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Photos and legends extracted from The Cornhusker, 1919, Volume 13, University of Nebraska

These are large photos, so I have listed them on individual pages and they are listed below in alphabetical order. They appear in the book in groups of four.

Individuals Without Photographs

Allyn, Arthur E.
Anderson, Andrew Emmett
Arendt, Waldo Cornell
Barrett, David D.
Bird, Lee Wilson
Bittinger, Howard Paul
Boggs, James Howard
Breese, Winfield Starr
Cather, Grosvenor P.
Cone, William Alexander
Cook, Lt. Richard Eugene
Davis, W. Lloyd
DeBrunner, Francis Lewis
Farley, Fletcher L.
Fiske, Harold La Salle
Flaherty, Joseph Cornelius
Flansburg, Lt. Robert H.
Folda, Albin
Forbes, Earl
Gist, Isham Reavis
Hagelin, Paul Albert
Halldorson, Ralph E.
Halverstadt, Isaac F.
Harris, Richard L.
Huntington, Merle W.
Hyde, Charles James
Keith, A. Fred
Kelley, Harold Clifford
Kuhn, John Blaine
Larson, Edward H.
Lewis, Taylor E.
Liebman, Morris Nathan
Marsh, Arthur H.
Metz, Ivanhoe, K.
Perso, Ralph Ferdinand
Peterson, Paul J.
Philbrick, Fred
Pound, McKinley
Readinger, Douglas Henry
Rhodes, Roscoe B.
Rogers, Edward Alfred
Sandusky, Harold T.
Sargent, Helen M.
Saunders, Raymond J.
Shively, Bert
Sloane, Frank Blaine
Taylor, Verlin Wycliff
Vasey, Harvey E.
Wambeam, Floyd
Williams, Robert
Williams, Ross Lee
Wright, Charles Roger
Young, Paul S.
Zwink, Edwin B.

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