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Nebraska Links

NEGenWeb Project State Page  Here is the main Nebraska State Page and a good place to look up the other locations you may be searching.  This is also a gateway to other Nebraska Resources that are available. 

NEGenWeb "County Unknown"   I know Grandma said Nebraska, I just don't remember where!  Look and Ye Shall Find! 

Nebraska NEGenWeb Archives   All the records that are created in Nebraska are kept safely here - more added all the time. 

Nebraska NEGenWeb Resource Center  New Projects, new ideas, new volunteers, more is being added all the time.  See what is available to research. 

Nebraska State Historical Society  All the microfilm you could ever hope to see is located here.  If something was filmed, they usually have a copy of it 

Nebraska State Genealogical Society   Great benefits to their members, help with surnames, locations, many valuable aids in researching the Nebraska branch of your family tree. 

Cyndi's List of Nebraska Sites  Leave it to Cyndi Howell to come up with a complete listing of everything for our state.  Cyndi's List is constantly being revised and is one of the Top 10 starting points for Genealogy research in any location.  These are the Nebraska links only. 

Old Time Nebraska - Stories our Ancestors told.  Daily living, adventures, and true as the the authors words.  Nebraska was not an easy place to live in but hear what a new home meant to our pioneers.

Great Links - hard to find items that may help in your search

Nebraska Railroads - there is hardly a county anywhere in the state that is not effected by the Railroad.  Find a bit of history and how they helped make the frontier liveable.

Soundex Calculator

National Links

The USGenWeb Project - this is how we got started and what we are doing now.

The USGenWeb Archives  - this is where you can search all the files that are currently in the data base for the USGenWeb.  Lots of good information here.

The USGenWeb Census Project -  Want to located a census reading for a certain area or person? Here is the place to look

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Want to know where that cemetery is and what the stone says?  Here is where to look.

Roots L - Here is a list of mailing lists you may be interested in. National in scope.

RootsWeb    Did you ever wonder how this is all being done and why?  Here is the answer.

Rootsweb Surname List (RSL)   Here you can check and post a national query for that elusive surname you have been looking for.

Cyndi's List - This is the national and world wide site.  If it has to do with Genealogy, Cyndi has it somewhere on her list.  There are new entries and corrections being made every single day, so be sure to check it out often.

WorldGenWeb  - Are you starting to look in other countries for your ancestors?  This would be a good place to start.


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