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Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

film         FREMONT (DODGE COUNTY) 
V69v         The Viking. Fremont, Nebr. Est. July 1906- 
             Monthly Magazine. 
             EDITORS & PUBLISHERS:  
                  Eric & Georgia T. Johson (eds. & pub.), July 1906- 
                  Our Bow. 
             In our prospectus, issued six weeks ago, we said: 
                  The first week in July next the undersigned will commence the 
             publication of a magazine to be called "The Viking," which will be devote 
             to the interests of the Scandinavian-American population of the United 
             Stetes and Canada, it will fill the same place in newspaperdom, to the 
             Scandinavians, that the Irish World and Scottish American do to the 
             Irish and Scotch. 
                  Each number will contain an article from Scandinavian history con- 
             cerning the brave and heroic deeds of our forefathers; recording the 
             history that the Scandinavians have made on this side of the Atlantic .... 
             (In The Viking July 1906, pg.8:l). 
             N.S.H.S. HAS ON MICROFILM: 
Reel 1       July 1906 (v.1,#1)-June 1907 (v.1,#11 & 12) 
126 shots
325 pges.    NOTE: First issue published from Omaha & Fremont. 
Reel #1 positive rec'd 9/20/73
Disposition of Original Files: Nov.5, 1892 (v.1O,#19)-Jan.11, 1917 (v.3,#22)

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