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Sioux County NE


Welcome to Sioux County. As it was described in the book, WOLFE STATE GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY published in the 1880's
"Sioux County---Organized in 1884, is bounded on the north by Dakota Territory, east by Cherry, south by Cheyenne counties, and west by Wyoming Territory. It contains about 4,902 squares miles. The county is well watered by numerous streams, the principal ones being Niobrara, Leau qu Court, Snake, Pine and many others. Numerous lakes abound in the northern part, while to the west, sandhills are numerous. Grazing lands are chiefly along the valleys of the streams."

My name is Thelma Nation and I have lived in Sioux county most of my life. I see the beauty and richness of Sioux County on a regular basis.

NOTE: THIS SITE IS TEMPORARY. A NEW SIOUX COUNTY SITE WILL BE UP SOON. PLEASE CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES. We would like to thank Thelma Nation for her many years of service for Sioux County and The NeGenWeb Project! She will be missed!

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Sioux County Resources

You will find all the resources available in Harrison. Here is a list of sites you might need.

NEW! WestNE Mail List-  This list is open to everyone who is interested in researching in Sioux, Scottsbluff, Banner, Box Butte and Kimball Counties.  If you would like to subscribe - send the word "Subscribe" (without the quotes) in the body of a message addressed to:

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The Newest Additions to the Sioux County Page

NEW!!!   Czechs in Nebraska

ANCESTREE articles from the Nebraska State Historical Society
See how the Heritage Longhorn Cattle came West in a modern day cattle drive.

History - Here is the Andreas project report on Sioux county. This book was published in 1882, so Sioux and the surrounding counties hadn't even been formed yet.

History of Nebraska - Here you will find more history and many biographies and pictures to sort through.

Johnson's History of Nebraska - brief but describes the formation of the county and the current population as of 1877

Nebraska State Historical Society - THEN -  a  review of county officers and early history of the county.

Nebraska State Historical Society - NOW -

Newpaper articles of Sioux County
- Get a taste of the history and formation of Sioux County from the local sources. Also read about Red Cloud and the Pawnee and Sioux Tribes.

Gazetteer- This is what Sioux County was like and who lived here in the early settlement period. This history dates back to 1882 and covers the development of the different towns and post offices.

Early Days of Sioux County - Read all about life in the settlement days and who was doing the daily important things to bring recognition to this end of the state.

1883 Civil War Pensioners on the Roll - This was transcribed by Alice Miller and has information for Sioux and other counties available.  Thank you Alice!
This one deals only with Sioux County.

Towns   - This is the Our Town series of stories written by local volunteers in the 1980's to illustrate the development of Nebraska.


1940 Nebraska Who's Who for Sioux County

World War II Honor Roll             Sioux Co. WWII Vets

Post Offices and Towns in
Sioux County then.....

Fort Robinson
Harrison This is the only populated area in Sioux County with a year around population of 291 citizens.
*Malinda: a post office recently established in Box Butte county. (part of Sioux Co., 1910)
and now......
Five Points
Spurior Place

For a look at cities and towns in  Sioux County, Nebraska take a look here and pick your spot.


Schools in Sioux County
District 23 Elementary
District 33 Elementary
Hilltop School
Hill View Elementary
Klondike School
Little Cottonwood School
Norman School
Roundtop School
School Number 26
School Number 49

Take a look around and see how Sioux developed

Our Neighboring Counties

Fall River South Dakota to the North

Niobrara and Goshen Wyoming to the West

Dawes and Box Butte to the East

Scottsbluff to the South

If you can't find the county you are looking for- try the County Selection list  - If it isn't there, it isn't  in Nebraska! If you know the mystery location is in Nebraska but don't know exactly where, check County Unknown.

Cemetery Locations
Here you will find where to look for the cemeteries.  We don't have an index up yet, but hope to have one soon.

Nebraska Links

NEGenWeb Project State Page  Here is the main Nebraska State Page and a good place to look up the other locations you may be searching.  This is also a gateway to other Nebraska Resources that are available.
NEGenWeb "County Unknown"
  I know Grandma said Nebraska, I just don't remember where!  Look and Ye Shall Find!
Nebraska NEGenWeb Archives
     All the records that are created in Nebraska are kept safely here - more added all the time.
Nebraska NEGenWeb Resource Center
    New Projects, new ideas, new volunteers, more is being added all the time.  See what is available to research.
Nebraska State Historical Society
    All the microfilm you could ever hope to see is located here.  If something was filmed, they usually have a copy of it
Nebraska State Genealogical Society
    Great benefits to their members, help with surnames, locations, many valuable aids in researching the Nebraska branch of your family tree.
Cyndi's List of Nebraska Sites
    Leave it to Cyndi Howell to come up with a complete listing of everything for our state.  Cyndi's List is constantly being revised and is one of the Top 10 starting points for Genealogy research in any location.  These are the Nebraska links only.
Old Time Nebraska - Stories our Ancestors told.  Daily living, adventures, and true as the the authors words.  Nebraska was not an easy place to live in but hear what a new home meant to our pioneers.

Great Links - hard to find items that may help in your search

Nebraska Railroads - there is hardly a county anywhere in the state that is not effected by the Railroad.  Find a bit of history and how they helped make the frontier liveable.

Soundex Calculator

National Links

The USGenWeb Project - this is how we got started and what we are doing now.

The USGenWeb Archives  - this is where you can search all the files that are currently in the data base for the USGenWeb.  Lots of good information here.

The USGenWeb Census Project -  Want to located a census reading for a certain area or person? Here is the place to look

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Want to know where that cemetery is and what the stone says?  Here is where to look.

Roots L - Here is a list of mailing lists you may be interested in. National in scope.

RootsWeb    Did you ever wonder how this is all being done and why?  Here is the answer.

Rootsweb Surname List (RSL)   Here you can check and post a national query for that elusive surname you have been looking for.

Cyndi's List - This is the national and world wide site.  If it has to do with Genealogy, Cyndi has it somewhere on her list.  There are new entries and corrections being made every single day, so be sure to check it out often.

WorldGenWeb  - Are you starting to look in other countries for your ancestors?  This would be a good place to start.

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