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Pleasant Dale Cemetery

The Pleasant Dale Cemetery is located 1 mile south of Norden, NE on a county road, 1/2 mile east on a minimum maintenance road, and 1/8 mile south on a pasture trail.

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Billings, Earl P.10-15-18947-5-1909Aged 14 yrs. 8 mos. 20 dys. Son of Oliver P. & Martha Billings
Billings, Hattie18921893Daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. O.P. Billings
Billings, Mary A. Keller8-17-181712-8-1897Stone very difficult to read
Billings, Nancy Jane Smalley-12-30-1887First wife of Oliver P. Billings Sr.
Billings, Oliver P. Sr.18521930-
Carson, Clarrissa10-27-183912-12-1889-
Clark, Alta M.7-23-18883-3-1915Wife of James Clark
Clark, Floyd "Bun" C.1-29-19203-14-1971-
Clark, Infant Sons--Sons of Mr. & Mrs. James Clark
Clark, James Jefferson3-20-18876-14-1952-
Clark, Millie Rosann Egelhoff2-15-18956-18-1966Wife of James J. Clark
Clark, Robert-8-10-1932Son of James & Millie Clark
Clark, Rolland Keith3-29-19383-31-1938Son of James & Millie Clark
Colemana, Fred11-18-1849 (est.)8-12-188939 yrs. 8 mo. 24 dys.
Coleman, Martha9-8-1851 (est.)1-3-190856 yrs. 3 mo. 26 dys.
Davison, Rosety2-12-18702-17-1888-
Dawson, Elizabeth Jane3-9-185012-5-1905-
Dawson, Ivan Carl19081910-
Early, Sarah J.18681956-
Eby, John D.18621930-
Eby, Nellie M.18741954Wife of John D. Eby
Eby, William18291911-
Emry, B. Florence Evans18901968Wife of Jesse M. Emry
Emry, Infant Son12-20-1925-Infant son of Mahlon Emry
Emry, Jesse M.18821965Married February 9, 1910
Evans, Blanche11-21-18948-12-1897Daughter of T.L. & L.F. Evans
Evans, Ernest Garfield7-7-19077-1-1908Son of L.G. & G.A. Evans
Evans, Ethel J. Robinson1-9-18754-2-1959Wife of Robert J. Evans
Evans, Gertrude McLean18831948Wife of Llewellyn G. Evans
Evans, Hugh W.3-1-188411-25-1887Son of T.R. & M.J. Evans
Evans, Infant Son9-20-1909-Son of Robert J. & Ethel J. Evans
Evans, Infant Son1939-Infant son of Vere Bernice Evans
Evans, Infant Son1940-Infant son of Vere & Bernice Evans
Evans, Ishmael H.5-21-18721-2-1892Son of T.R. & M.J. Evans
Evans, Lewellyn Earl9-19-19042-12-1908Son of Robert J. & Ethel J. Evans
Evans, Lewellyn Garfield18811940-
Evans, Mary Jane Parry7-7-18432-6-1906Wife of Thomas Robert Evans
Evans, Olive B.9-7-18862-16-1920Wife of Robert Evans
Evans, Robert J.2-28-18705-26-1934-
Evans, Thomas Robert2-26-18433-12-1913-
Fisher, Edmund Frank8-21-192310-14-1923-
Fisher, Frank P.6-20-184611-11-1921-
Fisher, Joseph3-13-18152-22-1888-
Fisher, Katherine18561916Wife of Frank P. Fisher
Haller, Elsie M.19262006-
Havens, Margaret E.18631928-
Hawkins, Mabel L. Bittenbender18971929-
Hawkins, William Hiatt--Stone only--Is actually buried in North McAlester Cemetery, OK
Henzlik, James18871932Stone is very difficult to read
Holdeman, Loren4-14-19196-13-1933-
Hood, Freda D.8-5-19114-6-1949-
Huebscher, Louise18961948-
Hughes, Infant Daughter5-8-1898-Daughter of Wm. H. & Catherine Hughes
Hughes, Margaret Alice1-9-18921-15-1891Daughter of Wm. H. & Catherine Hughes
Hughes, William Isaac12-30-18868-22-1887Son of Wm. H. & Catherine Hughes
Hughes, Willie S.6-25-18889-8-1901Son of Wm. H. & Catherine Hughes, dates were difficult to read
Hungenberg, Robert J.19191919-
Jones, Wilmer Jr.19271927-
Jones, Wilmer M. (Casey)18951967-
Kast, Aaron18831940-
Kast, Henry Evert7-6-190910-18-1909Son of E.F. & S.J. Kast
Kast, Jerald19131918-
Kast, Lizzie18731942Wife of Aaron Kast
Kast, Rachel Elizabeth3-11-19064-27-1906Daughter of E.F. & S.J. Kast
LeZotte, Clair18941914-
LeZotte, Mayd Myrtle10-13-189012-29-1892Daughter of H.H. & A.E. LeZotte, died of scarlet fever
Mathews, Grace18871936-
McCrea, Duncan V.1-4-18241-4-1902Civil War Veteran
McLean, Hannah M. Granger9-5-18423-29-1918Wife of Lauren McLean
McLean, Lauren Edward9-13-18452-25-1908-
McLean, Susan M.2-2-18447-3-1886Our Sister
Meyers, A. Crawford18911931-
Meyers, A. Marie (Mithofer)18981988Wife of A. Crawford Meyers
Meyers, Clayton19201998WW II Veteran
Meyers, Ettie18621937Wife of Millard Meyers
Meyers, Infant Son07-01-1962-Son of Clayton & Ora Meyers
Meyers, Millard18561945-
Meyers, Robert A.19301931Son of A.C. & A.M. Meyers
Morrison, Infant Son04-21-191304-26-1913Infant son of D.E. & Pearl Morrison
Murray, Edward18781961-
Murray, Mary Jane18521940-
Murray, Maude18751949Wife of Edward Murray
Murray, Patrick Francis18421929-
Powell, Robert12-15-18503-15-1915-
Rector, Bertha--Child of Wm. & N.C. Rector
Rector, Bessie L.18841964Wife of James E. Rector
Rector, Ella--Infant of Wm. & N.C. Rector
Rector, James E.18811923-
Rector, Rose--Daughter of Frank & Sarah Rector
Rector, Sarah--Wife of Frank Rector
Samuel, Griffith18201892-
Samuel, Henry18271892-
Shriner, Chester05-05-1906--
Smalley, S.G.--Co. H, 9th IA Inf. Civil War Veteran
Smith, Charles E.18761945-
Spitler, Emma Ellen12-24-191803-19-1922-
Swim, Esther A.19011999Wife fo Vernon O. Swim
Swim, Jean Louise19231937-
Swim, Vernon O.18991980-
Weyvoda, Barbara18211886-
Wheeler, Aurelius1879 (est.)03-13-1916"37 years"

Contributed by: Sandi McCoy

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