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Kimball County, Nebraska

Taken from the 1890 Nebraska State Gazetteer *

        Towns and Post offices in Kimball County

Adams - a side track on the U. P. R. R. 10 miles west of Kimball

Dix - a postoffice in the eastern part of Kimball County on the main line of the U. P. R. R.  There is no station here nd trains only stop when flagged.  Population 25.  Kimball, the county seat is 10 miles distant.
    Dix Businesses
        A. L. Butler - Blacksmith
        F. L. Dachtler - General Merchandise
        D. H. Schultz - Agricultural Implements
        Henry Vogler - Postmaster, Justice

Kimball - is the county seat of Kimball County, the extreme western county in the state, on the U. P. R. R.  It has a population of 250.  Stockraising is the principal occupation of those occupying land, but of late tendency is shown to engage in specific farming, the soil being as well adapted to the one industry as the other, and both are good.  An irrigating ditch is in course of construction, for which bonds amounting to $30,000 were voted, which greatly increase the value of the land in this vicinity for agricultural purposes. The Western nebraska Observer is the pioneer journal of this place and is well supported.  The churches are Methodist, Lutheran and Congregational.

Bank of Kimball - L. W. Bickel, cashier
A. B. Beard - publisher Western Nebraska Observer
G. W. Beard -  County Judge
G. W. Beard & Co. - Groceries
J. M. Bearse - Druggist
John Biggs - Lumber
N. O. Calkins - Furniture
F. G. Coryell - Blacksmith
J. W. Davis - Attorney
Thomas Edgar - Barber
Farmers and Merchants Bank -  A. H. Amos, pres.
N. E. Gasman - Agricultural Implements
Hotel Martha - C. A. Schooley, prop.
C. E. Joy, Stationmaster, Telegraph, Express agent
Kimball Hotel - James Lynch, prop.
Kimball Lumber Co., - G. Linn, mgr.
J. J. Kinney - Horsebreeder
L. H. Lilly - Livery
McPherson & Jensen - Hardware
P. Maginnes - Blacksmith
L. R. Markley - Physician
H. Marshall - Restaurant
W. B. Miller - Real Estate
H. W. Newell - Notary
G. F. Park -  Grocery, Flour and Feed
Henry Phelps - Veterinary
B. F. Polley - Postmaster
E. B. Polley - Restaurant
C. F. Robertson & Co. - Real Estate
L. E. Shaefer - General Merchandise, Agricultural Implements
L. D. Scherer -  Physician
Sherer & Lilly - Real Estate
C. A. Schooley - prop. Hotel Martha
H. R. Stevens - Attorney
Z. T. Warner - Shoemaker
Mrs. J. D. Webb - Millinery
Western Nebraska Observer - A. B. Beard publisher
S. Wooldridge - Flour and Feed
W. N. Yannayou - Carpenter

Orkney - Bushnell Post Office   A postoffice in the western part of Kimball County on the U. R. R. R. 16 miles west of Kimball, the county seat.

*Nebraska State Gazetteer    Business Directory and Farmer List for 1890-1891
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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