"Now let us climb Nebraska's loftiest mount,
And from its summit view the scene below.
The moon comes like an angel down from heaven;
Its radiant face is the unclouded sun;
Its outspread wings the over-arching sky;
Its voice the charming minstrels of the air;
Its breath the fragrance of the bright wild-flowers.
Behold the prairie, broad and grand and free--
'Tis God's own garden, unprofaned by man"

"Nebraska. -----A Poem," 1854.

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Nebraska became a territory May 30, 1854 and was granted statehood on March 1, 1867. Nebraska's state bird is the Western Meadowlark and the state flower is Goldenrod.


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Nebraska Resources

Nebraska Counties
Emma Slocum's Diary
Transcript of the diary kept by Emma Slocum in 1887 - 1888.
Homesteading - Nebraska in the Early Years by Anna (Mason) Knox
Marquiss District School in 1892 photo of sod school with teacher and pupils
University of Nebraska Alumni who died in WWI
Photos and brief information included in a special section of The Cornhusker, 1919
1893 Nebraska Census of Civil War Veterans
Part of the Holt County web site. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page
Annual Report of the State Banking Board, 1913
Alphabetical listing by town; lists bank officers
1893 Officers of Military Related Organizations
The Men of Fort Omaha
Rosters of some of the men in the Second Infantry who served at the fort in the late 1800's

  • Andreas "History of Nebraska", 1882
    A history of the state, and chapters for each county established in 1882. County chapters include some biographical sketches. The project is sponsored by EKIS, and part of the Kansas Collection.

  • The Mardos Memorial Library, by Pam Rietsch
    The Nebraska section contains dozens of online books involving Nebraska history and genealogy. This collection seems to grow almost daily!

  • The 1895 Atlas, by Pam Rietsch
    An excellent way to locate towns that no longer exist

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