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02 Dec 2006

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Photos on this page were submitted by Mrs. Linda Bouzane (nee Scott)

I am trying to identify some pictures from our Scott Family Photo Album which were taken in Nebraska.

My great grandfather, John Scott and his wife Caroline "Carrie" nee Aubin  and some of their children lived in Plattsmouth Nebraska from about 1880 to late 1888, at which time they moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

They are shown on the 1885 Nebraska Census. John and Caroline came from Toronto, Ontario, Canada where their first two children, Caroline, b. 1877 (died 1882, age 5) and Frank b. 1879 , were born. Will, b. 1881 [my grandfather], John F. b. 1883 (died 1888, age 5), another Caroline, b. 1886 and Fred, b. 1888 were all born in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. 

The first Caroline and John are both buried at Plattsmouth along with a John W. Scott who died and was buried at the same time as the child John F. Scott. My researchers mistakenly identified John W. Scott as the father of John F. Scott, but he was not the father and we do not know his identity. 

I have five photos which were taken in Nebraska which I cannot identify and would like to post them on your site.

#1 Unknown Man - Taken by Frank Carruth, Jeweler & Photographer, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

#2 Unknown Woman - Taken by Leonard, Plattsmouth, Neb.

#3 Group of 4 Children - Taken by Cutler, Plattsmouth, Neb.

#4 Two Children - Taken 1884, by V.V. Leonard, Plattsmouth, Neb.

#5 Unknown Man - Taken 1882, by V.V. Leonard, Plattsmouth, Neb.