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If you are related to the Harrison family of Beemer, Cuming Co., Nebraska or the Owen family of Ashland & Memphis, Saunders Co., Nebraska, please contact Kathie Harrison to share family information and photos if possible. More photos will be added here soon.

Herman Richard Harrison [left] and his older brother James Harrison. They resided in Cuming Co., Nebraska with their parents Richard Elijah Harrison & Elizabeth Connell Harrison and their 14 siblings.

Lizzie Connell Harrison [back row] with husband Richard Elijah Harrison and 6 of their 8 daughters. Photo is circa 1900. The Chambers girls in the above photo, which is the Ancestors Sharing Center heading image, are first cousins to Herman, James and the rest of the Harrison children. Their mother was Sarah Harrison Chambers, sister of Richard Elijah Harrison.

William Brice Harrison, father of Richard E. Harrison, was born in 1813 KY and husband of Emma Jane Osborne. They married in Linn Co., IA in 1842 and came to Saunders Co., Nebraska in 1870 and resided in Weston.

Earnest Leroy Harrison b. 1890 and sister Laverne Harrison b. 1895, children of Herman R. Harrison & Ellen Josephine Owen of Memphis, Saunders Co., NE.

Richard E. Harrison [right] with two unidentified men in front of a Beemer shop. Photo circa 1880-1890.

Ellen Josephine Owen Harrison circa 1885. Photographer unknown.

Clysta Jane Harrison, husband Christopher Elra Lillibridge, and children, circa 1894. Resided in Weston, Saunders Co., NE. Clysta was a sister of Richard Elijah Harrison.

Bertha German, daughter of Alzina Owen and Jefferson German. Alzina was a sister of Ellen Josephine Owen Harrison. Photo circa 1906.

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