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County, Nebraska.  Located in the Southwest corner of the Nebraska panhandle,  Kimball County holds the towns of KimballDix  and Bushnell

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Kimball is rich in history, and not all of it came from the  Pioneers of the 1800's or the oil discoveries of the '50's and boom of the 70's, or the Missile silos...

 On June 29, 1951, the future of the county changed.  Nebraska Drillers, owned principally by John Neidfelt and Jess Nichols, hit oil on the S.E.Torgeson farm seven miles southwest of Kimball. The oil production  is continuing today, but really slowing down.  Too many rules by the EPA.

In the spring of 1962 an Atlas "E" Missile was to be located just a couple miles southwest of Kimball off Highway 71.  The major missile influx was in the 60's, and continued into the 70's.


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