Train of Tomorrow Embodies New Advances by
Electro-Motive, Frigidare, Detroit Diesel, Delco Products and
Hyatt Bearings Divisions of General Motors

Air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical power have been developed under Frigidaire responsibility in collaboration with Detroit Diesel and Delco Products to bring advanced comfort and service.
Each car has its own electrical power plant driven by GM Diesel engine which drives a dual Delco generator, one component furnishing 115 volts A.C. for lighting, the other, 220 volts A.C. for complete air conditioning and refrigeration. Dependable operation is thus provided whether the train is standing or running. All cars are completely air conditioned and 15 different Frigidaire units assure adequate protection of food and beverages as well as cool drinking water. The temperatures at each fixture is automatically maintained at the proper point, ranging from 50 degrees F. for drinking water to 0 degrees F for frozen foods.

The Train of Tomorrow will have the new roller bearing journal boxes developed by Hyatt. These are installed for the first time on any passenger cars but used with signal success for hundreds of thousands of miles under GM Diesel locomotives. In this new type of journal box the controlled lateral axle movement is cushioned by a special synthetic rubber member interposed between the axle thrust block and the outside cover of the journal box.

All this exemplifies General Motors’ purpose in presenting new standards of riding comfort and luxury.