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Cecil R. Boughn

In1854 the Omaha Indians made with the United States a treaty by which they ceded their hunting grounds in Nebraska, reserving for their own use a tract of 300,000 acres bordering the Missouri river and lying to the south of the old river bluff town of Homer. This tract of land was to be alloted to the red men and upon it the individual Indians were to be trained and disciplined and induced to form habits of settled industry. Originally it was planned to make the reservation a closed one, but such plan was abandoned and eventually the territory was invaded by white workers and tenants of the allotments and it was incorporated as Thurston County.
   In March, 1885 by a treaty with the government, the Omahas sold a strip of land from the northern part of their reservation for the occupancy of the Winnebago tribe to whom the land was assigned.
   When Nebraska was admitted to the union as a state, these Indian lands were a part of Dakota County and a legal question developed as to whether the lands ever were properly organized as a part of the state. Under the terms of an old treaty with the Winnebago tribe the government had undertaken to provide them lands outside the boundaries of any state. The process of purchasing for them and assigning to them these lands purchased from the Omahas was developing while the Nebraska territory was being organized and admitted to the union as a state. Recently counsel for the United States has claimed in tax litigation that the land assigned to the Winnebago Indians never was incorporated technically as a part of the state; and, at this late day, paradoxical as it may seem, the United States has contended there is a nation within the nation and within Thurston County. The courts have not specifically and finally answered the question, but local assessors have continued to function in the questioned territory and courts of the county have maintained jurisdiction without disturbance.
   In 1872 the Indians sold 50000 acres of their land from the western part of the reserve to the United States. This land was opened to purchase by white settlers by act of Congress in 1882. In the meantime a railroad known as the Nebraska division of the Chicago, Minneapolis & Omaha railway was built across the Missouri river at Sioux City, Iowa, and on to Omaha through the Indian reservation in what is now Thurston County. An attempt to create a county containing the lands originally reserved by the Indians was made in 1887. A bill was passed by the Nebraska legislature providing for the creation of Blackbird County, but for political reasons it was vetoed by the governor. At the next session of the legislature, however, the organizing bill was again passed and signed by the same executive, Governor Thayer. The name of the newly organized county was made Thurston, however, honoring a distinguished politician of the state, instead of Blackbird, as requested by inhabitants of the new county. The name Blackbird was preferred because it was desired to honor the memory of one of the most famous of the. chiefs of the Omaha tribe and whose burial place is on the brow of a majestic hill overlooking the Missouri river at the eastern boundary of the county.
   Of the earliest villages and settlements of the county none now remains. The first white village was known as Athens and was located about two miles south of the site of the present county seat, Pender. It was abandoned upon the incorporation of the village of Pender, which was located conveniently on the new railroad.
   There were in the early days three Indian villages in the territory of the county near the river, known as the upper, middle, and lower village. The upper village was best known because it was located at or near an old Presbyterian mission school on the river bank. This is said to have been the first Protestant mission and school established in Louisiana Purchase territory west of the Missouri river. The mission was in active existence approximately forty years and fostered a culture among the Indians which still persists in many Indian lives and homes. After the discontinuance of the mission school the Indian village was also deserted and it, along with the two other villages, has been only a memory for years. The middle village was succeeded by the settlement of what is now Macy, to which location the government moved its offices in charge of the Omahas. The lower village has vanished except for an old Indian lodge.
   The right of way for the second railroad through the county was granted by the United States in 1894. Additional lands were granted in 1896. The survey of the Sioux City and Western Railroad, now the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, was approved by the Secretary of the Interior in 1905. The road was completed and operating through the county in April, 1907.




Who's Who

   According to the United States census of 1870 the population of the territory now comprising Thurston County was 31; in 1930 the census of the county recorded 10,462 inhabitants. The estimated value of all of the real and personal property in the territory in 1870 was $45,000; and in 1939 the total assessed valuation of the county was $15,330,554. There are now Pender, the county seat, Thurston, Walthill, Winnebago and Rosalie as incorporated villages in the county. A part of the village of Emerson, located in Dixon, Dakota and Thurston Counties, is located in the extreme northwest corner of the county. There are two unincorporated settlements: Macy, where government offices, schools and community buildings are maintained for the Omaha Indians; and the Winnebago Agency where the main administration buildings and officials in charge of the affairs of both tribes of Indians are located.
   The school system of the county compares favorably with any other in Nebraska; two of the schools, at Macy and at Winnebago, are maintained with financial assistance from the federal government. The churches and public recreational centers of the county are perhaps above the average for the communities served.
   The greater part of the land of the county is now owned by white men, the Indians having sold most of their inheritances upon the advice and consent of the government. The people of the county, white and Indian, live together happily and contribute their full share to the prosperity and culture of the commonwealth of Nebraska.

   AHLERS, FREDERICK: Farmer; b Oldenberg, Germany June 18, 1885: s of Diedrich Ahlers-Margaret Harfst; ed Oldenberg Germany; m Gesine Meyers Apr 11, 1908 Howells; s Emil Carl, John Henry, Alfred Dick, Clarence John Frederick; d Olga Clara (Mrs J G Busselman): 1905-08 farmer, Cuming Co; 1909-15 farmer, Gregory Co S D; 1916-23 farmed in Colfax & Cuming Cos; 1923- farmer, Thurston Co; Cuming Co sch dist 75, treas 5 years; Thurston Co Farm Bur; Luth Ch, treas 4 years; Rep; hobbies, raising chickens, feeding cattle; res Rosalie.

   ASHFORD, JOHN: Merchant; b Homer, Neb Jan 1, 1868; s of Thomas Ashford-Margaret Duggan; ed Sioux City Ia HS; Notre Dame U; m Flora D Weaver Sept 29, 1894 Sioux City Ia; s John Thomas, Paul Joseph, Charles William; 1893-1911 Indian trader, Winnebago; 1911-20 with Thomas Ashford, Homer; 1920- owner & opr gen mdse store, real est & ins agt; 1919-23 Thurston Co supvr; 1924-32 dir State Bank of Winnebago; Dem; hobbies, white faced cattle, Hampshire hogs, riding horses; father (dec) farmed 50 years in Dakota Co, built first brick house in co; res Winnebago.

   BEAIRD, HENRY LEE: Merchant; b Decatur, Neb Oct 26, 1900; s of Sanford Bud Beaird-Stella Hightree; ed Walthill HS; m Ethel Murray June 14, 1925 Pender; 1916-19 clk in groc store, Walthill; 1920-28 clk for Hrabak & Gorham; 1928-33 rancher, Washington Co S D; 1933-38 clk for Davis & Allbright, Walthill; 1938- ptr M M Davis Groc; mbr vol fire dept 8 years; mbr Walthill Indian baseball team 3 years; Comml Club; Izaak Walton; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father (dec) farmed 15 years in Burt & Thurston Cos; res Walthill.

   BENSON, ROBERT CRAIG: Hardware Dealer; b Virginia, Ill Mar 28, 1893; s of William Louis Benson-Josephine Sipe; ed Allen HS; m Mae Combs Jan 7, 1914 Omaha; s Robert Craig, Donald Gilbert; 1910-11 emp in Morrison Impl Store, Hartington; 1911-25 emp in George A Wachter Gen Hdw & Impls at Pender, 1925-33 ptr, 1933- mgr; mbr sch bd; past mbr town coun; past mbr & chief vol fire dept; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; C of C; MWA; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, building rock gardens; res Pender.

   BOUGHN, CECIL RAYMOND: Attorney; b Warrensburg, Ill Aug 17, 1878; s of Zacariah Boughn-Jennie F Wentworth; ed Randolph HS; Morningside Coll, Sioux City Ia; U of N, BA 1901, LLB 1903; m Allis I Simpson Sept 15, 1903 Eldorado springs Mo; s Cecil Raymond Jr; d Dorothy (Mrs C H Easton, dec), Louise (Mrs V H Bellows), Frances, Jennie; 1903-05 in immigration service, MK&T RR Omaha; 1906-12 editor & publisher Walthill Times; 1913-24 prac law, Walthill; 1924- prac law, Pender; 1924-30 Thurston Co atty; 1906-14 mbr Walthill sch bd; 1926- mbr sch bd, Pender; Neb St, Ia St & Amer Bar Assns; past mbr NPA; C of C; AF&AM 274, worthy master 1910-11, mbr grievance com grand lodge 1910-11; RAM; York Rite 32o; KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, books; father (dec) farmed 40 years in Cedar Co, 1922-26 pres Walthill Natl Bank, mcht in Randolph; res Pender.

   BOUGHN, CHESTER A: Druggist; b Warrensburg, Ill Sept 18, 1881; s of Zachariah Boughn-Jennie Wentworth; ed Randolph HS; U of N 1897-98; m Hazel Phillips Oct 18, 1916 Waithill; s Robin Roy, Donald Chester, William Arthur; 1898-1903 clk, Boughn Drug Store, Randolph; 1903-06 owner & opr gen mdse store, Randolph; 1906- druggist, Walthill; played professional baseball 25 years with Walthill Indians & San Pedro Cal team; 1907-08 mbr city coun; 1930- mbr sch bd; Neb Pharm Assn; Rep, 1912 chmn Thurston Co Central Com, local chmn since 1938; father (dec) mcht, grain dlr & cattle feeder, Randolph 45 years; hobbies, baseball, football, hunting; res Walthill.

   BRADLEY, JAMES DERWIN: Physician & Surgeon; b Pittsburgh, Penn Oct 24, 1907; s of Philip D Bradley-Nettie M Clydesdale; ed Green Bay Wis HS; Lawrence Coll, Appleton Wis, BA 1930, lettered in track; Northwestern U, MSc 1934, MD 1935; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi; Phi Sigma; Sigma Xi; m Margaret L Buis Jan 9, 1937 Lincoln; s Philip Dergun; 1934 interne Cleveland City Hosp, Cleveland O; 1935 resident surg Lakewood O City Hosp: 1935-38 surg in state hosps, Ia; 1938- prac med, Pender; owner Logan Valley Hosp, Pender; first lt MORC; FiveCo Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn: fellow AMA; C of C; AF&AM, Woodward Ia; IOOF, Green Bay Wis; BPOE, Perry Ia; Presby Ch; res Pender.

   BRINK, MRS BESSE TAYLOR: Associate Editor: b Blair, Neb San 20, 1883; d of John W Taylor-Mary Jacobs; ed Blair; m James Brink Apr 1, 1901 Lyons; 1901- homemaker; 1914 helped estab town park; 1937 org Rosalie free lib; assoc editor Rosalie Rip Saw; past pres Womans club; past pres WCTU; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; father (dec) was GAR veteran; res Rosalie.

   BRINK, JAMES W: Editor & Publisher; b Phillipsburg, Kas Dec 3, 1879; s of William Brink-Isabel Moore; ed Lyons HS; m Besse Taylor Apr 1, 1901 Lyons; s Don Taylor; d Enid (Mrs L V Morgan), Ciona (Mrs Joseph Couture), Winona (Mrs R H Dinwiddie), Natalie (Mrs Phillip Salisbury), Roberta (Mrs D L Beller); 1892-98 appr printer, Lyons Sun; 1902-08 editor & publisher Dixon Co World, Concord; 1908- editor & publisher Rosalie Rip-Saw: mbr town bd 10 years; past mgr Rosalie baseball team 15 years; during Sp-Amer War in Cuba mbr 3rd Neb vol regiment, disch 1899; USWV; NE Neb Press Assn; NPA: org & pres since 1933 Thurston Co Old Settlers Assn; 1924-29 pres NE Neb Baseball League; Dem, 1914 del to state conv; hobby, hunting; res Rosalie.

   BUSSELMAN, GEORGE: Farmer; b Cuming Co, Neb Feb 9, 1885; s of Frederick Busselman-Helene Carstens; ed Thurston Co; m Olga C Ahlers June 22, 1927 Sioux City Ia; s Gerald Dean; d Dorothy Mae; 1892- farmer, Thurston Co: 1934- VP Farmers Union, Bancroft; 1934- dir & VP First Natl Bank, Walthill; 1929-34 pres Rosalie State Bank; Thurston Co Agrl Soc; 1936-38 secy-treas Thurston Co Farm Mir: past dir Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, raising purebred cattle; res Rosalie.


in Nebraska


   CARLBERG, ROY B: Attorney; b Orum, Neb Feb 1, 1882; s of Christian A Carlberg-Bengta Pihl; ed Bancroft HS; U of N, LLB 1909; m Dora Hinrich Jan 21, 1917 Pender; s Robert LeRoy, Charles Duane; d Dorothy Eloise, Elinor Maxine; 1911-15 prac law, Walthill; 1915-18 Thurston Co judge; 1915 bonded abstracter, 1915- prac law, Pender; owner Jersey Dairy; 1929- mbr sch bd; during World War 1918 chmn Thurston Co draft bd; Neb St Bar Assn; Neb Title Assn; Amer Title Assn; Neb Real Est Assn; C of C; past master AF&AM, 32o; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, Jersey cattle; res Pender.

   CHRISTENSEN, EINAR: Merchant; b Copenhagen, Denmark Dec 11, 1897; s of Nels Peter Christensen-Helen Marie Petersen; ed Copenhagen Denmark; m Louise Thompson Apr 5, 1932 Elk Point S D; 1916-18 emp on uncle's farm, Thurston Co: 1918-24 farmer, Thurston Co; 1928- owner & opr gen mdse store, Rosalie; past mbr town bd; past mbr vol fire dept; Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Rosalie.

   COLEMAN, ADELBERT PITMAN: Attorney; b Waverly, Neb Feb 22, 1879; s of Richard E Coleman-Eliza Birdsall: ed Greenwood HS; Creighton U; m Maud E King May 1, 1901 Greenwood; s Edwin Clarence; d Grace (Mrs J G Crandall); 1897-1910 station agt CB&Q RR, Walthill & Malcolm; 1910-17 clk for Harry L Keefe, atty, Walthill; 1919- prac law, Walthill: 1915-28, 1930-32 & 1934-37 city atty, Walthill; 1924- US commr, Omaha div, Neb dist; AF&AM 274, worshipful master 1928 & 1938, secy 1913-18 & treas 1918-20; Presby Ch, elder & clk of session; Dem; hobby, reading father, Civil War veteran, farmed in Cass & Lancaster Cos 40 years: res Walthill.

   CONGER, ELIAS: County Supervisor; b Clarkson, Neb Oct 5, 1893; s of Elias Conger-Sarah Garner; ed Neligh HS; U of Wash; m Olive Napier June 5, 1917 Neligh; s Philip; 1920-37 farmer & purebred livestock raiser Neligh; 1933-37 Antelope Co commr; 1937- Thurston Co supvr FSA: during World War in 109th engrs 34th div AEF, O/S Aug 1918-July 1919, non commd ofcr; Amer Leg post 55; C of C; AF&AM 71; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father (dec) farmer-stockman, Antelope Co; res Pender.

   COPPLE, TONY J: Farmer; b Cuming Co. Neb June 21, 1883; s of James A Copple-Elizabeth Porter; ed Thurston Co; m Blanche Bradley Feb 15, 1905 Thurston Co; s Leland Earl, Lloyd Bradley, Darrell Dale; d Hollyce Olivebeth: 1903- farmer, Thurston Co; 1907-08 farmer, Comanche Co Okla; 9 years treas sch dist 22; Thurston Co Farm Bur; Meth Ch, steward; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing: father (dec) farmed in Thurston Co 15 years; res Rosalie.

   CORNWELL, ULYSSES SIMPSON: Retired; b Medora, Ind Jan 18, 1864; s of Floyd Cornwell-Julia McKimmy; ed Blair HS; m Susan Thompson Dec 31, 1890 Blair; s William, Thornton, DeForest, Elmer, Bryant F, Kenneth, Alfred W, Harold; d Ethel (Mrs Ira Snyder, Elsie (Mrs George Snyder), Ruth (Mrs Lester Jacobsen), Helen (Mrs Donald Smith); m Mrs Mary Hinkle Dec 29, 1938 Walthill; 1885-1931 farmed in Burt & Thurston Cos; 18 years mbr sch bd dist 8; 1930 pct assessor; 1928-32 Thurston Co commr; during World War mbr coun of defense; chmn ARC 1918; Lions; Thurston Co Old Settlers Assn; Pentecostal Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; father (dec) Civil War veteran, was a blacksmith & horse-shoer during the war, lived in Indiana 25 years; res Walthill.

   COSTELLO, JOHN JOSEPH: Banker; b Duluth, Minn Sept 2, 1891; s of John Joseph Costello-Anna Marie Weber; ed St Vincents HS, Los Angeles Cal; m Myrtle Gertrude Rossiter July 30, 1919 Winnebago; s John Joseph Jr (dec); d Yvonne Veronica, Yvette Narcissus; 1909-18 salesman, Simmons Hdw Co, Sioux City; 1919-29 asst cash, State Bank of Winnebago; 1929- asst cash First Natl Bank, Walthill; 1933- treas town bd; 1933- treas sch bd dist 13; during World War in 13th training batt, sgt, Camp Pike Ark, non-commd OTC, disch Mar 1919; Amer Leg post 89, past comm & past adjt; Comm Club, secy & treas; res Walthill.

   CRAVEN, MRS NELLIE HOUSE: Homemaker; b Pender, Neb Apr 19, 1885; d of John R House-Emma House; ed Pender HS; U of N, BA 1905; U of Chicago, MA 1909; Chicago Normal Sch; studied piano under Otto Kar Malek, Chicago; m William Thomas Craven Sept 17, 1922 Omaha; d Willa (Mrs W S Orton), Emma Mae (Mrs C S Orton); 1914-22 HS tchr, Wahoo; 1922- homemaker; 1928-31 mbr sch bd; PEO, pres, 1939 del to state conv, Norfolk; past pres Womans Club; U of N Alumni Assn; Dem; hobbies, music, landscape gardening; father (dec) land owner & owner gen store Pender 26 years; res Pender.

   CRAVEN, WILLIAM THOMAS: Insurance Agent; b Lincoln, Neb June 29, 1889; s of William T CravenMay Bates; ed Lincoln; m Nellie House Sept 17, 1922 Omaha; d Willa (Mrs W S Orton), Emma Mae (Mrs C S Orton); 1910-22 locomotive engr, CB&Q RR; 1922-27 hdw dlr, Roseburg Ore; 1927- owner gen ins agcy, Pender; dir C of C; BPOE, Roseburg Ore: Chris Ch; Dem; father (dec) supt Central Granary Co, Lincoln; res Pender.

   CRUM, HORATIO VOSBURGH: Physician & Surgeon; b Iconium, Ia June 30, 1904; s of John S Crum- Mary Alma Vosburgh; ed Mitchell S D; U of N MD 1931; Phi Chi; m Raychel Fisher Sept 16, 1930 Vermillion S D; 1931-32 interne Evang Covenant Hosp, Omaha; 1932-34 house phys Sheboygan Hosp, Sheboygan Wis; 1934-35 prac med, Random Lake Wis; 1935- sr phys Indian Hosp, Winnebago; AF&AM 201; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, remodeling hand loading rifles; father ret locomotive engr at Mitchell S D; res Winnebago.

   DEEN, JAMES E: Owner of Cafe & Grocery; b Lyons, Neb Apr 7, 1897; s of James Madison Deen-Sarah Decker; ed Winnebago HS; York Bus Coll; m May Forster Feb 23, 1921 Rushville; s Winford Allen, Arnold Bruce, Douglas Duane; 1917-21 clk in hdw store, Winnebago; 1921-32 rancher, Sheridan Co; 1933 engr CCC 1782; 1934 USDA, foreman, plant quarantine service, Lincoln; 1936- owner & opr cafe & groc, Winnebago; mbr town coun; chmn vol fire dept; during World War in 316th supply train AEF, O/S July 1918-Aug 1919, casualty Co 1299, sgt, disch Aug 24, 1919; past comm & service ofcr Amer Leg post 171, mbr state radio com; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, blue rock shooting; father (dec) owner of apiary, Winnebago, 20 years; res Winnebago.

   DEMME, ROY FRANK: Mortician; b Emerson, Neb Oct 22, 1889; s of George H Demme-Jane Paul; ed Emerson HS; Carpenter-Hohenschuh Coll of Embalming, Des Moines Ia: m Nettie V Jones Sept 14, 1911 Hot Springs S D; 1916-19 mortician, Emerson; 1919- owner Demme Mortuary, Pender; 1922 owner mortuary, Bancroft; 1926- owner furn store & mortuary, Emerson; 1922-26 chmn town coun; NE Neb, Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; past pres C of C; treas Presby Ch; Rep; father (dec) contr at Emerson 50 years; res Pender.

   DUNKER, HENRY H: Hardware Dealer; b Rockville, Neb Mar 29, 1902; s of Fred A Dunker-Minnie A Peterson; ed Rockville HS, mbr football team; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Ellen C Petersen Apr 19, 1930 Orange City Ia; s Gordon Floyd, Roger Lee; 1921-29 emp by Keystone Lbr Co, Rockville; 1930- owner Dunker Hdw Co, Thurston; 1932-38 mbr town bd, Thurston; 1937- city clk & city treas; mbr vol fire dept; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past grand IOOF 265; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, football, baseball; father in lbr bus at Rockville; res Thurston.

   ELKIN, JOSEPH JESSE: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Sacramento, Cal May 10, 1865; s of Carey Elkin-Elizabeth Stientzmeyer; ed Fayette Mo; Central Coll, Fayette Mo; U of Mo; m Gertrude Keefe May 10, 1900 Bancroft; s Leonard, Joseph, Harry, Francis; d Elizabeth (Mrs Thomas Oester), Eleanor (Mrs John McGovern); 1887-92 ins & real est agt, Walthill; 1892-1906 ins & real est agt, Bancroft; 1906-36 rancher & mcht, Rosalie; 1936- ins & real est agt, Walthill; town clk; 1908-10 mbr town bd; 1908-12 mbr sch bd dist 11; USWV; Comm Club; Cath Ch; Dem; res Walthill.

   ESSMANN, AREND H: Farmer; b Oldenberg, Germany Oct 17, 1867; s of Hermann Essmann-Gazina Peterhagen; ed Cuming Co; m Anna Schultz Mar 2, 1893 Pender; s Hermann Henry, Earl, Arend (dec); d Mabel (dec), Tillie, Ella, Ann, Elvina, Ada, Pearl; 1889- farmer, Thurston Co; recd several 1st prizes for Duroc Jerseys at Thurston Co Fairs; Thurston Co Farm Bur; Sons of Hermann; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, breeding purebred livestock; res Pender.

   FINCH, ALBERT EARL: Railway Station Agent; b Clinton Falls, Minn Mar 7, 1887; s of Albert Charles Finch-Julia Samson; ed Clinton Falls Minn; Pillsbury Mil Acad; Ind Northern U; m Bessie Jane Rose Dec 12, 1914 Walthill; s Lloyd Ivan Everett Arnel, Charles Gordon; d Evelyn Bernice, Maxine Loree; 1907-15 night teleg opr for CB&Q RR, Craig Mo & Walthill; 1915- station agent for CB&Q RR, Rosalie; mgr Owen Publications, Rosalie; 1927-38 secy sch bd; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, advertising; res Rosalie.



Who's Who

   FREY, CHARLES GERY: Mayor; b West Point, Neb July 11, 1871; s of Charles H Prey-Mary Ann Gery; ed West Point; m Cora M Robb Dec 10, 1893 Pender; d Ethel May (Mrs Albert Rastede, dec), Gladys Mira (Mrs Joseph C Chmelka); 1894-1908 farmer, Thurston Co; 1910-18 dir Pender State Bank; 1918-21 pres & dir Thurston State Bank; 1908-09 mbr sch bd; 1908- mbr town coun; 1922 mayor; pct assessor 12 years; pres Thurston Co & Tri-Co Natl Farm Loan Assns; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, dancing; father (dec) homesteaded in Cuming Co 1869, sheriff 8 years & auctioneer 30 years; res Thurston.

   GAUGER, EARL LeROY: Co-Owner Rendering Works; b Fremont, Neb Aug 17, 1901; s of George Grant Gauger-Annie Mitterling; ed Fremont HS; Midland Coll; m Esther Bernice Berg Mar 12, 1927 Anaheim Cal; s John Peter, David Earl; d Miriam Joyce, Margaret Ann; 1927-28 salesman for Washer Wilson Co, Los Angeles Cal; 1928-35 attendant, Hahn Garage, Fremont; 1935 potato raiser, Box Butte Co; 1936- lessee Conoco Station, Fremont; 1939- ptr of Walter R Hanna in Independent Rendering Works, Pender; mbr Fremont fire dept; C of C, Fremont; Gun Club, Fremont; AF&AM 115; Chris Sci Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Pender.

   GAYER, WALTER EDWARD: Dentist; b Janesville, Minn; s of Edward Gayer-Rose Pagenkopf; ed Janesville Minn HS; St Mary's Coll; 1920 lettered in football, basketball & baseball; Creighton U, DDS 1925; lettered in football in 1921-24, capt 1924; recd honorable mention on Walter Camps All-Amer team 1923 & 1924; Delta Sigma Delta; m Lottie Brown Jan 26, 1927 Madison Lake Minn; s John Walter; d Loretta Mae; 1926 played professional football with Ernie Nevers; 1927-30 dentist, Nelson; 1930-36 dentist Lawrence; 1936- dentist, Walthill; Creighton U Alumni Assn; Comm Club; KC; Cath Ch; res Walthill.

   GRIFFIN, FLOYD EARL: County Clerk; b Thurston Co, Neb May 27, 1910; s of Clay Griffin-Estella Johnson; ed Pender HS; m Dora Hulsebush Mar 8, 1934 Dakota City; s Dennis Eugene; 1928-31 & 1934-38 clk in Ruehls Gen Store, Pender; 1931-34 comml pilot; 1939- Thurston Co clk; VP C of C; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, aviation; res Pender.

   GUSTIN, LESTER: County Commissioner; b Mills Co, Ia Apr 17, 1881; s of Isaac Gustin-Martha David; ed Mills Co Ia; m Nell Shelby Sept 24, 1901 Pender; s Isaac Milburn, Donald (dec), Lot Hillman, Paul Gerald; 1897-98 farmer, Pottawattamie Co Ia; 1899- farmer, Thurston Co; 1936- Thurston Co commr; pct assessor 6 years; 1927- chmn Rosalie sch bd; Thurston Co Farm Bur; IOOF, Lyons; MWA; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, feeding cattle; father (dec) farmed in Thurston Co & Lynn Co Mo 15 years; res Rosalie.

   HANCOCK, HARRY DeFOREST: Insurance Agent; b Washington Co, Neb May 23, 1875: s of Dexter K Hancock-Harriet Cook; ed Pender; U of N 1892-97; m Luella Doud Nov 7, 1899 Steamboat Rock Ia; s Hudson Kenneth, Dexter DeForest; 1897-1930 cash First Natl Bank, Pender; 1930- gen ins & real est agt; 1936- lic real est broker; 1905-09, 1913-14 mbr town coun; 1907-09 mayor; 1908-13 Thurston Co treas; 1923- secy sch bd; C of C; AF&AM 203; Presby Ch; Dem; father (ret) homesteaded under Indian treaty in 1874; res Pender.

   HANNA, WARREN ROOSEVELT: Owner Rendering Works; b Mahaska Co, Ia Feb 17, 1903; s of Percival L Hanna-Mamie Kuntz; ed Lacey Ia HS; LaSalle Extn U; m Nina Jolana Newberry June 10, 1928 Oskaloosa Ia; 1921-25 farmer, Mahaska Co Ia; 1925-27 with Sinclair Refining Co, Whiting Ind; 1927 attendant at US govt hosp, Knoxville Ia; 1928-29 opr Weringa Construction Co, Buckeye Ia; 1930 salesman for Amsberry Bros, Oskaloosa Ia; 1931-35 salesman, Prudential Ins Co, Ottumwa Ia; 1935-37 salesman Standard Oil Co, Des Moines Ia; 1937-39 salesman Natl By-Products Co, Des Moines Ia; 1939- co-owner independent Rendering Works, Pender Neb; IOOF, New Sharon Ia; AF&AM 115; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Pender.

   HANSEN, ELMER L: Superintendent of Schools; b Louisville, Neb Apr 13, 1899; s of Hans P Hansen-Martina Salling; ed Antelope Co; U of N Coll of Agr, Lincoln; WSTC, BA 1930; U of N, MA 1938; m Vera Stevens June 23, 1927 Ewing; 1920-22 farmer, Antelope Co; 1927-31 prin Jr HS, South Sioux City; 1931-35 supt of schs, Homer; 1935- supt of schs, Walthill; state mgr Natl Geographic Publishing Co; dist chmn & local troop com chmn BSA, 1927-31 scoutmaster, S Sioux City; NSTA; NEA; AF&AM 274; Presby Ch, elder; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Walthill.

   HARDIN, HAROLD CLEMENT: Pharmacist; b Juniata, Neb Jan 30, 1891; s of Milo Hardin-Maude McGonegal; ed Humphrey HS; Fremont Normal, PhG 1910; m Caroline Godberson Feb 4, 1913 Columbus; s Milo Harold; d Pearl Maude; 1906-10 pharm, Humphrey; 1910-29 & 1933- pharm, Pender; 1929-33 pharm, Humphrey; 1929-33 pharm, Belden; 1930-33 mayor; mbr city band; past mbr vol fire dept; Neb Pharm Assn; Presby Ch; WOW; Dem, pct chmn 1932; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father (dec) druggist at Pender 15 years; res Pender.

   HARDING, FRED HOWARD: Oil Station Owner & Real Estate Agent; b Lucas, Ia June 22, 1870; s of Alphius Harding-Mildred Reese; ed Knoxville Ia HS; Simpson Coll, Indianola Ia; Ia Bus Coll; m Ada Kirk June 22, 1914 Cripple Creek Colo; 1892-94 salesman in whol groc, Deadwood S D; 1895-1910 miner, Cripple Creek Colo; 1921- owner & opr oil station, also real est agt, Walthill; Thurston Co dep sheriff 12 years; Thurston Co dep US marshal 15 years; mbr city coun; Comm Club; BPOE 316; AF&AM 274; Scot Rite 32o; Abu-Bekr Shrine; Rep, chmn Thurston Co Central Com 1928-34; res Walthill.

   HARRIS, OSCAR: Farmer; b Menominee, Wis Jan 26, 1888; s of Hans Harris-Marie Olson; ed Moorhead Ia HS; m Elsie Holdorf July 1920 Sioux City Ia; s Donald Earl, Clayton James, Keith Gordon; 1923 farmer, Thurston Co; 1930- dir sch dist 21;1935-36 road overseer pct 28; during World War in 79th div 316th machine gun batt, with AEF O/S July 1918-19, disch June 8, 1919; Amer Leg post 89; Luth Ch; Rep; res Walthill.

   HEYNE, HERMAN GEORGE: Lumber Dealer; b Hooper, Neb Dec 25, 1874; s of John Heyne-Anna Gross; ed Hooper; Fremont Normal; m Anna Suhr Nov 18, 1897 Hooper; s Arthur John, Herman DeForest; Walter Harold, Glenville; d Olga (Mrs John Wollmer), Clara (Mrs Mert Francis); 1887-97 farmed with father, Dodge Co; 1897- owner & mgr of lbr yard, Pender; 1903-35 dir First Natl Bank, Pender; 1904-06 mbr Thurston Co Fair bd; 1906-18 mbr town coun; 1908 mayor of Pender; 1906-24 mbr sch bd; C of C, pres 1934-35; 1910 pres Sons of Hermann; Luth Ch, trustee & treas since 1917; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father (dec) homesteaded in Dodge Co 1869, farmed 45 years; res Pender.

   HILL, TEDDY RAY: Merchant; b Elmwood, Neb July 22, 1899; s of Lee Hill-Cora McFadden; ed Thurston HS; WSTC; m May Wriedt July 8, 1924 Council Bluffs Ia; s Vernon Ray, Gordon Carol; d Viona May, Glenda Jean; 1919-21 owner service station, Thurston; 1922- owner gen mere store, Thurston; mbr town coun 6 years; 1927- chmn vol fire dept; during World War 1918 in SATC, Wayne; Amer Leg post 55; AF&AM 203; OES; Meth Ch; Dem: hobbies, golf, collecting tools & coins; father, farmer Thurston Co since 1900; res Thurston.

   HOPPER, JESSE WALLACE: Cafe Owner; b Stanton, Neb Apr 14, 1893; s of John J Hopper-Jennie Stewart; ed Stanton HS; Fremont Coll of Pharm, PhG 1915; m Mary Wagner May 6, 1919 Cherokee Ia; s Warren W, Wallace L; 1915-17 pharm, Ravenna; 1917-18 & 1920-28 pharm, Stanton; 1929-31 pharm, Loup City; 1932 pharm, Norfolk; 1929-32 pharm, Pender; 1933- cafe owner, Pender; past mbr & past secy vol fire dept; during World War in 88th div US army, Camp Dodge Ia, med dept; field arty OTS Camp Zachary Taylor Ky, 46th training battery; ch mbr Amer Leg post 88, past comm, past chmn comm service & adjt post 55; 1638 chmn Jr Amer Leg baseball club; 40 & 8, Burt Co comm; MWA, secy since 1932; Congl Ch; Rep, secy Thurston Co Central Com; hobby, baseball; res Pender.

   HRDY, ANTON J: Farmer; b Rollins Co, Kas Mar 23, 1880; s of Joseph Hrdy-Mary Votepka; ed Valley Co; m Mary Novotny Aug 4, 1904 Ord; s George William, Frank Joseph; d Mary Ann; 1902-14 farmer, Valley Co; 1914-19 homesteaded in Montana; 1919-32 farmer, Holt Co; 1932- farmer, Thurston Co; 1922-32 treas sch dist 147, Holt Co; Thurston Co Farm Bur; ZCBJ, Ord; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; father (dec) farmer in Valley Co 20 years; res Walthill.

   JACKSON, AMY ETHELWYN: County Treasurer; b Neola, Ia. Mar 22, 1908; d of John W Jackson-Carrie Belle Kilmer; ed Emerson HS; WSTC 1938; U of Southern Cal; 1924-27 rural sch tchr; 1939 Thurston Co treas; C of C; B&PW; English Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, music, art; father (dec) Thurston Co farmer 36 years; res Palmer.


in Nebraska


   JENSEN, ERNEST JOHN: Pharmacist; b Odebolt, Ia Dec 18, 1889; s of Jacob Jensen-Agnes Carstensen; ed Emerson HS; Creighton U, PhG 1908; m Anna Boyer May 3, 1911 West Point; d Betty Ann; 1909-10 pharm, West Point; 1911-27 pharm, Winnebago; 1928- pharm, Pender; 1920-22 mbr town coun; Neb Pharm Assn; C of C; English Luth Ch; Dem; father (dec) lbr dlr in Emerson 10 years; res Pender.

   KROGER, JOHN H: Farmer; b Lyons, Neb June 26, 1892; s of John Kroger-Fredericke Middendorf; ed Lyons; m Nina Manley Dec 25, 1924 Nashville1; s Willis, John; 1912-24 farmer, Burt Co; 1924 Farmer, Thurston Co; Soil Conservation Com, recorder for Thurston Co, also pct chmn; 4-H Club leader since 1936, Thurston Co, 1938-39 demonstration teams placed in blue ribbon div at Neb St Fair; 1937 candidate for Master Farmer; dir Farmers Co-op Creamery, Lyons; Milk Testing Assn; IOOF; Presby Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, purebred livestock, exhibitor of Hampshire hogs, Ayrshire cattle; res Rosalie.

   1 Nashville is the first station north of Florence, Omaha station, on C&NW RR.

   KROGER, MRS NINA: Homemaker; b Burt Co, Neb Oct 14, 1894; d of Emmett Manley-Edna Puffer; ed Lyons HS; WSTC; U of N; m John H Kroger Dec 25, 1924 Nashville1; s John, Willis; 1913-25 tchr, Burt Co; 1921 tchr, Richardson Co; 1922-24 tchr, Washington Co; 1924- homemaker; 1938-39 mbr Thurston Co Womens Home Demonstration Coun; 1937-38 Thurston Co chmn Womens project work; 4-H Club, pres Thurston Co com, leader local clubs & 1935- supt 4-H Club work Thurston Co Fair; 1930-33 bd mbr Interstate Conf for Farm Women; 1936-38 group chmn Training Center at Rosalie; VP Thurston Co Farm Bur, 1935- del to Organized Agr, Lincoln; dir Thurston Co Fair bd; Soil Conservation Com, mbr Thurston Co land use com; 1935-37 pres PTA Rosalie; 1935 treas, secy 1936 Federated Womans Club, del to conv; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, 4-H work; res Rosalie.

   1 Nashville is the first station north of Florence, Omaha station, on C&NW RR.

   LANGENBERG, PAUL HARRY: Bank Cashier; b Norfolk, Neb Mar 31, 1893; s of Fred Langenberg-Louise Loukam; ed Norfolk HS; Norfolk Bus Coll; U of N Sch of Agr, Lincoln; Union Coll, Lincoln; m Marguerite Diddock May 28, 1919 Walthill; s Paul Keith, James Diddock; d Beverley Rae, Jane Caryl; 1912-14 bkkpr First Natl Bank of Walthill, 1916- cash; during World War sgt in 222nd field signal batt, Fort Leavenworth Kas & Fort Meade Md, disch Jan 8, 1919; past comm Amer Leg post 89; Comm Club; OES 230; AF&AM 274, worshipful master 1934 treas since 1935; Presby Ch, elder; Rep; father (dec) contr, Norfolk, 36 years; res Walthill.

   LARSON, RICHARD DALE: Auto Dealer; b Laurel, Neb Feb 25, 1908; s of Sam Larson-Emma Lindberg; ed Pender HS; m Gleneva Renander May 2, 1931 Pender; 1928 mechanic, Chevrolet Garage, Pender: 1929- opr Lorensen's Filling Station, Pender; 1937-40 mbr city coun; mbr vol fire dept, 1935 chief; Sept 13, 1928 rescued 28 children from tornado at Thurston Co schoolhouse dist 37; C of C; Neb St Vol Firemens Assn, del 7 years to conv; Swedish Evang Covenant Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; father farmed in Thurston Co 30 years; res Pender.

   LASE, CARL LOUIS: Harness Dealer; b West Point, Neb Apr 24, 1876; s of Carl F Lase-Marie Hinse; ed West Point; German Luth Sch, Bancroft; Fremont Normal; m Harvinne Sharp June 11, 1907 Axtell Kas; d Florence (Mrs Lawrence Rossiter); 1891-1904 emp by Zimmerman & Koepnick, harness dlrs, Bancroft; 1904-10 with J L Ream in harness bus, Axtell Kas; 1912- owner harness shop, Walthill; 1918-22 mbr town coun; 1930-32 & 1937- mayor; Neb Retail Harness Makers Assn; Comm Club: IOOF 366, past noble grand; Meth Ch, steward; father (dec) Cuming Co farmer 15 years; res Walthill.

   LAWS, DEWEY GEORGE: WPA Supervisor; b Cozad, Neb Apr 25, 1898; s of William P Laws-Susie Bailey; ed Cozad; KSTC; Omaha U; m Anona Alderman Dec 1, 1921 Omaha; s Robert George; d Sally Carolyn; 1919 clk in freight depot UP RR, Kearney; 1920-24 livestock dlr, Kearney; 1925-27 cafe owner, Denver; 1928-33 ins agt, Neligh; 1933- WPA supvr, Pender; during World War in 103rd ammunition train, 28th div AEF, O/S April 1918-May 1919; Amer Leg post 55; AF&AM 172; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; father (ret) in livestock bus, Kearney, 25 years; res Pender.

   LEMMON, GEORGE JOHN: County Judge; b Oakland, Neb June 21, 1879; s of John S Lemmon-Henrietta M Rice; ed Genoa HS; US Army Post Sch, Chicago 1903; studied law under Robert G Fuhrman, Pender 1933; 1936 adm to Neb bar; Nov 18, 1936 adm to prac law in fed & supreme courts; m Alecia L Rice Oct 30, 1904 Pender; s John George, Harold Clement, Rue Thomas, Frederick Roscoe, William James, Hillard Guy; d Iona (Mrs Norris Keenan), Ruby (Mrs Frank Sievers); 1903-06 in merc bus, also editor Thurston Gazette, Thurston; 1907-25 farmer, Thurston Co; 1926-30 Thuston Co dep assessor; 1929-31 acting Thurston Co judge, 1932- Thurston Co judge; during Sp-Amer War sgt in 20th inf, Co L, in Philippines Feb 1899-Mar 1901; USWV, Lincoln; Neb St Bar Assn; past camp comm WOW; chmn finance com Meth Ch; Dem, chmn Thurston Co Central Com 1928; hobbies, fishing, hunting; father (dec) one of first commrs in Thurston Co, lived in Thurston 25 years; res Pender.

   LEWIS, WILLIAM R: State Highway Inspector; b Tieville1, Ia Mar 12, 1873; s of John Lewis-Mary Kelso; ed Decatur; WSTC; 1896-1931 farmer, Thurston & Burt Cos; 1931- inspector, Neb St highway dept; author articles on Indian legends; 1934-35 pres Lewis & Clark Natl Park Assn; Cath Ch; Dem, Thurston Co committeeman 30 years; hobby, hist data; father (dec) was a mechanic, lived in Decatur 40 years; res Walthill.

   1 Tieville. Monona Co. Ia. was a sawmill site estab by Gen Dodge, across the river from Decatur Neb, here logs were made for UP RR & site was abandoned when UP RR was completed.

   LEWTON, HARRY RAY: Pharmacist; b Avoca, Neb July 3, 1897; s of Austin Brooks Lewton-Ella Matthews; ed Weeping Water; Craig; Weeping Water Acad; U of N, PhG 1919, BSc 1922, MSc 1926; U of Chicago 1924; Phi Delta Chi; Delta Sigma Phi; m Grace Mae Burke Aug 9, 1929 Omaha; s Ray Burke; 1922-26 instr in pharm, U of N; 1926-27 instr & asst prof, coll of pharm, Ore St Coll, Corvallis Ore; 1927- owner drug store, Walthill; 1932 mbr sch bd; during World War enl in USN, SNTC, Great Lakes naval training station; 1929 adj Amer Leg; Neb Pharm Assn, 1939 recd distinguished service award; U of N Alumni Assn; Comm Club; Congl Ch; Dem, pct committeeman, 1934 del to state conv, Omaha; hobby politics; father (dec) homesteaded at Paxton, was butcher at Avoca; res Walthill.

   LINGO, SAMUEL ELMER: Agricultural Extension Agent; b Lineville, Ia, Oct 18, 1902; s of Walter Lingo-Dennis Bartle; ed Coin Ia HS; U of N, BSc 1927; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; m Ruth E Ranney Sept 20, 1934 Scribner; d Marilyn; 1927-30 tchr of vocational agr, Nehawka, HS; 1931-34 tchr, Lane S D HS; 1934 asst agrl agt, Cass Co; 1935 statistical clk in AAA off, Lincoln; 1936-37 agrl agt, Hayes Co; 1937- Thurston Co agrl agt, Walthill; AF&AM 274; Meth Ch; res Walthill.

   LOVELL, VERN ERNEST: Veterinarian; b Seward Co, Neb May 90, 1891; s of Mart Lovell-Mary Flynn; ed Utica HS; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, DVM 1914; m Elizabeth Yordy Dec 4, 1925 Marysville Kas; 1914-18 veterinarian Ulysses; 1919-21 veterinarian, Reno Nev; 1921-28 veterinarian, Ashland; 1928- veterinarian, Pender; during World War in veterinary med corps; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; C of C; Rep; hobby, developing soaps; father (ret) farmer in Seward Co 35 years; res Pender.

   LUHMAN, FREDERICK WALTER: Physician & Surgeon; b Vienna, Austria Dec 2, 1879; s of Dr Frederick S Luhman-Lena Simon; ed Manitowoc Wis HS; U of Wis 1896-98; Rush Med Coll, MD 1902; m Emma Kirchsfer May 1, 1908 Tilden; d Marion (Mrs Paul T Gilbert); 1902-03 prac med, Manitowoc Wis; 1904-07 & 1912-15 prac med, Morrisonville Wis; 1907-09 prac med, Yakima Wash; 1909-11 prac med, Tilden; 1916-18 prac med, Battle Creek Mich; 1918- prac med, Pender; Thurston Co phys 18 years; 1934- mbr Thurston Co bd of insanity; 5-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; AF&AM 203; Scot Rite 32o; Tangier Shrine; Rep; hobby, stamp collecting; res Pender.

   LUND, AUGUST WILHELM: Farmer; b Burt Co, Neb Dec 22, 1882; s of Hogan Lund-Margaret Peterson; ed Burt Co; m Anna C Jensen Oct 28, 1908 Harrison; s Harry, LeRoy; d Margaret (Mrs Will Varva), Angeline, Marie (Mrs Cleo Backner); 1900-15 in cattle bus, Fall River Co S D; 1915- farmer, Burt & Thurston Cos; 1927-33 treas sch dist 9; Dem; Luth Ch; father (dec) farmer Burt Co 27 years; res Walthill.



Who's Who

   McMULLEN, GEORGE FRANCIS: Hospital Manager; b Onawa, Ia, Sept 16, 1888; s of George McMullen-Nellie O'Connor; ed Onawa Ia HS; PSTC: m Mina Watland Oct 5, 1921 Omaha; 1908-12 barber, Walthill; 1920-22 professional baseball player Neb; 1923-34 P M Walthill; 1934-38 farmer, Thurston Co; 1938- mgr Dr Picott Memorial Hosp, Walthill; 1931-33 mbr sch bd; 1939- mbr town coun; BSA, scoutmaster 1927-29; during World War in 34th div 134th inf, 5th div 11th inf AEF, O/S Sept 1918-Aug 1919, 1st lt; 1920 comm Amer Leg post 89; AF&AM, 1926, 1938- worshipful master; Chris Ch; Rep; hobbles, hunting, fishing, BSA work; res Walthill.

   McQUISTAN, DUNCAN ARMOUR: Farmer; b Calhoun Co, Ia Oct 3, 1883; s of Donald McQuistan-Ann Armour; ed Thurston Co; m Mary Ann Duncan Apr 7, 1909 Bloomfield; s Donald Duncan; d Kathryn Ann; 1908- farmer, Thurston Co, 1932 introduced Spartan barley in Thurston Co, specialist in hybrid seed corn; leader Certified Seed Club of Neb Crop Growers Assn; 1931- treas & dir sch bd dist 28; 1929- pres Farmers Co-op Grain Marketing Assn; ch mbr Thurston Co Farm Bur, 1932-37 pres, 1913- dir; AF&AM 274; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, impersonations, experimenting with patents & seed; father (dec) born in Argyleshire, Scotland settled in Thurston Co 1887, firmer; res Walthill.

   MARYOTT, GEORGE CAMERON: Merchant; b Decatur, Neb Dec 5, 1869; s of Alfred L Maryott-Jenny Cameron; ed Valparaiso Ind Bus Coll; m Anna M Gavin --- 1892 Lyons; s George L, Gerald Edward (dec) Charles A; d Florence, Alma, Ruth (Mrs Albert Finnerty); 1895-1900 & 1906-08 oprd lbr yard, Pender; 1900-1905 opr lic Indian store, Macy; 1908-12 in Colo; 1912 in lbr bus, Seattle; 1912- owner gen merc store & real est agcy, Macy; past Thurston Co treas; past mbr sch bd dist 1; AF&AM, Pender; Rep; res Walthill.

   MARYOTT, GEORGE LIBEUS: Merchant; b Pender, Neb Oct 10, 1899; s of George Maryott-Anna M Gavin; ed Lincoln HS; U of N; m Caroline Worley Jan 21, 1923 Sioux City Ia; s Jack W, Gerald Edward; d Mary Janet; 1923- ptr of Charles A Maryott in gen merc store, Macy; 1926-32 moderator sch bd dist 16; Rep; father (ret) in gen merc bus 40 years; res Macy.

   MEIERDIRKS, HERMAN: Hardware Dealer; b Thurston Co, Neb Sept 24, 1886; s of Diedrich Meierdirks-Gesena Frese; ed Cuming Co; m Gesena Meyer Apr 1914 Wayne; s Arnold Diedrich, Marvin Diedrich, John Martin; 1901-13 carp in Cuming, Wayne & Thurston Cos; 1914-18 plumber, Pender; 1923 owner & opr hdw, furn & impl bus, Pender; C of C; Luth Ch; father, ret, Cuming Co farmer 25 years; res Pender.

   MEYERS, JOHN GEORGE: Grocer; b Pender, Neb Oct 29, 1895; s of William C Meyers-Bertha Schultze; ed Pender; Fremont Normal; m Pearl Wick Neuman March 27, 1923 Glenwood Ia; s Jack Dale; 1911-13 & 1915-16 clk for John R House, Pender; 1913-15 cattle feeder; 1917 mgr of creamery; 1918 owner Vogt & Heyne Cream & Feed Station; 1919 owner of creamery; 1922- owner of groc; during World War 1918-19 in 222nd field batt Fort Leavenworth, Kas & Camp Meade, Md; Amer Leg post 55; Thurston Co Agrl Soc, 1935- dir; past mbr vol fire dept; C of C; Dem; Luth Ch; father farmer in Thurston Co 10 years; res Pender.

   MITTELSTADT, LOUIS PHILIP: Dentist; b Boscobel, Wis Mar 9, 1906; s of Gus A Mittelstadt-Minnie A Heller; ed Winside HS, lettered in basketball; Creighton U, DDS 1932; U of N 1937; U of Ia, 1925-26; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Delta; m Edna Drevsen June 1932 Glenwood Ia; s Robert Louis; d Marianne; 1932- dentist, Pender; capt US res dental corps since 1932; pres 5-Co Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; past pres & dir C of C; Creighton U Alumni Assn; Luth Ch; Dem; father in lbr bus, Winside; res Pender.

   MUHLE, CONRAD WILLIAM: Auto Dealer; b Colfax Co, Neb Jan 26, 1886; s of Henry Muhle-Anna Will; ed Thurston Co; Natl Bus Training Sch, Sioux City Ia; m Helen Mortensen Frisk Dec 30, 1927 Norfolk; s Glenn Jeppe; d Helen Monette, Joyce Ann; 1912-17 tractor work, S D, Mont & Canada; 1919- impl dlr, Walthill; 1923-27 in oil bus, Waithill; 1927- Ford dlr, Walthill; 1935-36 mbr town bd; during World War in balloon section air corps AEF, O/S Dec 1917-June 1919; 1924 comm 1923 & 1925 adjt Amer Leg post 89: KP; AF&AM 274; Luth Ch; hobby, collecting old coins; father Canadian rancher; res Walthill.

   MULLANEY, CHARLES JOSEPH: Postmaster; b Decorah, Ia Mar 21, 1889; s of William Mullaney- Bridget Murtha; ed Austin Minn HS; U of N; m Rose Rossiter Nov 11, 1919 Winnebago; s Rossiter Charles; 1913-15 mgr Mullaney Grain Co, Walthill; 1920-21 VP State Bank of Decatur; 1924-25 gen agt, Lincoln Natl Life Ins Co, Lincoln; 1926-31 dist mgr Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co, Walthill; 1934- P M, Walthill; 1931-35- mbr sch bd; during World War in 10th balloon Co AEF, O/S June 1918-June 1919; past comm Amer Leg post 89; dist supvr Junior Leg baseball; 40 & 8; Comm Club, 1938- pres; Dem; hobby, work with boys; res Walthill.

   MURRAY, BYRON: Managing Editor; b Pender, Neb Jan 6, 1897; s of Mark W Murray-Mary Ellen Corrigan; ed Pender HS; WSTC; U of N; St Mary's Coll, St Marys Kas; Sigma Chi; s James; past Neb St dep food & oil inspector; field supt Armour Creameries 6 years; 1931- managing editor The Pender Times; during World War enl in Rainbow div of US army 26 mos; Amer Leg; hobbies, horses, football; res Pender.

   MURRAY, MRS MARY E: Publisher; b mequon1 (sic) Wis; d of John C Corrigan-Ellen Mooney; ed Milwaukee Wis HS; m Mark W Murray June 27, 1893 Milwaukee Wis (dec); s Byron; d Eleanor (Mrs L D Quigley), Catherine (Mrs W C Eddy); 1931- publisher Pender Times; Amer Leg aux; res Pender.

   1 Mequon, near Milwaukee, no longer has Postoffice.

   NIEBUHR, LAWRENCE JOHN: Druggist; b Dakota City, Neb Apr 17, 1898; s of Henry Niebuhr-Laura Neffsinger; ed Winnebago HS; U of N 1920; m Phyllis Stewart July 7, 1931 Sioux City Ia; 1920-24 clk in E J Jensen Drug Store, Winnebago; 1925-35 druggist, Walthill; 1937- owner drug store, Winnebago; during World War mbr AEF & army band, O/S Oct 1918-July 1919; Amer Leg post 174; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father (dec) carp in Winnebago & Dakota City; res Winnebago.

   OLESKER, SAMUEL U: Merchant; b Olask, Russia Jan 14, 1898; s of Martin Olesker-Reva ___; ed Olask Russia; m Sadie Bordy Mar 2, 1924 Fremont; d Reta Lae; 1913-19 owner groc store, Omaha; 1923-25 owner gen mdse store, Rosalie; 1925- owner gen mdse store, Walthill; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Comm Club; Thurston Co Agrl Soc mbr since 1936; Thurston Co chmn ARC 1934, 1935; IOOF; AF&AM 274, worshipful master 1937; Jewish Synagogue; Dem; father (dec) in butcher trade, lived in Russia; res Walthill.

   PETERSON, JOHN ALBERT: Farmer; b Morlunda, Sweden Oct 24, 1874; s of Peter John Peterson-Mary Christina Pelander; ed Oakland; m Josephine Anderson Mar 26, 1902 West Point; s Leslie Ivan, Lawrence Alvin, Kenneth Raymond (dec), Harold Albert; d Irene (Mrs Kenneth Nelson); 1902-04 & 1910-26 farmer, Cuming Co; 1905-09 farmer, Burt Co; 1926- farmer, Thurston Co; Thurston Co Farm Bur; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; res Rosalie.

   PHILLIPS, MRS EVA BARADA: Clubwoman; b Barada, Neb May 6, 1884; d of Thomas Barada-Celia Harris; ed Bancroft; WSTC: m Oran B Phillips Mar 31, 1903 Sioux City Ia; s Guy Donald, Oran B Jr; d Dorothy (Mrs E L Brewer), Sara Marie; 1902-03 tchr, Thurston Co; 1903- homemaker; 1934 mbr Thurston Co Agrl Assn; Federated Womans Club, del to conv at Albion 1936, & at Omaha 1937, Walthill pres 1921, 1922, 1936-37 Thurston Co pres 1938; OES 230, worthy matron 1917, del to grand ch conv 1914, & 1917; Rep, chmn womens section Thurston Co Central Com; Presby Ch, mbr aid soc; hobbies; reading & gardening; husband (dec) farmer & feeder, Thurston Co 45 years, mbr sch bd 30 years; father farmed in Thurston Co; res Walthill.

   PHILLIPS, ROY ARLINGTON: Assistant Postmaster; b Walthill, Neb Feb 2, 1896; s of Oran Benjamin Phillips-Mary Virginia Pilcher; ed Walthill HS; U of N Sch of Agr & Coll; Acacia; m Arvilla Kleine June 14, 1922 Lincoln; d Katherine, Ruth, Norma Jean; 1916-36 farmer, Thurston Co; 1934- asst P M, Walthill; 1935- secy sch bd; during World War in 2nd div US marine corps AEF, O/S Mar 1918- July 1919, also with army of occupation in Germany; first comm 1919, adjt 1936 & 1932 Amer Leg post 89; 40 & 8; Order of Purple Heart ch 66; AF&AM 274; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; father (dec) farmer & real est agt Thurston Co 60 years; res Walthill.

   PLANTENBERG, MRS GLADYS PHOEBE: Homemaker; b Emerson, Neb. Jan. 26, 1904; d of Marion E


in Nebraska


Brink-Phoebe Dempster; ed Emerson HS; WSTC 1923-25; m John Plantenberg Aug 22, 1925 Dakota City; d Jacqueline Joyce, Marilyn Mae; 1922-23 tchr, Thurston Co; 1924-25 tchr, Dixon Co; Amer Leg aux, pres 3rd dist 1937-38, secy 1934, Thurston Co Pres 1933, del to natl conv New York City 1937, to Los Angeles 1938; dir Inter-State Farm Womens Coun; NFWC, past inter-county pres, past secy; Rebekah, dist warden, past noble grand; 4-H Club, leader, mbr Thurston Co com; Presby Ch; hobby, comm betterment; father (dec) Emerson city marshal; res Emerson.

   PRACHER, GORDON ALLEN: Physician & Surgeon; b Madison, Neb Sept 16, 1907; s of Bert Pracher- Lydia Holan; ed Madison; U of N, MD 1932; Phi Beta Pi; m Margaret Alice Gillespy June 14, 1936 Collinsville Ill; d Jeanne Rae; 1922-34 interne NPBA Hosp, St Paul Minn; 1935-36 interne, Barnes Hosp, St Louis Mo; 1937-38 phys in CCC camps Huron S D & Hardy Ark; 1939- prac med Walthill; 5-Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; Comm Club; Presby Ch; hobby, athletics; father farmed in Madison Co 40 years; res Walthill.

   PREDMESTKY, DAVIS: Merchant; b Bordeaux, France Nov 29, 1890; s of Gidla Predmestky-Fanny Kaplan; ed Fremont HS; m Reba Markovitts June 1, 1920 Allentown Penn; s Stanley Morris; d Felice, Janice; 1909-37 with father in gen mdse bus, Pender; 1937- owner & opr gen mdse bus, Pender; during World War in 89th div, 341st machine gun batt AEF; O/S Apr 1918-May 1919; 1921 comm Amer Leg post 55 & del to state conv; asst dir BSA; C of C; AF&AM 203, worshipful master; Scot Rite 32o, Sioux City; Tangier Shrine; father (dec) Pender mcht 30 years; res Pender.

   RACELY, WILBUR A: County Surveyor; b Blue Mounds, Wis July 10, 1885; s of Reuben Racely- Katherine Minnix; ed Pender HS; U of N; Phi Gamma Delta; m Jennie MacHerron May 23. 1914 Yankton S D; s Jack, Clay, Erle; d Jeanne; 1910-15 & 1938- Thurston Co surveyor; 1915-20 in retail shoe store, Idaho Falls Idaho; 1920-37 owner gen merc store, Pender; 1921- mbr town coun; 1938mayor of Pender, past mbr vol fire dept; 1930-34 mbr sch bd; C of C; past master AF&AM 203, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Tangier Shrine; BPOE, Idaho Falls Idaho; Rep, chmn Thurston Co Central Com since 1937; Presby Ch; hobby: fishing; father (ret) owner gen merc store, Pender 35 years; res Pender.

   RASMUSSEN, MORRIS: Clerk of District Court; b Woodbury Co, Ia Aug 12, 1899; s of Chris Rasmussen-Vanessie Skinner; ed Thurston HS; m Verna C Stark Sept 11, 1927 Emerson; s Gary Dean; d Carolyn Jean; 1916-24 farmer Thurston Co; 1925-26 in construction work for Thurston Co; 1926-32 emp by Armstrong & Sons at Thurston & W C Murray, Pender; 1932- clk of dist court: C of C; Meth Ch, steward; Dem; hobbies, reading, baseball; father ret farmer of Thurston Co; res Pender.

   RAUN, ALFRED D: County Attorney: b Kearney Co, Neb May 1, 1899; s of P H Raun-Marie Anna Hansen; ed Kearney Co; U of N Sch of Agr, Lincoln; U of N, LLB 1926; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; m Marie Philpot Feb 13, 1925 St Joseph Mo; d Patricia Ann, Luanne Marie; 1926- prac law, Walthill; 1930 adm to prac in supreme court; 1939- Thurston Co atty; 1937- mbr sch bd; past city atty; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; VP, Neb Assn of Fair Mgrs; past pres Great NE Fair Circuit; 1930-31 pres, Thurston Co Agrl Soc, 1933- secy; AF&AM 274, 1937 worshipful master; Rep, past chmn Thurston Co & past member State Central Com; hobbies, hunting, fair work; res Walthill.

   REED, WALTER WILLIAM: Hardware, Harness & Furniture Dealer; b Monmouth, Ia Jan 9, 1883; s of Thomas J Reed-Anna M Rumery: ed Bancroft HS; m Maude A Copple Jan 14, 1904 Bancroft; s Kenneth Malure, Walter Dwight, Woodrow J; d Gladys Loretta (Mrs Arthur M Marquardt); 1901-06 farmer, Thurston Co; 1907- owner W W Reed hdw, harness & furn bus; Rosalie; 1907- mbr town coun; mayor 12 years: 1935- town treas; helped consolidate 3 rural sch dists into Rosalie HS; past pres & past secy-treas sch bd; during World War chmn coun of defense; past dir Farm Bur; 1934- secy Thurston Co Old Settlers Assn; AF&AM 145; Scot Rite, 321, Sioux City; Meth Ch, steward since 1909, lay del to Neb conf & to gen conf at Columbus O, SS supt; Rep; hobby, raising purebred Poland China hogs; has won blue ribbons at Inter-State Fair, Sioux City Ia; father (ret) Cuming Co farmer 30 years; res Rosalie.

   RIHANEK, JAMES STANLEY: Farmer; b Prague, Neb May 7, 1894; s of John Rihanek-Anna Cink; ed Thurston Co; m Stella M Sahs Jan 23, 1917 Salem S D; s Melvin James, Kenneth Eugene, Paul William, Stanley Jr, Daniel, Theodore; d Lois Ann, Ruth Marie, Amy; 1917-28 & 1936- farmer Thurston Co; 1928-33 mgr Farmers Union Elevator Co, Thurston; 1933-36 mgr Heine Lbr Co; 1928- 36 mbr sch bd; 4-H club asst leader: Thurston Co Farm Bur; Assembly of God Ch, deacon & SS supt; Rep; hobby, making miniature houses; res Thurston.

   ROBINSON, SIDNEY: Merchant; b Omaha, Neb May 14, 1899; s of Sam Robinson-Hattie Bank; ed Omaha HS; Creighton U; m Helen Rosenberg July 9, 1924 Kansas City Mo; s Mark; d Enid Ruth; 1919-20 mgr Wolfe Stores, Omaha; 1920- owner & opr gen mdse store, Walthill; during World War in SATC, Creighton U; 1921 comm Amer Leg 89; Comm Club; AF&AM 274; father (dec) real est agt in Omaha 45 years; res Walthill.

   ROGERS, HAROLD LOYD: Publisher; b Correctionville, Ia Feb 4, 1906; s of Loyd Rogers-Pearl Anderson; ed South Sioux City; m Hazel Hope Hultquist Dec 24, 1925 South Sioux City; d Jeanne Rae; 1921-39 asst mechanical supt, Sioux City Tribune; 1939- publisher Walthill Citizen; FOE 77; Meth Ch; hobby, designing aviation models; father supt mechanical dept Sioux City Tribune 33 years; res Walthill.

   ROSSITER, JAMES BERT: Banker; b Bancroft, Neb June 15, 1890; s of James A Rossiter-Mary A McKeegan; ed Bancroft; Mozer-Lampman Bus Coll, Omaha; m Effie Starbuck Dec 20, 1927 Lincoln; s James Bert Jr; d Frances Ann; 1908 clk US Indian off, Macy; clk Harry L Keefe law off: 1909-18 court reporter under Judge Guy T Graves, 8th judicial dist; 1920-21 with banks at Walthill & Winnebago; 1924-27 VP First Natl Bank of Walthill, 1927 pres; 1939- Neb senator 1936- mbr sch bd; during World War in 21st field signal corps, Plattsburg N Y, O/S July 1918-March 1919, hdqrs Co SC; comm post 89 Amer Leg; 40 & 8; Neb Bankers Assn; pres C of C; 1938 mbr Neb Safety Coun; Thurston, Co Agrl Soc; Neb St racing commission, chmn since 1936; Dem, chmn Thurston Co Central Com 1934-38; hobby, children; res Walthill.

   RUEHL, FRANK HERMAN: Merchant; b Wisner, Neb Aug 17, 1884; s of George Ruehl-Amelia Kuhn; ed West Point; m Ada Patten Aug 22, 1906 Pender; d Leona (Mrs Emery Fredericksen): 189771900 appr clk in F H Oliverious Shoe Store, West Point: 1900-13 clk Pender; 1913-29 farmer, Thurston Co; 1929-31 owner gen mdse store, Pender; 1931- owner shoe store, Pender: dir Peoples Bldg Assn; 1936-37 & 1939- mbr town coun; 1926-27 dir Rutledge sch dist; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, raising purebred Duroc hogs; father (dec) Cuming Co farmer 10 years; res Pender.

   RYAN, MARK JOSEPH: District Judge; b Colman, S D, May 7, 1889; s of John Ryan-Agnes Daley; ed State Normal Sch, Madison S D; Creighton U, BA 1912, LLB 1915; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Anne Harrower Feb 12, 1920 Omaha; s Mark John, Thomas Lee, Richard Joseph; d Janice Anne; 1915-16 prac law, Sioux City Ia: 1916- prac law, Pender; Nov 1924- judge 8th judicial dist; during World War regimental sgt maj Camp Dodge Ia; 1st adjt Amer Leg post 55, comm 1920, 1922 & 1938; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; BPOE, Norfolk; KC, West Point; Dem; res Pender.

   SMITH, LUEY EDWIN: Mechanic; b Lynch, Neb July 29, 1894; s of E A Smith-Eliza Brunson; ed Lynch HS; m Benita Fitch July 15, 1939 Sioux City Ia; 1915-17 farmed, La Moure Co N D; 1919-23 garage mechanic, Nickerson; 1923-27 owner of garage, Walthill; 1927-30 Chevrolet dlr; 1930- filling station mechanic; 1939- mbr town bd; 1935- mbr vol fire dept; during World War in 35th div AEF 137th Inf, O/S April 1918-April 1919; Amer Leg post 87, comm 1937; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; father (dec) homesteaded in Boyd Co; res Walthill.

   STANEK, JERRY J: Farmer; b Opatovice, Czechoslovakia Apr 20, 1879; s of James Stanek-Frances Hrabankova; ed Majelovice Bohemia; m Veronica Hudec Feb 13, 1902 Howells; s George William, Charles Richard, Millard John, Jerome Vernon; d Agnes Margaret, May Sophia, Della Catherine, Mildred Veronica, Betty Frances; 1907- farmer, Thurston Co; 1923-32 dir sch dist 9; ZCBJ, Dodge; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; res Walthill.

   STEWART, CLYDE CHARLES: Implement Dealer; b Washington Co Neb Aug 12, 1886; s of Charles Stewart-Anna Brewster; ed Kennard; m Maude G Chidester 1911, Pender; d



Who's Who

Helen LaVerne (Mrs Arthur Marr); 1907-13 clk in Patton Hdw & Hudec Hdw, Walthill; 1913-17 town marshal; 1917- owner & opr impl bus; 1923- farmer in Thurston Co; 1931-35 mbr Walthill town bd, chmn 1935; Thurston Co Agrl Soc 1932-35; Comm Club; AF&AM 274; IOOF 366; KP; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, raising livestock; father (dec) farmed in Thurston & Washington Cos 30 years; res Walthill.

   STEWART, RAYMOND PAUL: Garage owner; b Niobrara, Neb June 22, 1902; s of Marian Stewart-Ida Rhoades; ed Walthill; m Dorothy Keyser Oct 7, 1927 Dakota City; d Joyce; 1920-29 in trucking bus, Walthill; 1929- ptr in garage & trucking bus, Garwood-Stewart Oil Co; 1937- mbr town coun; Comm Club; Meth Ch; Dem; father (dec) resided in Walthill 20 years; res Walthill.

   STROMER, BRYAN WILLIAM: Manager Lumber Co; b Hastings Neb Aug 29, 1896; s of Henry Edward Stromer-Catherine Wilms; ed Hastings; U of N, BA 1921, lettered in basketball 1918; letter in track 1919, 1920 & 1921; Delta Tau Delta; m Josephine Lococo Aug 7 1929 Lincoln; s William Francis; 1922 athletic coach Lombard Coll, Galesburg Ill; coach Neb Central Coll, Central City; 1923- mgr Watson Lbr Co, North Bend; 1928-36 mbr Walthill town bd; during World War in USN naval aviation ground student Boston Tech & Miami Fla training station; Amer Leg post 87; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Comm Club; Cath Ch; hobby; sports; res Walthill.

   TATE, JAMES S: County Assessor; b Albia, Ia May 10, 1871; s of John Tate-Elmira Elswick; ed Randolph Ia; m Carrie M Rose 1903, Pender; s Fred; d Ruth M; 1898-1928 farmer Thurston Co; 1904-09 Thurston Co commr; 1909-13 Thurston Co treas; 1925-35 & 1937- Thurston Co assessor; 1935- gen ins agt, Pender; AF&AM, Winnebago; Meth Ch; Dem; res Pender.

   THACKER, WILLIAM JENNINGS: High School Principal; b Homer, Neb April 28, 1907; s of George W Thacker-Clara Forney; ed South Sioux City HS; Morningside Coll, Sioux City, Ia, BA 1929; mbr All Conf football team 1929, lettered in football, 1926-28, letter in basketball 1926; U of Southern Cal, MA; American Extn Sch of Law, LLB; adm to Neb bar; Phi Sigma; m Alice L Sherry April 6, 1930 South Sioux City; s William Jennings; d Alice Anne, Dorothy; 1928-29 played professional basketball with Hanford Team; played with Kari-Kleen baseball team 1929-30, won 4 tournaments 1930; 1930-35 tchr & coach South Sioux City schs; 1935-36 English tchr in U S govt service, Porto Rico; 1936-37 prin elementary schs, South Sioux City; 1937- HS prin Thurston; 1937- owner of theater; with C C Kilker co-author Tchrs Certification Plan; NSTA; pres C of C since 1937; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, baseball; father (dec) impl dlr at Homer, farmed in Dakota Co 30 years, was Dakota Co commr; res Pender.

   THIBAULT, FRANCIS EDWARD: Hardware Dealer; b Lyons, Neb Mar 22, 1892; s of Frank Thibault- Mary Greener; ed Lyons; m Bessie Freel Feb 15, 1916 Pender; s Darrell Dee, Hyle Edward; d Erma Rose; 1916-31 farmer, Thurston Co; 1931- owner & opr impl & hdw store, Pender; 1935-38 mbr town coun; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, football; father (dec) Burt Co farmer 40 years; res Pender.

   VOLLERS, CARL HERMAN: Auto Dealer; b Pender, Neb Dee 14, 1889; s of John Vollers-Anna S Drieling; ed Pender; m Martha Stalling May 15, 1919 Concord; s John William, Jordan Fred, Dell Henry, Carl Albert; d Verna Ann, Carol Mae, Donna Jean; 1917 owner & opr auto repair shop, Concord; 1920 emp by auto repair shop, Concord; 1920- Ford dlr, Pender; 1923-31 mbr town bd; during World War in 8th div motor batt, Camp Fremont Cal & Camp Lee Va, Camp Mills N Y; Amer Leg post 65; C of C; Luth Ch; father homesteaded in Thurston Co 1887, farmed in Dixon & Thurston Cos 50 years; res Pender.

   WATERMAN, FOREST MILTON: Lumber Yard Manager; b Corning, Ia Nov 1, 1894; s of Frank M Waterman-Catherine Higgins; ed Council Bluffs Ia HS; m Harriett Lamson July 1, 1916 Sioux Falls S D; d Beatrice (Mrs Harry Gilmore), Emma (Mrs Purvis Evans), Catherine (Mrs Jerome Holt); 1915-24 professional baseball player in Mink & Corn Belt Leagues; 1925-30 asst mgr McGregor Lbr Co of Walthill, 1930- mgr; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Walthill.

   WELSH, GENEVIEVE CECELIA: County Superintendent of Schools; d of Mike Welsh-Mary Norris; ed Pender HS; WSTC 1933; 1927-34 tchr, Thurston Co; 1934- Thurston Co supt of schs; VP B&PW; C of C; Cath Ch; Dem; father Thurston Co farmer 35 years; res Pender.

   WENKE, WILLIAM FRED: Banker; b Dodge Co, Neb Feb 12, 1888; s of Fred W Wenke-Henrietta Aten; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Anna M Rosacker June 14, 1911 Omaha; s W Sterling, Paul Edward, Clark Adolph; 1908-11 bkkpr, Pender Natl Bank; 1911-17 asst cash, Pender State Bank, 1917- cash & dir; 1920-38 secy sch bd; 1910-11 town treas; Neb Bankers Assn, mbr exec coun & past pres group 3; chmn NE Neb Clearing House Assn; past pres C of C; AF&AM, 1919 worshipful master, past worthy patron & treas OES; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, bridge; father (dec) farmer, hdw dlr, Thurston Co assessor & commr, dir Pender State Bank; res Pender.

   WHITCOMB, DOUGLAS D: Attorney; b Pender, Neb Feb 4, 1894; s of Waldo E Whitcomb-Clara Kepford; ed Winnebago HS; U of N, LLB 1917; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; 1917-18 receiver for Farmers State Bank, Decatur; 1919- prac law, Winnebago; 1922-23 prac law Greybull Wyo; past mbr town bd; 1925- village clk: Neb St Bar Assn; AF&M 309; Scot Rite 32o, Sioux City; Dem, secy Thurston Co Central Com; father (dec) Winnebago atty 40 years; res Winnebago.

   WICHMAN, DIEDRICH: Retired; b Oldenberg, Germany Feb 21, 1864; s of Henry Wichman-Margaret Schutte; ed Oldenberg Germany; Fremont Normal; m Bertha Buhrmann Nov 12, 1888; s Henry John, Albert Gerhard, Carl Martin, Rudolph Diedrich; d Emma Matilde, Dora Christine, Leona Bertha, Frieda (dec); 1886-1927 farmer, Thurston Co; 1927- ret: during World War mbr draft bd; 1934-35 Thurston Co commr; pct assessor 15 years; 1889-1927 dir sch dist 4; past mbr election bd; Luth Ch, dir & secy 25 years; Dem; res Pender.

   WINGETT, WILLIAM IRA: Manager Grain & Lumber Co; b Jefferson Co, Mo Sept 10, 1875; s of Daniel Wingett-Martha Norris; ed Laurel; m Anna Krei Nov 6, 1901 Hartington: s Marvin Everett, Clarence Edward, Evard Willard; d Lenna Alverta Grace, Goldie May; 1896-1901 farmer, Cedar Co; 1901-31 farmer, Thurston Co; 1931- mgr Holmquist Grain & Lbr Co, Walthill; 1917 mgr Farmers Co-op Elevator Co; 1929-30 mgr Farmers Shipping Assn; 1928, 1929 leader, Oak Leaf Pig Club; 1921 & 1923 mbr Neb St legislature; dir Thurston Co Fair bd 25 years, pres 4 years, VP 1940; 1902-08 treas sch bd dist 14; 1909-32 dir & treas sch bd dist 21; 1914-21 pres Farmers Union; Farm Bur, pres & bd mbr since 1913; IOOF 366, noble grand 1913-14, 1933-34, del to grand lodge at Kearney in 1937; Rep, chmn pct com 1932: U B Ch; hobbies, educational features, 4-H Club work; res Walthill.