Railroads That Served Nebraska

The Railroads are listed in alphabetical order. Included with each is a little history or other information and known counties that it served with dates in parethesis for the year service started in that county. Also included are offsite links that may give more information on that railroad (still under construction 10/02/04). Please use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

The county and estimated date is included to help you determine which railroad your ancestor may have worked for and when. Some railroads existed on paper only or graded roads and maybe even laid track but never started service for one reason or another. Those have not been included at this time but may be later as more research and information is gathered.

  • Burlington & Missouri River Railroad (B&MRR or B&M) a.k.a. The Burlington Railroad. Established in Nebraska before 1870, the B&M was actually a subsidiary of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q), which served the following counties: Douglas (before 1870), Sarpy (before 1890), Saunders (before 1890), Seward (before 1872). Offsite Link: Burlington Route Historical Society; they have a good paragraph on the history of the railroad in Nebraska.

  • Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul (CM&SP). Known as the "Milwaukee Road," CM&SP served the following: Douglas (before 1890). Offsite Links: Milwaukee Road Historical Association.

  • Chicago & North Western (C&NW). Its predecessor, the Chicago and Galena Union Railroad was the first railroad running out of Chicago. The C&NW was famous for its "left-handed" operation which allowed inbound passengers to wait in the warm depot. The C&NW served the following: Douglas (before 1890). Offsite Links: Chicago and North Western Historical Society.

  • Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (CRI&P)
    CRI&P served the following counties: Douglas (before 1890)

  • Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha (CSPM&O)
    CSPM&O served the following: Dakota (after 1872), Douglas (before 1890)

  • Covington, Columbus & Black Hills Railroad (narrow gauge railroad)
    The Covington, Columbus & Black Hills Railroad served the following counties: Dakota (1876)

  • St. Joseph & Denver City Railroad
    The St. Joseph & Denver City Railroad served the followoing counties: Adams (1872),

  • Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad (FE&MVRR). The FE&MV started building their Nebraska route, which became known as the "Cowboy Line" in 1869. Counties served: Douglas.
  • Missouri Pacific (MoPac)
    MoPac served the following counties: Cass (1887), Douglas (1887), Nemaha (1887), Otoe (1887), Richardson (1887), Sarpy (1887)

  • Nebraska Central (NCRR)
    The Nebraska Central served the following counties: Douglas

  • Rock Island Line
    The Rock Island Line served the following counties: Jefferson

  • St. Joseph & Denver City Railroad (later became the St. Joseph & Western Railroad)
    The St. Joseph & Denver City or St. Jospeh & Western served the following counties: Adams, Clay (1872), Hall (1867), Jefferson (1872), Nuckolls (1872), Thayer (1872)

  • Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)
    The UPRR served the following counties: Adams (1879), Buffalo (1866), Colfax (1867); Dawson (1866); Dodge (1867); Douglas (1866); Furnas (1880); Gage (1880); Hall (1867); Kearney (1866); Keith (1866); Lancaster (after 1870); Lincoln County (1866); Merrick (1866); Nance (1879); Phelps (1866); Platte (1866); Polk (c.1871); Saline (before 1880); Sarpy (before 1890); Sherman (c. 1885); Saunders (1867);

  • Wabash & Western (W&WRR)
    Wabash & Western served the following: Douglas (before 1890)

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