Jan. 14th, 1887: This has been a pleasant day, both in weather and events. This morning Winfield, Huldah, Marion and Effie came, but as we were eating dinner what should be proposed but a party in the evening! There was disagreeing so it was put to vote. Roy and I voted "No," but the ayes carried. Of course I was cross but just then I got two letters, one from Parcey and one from Ella Lumbers. I got better natured then and helped to arrange the house.

Marion went to invite Ed Moore and Al Edwards. William went after the teacher. They all came but Van Riper's. Teacher was tired; she had been to Oakdale. Al looked real pretty. He has just come from a visit in Iowa.

I made up my mind to have some fun tonight. I won't mope around as I generally do at parties. I danced three sets with Al and the rest of the girls only one and they had to chose him at that. Ed was mad both at the teacher and me too, I believe. He scarcely looked at her, nor spoke so much as a word. I know the reason too, the teacher would not let him take her home. I am glad he got mittened, serves him just right. I won't go with him again if I even have a chance.

As we were dancing the last set Mr. Olsen started for home but came running back crying "Fire, fire at my house! come quick!" Such a rush as was made for the door! The men hunted their caps, but meantime the "fire" rose higher and what should it be but the Moon. If there wasn't laughing then!

But the longest day will have its close and in an hour's time the house was quiet, the teacher laying in my lap talking to me. She said she missed Joe Moore the most of any but she didn't care for either Joe, Ed or Al. Poor Ed! I think he really loves her. She hinted that she was engaged to a fellow in Dakota. She stayed all night and so did Marion's and Winfield's folks.


Fri. 20th [January 1887]: I have been lonesome today. I went down to Olsen's this afternoon after a wax plant Annie promised me last summer. Martha was alone. She gave me some beer to drink, but I don't like the bitter stuff; Lewie came in from school just then and drank it up.

By the way, Lewie gave the teacher a nice pen-knife today, he wants to get her for the next dance and takes [sic] that way to coax her. That will not do! I will cut out the teacher and get a pen-knife too, or I'll know why. I don't like Lewie very much[;] he is such a stick tight of a partner[,] but I like presents first rate.


Sun. 22nd [January 1887]: Wm. and I were over to Mr. Houtz' last evening. I had to coax Wm. like everything to take me. The teacher thought it was Lewie coming to see her so she hid under the bed but she crawled out when she saw her mistake. We stayed till nine o'clock. We wrote "The Happy and Unhappy Adventures of Joe E. Moore," and it was quite a history.

I read the teachers diary. She calls Ed "The Deacon," and Al "The Antelope Co. Dude ,"in her diary. 0 Dear! I wonder if A.E.M. will ever(,] ever like me again[;] if he don't [sic] I am going to die and then he will be sorry all his life. But he must not know, I will "Sing and I'll dance, and I'll be wild and gay," as the song says.

Bah! what am I writing? What if anyone should see it. I don't want to have anything to do with Lewie or his presents if I did say so. Everything looks pleasant outdoors today, quite different than me I'm afraid.


Fri. 28th [January 1887]: Well I am so provoked! The teacher read every word in this book last night; it was William's fault; he got it out of my bureau drawer while the teacher held me.

We, -- that is Lewie, Teacher, Wm. and myself -- went to meeting last night, at the Starr school house. We had lots of fun going and coming. That bad Wm. wrote on the desk "Dancing Bill" and didn't rub it out, teacher and I wrote our names too.

I promised to go with Lewie tonight if he would give me a pound of candy and he agreed. I am going to wear my jersey and blue shirt if I happen to go.


Sun. 30th [January 1887]: Olsen's have a dance tonight! I have just come from Marion's. Wm. came after me and meeting the teacher, who was coming to Houtz' from home, they both came over. Wm. wanted me to go to Olsen's but I am not so sick to dance as to go at the eleventh hour, and on Sunday too.

While we were at Marion's, Lewie came along and Teacher and I run [sic] and hid but he did not come in[;] he was going to Mr. Moore's and Mr. Van Riper's. They won't go though I know. I suppose Olsen's will be mad at me, but they may get pleased again or stay mad.


Mon. 31st [January 1887]: The sun shines pleasant today, but it is cold. The boys came home at half past four A.M. That horrid Wm. I believe he coaxed that "monkey" up here today. He is here anyway and I am hid in the South window with the curtain down and here I will stay till he goes off.

Pap, Wm. and Roy are having their own fun with him. Pap was telling him about Henry George, the leader of the Knights of Labor. Pap said he would vote for him if he lived and the "Monkey" said "By Gosh[,] I will anyhow!"


Thursday, Feb. 3rd [1887]: I went to school yesterday and it was so cold in the evening that I stayed to Mr. Houtz's all night. Teacher and I talked till eleven o'clock. We named the bed posts, and she looked at her Mr. Myers and I looked at Al.

I came home this evening. Effie and Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Moore were here. I had not saw [sic] Mrs. Moore since she came from Iowa. Clyde is as sweet as ever.


Sat. 5th [February 1887]: Mr. and Mrs. Houtz was [sic] here today to see Pap, he is better today. Winfield went to Oakdale. I want to go to town and get a new dress before the last day of school. I am going to speak a piece about "Archie Dean." We want William to help with a dialogue, but it is doubted if he does.


Mon. 7th [February 1887]: There was [sic] 9 scholars today. We had lots of fun playing "Fox and Geese" and we stayed in till after five o'clock practicing our pieces. 0, Robert has such a funny one about a boy with colic I guess. The teacher was showing him how to cramp and every once in a while she would look outdoors to see if anyone might be coming to see her perform. I think they would have laughed to have heard her pretending to cry and calling "parigoric [sic], laudenum [sic], castor oil, Ready relief."

The roads are real slippery today: when Martha and I were coming home we could hardly stand. I was telling Martha something and I was saying "the next time I see Jerry I am going to, -- 0, ow wow" down I came on the ground and my dinner pail, and the remainder of my dinner flew in every direction and the heartless Martha laughed at me. Never mind I will be even with her!


Sat. 12th [February 1887]: Marion had a dance last night. I went over there from school night before last and I stayed there yesterday, and helped Effie. We had quite a good time. Al was not there though. Teacher and Ed made love in the corner a good deal. I expect Teacher thinks I am jealous of her. Well! I am willing she should. I made a terrible blunder though. I was dancing with Ed and I got so dizzy that I fell down. I will never like a polka any more.

Teacher kept school today but I didn't go. Winfield's folks and Marion and Effie brought me home. I wanted to see my "kids." The boys brought me some kids gloves while I was gone. We are going up to Uel's this evening, William, Teacher and I. I wish

-- but I won't say what; even a diary is not safe I have found out.


Mon. 14 [February 1887]: This is Mary's birthday. We got back from Uel's last night. I got a cold going up there and was sick all day Sunday. We went to meeting though and I saw Manie. She is going to teach school at the Belle school house this spring.

Mr. Houtz is here trying to make a broom and Eugene, William and Roy are laughing on the sly. I went in the other room to keep from laughing. He has the wire twisted in every direction.


Tues. 15 [February 1887]: I went to school today. We nearly all got there before the teacher did. Gustav Watland was trying to run ahead and he fell flat on the ground. Such a big fellow as he is he looked comical. We concluded he saw a piece of gold on the ground. Lewie, and Mads and Nels Larsen went off at noon and was [sic] late half an hour and had to stay in at recess.


Mon. 21st [February 1887]: Well I have been the rounds since I wrote last. Thursday was a stormy day and I didn't go to school, but Uel came from Albion where he had been with a load of hogs and I went home with him. We went to Oakdale Saturday. Mary and I had a lot of fun. I saw a dandy of a fellow. Mary and I nicknamed him "Spot Cash." It looked like it might be coming summer to see him smile. We came home Sunday. Winfield's and Marion's were here.

William and Roy got an invitation to go to a dance at Larsen's Tuesday. William went after teacher but, ha, ha, he got the mitten. She is going with Ed.

I stayed at Houtz's last night and read the teacher1s diary. 0, My[,] it[']s enough to tickle anybody to death, but I tried to be composed[;] she thinks I am dead in love but I venture to say my heart is as whole as hers, but I will not let on to her. They do not intend to let Olsens know about the dane [sic] Annie works at Larsens and I guess she will come home tomorrow evening[;] little guessing what a good time she is missing. I don't see why they don't want them to know but that is their business, not mine.

I taught school today while the teacher went over to Houtz. The scholars laughed a good deal and I had to pull Nels' ears and then they laughed more than ever. I was glad when teacher got back.


Wed. 23rd [February 1887]: We have been examined in all our studies now. 0, yesterday was such a long day. I wrote all day at school.

William, Roy and I went to Larsen's but we had a dull time after all. There was [sic] four girls from Closter and some boys[;] there was nobody come from Cedar. We never have any fun when Al isn't around to liven them up.

Ed wants us to have a party Saturday. If William don't [sic] go after Al I won't help get anything ready.


Sat. 26th [February 1887]: Yesterday was the last day of school. I did not go in the morning, but Roy, Mamma and I went over to Houtz's in the afternoon. I went over to school and Ava and Lizzie and I stayed and practiced our pieces. Mr. Houtz's granddaughter is down here from Neligh[;] she is about thirteen years old. Avie and I hung the padlock to the coal box upon the wire that goes under the stove pipe over the platform. Teacher spoke "Curfew shall not ring tonight" and the padlock was the bell she was to catch, but she took it down.

We had a good time in the evening but the wind blew so[,] they could not hear us speak very well. Jennie got the prize for the most head marks, and great was my surprise to hear I got the one for being best in all my studies. I got a book entitled "Shifting Winds." Oh, I will be so lonesome now, the teacher was good company and all the company I have except married women, not but what they are lively, but I want somebody of my own age to turn with.

We are not going to have a dance tonight[,] the wind blows so. I expect Ed and Teacher is [sic] dissapointed [sic], he seems to be so thoroughly mashed.


Sun. 27th [February 1887]: Marion, Effie, Mr. and Mrs. Houtz and Addie Brittell have just gone away. I wish they would quit making fun of me. As if I was to blame for Ed going with Teacher. William said they would be married in less than a week. I believe I will hate him before long. I can't help it. I don't [sic] take back a word I said and he may stay mad.


Mon. 28th [February 1887]: Winfield went over to Uel's this evening and is going from there to Oakdale. There was a peddler here for dinner. And I am lonesome or something.

William told me something last night that the teacher told him not to tell me. I have been trying to find out a long time. He told me a good many "facts" but he might have told one last night. It was at Marion's dance. Ed asked the teacher to go to a dance or some place Friday night but she was going over to Mary's with Wm. so she told him to get me and he said I like Al the best. I wonder if I do, and I wonder if he was jealous of Al and I could keep on wondering if I would. I don't see why either should trouble my mind.

Andy Hanna has left home and his folks can't find him. I pity his mother; she is helping search for him. Andy is a good boy and I do not blame him for going.

I wonder if Ed does like the teacher. There, I am wondering again. I must quit thinking about Ed entirely and I won't go where he is nor listen to what anyone says about him.


Tues. 1st [March 1887]: Pap and Mamma went over to Uel's with Houtz's today, and I had the washing and churning to do and I am tired. I heard them talking a while ago, they thought I was busy reading. William said Ed just about went with teacher to cut him out and he did not care for her, and that I flirted with Al just a [sic] purpose to make him jealous. I guess I have as much right to flirt as Ed has.

Fri. 4th [March 1887]: It is cold and windy today and I am lonesome. I can't go anywheres [sic] and nobody comes here. Even William does not appear as lively as usual. I wish something would happen; nothing bad of course. Effie and Marion was [sic] going to Neligh this week but I guess it is too cold. I was going along with them.


Tue. 8th [March 1887]: Well I have been to Neligh. Saturday, as I was scrubbing the floor[,] Marion and Effie came to go to Neligh[;] it was about three o'clock, but we got there by seven. We got tired of riding so long. We crossed the sand hills; they are desolate looking but there is a little bunch grass grows on them. We stayed all night at Almon Brittell's.

Sunday we went to church -- that is Addie and I went with Lambert's. The music was splendid. Mr. Holmes, Bishop of the Baptist church at Oakdale, preached. Lamberts stayed to Brittell's for dinner and then we went out to John Brittell's and ate dinner out there too. We had a good time. We came home and George, Frank, Addie Brittell, Marion and I went to church.

I got homesick today. We went down to town and went to John Marshall's for dinner. Mrs. Marshall was sick. There is a faith doctor in Neligh and she had been there. They must not take medicine when they are doctored by her. She does nothing but pray to herself. It seems she has cured some folks.

We went from Marshall's to Lambert's and I stayed there and Effie and Marion went to Bert Brittell's for supper. I saw Mr. Lambert weave carpet. It was the first carpet loom I ever saw. Marion and Effie came back after supper and there was a man and woman there from Massachusetts.

We started home this evening. I was glad of it although I enjoyed myself up there. I would hate to live in town if I do get lonesome in the country. We came back through Oakdale. I thought I would go in and see "Spot Cash" but he was not there so I had to go sorrowfully away.

When we got to our house they was [sic] getting ready for a dance and Marion's stayed. They did not invite Al and I didn't do anything either[,] just as [sic] wrote before.


Wed. 9th [March 1887]: If the floor wasn't muddy this morning it never was! They were nearly all Norwegians and Bohemians and the men spit and smoked. Moore's was not here, nor Van Riper's. Mr. Van Riper said it was too short notice to suit him and it was customary to invite the musicians first. He seems to be quite nice all at once, but I guess nobody cared.

Ed was here[;] they were waltzing when he came and William was playing and he peeked in the window and said "Get there Bill!" Annie and a girl named Katie were twisting around trying to get the boys to notice them I guess, and they fell sprawling on the floor. I was glad of it! They behaved a little better after that.

There is going to be a dance at Winfield's Saturday. I guess I won't go.


Fri. 11th [March 1887]: I done out a washing today, and I am tired. It was so warm and pleasant today. I can't make up my mind whether to go Winfield's or not. I won't go with the boys anyway. William is going to take Annie and Martha and Roy, Annie Plananske, so he says. The fellow don't [sic] seem to like me very well. Because I am not deceitful, I guess. I am not a going to lace and paint, and if they don't like my looks, so much the better.


Sun. 13th [March 1887]: Roy took me over to Winfield's yesterday. Andrew Linneaus was here when I went away[;] I wanted to stay and hear him talk. He is almost equal to Ed's father for talking. There wasn't many to Winfield's, the wind blew so. Marion and Effie didn't come for Bertie was sick. Al was not there either. What has become of him? I believe it's that wicked Ed's fault; he is like the dog in the manger. Roy and Annie Plananske acted like two idiots. I was mad enough at them. Roy did it to plague me, I believe. Lewie got mad because I wouldn't eat supper with him and pouted a long time. Poor fellow! he wouldn't eat with the girl he took.

Pap told at breakfast that he had Andrew picked out for me and I said that was all right. Pap always picks on rich fellows for me.

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