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Sioux County NE




Listing of Sites and People in Sioux County 1882-1883

Fort Robinson---A government reservation in the
northeastern portion of the unorganized territory, 120
miles due north of Sidney, on the freighting road to
the Black Hills
Listing of Sites and People in Sioux County 1884-1885
Fort Robinson---A military post and county seat of
Sioux County, situated in the extreme northwestern part
of the same. Distance to Sidney, a town on the
U.P. Railway, 150 miles. Four companies of United States
troops are stationed here, and several tribes of Indians
have their reservation immediately adjoining. Mr. W.E.
Annin, formerly associated with the Omaha press and
known as a versatile writer, and B.S. Paddock, also one
of Omaha's esteemed citizens, are each established at
the fort.
Sioux County---Organized in 1884, is bounded on the
north by Dakota Territory, east by Cherry, south by
Cheyenne counties, and west by Wyoming Territory. It
contains about 4,902 squares miles. The county is well
watered by numerous streams, the principal ones being
Niobrara, Leau qu Court, Snake, Pine and many others.
Numerous lakes around in the northern part, while to
the west sandhills are numerous. Grazing lands are
chiefly along the valleys of the streams.
Sioux county Officers--Clerk, F.B. Carley
Commissioners--B.G. Coffee, Millard Patts, Frank Gaffey, W.E. Annin
Postmaster--Ben S. Paddock and company, post traders.

Warbonnet--A post office located in Sioux county

Listings of sites and People in Sioux County 1886-1887

Bodarc-- A recently established post office in Sioux County. John W. Hunter postmaster.

Fort Robinson--A military post and post office on the line between Dawes and Sioux counties, 30 miles southwest of Chadron, the county seat.

W.H. Fanning, attorney
T.N. Freeman, attorney at law
B.S. Paddock, postmaster
Tate and Sharbol, real estate
Warbonnet--Formally a post office in the extreme northwestern part of Sioux County, about 8 miles from either Wyoming or Dakota boundary lines, with a population of two.
B.S. Brewster, cattle rancher.

Sioux County residents, all of whom gave their
address as Fort Robinson 1886-1887

L.E. Belden
M.H. Bell
Joseph Benwi
Wm. Benwi
Thomas Bingay
Charles Bishop
J.B. Bradley
B.E. Brewster
T.J. Brown
Daniel Cline
George E. Coak
Charles Coffee
S.B. Coffee
Ann Conley
David Cood
Henry Creamer
D.E. Dolph
Edward Downey
Isaac Eindorf
James Frazier
Albert Gibson
C.H. Gordon
A.L. Gorner
J.C. Hilhard
J.G.G. Hunter
J.T. Johnson
William Kemp
W.J. King
Thomas Kyle
E. Lamsberg
P.J. McComus
M.C. McCoy
John Mack
Charles Marine
James Matchesla
Oscar Millard
Jno Mitchell
B.F. Moore
J.G. Morris
R.F. Neece
J.T. Post
W Remmington
Jno Rigdon
Henry Rogers
J.J. Rogers
Joseph Rogers
A.B. Ruggles
Jno Russell
Thomas B. Snyder
Alex Stule
William T. Tate
Jno Tucker
George Walker
F. Werderman
H.A. Wertz
W.C.F. Wilson
Jno Wyon
A Young

Listing of Sites and People of Sioux County 1890-1891

Harrison---A thriving town pleasantly situated in the *central part of Sioux County of which is the county seat, on the F.E. & M.V.R.R., 554 miles west of Chadron and has a population of 400. The town is increasing in the most healthy manner and the people re enterprising and prosperous and every advantage taken of the natural resources for the advancement of the place and the welfare of the individual. A fine brick court house, a school house costing $1200 and a church costing $1900, have been added within the past year, also several private dwellings.  Almost every line of trade is represented, occupying good store houses. Several large stock ranches are in the immediate neighborhood breeding full blooded horses and cattle. The Commercial Bank, Charles C. Jameson cashier, and the Bank Of Harrison with plenty of wealth are ready at all times to assist with time and money in any enterprise that will be of benefit to the town. There are also two good hotels and a lumber yard. The press is ably represented by the Sioux County Herald, Davis and Slingerland proprietors, republican in politics and the Sioux County Journal, L.H. Simmons editor, are ably conducted and have a deserved popularity. The Odd Fellows and Masons each have lodges here, also The Harrison Gun Club, J.C. Northrop secretary. Mail each way daily.

Business People 1890-1891

Dr. C.H. Andrews-drugs
H.C. Armstrong-well borer
Bank of Harrison-Charles E. Holmes-cashier
L.E. Beldon & Son-wagon makers
B.E. Brewster- pres, The Commercial Bank, livestock breeder
Michael Bruck-shoemaker
E.M. Carrier-blacksmith
C.F. Coffee-Vice-pres. The Commercial Bank
The Commercial Bank-B.E. Brewster pres, C.F. Coffee vice pres, Charles C. Jameson Cashier
H.T. Conley-attorney
J.H. Cook-live stock breeder
Mrs. H.A. Cunningham-millinery
Davis and Slingerland-publishers, The Sioux Co. Herald
D.P. Davis-postmaster
J.W. Earnest-live stock breeder
Edward L. Galpin-barber
Grant Guthrie-lumber and coal
Griswold and Marsteller-hardwares and agriculture implement
Charles E. Holmes-attorney and cashier Bank of Harrison
S.H. Jones-loans
Charles C. Jameson cashier-The Commercial Bank, real estate, loans, ins. and notary public
Conrad Lindeman-county clerk
McGinley & Stover-live stock breeders
S.L.R. Maine-justice
R. E. Massey- house and sign painter
J.C. Northrup-station, tel and ex agent.
W.O. Patterson-contractor
Reidy & Pollard-collection, loans, real estate
E. Rohwer-prop Harrison House
E.D. Satterlee-Atty at law, real estate, loans and insurance
G.J. Shafer-physician
L.J. Simmons-ed The Sioux Co. Journal
J. J. Slattery-prop Northwestern House
B.B. Smith-architect
Smith Bros-livery
W.R.Smith-general mdse.
Mrs. W.A. Snyder-millinery
J.H. Truax-blacksmith
G.H. Turner-groceries, meatmarket
George Walker-attorney
Weir & Co. general mdse
C.H. Weller-saloon
Clement Wells-general mdse
T.O. Williams-well borer

Bodarc :  A post office in the *central part of Sioux county, about 12 miles north of Harrison station which is situated on the F.E. & M.V. R.R.

Canton: A newly established post office in Sioux county

Eckard: A post office in Sioux county.

Glen: A post office in the eastern part of Sioux county, 18 miles from Harrison, the county seat.

Gilchrist: A post office in the northwest corner of Sioux county.
Mrs. J.E. Hollingsworth-dressmaker.
D.W. Woody-justice

Grammercy: A rural post office in the northwestern corner of Sioux county.
George H. Turner-postmaster

Malinda: a post office recently established in Box Butte county. (part of Sioux Co., 1910)

Montrose: a post office in the northern part of Sioux county, 30 miles from the county seat.
Population, 50.
David Anderson-atty, justice
M.J. Gayhart- postmaster, general mdse.,hardware, agricultural implements
Messing & Hickman-pumps and windmills
F.J. Meyer-blacksmith
W.& B. Pieenbrock-drugs

Royville: a recently established post office in Sioux county, near the center of the county.

* Harrison the county seat of Sioux County is located in the Northwest corner.

Residents of Sioux County 1890-1891

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W    Z

N. Adams, Crawford
R.C. Adams, Crawford
J.M. Adkins, Crawford
George Albertson, Collins
David Anderson, Montrose
John A. Anderson, Harrison
Nels Anderson, Harrison
Chas. H. Andrews, Harrison
Ed A. Andrews, Harrison
Frank E. Ankeny, Montrose
H.A. Ankeny, Montrose
Chas. Armel, Montrose
E.A. Arner, Crawford
J.E. Arner, Crawford
William Arner, Crawford
J.W. Arnsberger, Bodarc
M. Ashenfetter, Montrose 
Henry Backhaus, Montrose
M.A. Bails, Crawford
Joshua Baker, Bodarc
J.W. Bamford, Crawford
M.D.T. Bamford, Crawford
M.A. Bannon , Bodarc
S. Barker, Harrison
W.A. Barta, Royville
John H. Bartell, Harrison
David Bartlett, Harrison
S.C. Bassett, Harrison
Harrison Beans, Bodarc
Arnold Becker, Bodarc
Phillip Becker, Bodarc
L.E. Beldon, Harrison
Joseph Bell, Montrose
Geo. M. Benson, Crawford
I.C. Benson, Crawford
Wm. H. Benson, Crawford
Joseph Benway, Bodarc
Wm Sr. Benwy, Bodarc
Emanual Betschen, Harrison
Fred Betschen, Harrison
A.G. Bibb, Canton
Wm. Biehle, Harrison
Chas. Biehle, Harrison
Peter Biersack, Montrose
E.A. Bigelow, Harrison
P.B. Bigelow, Harrison
W.A. Bigelow, Harrison
Sam Billet, Ft. Robinson
Thomas Bingay, Bodarc
B.B. Bixby, Bodarc
Mike Blewett, Montrose
A Jr. Blood, Crawford
A Sr. Blood, Ft. Robinson
J.W. Blunt, Bodarc
J.J. Boesel, Ft. Robinson
Joe Boffer, Montrose
Solsmon Borky, Montrose
Peter Bourret, Harrison
George Bowen, Bodarc
Jeremiah Bowser, Bodarc
J.B. Bradley, Harrison
B.E. Brewster, Harrison
Paul O. Brewster, Harrison
Chas L. Brooks, Harrison
George Brown, Crawford
W. Brown, Crawford
M. Bruck, Harrison
L.A. Brumbaugh. Harrison
Henry Brundiga, Glen
T.W. Bryan, Bodarc
Sam Bryant, Bodarc
H.T. Buckley, Ft. Robinson
Earnest Bunge, Bodarc
J.B. Burke, Bodarc
J.W. Burnell, Ft. Robinson
S.D. Burson, Crawford
O.I. Cady, Ft. Robinson
A.C. Callers, Crawford
Chas Cammezind, Harrison
E.D. Campbell, Montrose
M.S. Carey, Ft. Robinson
S.W. Carey, Ft. Robinson
M.J. Carroll, Bodarc
Wm. Casibier, Ft. Robinson
I Ceigler, Ft. Robinson
A.G. Chandler, Crawford
G.B. Cherrington, Harrison
Sam Christin, Ft. Robinson
Chris Christensen, Harrison
Claus Christensen, Montrose
John Christian, Bodarc
Charles Clark, Harrison
James Clark, Montrose
Lewis Clark, Ft. Robinson
H.S. Clough, Crawford
Geo. W. Cobb, Grammercy
C.F. Coffee, Bodarc
S.B. Coffee, Bodarc
C.L. Columbia, Bodarc
Dave Coville, Glen
James H. Cook, Harrison
W.H. Corbin, Collins
W.H. Crocoran, Bodarc
H.G. Cottman, Crawford
Eden Cowlishaw, Montrose
David S. Cox, Ft. Robinson
J. Cramer, Crawford
Leslie Crane, Harrison
Edward Creigler, Ft Robinson
Robert Cruse, Bodarc
William Cruse, Bodarc
A. Dahlman, Harrison
R.J. Davenport, Crawford
Thomas Davenport, Glen
George Davis, Harrison
James Davis, Harrison
Samuel Davis, Ft. Robinson
W.H. Davis, Harrison
John Debano, Montrose
Leopold DeBock, Bodarc
Joseph Decker, Ft. Robinson
S.D. Deford, Montrose
Henry Deister, Grammercy
Frank Demeng, Harrison
Hans Denker, Harrison
Jacob Desper, Harrison
A.R. Dew, Harrison
Niels Didrickson, Glen
Albert Dippert, Ft. Robinson
Chas. Dippert, Ft. Robinson
Jacob Dixon, Montrose
William Dixon, Canton
M.C. Doan, Bodarc
C.R. Douglas, Canton
Frank Dout, Harrison
John Dout, Harrison
Leonard Dout, Harrison
A.C. Dove, Crawford
Ed Downey, Lawn
Jacob Drum, Lawn
John Dunn, Harrison
Joseph Dunn, Harrison
Pat Dunn, Harrison
Phillip Dunn, Harrison
Thomas Dunn, Harrison
J.W. Earnest, Harrison
Thomas Edwards, Bodarc
Arthur Emery, Harrison
M. Evans, Glen
James Everson, Crawford
John Ferris, Glen
Carl Feyerherm, Harrison
F. Findley, Crawford
J.T. Fitzgerald, Harrison
Wm. P. Fritgerald, Bodarc
John Foote, Montrose
C.M. Ford, Collins
Jacob Foster, Montrose
J.H. Frazier, Ft. Robinson
R. Freels, Crawford
J.W. Freeman, Ft. Robinson
John Frisch, Montrose
George Fritz, Collins
Martin J. Fritz, Collins
J.W. Fry, Ft. Robinson
R. Gallegos, Harrison
John Garrison, Montrose
Oscar A. Garton, Harrison
A.E. Gates, Ft. Robinson
R. Gaver, Crawford
Martin Gayhart, Montrose
W.B. Geddes, Crawford
Lewis Gerlach, Harrison
Thomas Gibler, Crawford
M.A. Gibons, Bodarc
G.H. Gills, Bodarc
Emory Gillmore, Glen
William O. Glaze, Crawford
Herman Goedde, Montrose
R.F. Golden, Crawford
Chas E. Gowey, Royville
F.F. Gray, Crawford
James Green, Glen
John A. Green, Royville
M.H. Green, Glen
W.H. Green, Harrison
A.J. Greenwood, Crawford
G.A. Greger, Bodarc
G.W. Greger, Bodarc
Charles Grewell, Bodarc
G.W. Grim, Bodarc
D.H. Griswold, Harrison
Chas. U. Grove, Crawford
Emil Guhlke, Harrison
Henry Guhlke, Montrose
William Guhlke, Bodarc
Guthrie Grant, Harrison
Bernard Hass, Montrose
Elbert Hall, Bodarc
S.W. Hall, Bodarc
William Hall, Bodarc
RSQ Hamaker, Ft. Robinson
N.D. Hamlin, Harrison
Chas. Hammeier, Crawford
T.W. Handy, Ft Robinson
F.H. Hans, Crawford
Mads Hansen, Glen
Peter Hansen, Montrose
L.D. Harmon, Ft. Robinson
Wm. Harmon, Crawford
Octive Harris, Royville Robert
Harrison, Bodarc
W.H. Hawn, Bodarc
Geo. W. Heckman, Montrose
F. Hein, Crawford
Jacob Henry, Montrose
Peter Henry, Montrose
John Herman, Harrison
G.W. Hester, Harrison
Joseph Hibbein, Montrose
W. Higgenbotham, Crawford
J.C. Hill, Harrison
Fred Hittner, Montrose
H.A. Hixen, Crawford
A.J. Hodge, Crawford
Joseph Hoffman, Bodarc
A.S. Holden, Crawford
J. Hollingsworth, Gilchrist
H.E. Hollingsworth, Gilchrist
Thomas Holly, Bodarc
Alonzo Hove, Bodarc
J.F. Hovey, Bodarc
N.B. Hovey, Bodarc
H.J. Howard, Ft. Robinson
H.J. Howard, Crawford
A.P. Howe, Glen
A.T. Hughson, Glen
L.O. Hull, Harrison
John Hunt, Montrose
H.C. Hunter, Bodarc
J.W. Hunter, Bodarc
Jacob Huntzler, Montrose
N.C. Hutchins, Ft. Robinson
A.D. Jacoby, Crawford
Andy Jacoby, Royville
Joseph Jacoby, Bodarc
George James, Ft. Robinson
C.C. Jameson, Harrison
Henry Jenkins, Harrison
Christian Jensen, Montrose
Julius Jensen, Glen
Chas. F. Jewett, Ft. Robinson
Agust John, Harrison
B.F. Johnson, Harrison
J.B. Johnson, Glen
J.T. Johnson, Bodarc
Warren Johnson, Glen
Walton Johnson, Glen
W.H. Johnson, Glen
S.H. Jones, Harrison
W.E. Jonws, Montrose
M.D. Jordan, Montrose
William Kappen, Montrose
John Kaspburger, Montrose
Jno L. Kay, Harrison
Robert Keel, Harrison
W.W. Kemp, Ft. Robinson
Isaac Kendall, Harrison
George Kent, Bodarc
Joseph Kipp, Bodarc
Joseph Kirst, Montrose
Nicholas Kirst, Montrose
Daniel Klein, Glen
Carlton Knott, Gilchrist
Fred W. Knott,Gilchrist
Herman Kourath, Montrose
Jackson Kreisler, Bodarc
H. Kreman, Ft. Robinson
Mike Kriens, Harrison
Carl Kroenig, Montrose
F. Kudulka, Canton
W.D. Lafferty, Bodarc
John Langdon, Grammercy
Louis Larson, Canton
E.A. Lawler, Harrison
Ed Lawrence, Ft. Robinson
A.L. Leeling, Harrison
Charles Leeling, Harrison
Clem Leeling, Harrison
Paul E. Leeling
Samuel Leeling, Harrison
A.S. Leonard, Lawn
George Letcher, Ft. Robinson
Wm. E Letcher, Ft. Robinson
D.J. Lever, Crawford
J.F. Lever, Crawford
Conrad Lindeman, Harrison
Ed C. Lockwood, Gilchrist
Frank Lontzehiser, Bodarc
John Lontzenhiser, Bodarc
John Luders, Harrison
C.M. Lux, Crawford
James McCann, Gilchrist
Philip McCann, Gilchrist
J. McCheney, Ft. Robinson
P.L. McCrea, Harrison
E.C. McDowell, Crawford
A. McGinley, Harrison
I.S. McIntosh, Ft Robinson
J. McIntosh, Ft Robinson
Wm. McIntosh, Ft Robinson
W.A. McMann. Bodarc
C.S. Mack, Montrose
D.F. Mack, Montrose
John Mack, Harrison
Edgar Mackey, Harrison
E.P. Maine, Harrison
S.L.R Maine, Harrison
D.J. Majors, Ft Robinson
Henry Marek, Montrose
Jacob Marking, Montrose
John E. Marsteller, Harrison
J.T. Mason, Glen
W.A. Matterson, Canton
Nicholas Mecher, Montrose
John Meinhart, Bodarc
J.C. Meng, Montrose
H.L. Merriam, Harrison
John Messing, Montrose
C. Mets, Crawford
August Meyer, Montrose
John F. Meyer, Bodarc
H.E. Miller, Ft Robinson
William Miller, Bodarc
W.J. Miller, Ft Robinson
A.W. Mohr, Harrison
G.W. Molby, Crawford
J.W. Montgomery, Gilchrist
Ben F. Moore, Marsland
Chas N. Moore, Ft. Robinson
Anton Moravick, Harrison
Joe G. Morris, Harrison
John Moseley, Crawford
J.A.Moss, Crawford
Otto Munson, Harrison
P.K. Murphy, Bodarc
Thomas Murphy, Bodarc
E.C. Myers, Montrose
William Mays, Royville
Anton Mecher, Montrose
Grant Neece, Harrison
Robert F. Neece, Harrison
Nels Nelson, Montrose
W.A. Nelson, Harrison
Charles Newman, Bodarc
M.J.Nicholson, Marsland
W.A. Nicholson, Marsland
Detric Nielson, Glen
James Nolan, Harrison
John Nolan, Bodarc
Gustav Norisch, Harrison
Wilhelm Norisch, Harrison
P.J. Northness, Ft Robinson
Carl Nott, Crawford
William Nott, Crawford
Frank Nutto, Montrose
M.J. O'Connell, Bodarc
George H. O'Kane, Gilchrist
W.H. Oliver, Crawford
Ashbel Orton, Bodarc
L Orton, Bodarc
J.F. Osborne, Crawford
W. Otey, Crawford
Michael O' Toole,Gilchrist
Joe Paitz, Montrose
H.S. Parks, Crawford
R.O. Parrish, Harrison
William Parrish, Harrison
J.C. Parsons, Gilchrist
Christ Parsiz, Ft Robinson
W.F. Patterson, Harrison
W.O. Patterson, Harrison
George Peabody,Crawford
J.E. Pelren, Crawford
W.F. Pelren, Crawford
J.F. Penn, Ft Robinson
J.B,Pequette, Crawford
H.J. Peters, Montrose
N. Peterson, Crawford
Swan Peterson, Montrose
F.M. Pfost, Bodarc
Lewis A. Pfost, Bodarc
H. Pickenbrock, Montrose
James Pierce, Harrison
John Petersen, Montrose
John Plunkett, Harrison
Fred Podoll, Harrison
John Pokorney, Canton
George Pollard, Collins
Willard Potts, Bodarc
Joe Powell, Montrose
A.C. Pratt, Harrison
John A. Pratt, Harrison
J.H. Pratt, Harrison
J.K. Price, Crawford
W.H. Price, Bodarc
Henry Prieshoff,Montrose
I.E. Pritchard, Ft Robinson
F.C.M Procunier, Crawford
James Procunier, Montrose
T. Procunier, Crawford
Wm. Procunier, Crawford
D. Publon, Crawford
C.A. Puddy, Ft Robinson
J.H. Pullen, Ft Robinson
J.C.L Ragland, Grammercy
E.A. Ramey, Ft Robinson
N.B. Rams, Crawford
A.H. Rands, Bodarc
C.C. Rands, Crawford
David Rands, Bodarc
V.S. Raum, Crawford
W.A. Raum, Crawford
C.H. Redd, Bodarc
Thomas Reidy, Harrison
Ed Remsburg, Harrison
Anton Rnein, Montrose
G. Rneinders, Montrose
William A. Rich, Harrison
B. Richard, Chadron
J.D. Richard, Crawford
W.J. Richard, Bodarc
Isidor Richstein, Harrison
Lewis Rickard, Bodarc
C.H. Rigdon, Ft Robinson
Matt Riley, Bodarc
August Ring, Montrose
Jos. W. Robinson, Harrison
Geo. Rodgers, Ft Robinson
H.C. Rodgers, Ft Robinson
J.J. Rodgers, Ft Robinson
Wm. Rodgers, Ft Robinson
Louis Roleng, Montrose
A.P. Rosenburg, Crawford
N.P. Rosenburg, Crawford
P.P. Rosenburg, Crawford
W.C. Roush, Bodarc
W.A. Royce, Crawford
Louis Ruffing, Montrose
Mike Ruffing, Montrose
H.H.Russell, Harrison
E.H. Salsbury, Grammercy
A.S. Saxton, Crawford
Charles Saxton, Crawford
Charles E. Schilt, Harrison
Wm. Schleyer, Bodarc
Martin Schoneborn, Bodarc
M. Schoneborn, Bodarc
August Schultz, Montrose
John Schultz, Montrose
Emil Schultz, Harrison
J.F. Schultz, Harrison
William Schultz, Harrison
John Scott, Harrison
John Serres, Montrose
Paul Serres, Montrose
Edmund Seymour, Harrison
W.W. Seymour, Harrison
G.J. Shafer, Harrison
Peter Shaft, Ft Robinson
John Shay, Glen
O.E. Shay, Crawford
Joseph Shearer, Montrose
Chas. W. Shepherd, Harrison
J.R. Shepherd, Harrison
W.F. Shepherd, Harrison
Wilbur Shepard, Harrison
J.W. Shnell, Harrison
F.R. Simons, Harrison
Frank Simons, Harrison
Thomas J. Sinnif, Harrison
Frank Sisson, Ft Robinson
Frantz Slaburger, Montrose
James Slattery, Harrison
C.F. Slingerland, Bodarc
B.B. Smith, Bodarc
D.F. Smith, Harrison
Dave Smith, Ft Robinson
Eli Smith, Bodarc
F.F. Smith, Harrison
F.M. Smith, Bodarc
W.R. Smith, Harrison
J.B. Snyder, Harrison
Oliver Solie, Crawford
Tim Sothman, Glen
A.B. Southwick, Bodarc
A Southworth, Bodarc
W.P. Southworth, Bodarc
EliSowers, Crawford
J. R. Speas, Crawford
L.H. Stan, Ft Robinson
Joe Statsney, Canton
Alex Steele, Bodarc
William Steele, Ft Robinson
Fred Steminer, Montrose
John Stetzer, Montrose
Fred Stick, Montrose
Joseph Sticky, Montrose
W.S. Ston, Crawford
H.L. Stoneking, Crawford
J. Stoneking, Crawford
H.B. Story, Bodarc
Oscar W. Story, Grammercy
S.R. Story, Grammercy
Matt Stradal, Montrose
Frank Stratton, Harrison
J.L. Stratton, Ft Robinson
R. Sunled, Harrison
Edward Swartz, Harrison
O.C. Tally, Crawford
R.C. Tally, Crawford
A.M. Taylor, Harrison
J.C. Taylor, Crawford
Samuel Tebbets, Bodarc
Frank S. Thayer, Montrose
Benjamin F. Thos, Harrison
Samuel Thomas, Bodarc
Lewis F. Thompson, Glen
John Thornton, Harrison
Charles Tidd, Crawford
J.W. Tidd, Crawford
Otto Tretze, Harrison
Frank Tinkman, Bodarc
Carl Todtenhaupt, Harrison
F. Todtenhaupt, Harrison
G.W. Tool, Harrison
F. Topps, Crawford
C.L. Tubbs, Harrison
John S. Tucker, Glen
Del M. Tum, Glen
G.H. Turner, Grammercy
Bernard Uphoff, Montrose
William Uphoff, Montrose
Marcus Valdez, Harrison
Aaron Vandecar, Harrison

Theo Wagner, Montrose
George Walker, Harrison
J.E. Wallace, Harrison
J.L. Walpole, Crawford
John Warn, Grammercy
H.M. Warneke, Harrison
J.H. Warner, Crawford
William Wagner, Harrison
J J Wasserburger, Montrose
H. Wasserburger, Montrose
D.A. Watson, Bodarc
John Weber, Montrose
E.A. Weir, Harrison
C.H. Weller, Harrison
B.L. Welsh, Crawford
Fred Werdeman, Bodarc
H.A. Wertz, Bodarc
August Wesselman, Harrison
N.D. White, Bodarc
Perry White, Montrose
George whitney, Harrison
Don M. Wier, Bodarc
Eli J. wilcox, Harrison
Jerry Will, Harrison
Russell F. Williams, Montrose
T.O. Williams, Harrison
James Wilson, Gilchrist
Casper Witting, Montrose
V. Wohlheter, Bodarc
Andreas Wonder, Montrose
Peter Wonder, Montrose
C.M. Woody, Gilchrist
D.W. Woody, Gilchrist
Casper Worm, Montrose
J.C.Wright, Montrose
W.B. Wright, Harrison
H.T. Zerbe, Bodarc
Frederick Zerbst, Harrison
Paul Zerbest, Harrison
H. Zimmerman, Bodarc
W.H. Zimmerman, Montrose
H. Zimmerman, Montrose
Adam Zurn, Montrose

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