18 Mar 2008


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Leighton Collection

The following 5 photos were submitted by:
Susan Leighton

On the back of this photo is a note "Old Lutheran School; 20 and Mason, around 1900". My grandfather, Herman Pieper, is in the 7th row from the top, the fourth boy from the left. None of the other children are identified. This may have been a school associated with the Lutheran German church and I am working on trying to find records for the school. I would like to hear from anyone who knows more about the school and students. 

Dupont School, Omaha, Nebraska 
abt. 1900 – Mrs. Butterfield’s Class

Back Row: Mrs. Butterfield, Harry Fahey, Edd Grogan, Abe Herschman, Willie Herald, Vivian Lovelace, Louis Kovelosky, Gus Mahotchie, Iner Melson, Walter Doyle, Leonard Rogers

Second Row: Helen Peterson, Nora Hegarty, Francis Miller, Bess West, Bess Hood, Monnie or Minnie ??, Matilda Toman (?Tomas), Harry Ashly, Maude Allan.

Third row: Hep Paha, Florence Moran, Frieda Pieper, Loyd Mill, Willie Blogeys, Fred Anderson, Ludwig Tinkey

Front row: Willie West, Glen Briggs, Molly Petrue?, Ethel Johnson, Phillis Thompson, Gladis Peach, Margurita Rogers. 

The above list was taken from a list with the photo written by my Grandmother Phillis Thompson (front row).

Omaha Street Car Power House at 19th and Nicholas September 21, 1896 Row one starts in upper left-hand corner (back row). Photo was taken by Bostwick Studio, Omaha, Commercial Photography. 

Row 1
1. P. Jacobson, Motorman
2. F. Thompson  
3. L. Hansen 
4. M. G. Hansen  
5. B. Shiltz 
6. E. McConnaughy 
7. W. Falconer  
8. D. Westcott  
9. F. Lage Conductor
10. H. Rubin 
11. W. Court  
12. H. Girton  
13. J. Levine 
14. W. Clark 

Row 2
1. J. Rose Motorman
2. J. S. Falconer  
3. L. F. Francis 
4. Nelo Beck 
5. D. MacCarthy 
6. Geo. Pettys  
7. C. Christianson 
8. F. Sorenson 
9. S.C. Fry Conductor
10. J. S. Gilmore  
11. J. Mullman  
12. W. Crosby 
13. F. Wills 
14. I. S. Losier  

Row 3
1. J. Jensen Motorman
2. C. Elkins 
3. A. Anderson  
4. B. Wheeler 
5. J. Casey 
6. S. A. Francis 
7. T. Parsons 
8. M. Whitner Conductor
9. A. Rankin 
10. W. Wood 
11. J. Reed 
12. B. Oldfield 
13. A. Asmacost 
14. W. Horrigan  

Row 4
1. H. Jodiet Motorman
2. C. Jacobson 
3. J. Peterson  
4. F. Bouk 
5. Ed Oney  
6. J. True  
7. C. L. Campbell 
8. B. Boone  
9. E. Whitney Conductor
10. B. Hutton  
11. J. Walkup  
12. S. Cusick  
13. F. Heaney 
14. G. Hartwell 

Row 5
1. George Christiansen Motorman
2. M. E. Pierce 
3. J. Engel Conductor
4. C. Overman  

Row 6
1. W. Wharton Motorman
2. G. Nelson  
3. Geo. Drew  
4. Geo. Spencer 
5. T. Norris  
6. E. Oberton 
7. H. Reneke Conductor
8. O. Hudson 
9. Geo. Childs  
10. J. McCracken  

Row 7
1. C. Cunningham Motorman
2. C. Childs Conductor
3. W. Bell  
4. J. Conley  

Row 8
1. W. Elbourn Timer
2. J. Suttles Motorman
3. C. Vanbuskirk 
4. C. Knight  
5. C. Michaelson 
6. A. Reed 
7. Geo. Ketcham 
8. P. Boland Conductor
9. W. McCann 
10. F. Koesters 
11. H. Schneider 
12. J. Northrup 
13. W. Walker 

Row 9
1. W. Musgrave Night Foreman
2. J. J. Gorman Assistant Superintendent
3. F. J. Knapp Day Foreman

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