/2 miles east on county road.

The Olive Branch is maintained by the Olive Branch Cemetery Association. No one seems to be sure who owns the original burial records. Several graves were originally located at a cemetery northwest of this cemetery but were later moved to the Olive Branch Cemetery. Legend has it that a local citizen who was murdered, John Newell, was previously buried in the other cemetery and moved to Olive Branch. If this is so, there is no headstone to commemorate the burial. The earlist burial on record is for Pheby Storp in 1894.

The cemetery was transcribed on October 9, 2007.

Date of BirthDate of Death
Adkinson, Charles LeRoy5-2-19129-4-1997Married June 18, 1946
Adkinson, Vera A.1-24-1918LivingWife of Charles LeRoy Adkinson
Anderson, Lennie M. Lupton8-3-19479-26-2009Wife of Dennis "Joe" Anderson
Baker, Bertha E.18871975Wife of John D. Baker
Baker, Evelyn M.19212007Wife of Ray E. Baker, Parents of Eugene, Gary, and Larry
Baker, John D.18811974-
Baker, Owen John19251941Son of John & Bertha Baker, died in tractor accident
Baker, Ray E.19182005US Naval Veteran, Married October 14, 1952
Bault, John18471926Born in Scotland
Bauld, John R.18921962Son of John & Zoura Bauld
Bauld, William1-11-19001-22-1900-
Bauld, Zoura M. Reynolds18601940Wife of John Bauld
Beems, Henry J.18911971-
Billings, Jack C.8-17-19245-23-2008-
Billings, Mildred (Snooky)19211989Wife of Jack C. Billings
Blair, G.F.--Co. B, US Veteran
Bothwell, Emma C.19081988Wife of Milbert C. Bothwell
Bothwell, Milbert C.18981975-
Bouyington, Aurilla K.7-16-18522-29-1908-
Braun, Jody Rae10-26-197210-30-1972Infant daughter of Ron & Faye Braun
Bukles, Kate Donason18861970Daughter of Jack & Minnie Donason
Butler, Mrs. M.11-3-18571-28-1919-
Carlson, C.F.18681926Came to USA 1898
Carlson, Infant--Child of C.F. & M. Carlson
Carlson, Mary10-4-18804-25-1907Wife of C.F. Carlson
Chalker, Phebe A.8-2-18357-12-1900Wife of S.H. Chalker
Chandler, Echo18961902-
Chandler, Sarah Payn18721903-
Chapin, Beecher8-25-1852--
Chapin, Josephine--Daughter of Levi & Bessie Chapin, died in a fire with her mother
Chapin, Grace---
Chapin, Harry A.18801964-
Chapin, Hulda J. DeWitt18801978Wife of Harry A. Chapin
Chapin, Infant daughter3-18-1900--
Chapin, Levi1888--
Chapin, Mrs. Beecher (Hannah Hoyt)---
Chapin, Mrs. Levi (Bessie Kaftan)--Died with daughter Josephine in a fire
Chapin, W. Burdell5-27-19103-7-1912-
Christman, Wilda G.19221922-
Cook, Charles L.18851964-
Cook, Esther Louise Rose06-12-192010-01-2008Wife of James E. Cook
Cook, Gerald R.4-6-19183-3-1994Married July 6, 1942
Cook, Ida Fern18931982-
Cook, James E.5-6-19184-17-2005-
Cook, James Elton19511951Son of James & Esther Cook
Cook, Jerry Lee19431943-
Cook, Lenora C.10-25-1922LivingWife of Gerald R. Cook
Cook, Marcia A. Higgins11-27-1954LivingWife of William L. Cook
Cook, William L. (Bill)10-1-19527-22-2004Married January 6, 1973
Copeland, Evelyn E.9-17-1932LivingWife of Kenneth D. Copeland
Cram, Agnes Bauld18871944Wife of Orlando H. Cram
Cram, Orlando H.12-13-18924-19-1955WW I US Army Veteran
Cronk, Laura Anne3-24-1928LivingWife of Lowell M. Cronk
Cronk, Lowell M.4-30-19217-23-1998Married October 2, 1948, Children, Morris, Lillian, David, Ruth, Stephen, Drayton
Custer, Janet Delores3-15-1940-Daughter of J.B. & C.C. Custer
Dewitt, Hattie10-17-193111-9-1931Daughter of Paul & Mary DeWitt
Dewitt, Ruth J.2-6-18496-29-1906Wife of W.R. DeWitt
DeWitt, Thomas10-6-193212-7-1932Son of Paul & Mary DeWitt
DeWitt, William R. (Rev.)2-26-18348-23-1903-
Donason, Alex A.18881974-
Donason, Clair (Mike)3-24-19026-18-1961-
Donason, Ellen8-18-189211-27-1985Wife of Roy Donason
Donason, Frank10-24-18969-24-1958-
Donason, Infant Daughter3-7-18996-22-1899Daughter of Jack & Minnie Donason
Donason, Jack18571-25-1913Age 54 years
Donason, Minnie, Minniec 186212-8-1926Age 64 yrs.
Donason, Olga H.18911973Wife of Alex A. Donason
Donason, Ora M. Kaspari6-3-18961-1-1979Wife of Clair Donason
Donason, Roy6-24-189010-7-1984-
Donneaud, Christina12-23-18342-18-1922-
Donneaud, Donna Daisy9-5-19032-18-1916-
Donneaud, John C.1-21-18758-4-1950-
Donneaud, Violet A. Rowan3-7-18761-27-1969Wife of John C. Donneaud
Doty, Jessie1917--
Doty, Lynn1915--
Doty, Paul N.12-11-19111-31-1912Son of Chas. & Blanche Doty
Doyle, Goldie C. Knapp18981975-
Drucker, Billy1-27-1922-Infant son of Wm. & Lena Drucker
Eggers, Maude L.18901976-
Fellows, Kathryne May Miller03-06-192011-21-2008Wife of Robert Fellows
Fellows, Ray2-25-189711-30-1970-
Fellows, Ruth Ohmberger1-5-19012-7-1988Wife of Ray Fellows
Fischer, Kaye E.1935LivingMarried May 26, 1954
Fischer, Orion E.19282000Children: David & Thomas
Gessner, Gregory Lynn2-23-19703-19-2005Spc. US Army
Hamman, Gid18751957-
Hamman, Lottie18771957Wife of Gid Hamman
Heyden, Clifford R.6-6-19085-10-1974-
Heyden, Goldie L. Ludemann8-11-19116-22-1975Wife of Clifford Heyden
Hollenbeck, Donald L.9-18-19068-21-1951-
Hollenbeck, Gertrude L.18841968Wife of Hugh A. Hollenbeck
Hollenbeck, Hugh A.18861949-
Hollenbeck, Infant Son19251925Son of Hugh & Gertrude Hollenbeck
Hollenbeck, Mazie Wicker6-16-190310-16-1974Wife of Donald L. Hollenbeck
Hollenbeck, Vera Gaynell19211925Daughter of Hugh & Gertrude Hollenbeck
Hoyt, Andrew---
Hoyt, Mrs. Andrew---
Jeffords, Frances (Kirst)4-11-18815-17-1964Wife of Leland Jeffords
Jeffords, Georgia R.18991983Wife of Nathan M. Jeffords
Jeffords, Leland18711947-
Jeffords, Nathan M.18991981Son of Leland & Frances Jeffords
Johnson, Clarence1899--
Johnson, Joan1918--
Johnson, Lewis1902--
Johnson, Melvin1901--
Johnson, Thelma1916--
Kasparie, Fern L.5-19-19247-6-1998Wife of Theodore R. Kasparie
Kasparie, Theodore R.4-26-190410-8-1989Married June 20, 1943
Kirst, Amelia18721963-
Kirst, Charles1-21-188311-2-1897Son of J.C. & M.K. Kirst
Kirst, Ellen18431919-
Kirst John18431919-
Knapp, Bertha L.18761945-
Knapp, Elta L.11-30-19057-22-1985"In loving memory of our mother"
Knapp, Ira18491915-
Knapp, Lewis18701949-
Knapp, Orrace O.18701954-
Larsen, Karoline11-4-187810-1-1951Wife of Laurits Larsen
Larsen, Laurits3-30-18691-23-1945-
Libolt, Andrew J.18601936-
Libolt, Grace18791936-
Libolt, H. Leonard3-4-18609-24-1918-
Libolt, Larry E.1-16-193212-14-1986-
Libolt, Martha18341913-
Lingenfelter, Michael L.7-31-1952--
Ludemann, Bernard Carl5-18-19065-24-1907Son of Carl & Mary Ludemann
Ludemann, Carl18711943Born in Germany
Ludemann, Caroline O. Hamann19061975Wife of Walter W. Ludemann
Ludemann, Mary L. Ritterbush18861938Wife of Carl Ludemann
Ludemann, Walter W.19041975-
Ludemann, Ward W.5-22-19272-14-1990CS 1 US Navy, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
McCoid, Joseph2-11-18823-29-1943-
McCoid, Joseph12-23-182410-25-1897-
McCoid, Martha1-1-185712-15-1937Wife of Joseph McCoid
McCoid, Powell5-15-18883-27-1968Nebraska Pvt. 34 Engineers, WW I Vet
McCoid, Sadie18781964-
McConnell, Albert I.1-17-19154-27-1988Married June 5, 1943
McConnell, Amos W.2-26-18717-21-1896Son of M. & M.A. McConnell
McConnell, Clara Schultz18881981Wife of Sylvester McConnell
McConnell, Fred W.19081979-
McConnell, Luella M.1-18-19255-15-1992Wife of Albert I. McConnell
McConnell, Michael3-22-18441-3-1907-
McConnell, Sylvester18721938-
Neiman, Ervin E.19181998Wife of Ervin E. Neiman
Neiman, Nila L. Ritterbush19291997-
Newton, Dell Ruth Fellows1-8-19211-9-1994-
Newton, Eugene9-12-191212-22-1993-
Nilson, Oscar9-26-191012-4-1987-
Nilson, Wilma A.11-17-19107-13-1988Wife of Oscar Nilson
Noelle, Joyce8-3-1936-Daughter of W.J. & M.J. Noelle
Ogden, Belva3-22-19073-29-1907Daughter of F. & M. Ogden
Ogden, Maggie Eunice Shaw10-1-18806-1-1926Wife of Fred Ogde, Mother of Marie, Ethel, Glen, Luella, Velma, Beulah, Clinton
Parker, Alice I.18991925-
Patton, George Franklin4-16-18599-25-1932-
Patton, John L.4-13-18954-13-1905Son of G.F. & Stella Patton
Patton, Maxine19201922-
Payn, John Thomas18671928-
Reynolds, Francis E.9-6-18424-28-1910Wife of W.B. Reynolds
Reynolds, Watson B.1825-Stone has inscription WBR
Ritterbush, Baby1903--
Ritterbush, Bessie M.19002006Wife of Emil J. Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Clara--Wife of Laurance Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Emil J.19041937-
Ritterbush, Ernest L.3-21-18933-9-1978Pvt. US Army, WW I
Ritterbush, Eva M.18661925Wife of William E. Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Ferdinand W.18741928-
Ritterbush, Frederick A.5-15-18894-20-1952-
Ritterbush, Getha Gates3-12-19257-7-2009Wife of Clayton Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Irene Spann3-27-189912-11-1983Wife of Ernest Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Laura A. Chapin18901968Wife of Theodore Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Laurance---
Ritterbush, Louis19211923Son of Ernest L. & Irene Ritterbush
Ritterbush, Mabel R.10-28-18916-28-1988Wife of Frederick A. Ritterbush
Ritterbush, William E.18601922-
Robeson, Baby Billie1934--
Robeson, LynnMay, 1910March, 1941-
Rose, Baby James1922--
Rose, Catherine Ann18801935-
Rose, Taylor M.18721959-
Rowan, Agnes Melbourne3-14-18402-24-1914Born in Scotland, Wife of William S. Rowan Sr.
Rowan, Andrew F. (Andy Jr.)19241995TEC 5 US Army, WW II, Parents of Carol, Randy & Brad
Rowan, Andrew F., Sr.1-14-18799-2-1969-
Rowan, Baby19171917Infant son of Andrew F. Rowan Sr., & Fannie Bauld Rowan
Rowan, Donna J. (Joan) Smith1-12-19305-12-1993Married June 18, 1950, Children Michael, Faye, Terri, & Becky
Rowan, Fannie Bauld11-4-188511-28-1964Wife of Andrw F. Rowan Sr.
Rowan, Glendon19051997-
Rowan, John M.7-11-187011-11-1955Son of Wm. S. Rowan, Sr.
Rowan, Keathia Hosack19081997Wife of Glendon Rowan
Rowan, Lois C. Gipson19241997Wife of Andy Rowan Jr., Married August 30, 1944
Rowan, Margaret L. Wisemiller18741961Wife of John M. Rowan
Rowan, Michael Don6-26-195110-8-1998Son of Wm. J. & Donna Joan Rowan
Rowan, Steven Loy7-11-19522-26-1994Son of Robert & Helen Rowan
Rowan, Thomas3-25-18685-26-1942Son of William S. Rowan
Rowan, William J. (Bill)8-10-1918Living-
Rowan, William S.10-29-18382-1-1919Born in Scotland
Rowan, William S., Jr.8-14-18783-13-1927-
Schweigert, Ernest H.19421998"Holding hands together forever"
Schweigert, Lila mae Woolhiser19401998Wife of Ernest H. Schweigert
Serr, Hilda19001980Wife of Ted Serr
Serr, Ted R.18991969-
Shapeard, Frank18601924-
Shaw, Baby1900--
Shaw, Ceola V.18531951Wife of Henry S. Shaw
Shaw, Florida1-26-19102-22-2000Wife of Troy Shaw
Shaw, Harriet Emma Baker2-24-18547-20-1914Wife of John B. Shaw Sr.
Shaw, Henry S.12-4-1847-Civil War Veteran
Shaw, John B., Sr.5-30-18483-17-1923Born in New York
Shaw, Randolf M.18141906-
Shaw, Richard D.19341935Son of E.L. & R.A. Shaw
Shaw, Rosana18301917Wife of Randolf M. Shaw
Shaw, Troy5-31-18995-30-1988-
Shelton, Betty J.19572007Wife of Rodney Shelton
Shelton, Fred W.19171996Married September 12, 1938
Shelton, Ileen O. Ludemann19201999-
Shepperd, Bertha M. Outhouse (Williams)18921975Wife of John Shepperd
Shepperd, Dale3-12-19167-6-1995-
Shepperd, Doug19121949-
Shepperd, Ella Schoettger19091995Wife of John Shepperd
Shepperd, John18871950-
Shepperd, Mildred M. Lingenfelter3-18-192412-06-2008Wife of Dale Shepperd
Smith, Alice E.8-6-190810-14-1992-
Smothers, Lewella8-17-18688-25-1905Wife of M.P. Smothers
Smothers, Myrtle M.2-19-190510-17-1905-
Snider, Arthur18681944-
Snider, Doris E.19091919-
Snider, Eliza B.18761933Wife of Arthur C. Snider
Snider, Mildred P.18971917-
Snodgrass, Amos A.3-29-187512-12-1895Son of C.W. & M.A. Snodgrass
Snodgrass, Mahala18501919-
Stapleton, Charles A.1-19-18646-15-1941-
Stapleton, Infant Son12-31-19031-1-1904Infant son of Carl & Emma Stapleton
Stapleton, Martha E. Conner11-27-187212-2-1938Wife of Frank Deforest Stapleton
Stapleton, Sarah Tuton Whipple8-7-18507-1-1941Wife of Charles A. Staapleton
Steppat, Fred G.19061958-
Steppat, Margaret M. Bortz19111995-
Steppat, Terry L.19411941-
Stimmel, Christana K.10-28-18842-13-1968-
Stimmel, Clark C.6-5-18813-1-1963-
Stoltenberg, Albert1-24-18735-6-1924-
Stoltenberg, Doris4-4-18422-24-1914Wife of John Stoltenberg
Stoltenberg, Infant Daughter8-27-18978-29-1897Daughter of Albert & Mary Stoltenberg
Stoltenberg, Infant Son5-2-19005-14-1900Son of Albert & Mary Stoltenberg
Stoltenberg, John4-23-18346-27-1901-
Stoltenberg, Mary Hein10-2-187412-22-1962Wife of Albert Stoltenberg
Stone, Geraldine1-26-19252-19-1925-
Storp, Pheby A.9-2-1894--
Storpe, Heinrih18381921-
Sylvester, Albert D.18531921-
Sylvester, Ben18521926-
Sylvester, Bertha E. Hollenbeck4-8-190911-13-1995Wife of Earl L. Sylvester
Sylvester, C.J.2-7-18582-3-1934-
Sylvester, Earl L.1-5-19014-22-1990Married 5-4-1929
Sylvester, Flora18751967Wife of Ben Sylvester
Sylvester, Lloyd William6-24-18969-21-19291st Lieut. "He died for the progress of aviation"
Sylvester, Lydia B.5-12-18986-24-1898Dau. of C.J. & S. Sylvester
Sylvester, Mattie L.4-28-187310-5-1899Wife of A.J. Sylvester
Sylvester, Moses A.9-18-18205-17-1902-
Sylvester, Rachel Williams11-7-183212-5-1913-
Sylvester, Steven Don1-1-195611-23-1981Son of William & Mildred Sylvester
Sylvester, Warren Cass18681926Son of Moses A. & Rachel Williams Sylvester
Thomas, Glen18931958-
Thomas, Verne E.18951985Wife of Glen Thomas
Tollson, Cordelia4-22-1895--
Trollson, Ole18571928-
Tupa, Bela18951971Wife of Joseph Tupa
Tupa, Joseph18921968-
Tuton, Bernice E.4-15-1917LivingWife of DeWitt Tuton
Tuton, DeWitt9-21-19103-1-1963-
Tuton, Leona18831964Wife of Nels Tuton
Tuton, Nels B.18591935-
Tuton, Robert L.12-19-18875-27-1944-
Wakefield, Verna F.18991919Died in Spanish Influenza epidemic, Daughter of John & Margaret Rowan, Wife of Lester Wakefield
Wallace, Elva10-2-1929--
Webster, Allen A.5-6-18336-1-1909-
Wenger, Lorraine Donason3-5-19197-7-2002Wife of Norman E. Wenger
Wenger, Norman E.8-21-19202-28-2006-
Wenger, Scott Alan8-6-19683-31-1992Son of Stephen & Kathleen Wenger
Wenger, Stephen Paul5-11-19446-26-2008-
Wentworth, Kay Ann1-11-1960-Infant daughter of Roger & Edith Wentworth
Wentworth, Lynette7-21-1968-Infant daughter of Roger & Edith Wentworth
Weston, Oma E.6-4-19265-9-2003Wife of William L. Weston
Weston, William L.10-11-19256-20-2003Married Sept. 19, 1953
White, Gary Orrin10-27-1938-Son of Lloyd & Opal J. White
Wiley, Adline7-16-184211-14-1905Wife of James Wiley
Wiley, Betty Lou1929Living-
Wiley, Dorothy2-23-190912-12-1955Wife of Louis S. Wiley
Wiley, E. Rilla Bauld18821952-
Wiley, Edward A.7-2-8-18687-14-1935-
Wiley, James7-24-183710-9-1909Civil War Vetera, Union Soldier
Wiley, John Edward19311956-
Wiley, John O.18731936-
Wiley, John Orville2-2-19302-6-1986-
Wiley, Louis S.3-4-19072-20-1953-
Wiley, Lucille W.19131945-
Wiley, Lydia M. Donason5-20-18724-7-1959Wife of Edward A. Wiley
Wiley, Ruth E.19121932-
Wiley, Ruth Jennings Laird1-8-19382-14-1998Wife of John Orville Wiley
Wiley, William F.18661930-
Wilkinson, Lloyd Ernest4-2-1941--
Wilcutts, Burr19011969-
Wilcutts, Ruth F.18961972Wife of Burr Willcuts
Wood, Ida A.19112002Wife of John P. Wood
Wood, John P.19131967-
Woolhiser, Arthur L.18941925-
Woolhiser, C.R.11-12-18513-14-1910-
Woolhiser, Child5-9-18949-9-1894Child of W.H. & E.E. Woolhiser
Woolhiser, Child5-9-18942-6-1895Child of W.H. & E.E. Woolhiser
Woolhiser, Clyde W.18881960-
Woolhiser, Edgar10-6-18874-20-1953WW I Veteran
Woolhiser, George18491935-
Woolhiser, Helen I.19101987Wife of Herman O. Woolhiser
Woolhiser, Herman O.19031972-
Woolhiser, Jake18891952-
Woolhiser, Levi--Son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Woolhiser--Age 10 yrs. 11 mos. 23 dys.
Woolhiser, Lincoln8-1-19158-8-1915-
Woolhiser, Mary Jane3-9-18509-7-1920Wife of Milton Woolhiser
Woolhiser, Milton10-10-18157-5-1898-
Woolhiser, Milton9-13-18473-27-1912-
Woolhiser, Pheobe18631922-
Woolhiser, W.H.8-8-18444-22-1908-

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