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Simpson Cemetery

The Simpson Cemetery is located 15 miles north of Newport, NE on Highway 137 or from Springview, NE, 5 miles north on Highway 183, 22 miles east on Highway 12, and 7 1/2 miles south on Highway 137. Maintenance is provided by the Simpson Cemetery Association. No records were accessed during this transcription. The cemetery was transcribed by visitation on October 12, 2007 by Sandi McCoy.
NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
Amspoker, Hilda O. Bahr18871968Wife of Fred Amspoker
Bahr, Elizabeth Margaretta18571941Wife of William Ferdinand Bahr
Bahr, Frederick E.18871978Pvt. US Army, World War I
Bahr, Hertha18931974-
Bahr, William Ferdinand18591930-
Beck, Elizabeth18851955Wife of George Beck
Beck, George18801960-
Briscoe, Esther18921898-
Briscoe, Mary18721888-
Brown, Betty M.11-14-192610-3-1997-
Connell, Eda M.18971990Wife of Harrison Connell
Connell, Charles H.18961982Pvt. US Army, World War I
Connell, Clara B.18851981Wife of Frank C. Connell
Connell, Florence Floretta Lowe18551969-
Connell, Frank C.18851969Married April 24, 1914
Connell, Harrison18891979-
Connell, Hazel C.19272007Wife of John B. Connell
Connell, Jessie Floretta18871938Daughter of William & Florence Connell
Connell, John B.19181972-
Connell, Josephine W.19041998Wife of Charles H. Connell
Connell, William A.18511934-
Connell, William Russell18991950-
Cook, Clark19011971-
Cook, George M.18691954-
Cook, Helen19101998Wife of Clark Cook
Cook, Lillian18681953Wife of George M. Cook
Cook, Robert Dean19352008-
Dyer, John M.8-31-18537-4-1913-
Haffelfinger, Henry4-26-183110-20-1916-
Haffelfinger, Marie Zurflue3-3-18246-27-1896Wife of Henry Haffelfinger
Haight, Arthur18711947-
Haight, Beulah1-22-19041-1-1990Wife of Mirl Haight
Haight, Erma19111911-
Haight, Hannah18501920-
Haight, HughAbout 188211-9-1899Age 17 years--Son of W.J. & H.J. Haight
Haight, Lillie18741961Wife of Arthur Haight
Haight, Mirl11-13-19008-22-1970Maried April 16, 1924
Haight, Wesley J.About 184012-22-1893Age 53 years
Haugen, Alfred C.8-30-18804-21-1975-
Haugen, Beulah Belle2-5-18874-15-1921Wife of Francis B. Haugen
Haugen, Darlene4-11-19214-18-1921-
Haugen, Francis B.3-9-18872-25-1981-
Haugen, Gurina J.18541944Wife of Peter R. Haugen
Haugen, Infant1-23-19201-23-1920-
Haugen, Inga18791978Wife of Oscar Haugen
Haugen, Joelette1-5-18829-5-1884Daughter of P.P. & C. Haugen
Haugen, Niles H.8-7-18911-3-1645-
Haugen, Peter R.18511936Pioneers of Keya Paha County 1881
Haugen, Sadie L. Steward10-2-19004-18-1986Wife of Francis B. Haugen
Irish, Isabella J.18591927-
Irish, Melvin Harvey7-9-18919-19-1918Pvt. #0. C 355th Inf 80th Div., WW II, Died in France
Irish, Ross O.18761960-
Jamison, Bernice Cook5-16-1914LivingWife of Donald L. Jamison
Jamison, Donald L.7-12-191312-19-1991-
Johnson, George10-14-18768-6-1913-
Karr, John W.1-20-192612-16-1997PFC US Marine Corps, WW II
Karr, Phyllis J.6-30-1921LivingMarried July 11, 1944
Keck, Clyde1-16-18994-21-1986-
Keck, Helen G.6-5-18989-6-1988Wife of Clyde Keck
Keck, Merlin "Bud10-2-19205-29-2009-
Kepley, Heidi Jane10-30-200910-30-2009Infant daughter of Billy & Ann Marie Kepley
Kobarg, Fred M.18601936-
Kobarg, Henry18891970-
Kobarg, Lenita19861986Wife of Henry Kobarg
Kobarg, Louisa18661954Wife of Fred M. Kobarg
Kobarg, Mary Irene--Daughter of Fred & Louisa Kobarg
Lowe, Albert C.18551940-
Lowe, Henry10-10-18225-23-1896-
Lowe, Matilda L.18741919Wife of Albert C. Lowe
Madden, Frank W.18511935Half-brother of William A. Connell
McKenney, Beulah M.8-28-1922LivingWife of Willard F. McKenney
McKenney, Willard F.5-9-19222-6-2004-
Nagel, Maron19161916-
O'Dea, Loren R.19412000-
Scott, Joseph1-4-18056-13-1890-
Steward, Ida M.18661943Wife of T. Henry Steward
Steward, T. Henry19491949-
Stoltenberg, Fern Lowe18981991Wife of Pete Stoltenberg
Stoltenberg, Pete19011966-
Swich, Elmer (Rev.)19001971-
Swich, Ethel18981982Wife of Rev. Elmer Swich

Contributed by: Sandi McCoy

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