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If you have a query about a photographer & wish to have it added here, please contact Connie Snyder. This page is for those who want to add a few photos from ancestral photographers, with their query. Limit of 5 photos per submitter.

I would like to submit two photos for now, under the photographer Joseph A. Newberry who was an itinerant photographer with his wife Charlotte in Orchard, Nebraska. We are looking for more photos by this man, and hope to find the whole collection someday. He took photos for postcards and also did portraits. The imprint on his photos is show in the photo here of the Blain family. It was done with a metal press to emboss the cardboard frames around the photos or postcards.

The Blain family photo description is as follows:

This is a four generation picture. Rev. Bartley Blain is Leonard's great grandfather. He is the gentleman in the center of the picture. He was born in Steuben County, New York on the 5th of March 1832 and died in Page, Holt County, Nebraska on the 19th of November 1918. He served in the Civil War in Minnesota and was a current rider Methodist minister. He said the service for my great grandmother, Almira Fry Newberry in 1899. Bratley Blain's great grandfather was John Blain who lived and died in Warwick , Orange County, New York.

Nellie Blain Smith Adams, daughter of Bartley Blain, married James Rollo Smith first and he is the father of Julie Olive Smith. Nellie married second Joel Winfield Scott Adams. Nellie is the lady on the left side of the picture.

Julie Olive (Smith) Adams, daughter of James Rollo and Nellie Blain Smith, is on the right side of the picture. She married John Henderson Adams, son of Joel Winfield Scott and Martha (Fee) Adams. Julie married her stepbrother.

The little girl is Mary Royce Adams, daughter of John Henderson and Julie Olive (Smith) Adams. The last we heard her was living in El Paso, Texas and was the oldest of ten children. Leonard's mother was the sixth child after five brothers and Mary.

This photo is of Joseph A. Newberry, the photographer, with his family. We would like to locate a repository of his work if anyone has a clue where to look. This same Newberry family had another descendant named John Marshall Newberry who was also a photographer in Missouri and Iowa. J. M. Newberry had a photographic studio in Leando, Iowa, and moved to Wyconda, Clark Co. Missouri later on. He would be a cousin of Joseph Newberry. Either person's work we would be pleased to find more examples of.

Thanks for your help on this.
Sue Simonich and Donna Mae Powell

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