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Union Cemetery

Also known as Cub Creek Cemetery

Location: At Springview turn west on Hiway 12 and go 7 miles. You will see a wooden sign on the south side that designates Union Cemetery. Turn south and go 1 mile. Sits on a hilltop overlooking the canyon. Road turn into a trail. This is known rattlesnake country. Be carefull about where you walk and what you step on. Advisable to wear leather boots.

The cemetery was walked by Doris Fenton and Phyllis Quinn on 11-11-2005. Some of the stones are very worn and hard to read. We are very sorry for any errors. Please contact us with corrections.
Adcock, Cecil L. 19031935
Adcock, Dean J.(hus of Madonna Stone m.02-28-1949)08-24-192708-19-1987
Adcock, Madonna M.06-26-1928?
Amick, Andrew W.08-25-187105-07-1950
Amick, Ernest03-25-191407-10-1930
Amick, Mae B.03-30-188407-21-1972
Beste, Henry18591933
Blake, Earl18931961
Blake, Ethel A.18831974
Blake, Hugh W.18801948
Blake, Merlyn L.08-24-193809-07-1939
Blake, Rosetta(wife of Earl Blake)18781959
Bokholt, August N.08-25-187210-23-1944
Bokholt, Velma A.04-29-188909-20-1983
Brenner, ????(rock stones in cement slab)??
Carr, Charley Zedic11-15-189804-12-1983
Carr, Gladys (wife of Charley m.01-11-1920)07-14-190012-20-1993
Chase, 3 babies, no dates??
Chase, Bert(hus of Ellen)18751954
Chase, Ellen 18791947
Chase, Harry Ellis(son)19051939
Chase, Mary L.12-05-185512-12-1915
Chase, William H.01-17-188512-26-1955
Conway, Run E.?07-28-189110-03-1891
Conway, Uriah11-29-188911-30-1889
Dale, Thomas A.18511923
Eckley, Alice(wofe of Simon)12-18-185910-01-1909
Eckley, Clay V. or U.18841961
Eckley, Millie May(wife of Clay)18871947
Eckley, Robert S.(son)10-07-188701-21-1925
Eckley, Simon P.08-20-185210-03-1921
Eckley, Willard K.19181928
Engle, Klass(son of W.J. & C.J.)06-12-188403-10-1907
Graham, Elizabeth(wife of George)02-03-183610-30-1888
Graham, Frank (Casey)05-26-190908-06-1997
Graham, George(Country Doctor)03-05-183802-18-1915
Harris, Blanche M. Cronin18821964
Harris, Robert W.(son of Wm & Blanche)?06-01-1908
Harris, William L.18801922
Hartman, Edward F.(hus of Flora)01-14-187103-31-1911
Hartman, Ellen(wife of John H.)02-27-184910-27-1915
Hartman, Flora08-07-187207-17-1941
Hartman, John H.(veteran-Co. H., 187 PA. Inf.-1861-1865)??
Hayes, Sarah E.(wife of James )18 yr, 3 mo, 7 day06-24-1900
Hedrick, Merl F.19021953
Hedrick, Ruth Adcock19051994
Heiden, Lavonne18951973
Horton, Arthur A. (hus of Mildred)12-31-190201-01-1987
Horton, Edith18741945
Horton, Erma C.19101933
Horton, Erna M.(dau of Arthur)19291930
Horton, Goldie A.19191920
Horton, Lyman Larry(Baby)?06-23-1937
Horton, Mildred A.06-18-1907?
Horton, Patricia Ann(baby)03-06-196104-16-1961
Horton, Stanley18761942
Huddle, Charles S.09-24-185605-26-1930
Huddle, Eva12-23-188702-01-1908
Huddle, Flora(wife of Charles)11-27-186402-13-1919
Hurless, Frank L. 05-19-187505-31-1900
Kaelber, Marie01-31-190604-12-1968
Kast, Lowell R.(WW11)09-03-191111-18-1979
Kast, Richard H.02-05-196806-20-1990
Kast, Sherleen H.03-17-19471-05-1981
Kast, Wilber E.(M3-US Navy-WW11)19131981
Lampitt, Charles H.18761951
Lampitt, Lillie B.06-14-188704-03-1908
Larsen, Duane D.(baby)?1933
Larsen, Elizabeth02-21-187301-04-1917
Larsen, Gerald E.01-25-193302-05-1933
Larsen, Lars L.(hus of Elizabeth)10-26-186201-08-1955
Larsen, Lars Louis04-19-190611-11-1975
Larsen, Walter(son)??
Lefler, Donald B.04-19-195505-19-1955
McCumber, H.S.18191892
Millard, Lewis L.03-07-185909-19-1940
Millard, Timothy E.08-16-185212-26-1934
O'Gorman, Olive Jane12-10-186905-21-1904
Overstreet, Glemenza(wife of T. J. Overstreet)04-26-184412-05-1912
Packard, Barbara Jean04-28-192904-28-1929
Propst, Charles Ulysses19011989
Propst, Harvey N.18751949
Propst, Laura F.(wife of Harvey)18761956
Propst, Lloyd19161971
Propst, Walter19051928
Patterson, Archie Bert18851958
Patterson, Baby??
Patterson, Clay C.18511899
Patterson, Clay(PFC-US Army Air Corps WW11)04-13-191901-25-1994
Patterson, Geneva18631926
Patterson, Harry W.18761943
Patterson, Jefferson (Jeff)18531919
Patterson, Mary E.18461928
Patterson, Keith(son of Jefferson)06-19-190501-29-1907
Patterson, William F.(Co. G, 36th Iowa Inf.)18251902
Patterson, Winnona M.18931978
Reeves, Joseph M.(hus of Mary N.)11-01-185505-30-1935
Reeves, Marion J.(Nebraska Horshoer)(Btry E, 338 FA WW1)11-15-188901-04-1961
Reeves, Mary N.10-29-186604-15-1950
Reeves, Prudence10-24-189812-08-1993
Reeves, Rexford D.09-16-189302-14-1976
Reynolds, Isabelle L.10-16-186007-24-1932
Reynolds, Rozelle03-20-190610-23-1974
Reynolds, William12-01-185606-03-1931
Soles, Eva May19041931
Soles, Henry18471929
Soles, Mary Jane18581940
Sprague, Helen L.18471927
Sprague, William H.18471928
Taft, Mary?1890
Tisue, Betty M.18611937
Tisue, Ethel(dau of E.H. & M.T.)10-22-189211months,11 days
Tisue, Ezra H.18551937
Tisue, James W.12-04-185601-16-1940
Tisue, Mary T.(wife of Ezra)18551938
Tisue, Matilda04-13-186302-01-1891
Tisue, Otto B.18591901
Vonkoten, Angeline12-13-187304-23-1915
Vonkoten, John(war veteran)12-12-182708-14-1910
Wicker, Delila18501933
Wicker, Estella May(dau of S.W. & D.W.)13 yrs, 8 mo, 14 days05-12-1901
Wicker, Katharine F.18831922
Wicker, Laura Lesley(hus of Pearl Patterson)07-24-187504-12-1905
Wicker, Lee R.19051965
Wicker, Leslie19231925
Wicker, Pearl D.18851959
Wicker, Samuel(Cival War Co. I, 39th Iowa Inf)18431928
Williams, Allen S.(hus of Mary E.)03-12-189105-08-1981
Williams, Baby?10-04-1895
Williams, Caroline(wife of Charles)12-08-186906-28-1911
Williams, Charles(hus of Caroline)08-31-185410-11-1942
Williams, Fritz Harry06-06-191809-01-1919
Williams, Mary E.08-28-190801-15-1990
Williams, Katherine18671943
Williams, Frank E.19031976
Williams, Frank E.18581931
Williams, Pearle Birdie02-19-189610-01-1991
Wilson, Rebecca01-10-184501-17-1917
Winney, Charlotte Hayward Winney183408-12-1886
Winney, Earl William(1 year 8 months 9 days)?03-1892
Wood, Don3 yr, 2 mo, 4 day05-22-1886
Wood, Dot(dau of M. & B. Wood)3 yr, 2 mo, 17 day12-05-1886
Zeller, Jacob1859?1930

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