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Sioux County NE


Glen Community History, Glen (Glendale) Cemetery, Glen Danish Cemetery,
Mason Family Burials

Glen Community History
(Excerpt from Sioux County Centennial Book, 1986, pge 95, written by Francis Olbricht)

    The first settlements in Sioux county were along the White River.  Fort Robinson was nearby and the Sidney-Black Hills Stage stopped at the post.
    Edgar Beecher Bronson,eastern newspaper writer and nephew of Henry Ward Beecher scouted the White River area in 1878 and moved his cattle from Wyoming and occupied the White River from its head down 20 miles to Fort Robinson, including 20 miles of the Niobrara River and extending south of Fort Robinson 14 miles.  His headquarters were 5 miles south of Fort Robinson on Dead Man Creek (called Wi – nogi – waka – pala by the Sioux Indians.  Bonson never acquired title to any of the land and 1883 he sold his livestock to his partner, Abram S. Hewitt.  (Note:  see book Reminiscence of a Ranchman by Edgar Beecher Bronson).    The first known permanent settler, L. E. Beldon, arrived in 1881and took a claim at Lake Ranch (owned today by Charles Mack, 2002).  Many soldiers from Fort Robinson took  160 acre claims along White River, among these were: Henry Kreman and Daniel Klein.
    A group of Danish people settled a few miles west of Glen, NE, among them were families named: Nelson, Petersen, Martinson and Jacobsen.  These folks never built a church and held services in family homes. Remains of a Danish Cemetery are beside the present schoolhouse. (Note: A few years ago Moni Hourt and the students of this small rural school  researched this school and cemetery.  Many of the grave markers are missing and and brush and grass covered the cemetery.  The students with the help of other volunteers cleaned the cemetery.  They made a video for a History Competition and took first place to travel to Washington D.C.  A copy of the video and the typed research is in the Crawford Museum, Crawford, NE)
    A Presbyterian Church was built near the banks of Deep Creek.  A small cemetery east of the church, Glendale, was perhaps the first burying grounds.
    Glen, NE was located on the Northwest Railroad and at one time was a busy, thriving community with a Post Office, train depot, tock yards, section house, ice house, two general merchandise store (one with a soda fountain) , two dance halls and a schoolhouse. Dist #2 was organized in 1887 by John S. Tucker, Henry Rodgers, moderator, Charles Kyle, treas.  School was held at the home of David Colville, Minnie Thomas was the first teacher.  Later records show that in 1938 there were 35 students enrolled in grade school and 13 in high school.
    Today Glen, NE in Sioux county is a ghost town, many of the buildings gone and the railroad tracks removed.  The school stands and in 2002 is still in session, however with only few students.
    Following is a record of burials at Glen (Glendale) Cemetery, followed by burials in the Danish Cemetery located beside the present day schoolhouse and finally the Mason family burials located on the Mason homestead.
Glen (Glendale)  Cemetery, Sioux Co., Nebraska
Located southwest of Fort Robinson, NE – drive west on Hiway 20 from Crawford, NE, through Ft. Robinson, just about ½ mi. is a sign: "Peterson Wildlife", turn left (south), follow country road, cross White River bridge, cemetery is on east side just across the bridge.
These names and dates are current to 2002 – some graves may not be marked, burial records are kept current by _________

Alphabetical List by Surname:

NAME_______________    BORN – DIED______________    INSCRIPTION, ETC._______

Beman, Gerald A.        b. 13 Jun 1937 - d. 29 Nov 1992        S/Sgt Ret. US Airforce
Brockmoller, Edwin        b. 15 Oct 1903 - d. 18 Aug 1995        wife: Frances A. Brockmoller
Brockmoller, Frances A.    b. 22 Jul 1912 - d. 13 Oct 1990        husb.: Edwin C. Brockmoller
Buckley, Joy Ruth        b. 23 Feb 1933 - 8 Mar 1996        husb.: Ivol Buckley
Davis, Iver M.            b. 12 Sep 1916 - d. 24 Jan 1917   
Hanes, Della            d. 25 Aug 1889                d. age 89 y, 5 m; daugh. of J.A.  Hanes
Hilton, Frank W.        b. 1894 - d. 1964   
Hilton, Irvin G.            d. 1 Nov 1895                d. age 7y, 5m, 17d; son of F. & J.
Hilton, Josephine        b. 23 Jul 1855 - d. 3 Apr 1917        husb: Thomas I Hilton
Hollister, Rexford W.        b. 1904 - d. 1974            marr. 27 Jan 1923
Houghson, Albert T.        d.age 56 y                "In Memory Of"
Houghson, Beulah (Reece)    b. 2 Sep 1889 m- d. 3 Jul 1965        "In Loving Memory of our Wife & Mother"
Houghson, Harry L.        b. 39 Jul 1885 - d. 10 Aug 1941        "In Loving Memory of our Husb. & Father"
Houghson,, Marquis C.        b. 17 Aug 1913 - d. 27 Jun 1982        "In Loving Memory of Our Husb. & Father"
Huntley, Greetie (Gerit?) M.    d. 13 Sep 1904                d. age 9y, 9m, 13d
James, Mary (wife of G.)    d. 6 Jan 1889                d. age 46y, 4m, 13 d. "Gone but not  Forgotten"
Johnson, Miles H        d. 18 Dec 1889   
Johnson, Robert (husb. of M)    d. 2 Jul 1887                d. age 60y
Johnson, Wareham S.        b. 28 Dec 1834 - d. 7 Nov 1889   
Klein, Willie A.            d. 5 Apr 1888                d. age 1y, 9m; son of D. and A.M.  Klein
Kreman, Theodore G.        b. 23 May 1903 - d. 4 Feb 1992   
Lakin, Goldie (Ellsworth)    b. 12 Oct 1883 - d. 10 Feb 1910        Beloved wife of I. B. Lakin, "Gone beyond the darksome river, Only left us by the way, Gone beyond the night forever, Only gone to endless day"
McIntosh, Infant        d. 6 Apr 1899                par.: I.S. & M.M.; "Gone but not  Forgotten"
Menderbach, Ada M.        b. 7 Feb 1892 - d. 28 May 1909        "In Memory of Our Mother"
Meyer, John            b. 24 Jun 1826 - d. 29 Sep 1887        "Gone but not forgotten"
Miller, Frank            d. 20 Jan 1898                d. age 15y, 6m, 16d; par.: W. & M. Miller
Papke, Clara B.            b. 22 Mar 1915 - 1 Mar 1915        d. age 1 y+; "Our Darling"
Papke, Cora R.            d. 30 Jun 1920   
Patrone, Jackie            b.____   d. ____________        husb: Glen Patrone
Patrone, James Allan        b. 14 Nov 1983 - d. 18 Jan 1990        son of Jackie & Glen "At Home With Jesus"       
Pinneo Albert            d. 17 Dec 1895                d. age 57y, 5m, 9d; wife: R.
Pinneo, Elvira            d. 30 Jul 1892                d. age 75y, 9m, 13d; husb: H. H.
Puddy, Alvin            d. 29 Sep 1901                d. age 16y, 11d; "God in his wisdom has reached
                                                                                                            the boon his Love had given,
                                                                                                            and tho the body moulder here,
                                                                                                            the soul is safe in Heaven"
Puddy, Lilith (infant)        b. 24 Feb 1894 - 24 Feb 1894        "Budded on earth to bloom in  Heaven"
Pullen, Emma V.        d. 11 Jan 1890                d. age 17y, 7d; par.: J. H. & W. A. Pullen
Pullen, Infant son         d. age 1 day                son of F. Pullen; "Our Darling"
Pullen, James H.        d. 27 Dec 1909                d. age 78y, 76m, 25 d.
Randall, Baby       
Reece, Frances C.        b. 1899 - d. 1987            husb: Reuben B. Reece
Reece, Rueben B.        b. 1887 - d. 1952            wife: Frances C. Reece
Rodgers, Bert            b. 1862 - d. 1960            "Son"
Rodgers, Curtis S,        b. 1887 - d. 1952            "Son"
Rodgers, Eliza K.        b. 1862 - 1941                "Mother"
Rodgers, Henry C.        b. 1855 - d. 1911            "Father"
Sternhagen, Virgil L.        b. 1919 - d. 1933   
Tucker, John S.            d. 5 May 1904                d. age 80y, 8m, 28d; wife: Frances  A. Tucker


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