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German Lutheran Church, 1916

Plattsmouth Journal, Thursday, May 25, 1916



     The state conference of the German Evangelical church was opened this morning at 10 o'clock at St. Paul's church in this city, with a large number of the clergy of the state as well as lay delegates in attendance. The members of the conference number in the neighborhood of 100 and represent the church of this faith from all sections of the state.

     This is a very important meeting and this city feels the honor that has been paid it in its selection this year and extends to the visiting churchmen a cordial welcome in their good work.

     The conference will occupy the rest of the week and the different matters of church welfare will be taken up as well as the review of the growth of the Evangelical church during the past year.

     The visiting ministers and delegates are guests of the members of St. Paul's congregation and will be entertained at the different homes during their stay in the city.

     Last evening at St. Paul's church the opening service was held that launched the conference into action and the church was well filled with the visitors as well as a number of the members of St. Paul's church. The vice president of the synod, Rev. J. ABEL, of Cook, Neb., delivered the synodical sermon, taking as his text Matthew 28-20, and Rev. H. SCHIRNECKER of Harvard served at the altar. Rev. J.H. STEGER, pastor of St. Paul's church, gave a short address of welcome, in which he expressed the feeling of pleasure at having the gathering meet at his church. Rev. H. KRUEGER responded to the address in behalf of the members of the synod with a few well chosen remarks. Twenty-three pastors and twenty-one delegates responded to the roll call. After the appointment of the committee on credentials to pass on the members present at the meeting of the synod, an adjournment was taken until this morning, when the first business session was to be opened.

     At the session this morning a brief devotional service was held at the opening hour, after which the committees reported and their reports were read and assigned to the different committees, to be brought up later before the conference for discussion. It was reported among other matters that Professor BRENDLI, formerly a member of the conference but of late years professor at the Eden seminary in St. Louis, had passed to his heavenly reward. Thereafter it was moved and unanimously carried that the chair be instructed to send Mrs. BRAENDLI [sic] and children a telegram of sympathy in behalf of the district.

     Two guests were present and welcomed, Rev. A. GRABER, of Council Bluffs, Ia., and Rev. J.T. SEYBOLD of Hamburg, Ia., and they were invited to enter into the discussion. During the conference the district expects to have in its midst Rev. J. BALTZER of St. Louis, general president of the German Evangelical church of North America, which represents a membership of 1,030 pastors, 1,348 congregations, 95,122 individual members, 34,563 families and 373,602 souls.

     Those in attendance at the conference are the following:

Beaver Creek, Rev. O. SWILLING and A. WUERGLER, delegate;
Gladstone, Rev. E. HOLDER and M.A. DUX, delegate;

Goehner, Rev. A. WOTH and Mr. A. GESEKING, delegate;

Harvard, Rev. H. SCHIRNECKER and J. BIECK, delegate;

Jansen, Rev. A. RAHN and J. ELSASSER, delegate;

Lincoln, Rev. A. MATZNER and Mr. J. MOHR, delegate;

Loup City, Rev. O. SCHULTZ and H. DOLLING [or DELLING?], delegate;

Maple Grove, Rev. F. LUEDECKE and W. BROCKMEIER, delegate;

McWilliams, C. ELLER and Mr. F. RUENHOLL, delegate;

Nebraska City, Rev. W. SCHULZ (no delegate);

Omaha, Rev. W. SCHAEFER (no delegate);

Osage, Rev. J. ABELE and Mr. H.L. HOELSCHER, delegate;

Plattsmouth, Rev. J. STEGER and Mr. Theo STARKJOHANA, delegate;

Plymouth, Rev. F. ABELE and Mr. J. FATUM, delegate;

Rulo, Rev. W. KOTTICH and Mr. H. ZIMMERMANN, delegate;

Seward, Rev. A. WOTH and Mr. F. GEHLBACH, delegate;

Talmage, Rev. G. DECKINGER and Mr. M. BRORKEN [?hard to read], delegate;

Tilden, Rev. F. KLINSHEWSKI and Mr. H. KAEHLER, delegate;

Wayne, Rev. W. FISCHER and Mr. D. MEYER, delegate;

West Blue, Rev. G. DUENSING and Mr. W. SCHLICHTEMEIER, delegate;

West Point, Rev. W. MANGELSDORF and Mr. W. HENSEL, delegate;

Western, Rev. E. ALECK and Mr. H. MATUKE, delegate;

Lincoln, Rev. J.D. MAUL and Mr. J. HERGAMEDER, delegate.


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