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Sioux County, NE
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Bulls SIOUX COUNTY, Nebraska


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Lloyd and Bessie Pearl (Pelren) ARNER were my paternal grands, Lloyd and Wanda (Kreman) CHRISMEN were my maternal grands. I want to find out more about my  gggrands and gggrands..Uncles, Aunts cousins anyone. Lynn Russell     16 Aug 2000

BAUMGARD posted by Ron Chambers     Sunday, June 1, 1997
I'm looking for my BAUMGARD relatives. I know they were in Ft. Robinson for the 1891 census ( under last name August and first Baumgard). Where did they come from and where did they go. My Mother, Marie Baumgard, was raised in Denver but didn't pass to me any info on the family. All of my close relatives are now deceased. Appreciate any help.

Looking for any information on the Mike Blewett family and also the Lindemann Family. Mike Blewett was married to Margaret Lindemann. Margaret's Mother used to run a boarding house and was known as Ma Lindeman. Myron R. Gerbitz       8-25-00

CARLEY,  DORNBLAZER,  LEWIS posted byLynn Waterman  Tuesday,July 1, 1997
I am looking for information on Clinton L. CARLEY, born: October 07, 1853, died: September 04, 1945 and is buried in Harrison Cmt. Harrison, NE. Clinton married Emma Fidellia LEWIS who died February 16, 1905. One of their daughters, my gr-grandmother was Ida Mae CARLEY, born: September 10, 1879. After Emma's death, Clinton married Mrs. Anna DORNBLAZER. Clinton was a carpenter by trade. He had a son, Lee or Lia Mia who worked with him. I would appreciate any help in locating info on Lee. I have a copy of Clinton's obit, but would like to find Lee or Robert Orden CARLEY info. Any help is appreciated.

My ggrandmothers name, we believe, was Lizzie(Elizabeth)?Converse.  She was married first to my gggrandfather James J. Allen and her second marriage was to ?Converse.  Her daughter Gertrude taught in Harrisonfrom 1906-1911, and Lizzie lived with her.  We are trying to find any information as to if Lizzie is her correct name and possibly if she is  buried in Harrisburg. Faye
DEISTERREED posted by Betty Bratten Wednesday, October 1,1997
According to the Sioux County History Book, my great grandfather, Henry DEISTER started the town of Ekard, Jan. 18 1889, which was 1/2 mile south of Indian Creek. Can anyone give me any more information about this town. Besides Henry DEISTER, the other ancestor was Joseph REED. The youngest child of Joseph and Nellie Langley REED was Grace M. REED, born 1890, in Harrison.

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DAVISGOOD posted by Cheryl Mitchell   Monday, December 1, 1997
Looking for more information on George W. DAVIS married to Clara D. GOOD. George was said to have died from a lightning strike. Died on 5 May 1903 in Adelia, Sioux County. Any information regarding this family would be appreciated.
DIXONHUNTER posted by Katy Lunde Saturday, February 7, 1998
Any information on John HUNTER, wife Margaret DIXON HUNTER and their daughter Mable E. HUNTER who was born Jan.14, 1890 in Harrison, Sioux County. I can find no information except what I have just posted. Mable was my gr-grandmother.
ELLIOTTSANFORD posted by Susan T. Brown Friday, February 27,1998
My Grandmother, Grace Sanford ELLIOTT, grew up in Sioux County on a ranch began by her father, Joseph SANFORD. They moved into the county from Dakota Territory in the late 1800s. Any information from this time period would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
ABLEHARRIS posted by RCD     Saturday, February 28, 1998
I'm looking for information on Adian Lewis ABLE of Souix county and or information on Charles HARRIS of Dawes County, Nebraska

Reseaching - John F. ANDRE, Frederick W. and Francisca ANDRE, Adolph STERNBERG, Louis DOUGHERTY, James DOUGHERTY, Winnefred Alvina DOUGHERTY, Fred, Martha, Angus, Ruby and Ralph BEAMAN; Harry, Minnie, Harry A. and Clarence OGILVIE - All of the above lived in Sioux County during the late 1800's, beginning around 1887 or 1888. They lived about four miles from Unit and 19 mles from Harrison. Part of the original home place is still standing, or was as of 10 years ago. I am searching for information concerning the ANDRE' family that lived and died in Sioux County. Also STERNBERG and DOUGHERTY, connections. My gr-Grandfather helped raise Adolph Sternberg who inherited when the Andre family died out. Dougherty was a Grandson partially raised by Andre's, and was my Father. Thank you. Fae J. Grantham P.O.Box 57146 North Pole, Alaska 99705-2146 Dougherty-Howell-Beaman-Ogilvie

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HOWARD posted by Bob Potts Thursday, September 3, 1998
Looking for information about the family of Rosary HOWARD, d. Harrison NE 15 Mar 1913. She was married to E. G. "Gus" HOWARD.

BROWNMCCLEESSONNABAND posted by Carol Davies Sunday, December 20, 1998  (OK 18 Mar 1999)
I would appreciate any information on John SONNABAND, who married Mary (MCCLEES) BROWN, the 20th of Oct 1921, at Harrison, Sioux County, NE. Thank you.

CARROLL posted by Kevin Carroll   Saturday, December 26, 1998
Great Grandfather, Michael Joseph Patrick CARROLL and his wife Sabina Mary-Ann Flanagan CARROLL arrived in Harrison, Nebraska in 1886. They had twelve children. Ten survived. Like to have any info on CARROLL family inlcuding names, dates, narrative.

INGRAM,  MILLER,  TAFT posted by Mary Harrington Saturday April 15, 2000
James Ingram or Ingrham of Harrison, formerly of Iowa, Melvin Miller of Harrison, and Moses Taft.

KONRATH,  RUFFING,  SERRES and  WASSERBURGERS posted by LaVerne Catanzarite , daughter of Helen Theresa Konrath Reuter  1 Jun 2000
I have many roots in Sioux Co., especially Montrose where my mother was born.  My husband and I traveled to Montrose in 1993 to find the graves of my grandparents.  Several families came to the Montrose and Hat Creek area from Wisconsin, Konrath, Serres, Ruffing and  Wasserburgers.  They inter-married and so all are connected.  The Mormons have not filmed the records for the church at Ardmore or Montrose and I am wondering if you would have any clue as to where they ended up.   I would greatly appreciate any info you could uncover on this.

LUX: posted by Nevada Boslet   27 Mar 2000
I am looking for the LUX family CARL MATTHEW LUX & wife REGINA ELIZABETH (FELLER) LUX they had 10 children MARY b1887 ROBERT b1889 d1937 ANNA b1891 MARTHA b1893 d1961 CHRISTINA b1895  CECILIA b1898 CHARLES b1900 d1944  THRESA b.1903 d1990 SOPHIA b1905 d1950 AND UNKOWN      b,aft1906 The children were  born in Sioux County, Nebraska the dad was born in Germany in 1852 the mom was born in Illinois in 1869 Any info on this family is greatly appreciated

McCOY: posted by John McCoy  Friday, August 1, 2003
Leona FRYE McCoy, who moved to Sioux County in 1913.
Leona Frye McCoy, widow, recieved a land grant for land in Sioux County in
June of 1913. Leona then moved to Sioux county from Hamilton County to
"prove" her grant. What happened to Leona? If you have any information on
her, or her parents, please contact me, John McCoy

NIELSON,  DIDRICKSEN  posted by BC Rogers    Tuesday, May 30, 2000
My husband and I are going to be coming to western Nebraska later this summer.  I have been trying to do some research into my family line.  Some of my ancestors used to live in Glen and my great-great-great  grandmother is buried in the Danish cemetery.  The surnames that I am researching are Nielsen and Didricksen. Can you please give me some driving directions to find this cemetery if we are driving from Harrison? Does Sioux County have any marriage and/or census records dating back to the early 1900's? Looking forward to seeing your part of Nebraska.

POWELL:  Posted by Peggy   18 May 2002
POWELL of Harrison, NE:I'm seeking to make contact with the descendants of THERA W. "Cheed" &BELLE(Walbridge)POWELL.  Thera was the son of JAMES BUCHANAN POWELL of Pawnee (or Richardson?) County, Nebraska. Peggy


I am seeking information regarding naturalization of my grandparents, Lenhart & Marguerite Woit who homesteaded in Sioux County from 1908 to 1913.   If my history is correct didn't they have to be naturalized in order to obtain homesteading priviliges? The best I  can figure out is that they were not naturalized until they went to Neb. Any help, suggestions, ideas would be appreciated.

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