21 Mar 2008


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Vintage Photos Found

Saunders County Collection

The following photos were found by Mike Ballou - the Saunders County, NEGenWeb host. If these are your family members, you can contact him at  Mike Ballou

Ashland High School
Madrigal Choir

Left to right: Bob Judds, Del Starns, Keith Wollen, Lloyd Castner, Janet Turner, Nancy Olson, Mary Jane Thiessen, Pat Paculas, Virginia Vance, Jeanine Ballou, Marj Nelson, Jim Neumann, Dick Haswell.

Ashland High School
Selected Choir

Left to right - Top row:
Lloyd Dimmit, Dick Haswell, Alan Lewis, Guilford Washburn, Earl Marcus, Jim Zoz, La Verne Ames, Carl Wills, Ronald Schulte, Lloyd Kitrell, Jim Turner, Tom Squire, John Young, Kenneth Stenberg, Keith Schwartz

Middle row:
Thelma Highshoe (pianist), Marj Nelson, Rose Mary Castner, Peggy Butler, Pat Coatman, Donna Brott, Norma Johnson, Janice Nelson, Shirley Bates, Gertrude Groenjes, Jeanine Ballou, Nancy Olson, Ardis Henderson, Ruth Johnson, Virginia Vanes, Beverly Bricker, Pat Buskirk

Bottom row:
Margaret Shelley (teacher), Anna Stenberg, Jane Farmer, Florence Mott, Marilyn Miller, Mary Jane Thiessen, Janet Turner, Jane Robinson, Glendora Muse, Eleanor Bornman, Charlene Livers, Mary Kay Allen, Wilma Owen, Ruth Barnes, Carol Schulz


Ashland High School Class of 1950 If you can help us identify the students in this photo, please contact Mike Ballou

Janet Turner, Marcella Thiessen, Jeanine Ballou, teacher is unidentified. If you can help us identify the teacher in this photo, please contact Mike Ballou

Ashland High School
Class of 1950
Pep Club & Cheer Leaders

If you can help us identify the students in this photo, please contact Mike Ballou

Ashland High School
Junior Class

Top row - left to right:
Larry Washburn, Keith Livers, Alan Farmer, Jonathan Sandy, Del Starns, Thomas Wollen, Lloyd Kitrell, Richard Haswell, Ronald Nelson

Second row - left to right:
Verla Livers, Marjorie Nelson, Nancy Olson, Virginia Vance, Alice Wills, Ruth Johnson, Patricia Buskirk, Glendora Muse, Bethene Smith, Janet Newberry, Jacqueline Bundy, Mrs. Prien (Sponsor)

Third row - left to right:
Daryl Hodgin, Merton Olson, Charles Anderson, Delmar Robb, Marvin Sackett, James Neumann, Clarence Owen, Louis Neidfeldt

Bottom row - left to right:
Shirley Badberg, Ardis Henderson, Margie Finney, Dalene Livers, Ethel Bower, Jeanine Ballou, Carol Cockerill, Ruby Wild, Betty Hooker
Submitted by Mike Ballou

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