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Mt. Hope Cemetery

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Mt. Hope Cemetery is located 1/2 mile north of Springview, NE on Highway 183. Upkeep is provided by the Village of Springview. This has been transcribed from records maintained by the Springview Village Clerk and are current as of July 15, 2008. Additional information has been taken from the Keya Paha County Centennial Book when information was missing. In some instances, no information was available.






Darnell, Ethel Lillian18931895Daughter of Isaac N. & Mary L. Darnell
Darnell, Isaac Newton04-03-184911-10-1936-
Darnell, Mary G. Freeman182009-24-1893-
Darnell, Mary Lucretia Freeman11-25-185002-20-1924Wife of Isaac N. Darnell
Darnell, Nancy---
Davis, Carmel Ecrell Williams11-12-190901-21-2009Wife of Hans Davis
Davis, Clarence E.05-08-193407-21-1946Son of Hans & Carmen Davis
Davis, Hans William01-13-191312-15-1970-
Davis, Lottie M.18791898-
Dawson, Leona Smalley03-31-188108-08-1925Wife of Henry Mack Dawson
Day, Kathleen Kay Carr01-11-196408-26-1985Daughter of Garth & Doris Carr, Wife of Larry Day
Debuse, Harry L.02-19-186209-01-1884-
Dickson, Edna04-17-187709-06-1959-
Didier, Merle02-23-193209-03-2000Korean War Army Veteran
Didier, Reason O.12-31-189111-10-1960-
Dillon, Calvin04-22-194607-05-1950Son of Calvin & Rinnie Dixon
Dillon, Calvin Elias11-15-190603-01-1991-
Dillon, Cora Virginia Andrews186907-09-1912Wife of George Washington Dillon
Dillon, Clayton Simeon08-09-188809-20-1957WW I Infantry Veteran
Dillon, David W.01-28-196412-27-1981Son of Clayton Jack & Edna Dillon
Dillon, Edna Babe Zahradnicek01-12-193906-22-2007Wife of Clayton Jack Dillon
Dillon, George Washington06-15-186103-14-1940-
Dillon, Jonas J.07-03-191206-15-1966-
Dillon, Megan Ashley06-11-198807-25-1988Infant daughter of Clayton & Laurie Dillon
Dillon, Ortha Ileen Rix11-15-191305-24-2004Wife of Jonas Dillon
Dillon, Rinnie B. Brewer01-05-191303-03-1983Wife of Calvin Dillon
Divan, Maxine Weston07-23-191903-23-1986-
Dixon, Frances E. McBride Worth08-26-191101-17-1990Wife of Elwood Worth & Arnold Dixon
Dodge, Floence B. Smythe06-17-188510-20-1946-
Dodge, Wesley M.186801-01-1954-
Doty, Ellen Poyter12-24-184710-26-1926-
Doty, George W.04-20-184401-20-1930Civil War Veteran
Duffield, Luella B. Stern06-07-190910-26-1980Wife of Clinton Duffield
Duffield, Clinton Harvey03-18-190812-13-1976-
Duggan, Ada188407-05-1974-
Duggan, Louis E.188003-11-1956-
Dunham, Nettie Carr Osborn04-15-188801-14-1955Wife of LeRoy Osborn
Dutton, Clara Elizabeth Emm03-12-188812-07-1966Wife of Joseph Dutton
Dutton, Infant Son02-08-191402-08-1914Infant son of Joseph & Clara Dutton
Dutton, Infant--No marker
Dutton, Infant--No marker
Dutton, Joseph L.04-03-188603-06-1970-
Dutton, Lawrence R.10-23-189008-11-1920-


Edwards, Eulalia18731931-
Edwards, Marion F.18451918-
Egelhoff, Leota Belle Burley08-23-189505-29-1984Wife of Frank Egelhoff
Egelhoff, Frank11-13-189004-11-1963-
Eichenberger, Bertha Hense05-13-186603-09-1939Wife of Karl Eichenberger
Eichenberger, Karl07-20-186003-29-1940-
Eichenberger, Max Bradley02-10-194007-26-1969Son of Paul & Bernice Eichenberger
Eichenberger, Paul M.07-24-191912-16-2003-
Eichenberger, Paul Wm.03-02-189307-28-1919-
Eichenberger, Rebecca08-31-197108-31-1971Infant daughter of Ted & Doris Eichenberger
Eisenbraun, Lydia Sandau10-06-189509-27-1979Wife of Reinhold Eisenbraun
Eisenbraun, Reinhold05-21-189101-26-1963-
Emita, A.--No Information
Estes, George Wm.18511920-
Estes, James F.18261920-
Estes, Margaret C.18441909-
Evans, Charlie Mae Spain10-20-192202-23-2004Wife of Donald Clair Evans
Evans, Donald Clair10-29-191605-23-2005-
Ewing, Mrs.--No marker


Farnsworth, William B.18671890-
Felton, Robert B.07-12-193105-05-1998-
Fischer, Burneta G. Haman09-22-191302-02-1999Wife of William F. Fischer
Fischer, William F.12-19-191101-19-1996-
Flynn, William James08-17-194304-23-2009-
Flansburg, Infant--No marker
Foreman, Clyde M.04-02-190805-06-1947-
Foreman, Effie Jane Carr03-31-189005-14-1963Wife of Frank H. Foreman
Foreman, Frank H.01-27-188305-15-1963-
Foreman, Oren D.01-15-191502-28-1915Infant son of Frank & Effie Foreman
Forgey, Lois Elaine Versaw10-03-194002-01-2002Wife of Lyle Forgey
Forgey, Findley P.06-15-188205-03-1971-
Forgey, Glenn G.01-04-190710-14-1993-
Forgey, Lona M. Massey02-07-191112-01-1981Wife of Glenn G. Forgey
Forgey, Pearl Elizabeth04-23-190905-19-1927Daughter of Findley & Bessie Page Forgey
Forgey, Wayne R.02-03-193806-14-2009Son of Glenn & Lona Forgey
Foster, George D.03-02-189208-11-1910-
Foster, James M.01-26-184304-13-1908Civil War Veteran
Foster, Josephine09-15-185303-07-1907-
Fowler, Edith L. Pederson Nilson03-08-192602-06-2009Wife of Edgar H. Nilson & Leonard Fowler
Fox, Elizabeth Anna Slemmons08-19-186301-28-1959Wife of Ulysses Fox
Fox, Ulysses Grant02-10-186305-24-1939-
Frauen, Max09-07-188902-05-1959-
Frauen, Verna E. Woolf09-18-189412-13-1981Wife of Max Frauen
Freeman, Mary T. Darnell182009-24-1893-
Frick, Marilyn Clay08-14-194701-16-1994Wife of Donald Frick
Frick, Megan07-27-198601-16-1994Daughter of Donald & Marilyn Clay


Galloway, Alice M. Manifold01-06-192101-16-1985Wife of Jack Galloway
Galloway, Jack03-01-191909-27-1987-
Gaylord, O.H.--Civil War Veteran--Sgt. Co. E, 60th Ohio Inf.
Gibson, Adeline Celeste01-17-189709-13-1972-
Gibson, Audrey B. Carr02-16-191206-21-1992Wife of L.B. Gibson
Gibson, Bernard Marion07-20-189902-07-1982-
Gibson, Burdelle W.10-29-191310-23-1974-
Gibson, Clarence07-27-191008-23-1993-
Gibson, Donald Hugh09-14-192510-18-1978WW II Army Veteran
Gibson, Effie Leila06-20-188908-12-1968-
Gibson, Floy I.11-27-190712-24-2002-
Gibson, Grace Page11-24-191803-20-2009Wife of Clarence L. Gibson
Gibson, Ivan George06-25-189106-23-1966-
Gibson, Lawrence Benjamin07-27-191002-27-2002-
Gibson, Lulu Jane07-23-189408-10-1969-
Gibson, Merle L.06-29-193710-25-2003-
Gibson, Myrtle Corilda Hunter Boyd03-02-188811-17-1973Wife of Lewis J. Boyd
Gibson, Ruth Lillian Reber03-02-191709-14-2004Wife of Burdelle Gibson
Gierau, Paul W. III06-04-193008-01-1992WW II Navy Veteran
Gilbert, Augustus09-28-185502-13-1935-
Gilbert, Clarissa J.185805-19-1935Wife of Augustus Gilbert
Gilbert, Frank Lewis188203-29-1965-
Gilbert, Infant--Child of L.D. Gilbert--No marker
Gilbert, Ola L.188504-20-1969Wife of Frank Lewis Gilbert
Gingles, B.--No marker, no information
Gipson, Carrie A. McCoy02-20-190407-28-1984Wife of Merl A. Gipson
Gipson, Anna Christina Smith09-16-188705-10-1949Wife of Oscar Gipson
Gipson, Clarence A.10-15-186807-26-1964-
Gipson, Ellen L. Blakely05-16-187406-26-1936Wife of Clarence A. Gipson
Gipson, Ethabel Carr04-11-191607-30-1995Wife of Leonard A. Gipson
Gipson, Leonard Andrew04-28-191205-11-1994-
Gipson, Lorine18641894-
Gipson, Merl A.08-10-189907-17-1974-
Gipson, Oscar01-28-188510-21-1936-
Gipson, Raymond Peter10-27-191410-20-1981WW II Army Veteran
Gipson, Triola Miller07-26-194104-16-1984Wife of Leonard Gipson Jr.
Gillaspie, Infant Son04-30-193304-30-1933Infant son of Henry and Fannie Gillaspie
Goodrich, Carrie A. Vetter05-25-188604-04-1969Wife of Huber H. Goodrich
Goodrich, Florence E. Breckbill12-11-191609-28-1990Wife of Milo W. Goodrich
Goodrich, Huber H.11-06-187911-04-1957-
Goodrich, Joseph Daniel06-20-196810-30-1968Infant son of Roger & Virginia Goodrich
Goodrich, Milo W.11-10-191505-08-1967-
Goslin, Bertha Evelyn Carter02-09-189901-09-1953Wife of Milo R. Goslin
Goslin, Milo08-11-189504-01-1965-
Graham, Adelia McCoid11-03-189005-02-1960Wife of Ezra Harry Graham
Graham, Alice I. Hastings12-14-191309-29-1994-
Graham, Estella Blanche Carnahan10-07-188312-05-1951Wife of James L. Graham
Graham, Ezra Harry12-17-188806-04-1979-
Graham, James C.01-05-191302-08-1945WW II Veteran
Graham, James L.18681945-
Graham, Maruice J.06-30-191403-14-1995-
Graham, Marvin E.11-15-192211-08-1995-
Graham, Rutha19091909Infant daughter of James & Blanche Graham
Graham, Thomas Drew08-03-198401-15-2003Son of Barry & Tina Fletcher Graham, No marker
Graham, William H.19031910Son of James & Blanche Graham
Grandsinger, Leon B.07-12-192106-14-1985-
Grandsinger, Loyd C.08-28-193210-01-1995-
Grandsinger, Mildred Jenks08-17-190208-08-1945Wife of Paul Grandsinger
Grandsinger, Paul11-15-18971969-
Greiner, Alvina Hollingsworth07-17-190611-18-1975Wife of Earl Greiner
Greiner, Earl Eldon06-22-189602-17-1975Army Veteran
Gudgel, Andrew J.11-05-191811-06-2009-
Gudgel, Dorothy C. Floro01-31-191902-26-2004Wife of Andrew Gudgel
Gudgel, Marie E. Jochem12-24-192106-24-1978Wife of Andrew Gudgel
Gum, Everett E.12-05-192901-06-1975Army Veteran
Gustin, Roberta Jones Gum01-15-193204-12-2001Wife of Everett E. Gum & Orville Gustin


Hackler, Leta05-26-189209-07-1892-
Hackler, Merl M.09-13-190203-17-1903-
Haller, Carl Frederick02-02-196110-25-1972Son of Bradley & Esther Haller
Haller, Carolyn02-15-195805-07-1974Daughter of Bradley & Esther Haller
Haller, Elizabeth04-06-199604-06-1996Infant daughter of John & Schelly Haller
Haller, Esther Gertrude Jochem09-01-193204-10-1993-
Hallock, Blanche Elenora Carr09-17-188210-28-1913Wife of George A. Hallock
Hallock, Calvin C.01-01-192110-09-1997WW II Veteran
Hallock, Edna P. Wahe12-31-191210-21-2004Wife of James S. Hallock
Hallock, Ellen F. 11-25-184404-03-1914Wife of James S. Hallock
Hallock, Emma Louise McCracken01-03-191202-12-2002Wife of Richmond R. Hallock
Hallock, Ernest G.08-02-188203-15-1955-
Hallock, E. Howard09-20-190803-20-1996-
Hallock, George Arthur10-08-188106-25-1965-
Hallock, Georgiana04--24-192401-04-2011Wife of Calvin Hallock
Hallock, Glen A.06-11-191806-26-1999WW II Army Veteran
Hallock, Gordon Dale08-15-193901-10-1943Son of James & Edna Hallock
Hallock, Grayson Arthur03-07-200904-08-2009Infant son of Keith & Mirya Hallock
Hallock, Hulda Mae Briggs06-30-190309-07-1981Wife of George A. Hallock
Hallock, James S.03-22-191002-10-1996-
Hallock, James S.184609-17-1889-
Hallock, Lenna B. Tisue12-21-188603-17-1966Wife of Ernest G. Hallock
Hallock, Lois Elizabeth Sisson09-06-191601-30-2001Wife of Howard Hallock
Hallock, Lorene G. Cahoon05-03-191203-24-1979Wife of Howard Hallock
Hallock, Mona Fay06-11-191001-22-1911Infant daughter of George & Blanche Hallock
Hallock, Richmond R.10-19-191406-05-2005WW II Veteran
Hallock, Wesson Eugene10-20-192310-20-1923Infant son of Wesson & Ethel Hallock
Hamilton, Charles A.09-13-188010-14-1968-
Hamilton, Donald Ivan04-13-191706-29-2004-
Hamilton, Rheba Dorothy Millard07-22-191910-23-1968Wife of D. Ivan Hamilton
Hamilton, Ella Williams Cornell08-22-190701-25-2004Wife of Warren Cornell & Joyce Hamilton
Hamilton Jessie L. Jewett188603-07-1958Wife of Charles Hamilton
Hamilton, Joyce A.09-08-190706-26-1982-
Hamilton, Merle E.09-02-191003-13-1995WW II Coast Guard Veteran
Hamilton, Viola M. Webb06-22-190104-18-1990Wife of Merle E. Hamilton
Hammond, W.A. (Infant)--No Marker
Harris, Eva R. Clopton05-07-190512-30-1997-
Hastings, Lenna Pense12-14-187510-15-1950Wife of William Hastings
Hastings, William J.11-07-187507-09-1952-
Hawkins, Mary Palmer09-05-186308-22-1939-
Heeb, Ethel Marie 19041904Infant daughter of Joseph & Emma Heeb
Heese, Albert11-07-188504-29-1955-
Heese, Carl W.04-26-188209-14-1919-
Heese, Hazel Carr Eichenberger12-26-189612-13-1979Wife of Paul M. Eichenberger & Albert Heese
Heiden, Arthur A.08-23-188901-08-1967-
Heiges, Katherine1846December 1914Wife of David Heiges
Heiges, David06-30-184009-20-1897Civil War Veteran
Heineman, Amanda B. Rose12-31-18893-10-1980Wife of Edward Heineman III
Heineman, Edward III07-05-188309-11-1951-
Heineman, Marvel Rose12-20-192412-20-1924Infant daughter of Edward & Amanda Heineman
Henne, Veronae Sloan02-10-191012-31-2001-
Henneman, Anna Meyer03-18-187504-12-1946-
Henneman, Charles10-02-186510-22-1948-
Hespe, Gustave Adolph11-05-191602-24-1990WW II Army Veteran
Heyden, Emil F.09-13-187305-30-1952-
Heyden, Harold Emil09-09-191005-02-1973-
Higginson, Earl L.11-28-189106-03-1963-
Higginson, Fanny S.10-16-187104-02-1924Wife of James (Jim) Higginson
Higginson, Infant Son09-26-191609-28-1916Son of Earl & Mary Jane Higginson
Higginson, Jim05-28-185612-20-1932-
Higginson, Mary Jane02-23-189801-31-1966Wife of Earl Higginson
Higginson, Wilber Lee06-30-198307-05-1983-
Hoffman, Minnie E. Josiassen02-16-188010-12-1934-
Hoffman, William02-01-188401-24-1973-
Hollingsworth, Anna Burnmeister06-24-187011-06-1928Wife of Ira S. Hollingsworth
Hollingsworth, Harold E.10-07-190204-23-1991-
Hollingsworth, Ira Schuyler07-26-186912-22-1943-
Hollingsworth, Rex H.06-26-191410-27-1952-
Hollingsworth, Wava Lear12-14-191301-19-2006Wife of Wayne Hollingsworth
Hollingsworth, Wayne06-09-191112-17-1977-
Hollis, J.C.04-01-186210-15-1885-
Hornby, Caddie May12-07-189409-09-1972-
Hornby, Harvey B.09-11-189011-29-1972-
Horton, Hannah Rich10-13-186612-12-1944Wife of James Horton
Horton, James A.08-11-186301-02-1946-
Huffman, I.L.04-03-185011-12-1913-
Huffman, Jesse Roy10-02-188608-12-1887Son of I.L. & Mary Huffman
Huffman, Rev. J.D.-08-06-1889No marker
Huffman, Mary H.185211-18-1900Wife of I.L. Huffman
Huffman, Nancy182908-09-1894No marker
Hulshizer, Keith M.11-11-191702-08-1918-
Hulshizer, Max L.05-01-191902-13-1920-
Hunter, Everett06-16-18901972-


Ingwersen, Leola A.01-07-191703-09-1923Daughter of William & Mary Ingwerson
Ingwersen, Mary F. Folck02-25-187111-09-1951Wife of William R. Ingwerson
Ingwersen, William R.01-10-186105-20-1959-

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