18 Mar 2008


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Vintage Photos Found

Robin's Collection

The following photos were found by Robin Mosier - the Dixon County, NEGenWeb host. If these are your family members, you can contact her at  RobnMosier@kc.rr.com

Unidentified man, Anderson photography, Alfred T. Anderson Studio, South of Railroad Kearney, Neb.

Family photo, surname on back "Geiger", Brown Photographer, Falls City, Neb.

Unidentified woman
Brockway photographer, Lincoln, Neb.

Unidentified man
Gray's Studio, Omaha, NE.


Unidentified young man
Ragan photographer, Hastings, NE

This is one photo that I am not sure of as far as location etc. The back reads "We think this is J.C. Hayward under the umbrella probably at Hastings, Nebraska"

Unidentified couple wedding photo's? Woman - Man
Hoven? Photographer, Tecumseh, Nebraska

These two are unidentified and most definitely husband and wife. Mahan & Meek Photographers, Pawnee City, Nebraska

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