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Rogers Cemetery

Rogers Cemetery


2 miles south and 2 1/2 miles east of Springview, Keya Paha County, NE along Nebraska Hiway 7 This beautiful, well-kept cemetery dates from the earliest days of the settlement of Keya Paha County. There is no record of the history of the cemetery. It is a public cemetery and is maintained by the Rogers Cemetery Association.





Atkinson, Idella M.06-08-187511-19-1955Wife of Rev. Frederic J. Atkinson
Atkinson, Rev. Frederic J.03-07-187108-28-1948-
Bahr, Ernest L.08-14-188605-31-1907Son of P. & E. Bahr
Bahr, Friedriech01-05-190001-25-1900Son of P. & E. Bahr
Bartlett, Fredrick--Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jay Bartlett--No Marker
Bourn, Nelson O.-08-29-1888Son of L. & H. Bourn, 9 mo 1 dy
Carns, C.S.10-28-182611-12-1906Co. 1 31st Reb. IA. Vol.
Carns, Margaret01-28-182903-01-1890-
Carr, Cecil Williams01-31-190605-19-1906Son of Harry C. & Ella M. Carr
Carr, Daniel M.18581930Husband of Mary E. Carr
Carr, Eli05-28-181311-03-1885-
Carr, Florence04-19-190012-13-2001-
Carr, Hesper19231923Daughter of E.E. Carr
Carr, Mary E.18631956Wife of Daniel M. Carr
Chapin, Curtis H.18541930-
Clay Infants, 2---
Clay, J.W.18901943-
Clay, Martha18611930Wife of W.M. Clay
Clay, W.M.18601936Husband of Martha Clay
Clay, Wilbur19011953-
Cline, Ira18741925-
Cline, Lester Willis06-21-190010-13-1905-
Cline, Roland19021918-
Day, Infant Daughter--Daughter of Harold & Ruby Day
Day, Infant Son--Son of Harold & Ruby Day
Drain, 2 Children--Marker Only
Estes, Baby Son19041904Son of Mary & Frank Estes
Estes, Douglas Wayn1949--
Estes, H. Frank18741923-
Estes, John Walter19521952-
Estes, Larry Dean19501950-
Estes, Mary A.18821958-
Estes, Patricia Jo19571957-
Fisher, Joseph H.06-30-186902-06-1908-
Fisher, Laura18861940-
Fisher, Mary E.06-28-188309-11-1915-
Foreman, Flora06-02-186603-0-1892-
Gibson, Infant Boy03-??-1917-Marker Only
Gibson, Merle Baby--Marker Only
Hattabaugh, Mary B.03-28-183910-03-1916Aged 77 yrs. 5 mos. 5 dys.
Heineman, Edward, Sr.18581885-
Heineman, H.W.18601886-
Hall, Susan11-20-180306-08-1888"Grandma"
Hollenbeck, Emma18591943Wife of Oliver Hollenbeck
Hollenbeck, Oliver18521922Husband of Emma Hollenbeck
Horton, Herbert W.11-24-187912-29-1930-
Horton, Isaac11-22-184412-10-1903Husband of Lucinda Horton
Horton, Lucinda18471897Wife of Isaac Horton
Hunter, J. W.18581892-
Jackson, David N.18721935-
Jackson, Elizabeth J.01-04-184901-13-1905Wife of John A. Jackson
Jackson, John A.07-20-184706-18-1928Husband of Elizabeth J. Jackson
Jackson, Nancy M.04-13-181601-17-1888Wife of Nathan L. Jackson
Jackson, Nathan L.05-23-181508-26-1890Husband of Nancy M. Jackson
Jackson, Velva L.19101922-
John, Rich--Son of A.L. John
Joseph, Amelia03-18-184012-23-1908-
Joseph, Henry05-08-190209-21-1902Son of C.W. and E.M. Joseph
Kent, L.R., Baby--No marker or stone
Koenig, Eva---
Koenig, Ludwig---
Lear, Virgil07-06-1885 (est.)09-02-1885Infant son of C.E. & Emma Lear
Mann, George---
May, Reah Joan-12-07-1933-
May, Ruby Mary04-30-191512-30-1983-
May, Son-06-28-1941Daughter of Albert & Genevieve May
McComas, Thomas B.03-05-184509-22-1907GAR Marker
McCoy, Alvie S.12-05-190708-06-1943NE Pvt 15 Inf, 3 Inf. Div. WWII, died in service to his country
McCoy, Cecil William04-03-191004-05-1910Son of George & Virginia McCoy
McCoy, Essie Opal08-17-191111-01-1920Daughter of George & Virginia McCoy
McCoy, Lewis02-26-188410-25-1885Son of J.W. & E. McCoy
McCoy, Virginia Ada01-05-187711-25-1934Stone has only the inscription "Mother"
McCoy, Virginia J.06-27-191711-03-1920Daughter of George & Virginia McCoy
McCulley, Julia Wentworth18631956-
McCulley, Nancy Jane11-18-190011-08-1901Dau. of Julia W. & J. McCulley
McCulley, Robert E.12-17-182806-13-1891-
Mock, Baby AlbertMarch 1889Died at 19 days of age-
Mowery, William18751927-
Nickerson, Sarah08-22-1883 (est.)08-10-1885-
Rickman, A.L.18601915-
Rickman, John---
Ruger, Mrs. Jacque---
Sanford, Annie E.05-23-184204-18-1891Wife of S.D. Sanford
Sanford, John18721959-
Sanford, Mary E.07-12-187008-14-1904-
Sanford, S.D.09-03-183307-17-1905Husband of Annie E. Sanford
Smyth, Wm. S.06-04-082606-15-1886-
Snyder, Viola L.03-20-187803-16-1918-
Stevens, George Washington---
Stevens, Marcia Eldora Horton---
Stevens, Lydia Elvina Georgia---
Stewart, Francis Marion10-29-185801-09-0940Husband Of Theresa Cecelia Stewart
Stewart, Jessie03-22-190005-29-1908Dau. of F.M. & Daisy Stewart
Stewart, Theresa Cecelia11-25-187204-10-1970Wife of Francis Marion Stewart
Thompson, Caroline A.07-02-182902-15-1906Wife of James H. Thompson
Thompson, James H.09-27-182606-23-1908Husband of Caroline A. Thompson
Turpin, Child--Son of Wm. & Rosie Turpin
Vanwinkle, Infant Son-11-10-1886Son of J.G. & J.C. Vanwinkle
Vetter, Abraham10-06-184311-06-1915-
Vetter, Anna04-08-185311-22-1931-
Vetter, Caroline---
Wentworth, Arnold18281907Wife of Nancy B. Wentworth
Wentworth, Aubrey O.02-28-190904-29-1983Husband of Marjorie L. Wentworth
Wentworth, Marjorie L.02-20-191005-25-1985Wife of Aubrey O. Wentworth
Wentworth, Nancy B.18321916Wife of Arnold Wentworth
White, Infant Son--Son of Carl White
White, Nancy O.08-31-185901-15-1950Wife of Newton T. White
White, Newton T.02-12-185811-22-1932Husband of Nancy O. White
Wilkins, Baby---
Wilkins, Baby08-16-190608-19-1906Son of J.J. (Jack) & Ella Wilkins
Wilkins, Benjamin W.18521931Husband of Elizabeth A. Wilkins
Wilkins, Bennie19051905-
Wilkins, Catherine A.18651938Wife of James P. Wilkins
Wilkins, Dale E.19321951Son of E.B. & M.C. Wilkins
Wilkins, Elizabeth A.18531940Wife of Benjamin Wilkins
Wilkins, Ellis10-??-190907-19-1912Son of Fred & Carrie Wilkins
Wilkins, Everett B.18901956Pvt. Cas Det 596 DEMOP GP WWI
Wilkins, Forest01-30-189902-04-1899Son of J.P. & C.A. Wilkins
Wilkins, Fred18821967-
Wilkins, James P.18551937Husband of Catherine A. Wilkins
Wilkins, Mary C.19031989Wife of Everett B. Wilkins
Wilkins, Orrin W.03-29-190901-07-1912-
Wilkins, Ortha M.11-13-193712-27-1931-
Wilkins, Sarah E.---
Wilkins, Sterling E.19271927Baby
Williams, Infant Son-02-08-1906-
Williams, Infant Son-04-09-1914-

Contributed by: Sandi McCoy

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