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Nebraskans in the Great War (WW I)


for the mothers and widows of soldiers, sailors, and mariners
of the American forces now interred in the cemeteries of Europe


NEBRASKA, pp. 165-169

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Alpha list for entire state of Nebraska.


Adler, Adam A.          p 165, Adams Co.      Lisenbee, Joseph I.     p 166, Douglas Co. 
                                              Livingston, William R.  p 165, Boone Co. 
Bailey, Erwin M.        p 167, Hayes Co.      Lovelady, Grant         p 166, Dodge Co. 
Barnett, James Henry    p 167, Gage Co.                                
Bates, Robert H.        p 168, Saunders Co.   Mapes, Ray D.           p 168, Lincoln Co. 
Beam, Guy Herman        p 167, Hayes Co.      Martin, Ralph E.        p 168, Sarpy Co. 
Bernert, Joseph         p 166, Custer Co.     Mason, Sweeny           p 168, Madison Co. 
Bower, William          p 166, Franklin Co.   McAuliffe, Clinton      p 166, Deuel Co. 
Brewer, James W.        p 167, Garfield Co.   McMann, Arthur Berton   p 168, Nemaha Co. 
Brown, Gordon M.        p 168, Lancaster Co.  McRae, Orlo             p 166, Custer Co. 
Brown, Howard E.        p 168, Lancaster Co.  Mette, Kurtis J.        p 167, Hitchcock Co. 
Brown, Ralph            p 167, Knox Co.       Milnes, Clarence        p 168, Nemaha Co. 
Burke, Walter E.        p 167, Frontier Co.   Mudra, Vincent          p 167, Knox Co. 
Cain, Henry Earl        p 166, Custer Co.     Nickerson, Howard B.    p 166, Dawon Co. 
Carter, Leora           p 167, Jefferson Co.                           
Cattron, Wesley M.      p 168, Pierce Co.     Olds, Clint             p 166, Douglas Co. 
Chavet, Albert H.       p 166, Douglas Co.                             
Connell, Robert D.      p 166, Douglas Co.    Parson, Edward W.       p 168, Lancaster Co. 
Cooper, Robert H.       p 167, Garden Co.     Parsons, Chester        p 167, Furnas Co. 
Crespin, Elias J.       p 166, Douglas Co.    Petersen, Arvie A.      p 165, Adams Co. 
Crow, Arthur Jennings   p 166, Douglas Co.    Peterson, Johannes S.   p 167, Howard Co. 
                                              Philbrick, Fred         p 168, Nance Co. 
Dainton, Chester        p 166, Custer Co.     Porter, Lynn T.         p 165, Cherry Co. 
Davidson, Earl          p 165, Butler Co.                              
Day, Warren L.          p 167, Gage Co.       Radant, Oscar A.        p 168, Madison Co. 
Durham, Oliver F.       p 166, Franklin Co.   Reed, Irvin O.          p 165, Cedar Co. 
Durham, Roy O.          p 166, Dakota Co.     Rhodes, Roscoe B.       p 166, Custer Co. 
                                              Riebling, George F.     p 165, Clay Co. 
Egr, Charles J.         p 168, Saunders Co.   Rotherham, Arthur J.    p 168, Platte Co. 
Ellis, Joseph M.        p 168, Richardson Co.                          
Emrich, William G.      p 166, Douglas Co.    Scanlan, Edmund G.      p 166, Douglas Co. 
Evans, Samuel O.        p 168, Lincoln Co.    Schipman, Emil          p 167, Holt Co. 
                                              Schneidermiller, John   p 165, Adams Co. 
Fischer, Herman H.      p 168, Nuckolls Co.   Scott, Bert T.          p 168, Richardson Co. 
Forbes, Earl            p 166, Fillmore Co.   Sears, Irwin L.         p 169, Wayne Co. 
Fountain, Roger G.      p 165, Blaine Co.     Sharp, Frank W.         p 167, Hall Co. 
Frank, Lewis            p 165, Colfax Co.     Shavlik, Joseph L.      p 165, Antelope Co. 
                                              Shellenbarger, Abraham  p 167, Furnas Co. 
Garner, William L.      p 169, Seward Co.     Shrago, Jake S.         p 166, Douglas Co. 
Garretson, Jesse E.     p 167, Hitchcock Co.  Sievers, William E.     p 166, Dawon Co. 
Godbersen, Herman       p 166, Douglas Co.    Simmons, Ernest L.      p 165, Adams Co. 
Golden, Horace F.       p 166, Dawon Co.      Skiff, William H.       p 168, Madison Co. 
Graham, Howard G.       p 167, Keyapaha Co.   Skinner, Thomas         p. 169, Washington Co. 
Gray, Granville         p 167, Gage Co.       Skow, Walter H.         p 166, Douglas Co. 
Grimes, Scott L.        p 166, Dodge Co.      Sloggett, Harvey M.     p 166, Custer Co. 
Grimmeiss, John A.      p 166, Douglas Co.    Stanley, Vern A.        p 166, Custer Co. 
                                              Sternberg, Fred C.      p 165, Antelope Co.      
Hamilton, Joseph A.     p 168, Nance Co.      Strand, Clarence Henry  p 168, Madison Co. 
Hankins, Dan P.         p 167, Keith Co.      Streeton, Charles V.    p 166, Custer Co. 
Harris, Dean            p 165, Box Butte Co.  Swan, Glenn V.          p 168, Lancaster Co. 
Helzer, Jacob           p 165, Adams Co.                               
Heninger, Edwin Wallace p 168, Madison Co.    Thober, Fred H.         p 167, Gage Co. 
Hicks, Earl R.          p 165, Buffalo Co.    Throckmarton, John M.   p 169, Webster Co. 
Hiland, Robert J.       p 166, Douglas Co.    Tucker, Ellis A.        p 167, Knox Co. 
Hirt, Dave              p 166, Douglas Co.                             
Hoffman, Ralph          p 168, Lancaster Co.  Vitek, Emil             p 165, Colfax Co. 
Holmes, Oliver W.       p 165, Adams Co.                               
Housel, Harlan V.       p 168, Madison Co.    Wallien, Carl R.        p 166, Dodge Co. 
Houska, James           p 166, Fillmore Co.   Walthers, William       p 165, Clay Co. 
                                              Weyerts, Henry George   p 165, Cheyenne Co. 
Johannessen, Henry      p 166, Douglas Co.    Weyerts, Tony           p 165, Cheyenne Co. 
Johnson, Emil           p 168, Perkins Co.    Willadsen, Chriss S. F. p 167, Hamilton Co. 
Johnson, Joseph E.      p 168, Lincoln Co.    Wolff, Verne O.         p 167, Hamilton Co. 
Johnson, Louis F.       p 167, Frontier Co.   Wood, Ellsworth C.      p 166, Douglas Co. 
Kayton, James E.        p 165, Butler Co.                              
Kent, James E.          p 168, Nuckolls Co.                            
Kerl, Chester R.        p 168, Pawnee Co.                              
Kerns, Hugh J.          p 165, Cass Co.                                
Kessler, James P.       p 167, Greeley Co.                             
Kinnier, Thomas S.      p 165, Boone Co.                               
Klegin, Lawrence F.     p 166, Douglas Co.                             
Kline, Lloyd W.         p 165, Chase Co.                               
Korff, Carl T.          p 169, Wayne Co.                               
Krcma, Oldrich          p 166, Douglas Co.                             
Kuehnert, Walter K. A.  p 168, Platte Co.                              
Kurkowski, William A.   p 168, Perkins Co.                             

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From Library of Congress:

LC Control Number: 30026205
Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
Corporate Name: United States. War dept. [from old catalog]

Main Title: Pilgrimage for the mothers and widows of soldiers, sailors, and mariners of the American forces now interred in the cemeteries of Europe as provided by the Act of Congress of March 2, 1929.

Published/Created: Washington, U. S. Govt. print. off., 1930.

Related Titles: List of mothers and widows of American soldiers, sailors and marines ...
Description: xiii. 339 p. 30 cm.
LC Classification: D639.D4 U5 1929b
CALL NUMBER: Library of Congress Holdings Information Not Available


CALL NUMBER: D639.D4 U5 1929b
Copy 1
-- Request in: Book Service: Jefferson (Main Eur Hisp LHG) or Adams 5th fl...
-- Status: Not Charged