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This file was contributed for use in the NEGenWeb Archives by: Sandi McCoy email: Transcribed October 12, 2007

Spotted Tail Cemetery

The Spotted Tail Cemetery is located 1/2 mile west, 1 mile south and 1 mile west of Jamison, NE in northeast Keya Paha County, NE. The roads leading to the cemetery is an unpaved grade in good travel condition. The cemetery is well-kept and maintained by by the Spotted Tail Cemetery Association. The records are kept by the Association. This was transcribed from my visit on October 12, 2007 and includes all legible stones and transcriptions from the cemetery records plus subsequent burials.






Allpress, Henry Fred10-30-187409-28-1938-
Allpress, Infant Daughter19181918Daughter of Henry & Mertie Allpress
Allpress, Infant Daughter19191919Daughter of Henry & Mertie Allpress
Allpress, Lloyd G.08-13-191109-23-1980US Army World War II Veteran
Allpress, Mertie Kelly03-11-188103-11-1920Wife of Henry Allpress, buried with infant daughter
Allpress, William H.04-06-190705-21-1999TEC 4, US Army, WW II
Amos, Baby-1927Infant of Rev. Amos
Ashbaugh, C. Guy18721915-
Ashbaugh, Marion Floyd-1911Infant Son of Guy Ashbaugh
Ashby, Sam08-27-186011-05-1926-
Baker, Alice Claire Klundt12-16-193508-26-2009Wife of Brad Baker
Baker, Mrs. Bru--No information--no marker
Baker, Henry W.18841969Burned in house fire
Baker, James H.18511914-
Baker, Lillian18801917-
Baker, Sallie18521935Wife of James H. Baker
Bechtold, Hazel Hart--Wife of Johnnie Bechtold
Bechtold, Infant--Son of Johnnie & Hazel Bechtold
Beck, Infant--Charley Beck's child--no stone or marker
Beele, Gloria A.19221958-
Beels, Infant-1910Son of Laura D. Beels
Beels, Laura D.18701910-
Bennett, Wayane R.01-08-192812-11-1975Pvt. US Army, WW II
Billiter, Baby--Infant child of Paul Billiter--No marker
Blake, Dwight18731923-
Blake, Hazel Cady18941983Wife of Dwight Blake
Blake, Infant Son-1913 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Blake
Blake, Lucille L. Kirsch1917LivingWife of Luverne Blake
Blake, Luverne19181979US Navy, WW II
Brisco, Elisa---
Brisco, Ellen01-07-185510-21-1909Wife of Joseph Briscoe
Brisco, John--Frozen in creek--No marker
Brisco, Joseph05-17-183709-17-1904-
Brown, Mrs.--Broom Brown's Wife--No marker
Burkinshaw, AnnaBell Sherwood19031992Wife of Ivan Burkinshaw
Burkinshaw, Arthur E.18671951-
Burkinshaw, Dollie L. Goodwin19041958Wife of Gurdon Burkinshaw (Mrs. Levi Callup second marriage)
Burkinshaw, Florence E. Murphy18751954Wife of Arthur E. Burkinshaw
Burkinshaw, Florence Iris12-03-190706-07-1919Daughter of Aurthur and Florence Burkinshaw
Burkinshaw, Floyd Arthur09-28-190501-17-1991-
Burkinshaw, Gurdon Jay18971940Son of Arthur & Florence Burkinshaw
Burkinshaw, Ivan S.19031987-
Burkinshaw, Jerred Lee-03-12-1971Son of Harold & Patsy Burkinshaw
Burkinshaw, Maude Josephine Johnson05-10-190204-21-1970Wife of Floyd Burkinshaw
Burkinshaw, Sidney Dale02-24-189908-02-1976US Navy, WW II
Cady, George F.18671945-
Cady, Mary J.18691957-
Calaman, Julius18421916-
Calaman, Elizabeth18521920Wife of Julius Calaman
Collins Child--Child of Will Collins--No marker
Creasy, Wendell11-30-192705-20-2008-
Crellen, Mrs. M.C.-1920No stone--mother of Elmer Herring
Crisman, Infant Son19171917Son of Mr. & Mrs. O.C. Crisman
Custer, Baby---
Custer, Child--Child of Rudy Custer--No marker
Custer, Frankie06-03-191006-13-1910Son of Perry & Maud Custer
Custer, Infant Son-1904Infant child of Kenneth Custer
Custer, Matilda11-27-184901-29-1909Wife of A.G. Custer
Dye, John--No info, no marker--Bachelor killed while helping fix a well
Etchison, Biazill12-24-183705-25-1902Civil War Veteran
Felton, May E.05-13-190004-15-1980-
Fesenbeck, Elzie C.01-14-191110-01-1956WW II Vet, PFC HQ Co., 46 ARMD INF BN, Son of Caroline Stas
Fesenbeck, Leonard (Buck)19151978Son of Caroline Stas
Gates, Gilbert Charles19021957-
Gates, Olive Dorothy19012001Wife of Gilbert Gates
Graesser, John18601938-
Graesser, Mary E. Hartsock18651955Wife of John Graesser
Hart, Bill--Infant son of Philip Hart
Hart, Ellen19071928Wife of George Hart
Hart, Emis H.18741945-
Hart, Esther18791925Wife of Emis H. Hart
Hart, Floyd19262007-
Hart, Infant Son-1910Son of Emis Hart
Hart, Robert Carl03-31-192706-10-2002PFC US Army Korea
Hartsock, Glen19041910Son of Frank Hartsock
Hartsock, Hanna E.03-24-184303-17-1921Wife of Uriah Hartsock
Hartsock, Uriah18391910-
Haviland, Jane M.09-18-183712-10-1928-
Herring, Elmer-1937No Marker
Heyden, Carol Hamann19372007Wife of Havor Heyden
Heyden, Havor19342007Married December 28, 1957
Heyden, Lloyd W.19021972-
Heyden, Margaret F. Painter19071986Wife of Lloyd W. Heyden
Heyden, Patricial Darlene19271944Daughter of Lloyd W. & Margaret F. Heyden
Hitchcock, Curtis S.03-31-192611-30-2006-
Hitchcock, Euphemia Johnson18891984Wife of Fred Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Fred M.18801958-
Hitchcock, Henry18491939-
Hitchcock, Minerva M. Miller02-19-184504-28-1913Wife of Henry Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Minnie A. Wardell-1945Wife of Willie H. Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Willie H.18721936-
Hudson, Gale10-10-191010-24-1910Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Hudson
Hughes, Eloise Hope05-16-191705-16-1917Daughter of A.W. & H.E. Hughes
Hughes, Freddie09-10-190003-26-1904Son of George Hughes
Irish, Mary U.08-08-185601-16-1908Wife of Frank Irish
Jamison, Gerald19141916Son of J.O. & Ida Jamison
Jamison, Ida J. Davis18861960Wife of John O. Jamison
Jamison, John O.18801950-
Jamison, Price10-30-190706-27-1910Son of J.O. & Ida Jamison
Jamison, Vivian03-28-192309-24-1939Daughter of J.O. & Ida Jamison
Jamison, William19171917Son of J.O. & Ida Jamison
Jensen, Andrena18691907"Mother"
Jensen, Ed M.18971972-
Jensen, Frances-09-03-1937Twin daughter of Jesse T. Jensen
Jensen, Frieda19001980Wife of Ed M. Jensen
Jensen, Jesse T.12-03-189208-24-1955SD Pvt. HQ Co., 70 Inf. WW I
Jensen, Pearl-09-03-1937Twin daughter of Jesse T. Jensen
Johnson, Charles E.18601939-
Johnson, Dora19132004Wife of James T. Johnson
Johnson, Ethel C.18801947Wife of Jesse J. Johnson
Johnson, Eunice18931980-
Johnson, Hannah E.18661939Wife of Charles E. Johnson
Johnson, James T.19132003Married 02-28-1942--US Army Veteran World War II
Johnson, Jesse J.18731947-
Johnson, Marvin12-26-191202-15-1913Son of Julius Johnson
Johnson, Marvin--Son of Charley E. & Hannah E. Johnson
Johnson, Nellie M.03-19-1903 (est.)07-23-1914Age 11 yrs 4 mo 4 dys--Daughter of Jesse J. & Ether C. Johnson
Johnson, Ricky-1959Infant
Johnson, Violet01-23-191402-13-1916Daughter of Julius Johnson
Johnson, Wayne A.19151985-
Larsen, Eugene E.18961913-
Larsen, Frank D.19051916-
Larsen, Lars P.18661954-
Larsen, Louise J.18741966Wife of Lars P. Larsen
Leetch, Baby-1926Infant child of Pearl Leetch
Leetch, Baby--Infant child of Pearl Leetch
Leetch, Ida Leedman18721961-
Leetch Reuben18621924-
Lynn, Child--No info--no marker
McCarthy, Dorothy06-22-194505-18-1988Wife of Larry McCarthy
McCarthy, Joe19181988-
McCarthy, Sophie1921LivingWife of Joe McCarthy
McCumber, Beulah M.19021978-
McCumber, Child--Infant child of Everett McCumber--no marker
McCumber, Dale E.19121979-
McCumber, George E.18741941-
McCumber, Harley Ray19101964-
McCumber Ida Mary18811970Wife of George McCumber
McCumber, Ira E.19001976-
McCumber, Timothy Lee09-10-195802-21-1980-
Miller, Reuben A.-1901Civil War Veteran
Olson, Infant Son19171917Infant son of Emil Olson
Overton, Marion19011902Daughter of C. Overton
Patterson, Mrs. Frank-1907Died of snake bite
Peterson, Axel L.12-24-189308-25-1981PFC US Army, WW I
Peterson, Karl A.01-21-192309-18-1977S1 US Navy, WW II
Peterson, Manfred12-04-1921LivingMarried August 22, 1955
Peterson, Martha L. Anderson18951956Wife of Axel L . Peterson
Peterson, Martin03-01-192606-26-1982WW II Veteran
Peterson, Norma J.08-13-193606-10-2002Wife of Manfred Peterson
Pilgrim, Clara18781930-
Pilgrim, Infant-1912-
Portoff Infant Son-06-27-1921Son of Charlie Portoff
Portoff Ila-05-16-1917Daughter of Charlie Portoff
Prangley, Infant-1937Infant child of George Prangley--No marker
Reber, Lovera Peterson12-03-1924LivingWife of Milo Reber
Reber, Milo06-02-191905-24-2005Married March 17, 1946--US Army Veteran WW II
Reber, Rene Vali-1968Infant daughter of Milo & Lovera Reber
Richardson, Charles S. Jr.06-01-191702-18-1960NE Sgt. 230 AOA SLT BN CA, WW II
Richardson, Charley Sr.18821966-
Richardson, Elmer L.19142007WW II Veteran
Richardson, Leon19131994-
Richardson, Ruby I. Thiede19351983Wife of Elmer L. Richardson
Richardson, Steven C.-1952Infant son of Charles Jr. & Vendla Richardson
Richardson, Twila Hitchcock19181991Wife of Leon Richardson
Richardson, Vendla1930LivingWife of Charles S. Richardson Jr.
Richardson, Viola Byers18791975Wife of Charley Richardson
Rundall, Edna R.19001901Daughter of George & Cora Rundall
Rundall, Eliza J.18761962Wife of James Rundall
Rundall, James O., Sr.18731933-
Rundall, L. Marjorie02-02-191006-07-0920Daughter of J.O. & E.J. Rundall
Rundall, Oscar05-13-184308-30-1907-
Rundall, Pierceson A.09-28-190010-07-1900Son of Jas. & Eliza Rundall
Sangster, Infant--Infant child of Frank Sangster
Satterlee, Francois E. 18421915Civil War Veteran
Satterlee, Harry19031904-
Satterlee, Lucinda18451915Wife of Francois E. Saterlee--Woman's Relief Corps--NE Dept.
Schrader, Beulah M. Benatt19101985Wife of Emanuel Schrader
Schrader, Bill F.19001983-
Schrader, Dale E.10-12-194708-03-1969NE Pvt. Co. C 4 BN 54 INF.-Vietnama Veteran-Son of Emanuel & Beulah Schrader
Schrader, Daryl-1959Son of Melvin Schrader
Schrader, Dorothy Dunn19051981Wife of Bill Schrader
Schrader, Elizabeth Klundt19071984Wife of John T. Schrader
Schrader, Emanuel18991978-
Schrader, Howard E.19441946Son of Bill & Dorothy Schrader
Schrader, Iona Belle19361937-
Schrader, John T.19061959-
Schrader, Lydia K. Neiman18751953Wife of William Schrader
Schrader, Marvin (Bub)19371998Son of John & Elizabeth Schrader
Schrader, Orlin M.02-21-193802-16-1999Son of Emanuel & Beulah Schrader
Schrader, Roger Allen-1953-
Schrader, William18691957-
Serr, Christoff-1937No stone--date taken from cemetery plat
Serr, Paulia--Wife of Christoff Serr--no marker
Serr, Paul19051971-
Serr, Winnie I. Hitchcock19102006Wife of Paul W. Serr
Sharp, Caroline-1913Wife of Solomon Sharp
Sharp, Cecil19071931Died from electrocution
Sharp, Charley18811934-
Sharp, Della--Infant daughter of Lee Sharp
Sharp, Elvada18761944-
Sharp, Infant--Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Sharp
Sharp, Isabelle May08-23-191208-27-1912Infant child of C.L. & M. Sharp
Sharp, Jenny18861917-
Sharp, Solomon05-25-183610-28-1913"Beloved husband of Caroline Sharp"
Sharp, Tom18721947-
Shepperd, John D.08-29-194003-18-1985US Navy Veteran--Son of Dale & Ruby May Shepperd
Shepperd, Lester A.03-23-196407-23-2006Son of Dean Shepperd
Shepperd, Ruby Mae Jamison19111942First wife of Dale Shepperd
Stahlecker, Gerhardt19031957-
Stas, Caroline18911968Wife of Felix Stas
Stas, Charles-12-13-2002No marker, Korean War Veteran
Stas, Felix18721966-
Stas, Felix Paul07-08-192806-10-1983MM 1 US Navy Korea
Sunde, Gerald M.04-22-193802-03-2005-
Sunde, Sandra K.02-19-1944LivingWife of Gerald M. Sunde
Thompson, Maurice19161917Son of R. E. Thompson
Vosburg, Ed10-15-185512-05-1903-
Vosburg, Rave05-07-190008-04-1909Son of Ed Vosburg
Wales, Gale07-19-190602-16-1908Son of E.E. & Ella Wales
West, Cory-1920Son of Jim West
West, Jim18841935-
West, Jim---
West, Mrs. Jim---
Whitley, Alfred18811964-
Whitley, Audrey Jo07-28-193701-27-1942Daughter of Oliver Whitley
Whitley, Donavan19091922-
Whitley, Dorothy19152000Wife of Oliver Whitley
Whitley, Janie Agnes19071908Daughter of Alfred & Sadie Whitley
Whitley, Oliver19121999-
Whitley, Sadie18841958Wife of Alfred Whitley
Williams, Ella J.18611933Wife of M.T. Williams
Williams, M.T.18561941-
Wilson, Jesse Alfred12-07-189502-06-1908Son of E.A. & Celia Wilson
Wisemiller, Fred18481934-
Wisemiller, Martha F.18571937Wife of Fred Wisemiller
Wisemiller, Ruby Irene18861919Daughter of Fred & Martha F. Wisemiller

Contributed by: Sandi McCoy

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