21 Mar 2008


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Submitted by Sondra Prowett

Looking for photos of the first Prowett generation in the US, Jonathan Prowett and his wife Jessie Leithead Prowett. They immigrated with their youngest daughters and their youngest son William Ferdinand Prowett in 1880.

William Ferdinand Prowett from 1900 in Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska when he was serving his second term as Nance County Treasurer.

These 4 men are the sons of William F. Prowett 
(1860 Eng -1913 Fullerton, Nance, NE)
This was taken in 1914 and given to me by Hal J. Prowett
(1937 NE - 2005 AZ)

The picture of the brothers shows from Left to Right: 
John Allen Prowett (1884 NE -1946 NE) , Dr. Harold Leslie Prowett DVM D (1887 NE - 1973 NE), William Leithead Prowett (1888 NE- 1966 CA, Ernest Charles Prowett (1894 NE - 1917 China).

Dr. Hal Prowett and his wife Besse C. Green Prowett (1892 NE- 1976 NE). They were given to me by their grandson Hal J. Prowett (1937 NE - 2005 AZ)

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