20 Mar 2008


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Eli, NE Collection

All photos on this page were submitted by Sharon Denison

The railroad depot and one of the section house's at Eli, Nebraska.

This is a picture of Eli, Nebraska probably taken in the '30's. Looking north on the right is the livery barn, next a store and black smith shop. The next building was the International Harvester dealership owned by Frank Mapes, at one time said to be the largest dealership in the United States. The long white building at the far end of main street was the lumber yard. It was moved to Martin SD in '49 or '50.

Buildings on the left side include stores, a bank and an hotel. The last building at that end of the street is a private residence now. The bank building and two section houses for the railroad were also moved to Martin SD. This information is what I have been told but am always open to correction's.

Eli Nebraska from the hill to the southwest of town. 
The largest white building is the hotel, gone now, to the right is the present Eli, community hall, an old theater, where many gatherings are still held. To the right and in front of the barn is the parsonage which is a private residence. The rest of the buildings are all gone, that can be seen here, except two on main street, most moved to other locations.

Eli Nebraska school 1914-1915
I copied this picture larger and took it to a gathering at the Eli community hall and asked people to identify who they could, now will try to decipher the hand writing.

Back row left to right: Elmer Denison, Blanche Deweese, Charles Deweese, Joe Oroake, Ernst Hendricks, Chester Deweese, ?
Middle row: ?, Edna Steele, ?, Leslie Spence, Mabel Deweese, Harriet Denison, Andy Steele, ?

Front row: Colin Johnson, Vernis Denison, Dean Hendricks, Gladys Johnson, Laverle Steele, ?

The question marks are kids that were probably railroad workers family's as many were there for only a short time. This was during the flu epidemic so notice the hankies in hand or on the clothes. Note this was printed as a postcard.

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