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VanDruff 50th 
Wedding Anniversary

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Gerald D. (Jerry) Hobson 
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Lemuel Andrew Vandruff, "Lem"
Wife: Lucretia Emily Chambers
Marriage Notes
Photo on file, taken at a family picnic in celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of Lemuel & Lucretia Vandruff, married June 11, 1882. The photo was taken on June 12, 1932 at the Arapahoe, Nebraska, City Park. At the time the photo was taken, Lemuel and Lucretia lived across the street from the park. Transcription of article from unidentified and undated newspaper clipping in the collection of Arla Vandruff Yost.

Celebrate Fiftieth
Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Vandruff celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary at Arapahoe on Sunday, June 12. Approximately one hundred persons, relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Vandruff, gathered at the park at noon, where a sumptuous dinner was served cafeteria style. The afternoon was spent with visiting and congratulations were received at the home, which was decorated in gold and white and flowers were arranged in attractive bouquets about the rooms. Ice cream and cake were served in the late afternoon and a large wedding cake made the table colorful and pleasing.

Mr. and Mrs. Vandruff received over fifty dollars in gold from their sons and other relatives and the honor guests were presented their gifts in a small gold paper basket. A picture of the group was taken in the afternoon by Mr. Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Vandruff were married on June 11, 1882, in Gosper county, north of Holbrook, and have been valuable residents of this community for a great number of years.

Those who came from a distance were: A. P. Vandruff of Fremont, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Vandruff and daughter, Mae Beth, of Holbrook; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Vandruff, Wayne, Joyce, Dwight and Lois of Holbrook; Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Decker, daughters Phyllis, Jeanette and Shirley of Elwood; Jack Chambers of Elwood; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cox and son Orin of Elwood; Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Haney and Carol of Lexington; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Haney and sons, Billy and Teddy, M. E. Chambers and daughter Myrtle of Elwood; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Vandruff of Oakland, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Vandruff and children, Blythe, Evelyn, Audrey and Bryce Dale of Broadwater; Mr. Oscar Vandruff of Elwood; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Vandruff and children, Arla Merle and Charles Willard, of Holbrook; Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzsimmons of Elwood; Mr. and Mrs. Orval Robinson of Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Vandruff of Council Bluffs, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thomas of Gothenburg; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snyder and children, Jerome, Jeanette, Bernita, Harriett; Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Vandruff and daughters, Helen and Jean; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henry and Anita Gene; Mr. and Mrs. Will Chambers and children, Hervey and Viva; Mr. and Mrs. R. Hambidge, Marjorie and Richard; Mr. and Mrs. George Dunlap and Charles; Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Snyder, Mary Jane, Richard, Robert and Margaret Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Tull, Itha, Leo and Bobby; Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Vandruff, Lucy and Zelda; Mr. and Mrs. Arch Hambidge, Dorothy, Donald and baby Dolores Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Breinig; Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Snyder; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Chapman, Gerald and Genevieve; Mrs. Gladys Monroe and Yvonne; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hambidge, Evelyn Doris and Robert, all of Arapahoe. (6/10/96)


Children, left to right, seated on the ground, front row: Lois Vandruff Peterson, Helen Vandruff Thomas, Blythe Vandruff Thacker, Donald Hambidge, Richard Snyder, Bryce Dale Vandruff, Anita Gene Henry, Audrey Vandruff Kloch. Yvonne Monroe, Genevive Chapman, Gerald Chapman, Evelyn Vandruff Hamilton, Mae Beth Vandruff Rutledge, Jean Vandruff Kumpf, Arla Vandruff Yost, Charles Willard Vandruff

Second row, seated, left to right: Samuel Oscar Vandruff, Charles Henry Vandruff, Oscar Chambers, Lucy Chambers, (Unknown), Katherine Boulton Vandruff, (Unknown), Lemuel Vandruff (holding hat), Jack Snyder (holding hat), Cynthia Snyder, Bessie Dunlap, Marlo Cox (last one seated)

Identities for those standing are uncertain, but I have a numbered key which I can provide to anyone who is interested, which covers many of those standing. Not pictured, Lucretia Chambers Vandruff, wife of Lemuel, who was ill at the time of the photo.

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