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"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91"
J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.


Thurston County

Business List
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page 164

     Flourney, a station on the C St. P. M. & O. Ry, seven miles south of Emerson. A postoffice has recently been established here.

page 433

     Omaha Agency, a small country town and postoffice in the southeastern part of the reservation of same name, is located in Thurston county, noted chiefly as being the headquarters of the Omaha Indians. A magnificent tract of land is here apportioned to them, which has been occupied by about 200 families, aggregating 1,200 person. Each family has its own dwelling and a suitable amount of land, with all necessary framing implements and stock for the same. This arrangement is very pleasing and as an evidence of successful agricultural work we see well tilled farms, growing crops, sleek cattle and comfortable homes. At the agency a school is well supported, and a steam saw mill, a grist mill, carpenter, blacksmith and wagon makers shops indicate a thriving community. That part of the reservation west of the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry, has been opened for settlement, but the most fertile and best located section lying east and extending to the Missouri river, some 20 miles distant, is still reserved for the sole use and occupancy of the Indians.
Baird Henry C, postmaster.

page 445

     Pender, in Dakota county, on the line of the C. St. P.M & O. R R is 40 miles west of Sioux City. Its population is 470. Its hotels are the Pender House and the Lindell. The village is incorporated. The churches are the Methodist, Episcopal and the Presbyterian. The banks are the Logan Valley and the bank of Pender, both in a position to meet all the demands of the community. Wm.Hoefner dealer in first-class farm machinery, carrriages and wagons, is doing an extensive business. The Times and the Republican are well edited sheets. A good school, and several religious organizations are maintained. Wells, Fargo & Cos express, and the W.U. Telegraph are here presented. The business is young, as a rule, and full of the energy of northern Nebraska
Abbot & Curry, attys
Aldrich O D, sta, tel and ex agt.
Alt F W, confectionary.
Bank of Pender, W E Whitcomb, cashier
Black T P, postmaster, books, etc.
Cronk H V, livestock.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co. Geo F Chittenden, mgr.
Dalton & Bonsall, groceries.
Dixon E L, barber.
Downs, B L, harness.
Downs J G, county judge.
Edgar Bros, hardware.
Feldman H, tailor.
Frazer L M Mrs, millinary.
Freese & Downs, real estate.
Gatty, Arthur J, atty.
Goreham, M L, prop Pender House.
Graves Guy T, atty.
Greenough Wm, barber.
Halberg John, blacksmith
Harris A. A. genl mdse.
Harris & Triplett, livery.
Head Thomas, drayman.
Heinemann & Dickson, genl. mdse.
Hodgin W E, bricklayer.
Hoefener Wm, first class farm machinery, carriages, wagons.
Holzworth F, jeweler.
House & Stanfield, meat market
Hull B T & Sons, prop Logan Valley Roller Mills.
Lewis John S, harness.
Lindell Hotel, W B Warrington prop.
Logan Valley Bank, H N Moore pres. E A Wiltse cashier.
Lynch & Emmington, saloon.
McKenszie Chas, drayman.
Mann John C, meat market.
Maryott & McHirron, lumber.
Mullin Phil, livery.
Murray H W, pub The Times.
Myers & Fried, real estate.
Oberg H, blacksmith.
Payne L B, restaurant.
Peavey F H & Co, B Richard agt, grain.
Pender House, M L Goreham prop.
Racely R A, genl mdse.
Roberts J W, live stock.
Sands A J, genl mdse.
Swesey Wm. bakery.
Smith Hugh, blacksmith.
Snyder M N, drugs.
Stout John, drugs.
Swenson Harry S, pub Thurston County Republican.
Thompson George, furniture.
Thurston County Republican, Harry S Swenson, pub.
Times (The), H W Murray, pub.
Wachter & Keitle, hardware.
Warrington W B, prop Lindell Hotel
Weiser Bros, agl implts.
Wheeler D N, live stock.

page 551

     Winnebago, in Thurston county the postoffice and agency of the Winnebago and Omaha Indians, is located in the northeastern part of the Omaha reservation. The tribe Winnebagoes is composed of about 300 families, aggregating 1,500 person, many of whom reside upon farms in the vicinity, which they operate with much success. They are the most wealthy of the Nebraska Indians, each farmer owning his own machinery and implements as well as a comfortable house and cattle enough to stock his portion of the land. A high degree of civilization has been attained, and though the government still allows each Indian an annual income of $300, they have the appearance of independent citizens and add to this sum material ally by their own industry. Among the noticeable buildings at the agency are those erected by the government for agency purposes, a steam flouring mill, steam saw mill, carpenter and blacksmith shops and an industrial school building, in which some forty pupils receive instructions, the greater number being girls. Besides these there are houses for the physicians, the farmer, a large store house, and 102 houses built of brick and wood for the use of the Indians, many of whom have gathered at this point. An example of thrift and good conduct, this settlement is creditable to the tribe and to the government.


Thurston County.

Pender - County Seat

Farmer's List, pages 1324 & 1325

Ahlers J, Pender.
Alexander A T, Flourney.
Anderson Geo, Flourney.
Arnold L, Pender.
Bell G W, Pender.
Bell H, Pender.
Benjamin W J, Pender.
Blair J, Pender.
Bloodhard W, Pender.
Bomfield E, Pender.
Boormaster H, Pender.
Brenneman J W, Pender.
Bromson Chris, Flourney.
Brood N P, Pender.
Busch Wm, Pender.
Campbell S H, Pender.
Carey L (?) H, Pender.
Chambers E, Pender.
Clark M A, Pender.
Cobb Bros, Pender.
Coleman D, Pender.
Comfort D, Pender.
Corey Jas, Flourney.
Dalton W H, Pender.
Deidrich T, Pender.
Dunlavey J, Pender.
Eiklen R, Pender.
Essman A, Pender.
Farley Ed, Bancroft.
Fennell Norman, Pender.
Flowers E W, Pender.
Franks C H, Pender.
Fratt A R, Pender.
Fratt Jay, Pender.
Freese H, Pender.
Frey C H, Pender.
Fritz Nick, Pender.
Geokin J, Pender.
Gorden James, Pender.
Grevie H, Pender.
Gust Fred, Pender.
Gustofson H, Pender.
Haden R, Pender.
Hamka A J, Pender.
Hancock D K, Pender.
Hansen Fred, Pender.
Hansen J, Pender.
Hazen S A, Pender.
Hennerman John, Pender.
Hermann J M, Pender.
Heyne H, Pender.
Hirsch F M, Flourney.
Hohnberg V, Pender.
Holm N, Pender.
Holmes J L, Pender.
Howe Dan, Pender.
Hughes V, Pender.
Jackson J W, Pender.
Jahdl Herman, Pender.
Johnson A, Pender.
Johnson Chas, Flourney.
Johnson John, Flourney.
Jordan J F, Pender.
Jorgensen N K, Pender.
Kelso J M, Pender.
Kelso W E, Pender.
Kensella J, Pender.
King J, Pender.
Krusmark F, Pender.
Krusmark J, Pender.
Lautz F, Pender.
Leib Geo, Pender.
Lemmon J S, Flourney.
Leonard A, Pender.
Leonard & Son, Pender.
Leonard W A, Pender.
Long A, Pender.
Long J, Pender.
McDonald B F, Pender.
McKinney J D, Pender.
McQuistan D, Pender.
Maas A, Pender.
Mathews I F, Pender.
Mayberry T jr, Pender.
Mayberry T sr, Pender.
Meyer Fred, Pender.
Meyer J D, Pender.
Miller F D, Pender.
Millard R M, Pender.
Minneham M, Pender.
Murray M W sr, Pender.
Nash A, Flourney.
Olsen A, Pender.
Orledge H, Pender.
Otterman J, Pender.
Panabacker L E, Pender.
Parker F, Pender.
Paulsen C H, Pender.
Paulsen H, Pender.
Penrose Sam, Pender.
Phillips Geo, Pender.
Platt J, Pender.
Pierce T D, Pender.
Polleck T, Pender.
Powell J, Pender.
Powell W, Pender.
Quick Frank, Pender.
Rea M J, Pender.
Rehling A, Pender.
Rehling L, Pender.
Reidler F, Flourney.
Rice H E, Pender.
Rice H M, Flourney.
Robb J A, Pender.
Robert J W, Lyons.
Rodick H, Pender.
Rudebeck D, Pender.
Rudebeck J, Pender.
Rudebeck R, Pender.
Ruge H, Pender.
Sang C, Pender.
Sappenfield D A, Pender.
Schmitt C F, Pender.
Schroder H, Pender.
Schroder H D, Pender.
Schumacher H, Pender.
Seymour J M, Pender.
Shepard W, Pender.
Shepard L B, Pender.
Smith H, Pender.
Smith H S, Pender.
Smith J, Pender.
Stage C, Pender.
Stimson H, Pender.
Strudthoff D, Pender.
Swearenger A P, Pender.
Sydow A, Pender.
Thomas Jacob, Pender.
Thompson A R, Pender.
Triplet F, Pender.
Tucker E J, Pender.
Voght M, Pender.
Vollers J H, Pender.
Vollmer J, Pender.
VonLeggern D, Pender.
Vosteen J, Pender.
Waggoner F C, Flourney.
Wenke F, Pender.
Wessel J, Pender.
Wheeler D N, Pender.
Wichman D, Pender.
Windhusen D, Pender.
Witt J, Pender.
Young J H, Pender.

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