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Religion in Nebraska
Lutheran Churches
Adams County

Juniata, NE - Zion Lutheran
February 1878, Missionary C Meyer met with 10 families and Zion Lutheran Church of Juniata, NE was formed.

Charter members, Einspahr, Hohlfeld, Wagner, Biel, Hagemann, Lehr, Grelck, Huckfeldt, Grebe, Brunner, Felzien, Winkler, Ruhter, Banieff, Fischer, Kruetzer, Wiegand and Winter.

First ministers were:
     Rev C Meyer 1877 - 1880
     Rev A Baumhoefener 1880-1881
     Rev Ernst Flach 1881 - 1885
     Rev Fred Duever 1885 - 1891

This church is located in rural Wanda Twp., Juniata, NE. In Feb 2001 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the church building.
In 2003 we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the church.


Holstein, NE - St Paul Lutheran Church
15 Oct 1899, a group of Lutherans in and around Holstein assembled for the purpose of founding a congregation. Name of congregation "The First German Evangelical Lutheran St Paul Congregation of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession in Adams County, Nebr."

Families forming the congregation were Arnold, Berndt, Bohlen Boehlke, Elhers, Golgart, Hansen, Harm, Huckfeldt, Huss, Metzer, Mueller, Riese, Ronnekamp, Sander, Schroeder and Timm.

Early pastors:
     Rev Karl Firnhaber 1900 - 1905
     Student Adolph Schrien 1907 - 1908
     Pastor Traugott Haessler, Sr 1906 - 1906
     Student Traugott Haessler, Jr 1906 - 1907
     Pastor Traugott Haessler, Jr 1908 - 1910
     Pastor Adolph Schrein 1911 - 1913

The church is located in Holstein, NE


Verona Twp, Adams Co., NE - Christ Lutheran Church
In Jan 1882, Christ Lutheran was formed.

The following were charter members, Ernst, Kroll, Vollmer, Augustin, Struss, Lisius, Alms, Ruhter, Vollmer, Katzberg and Meyer.

Early pastors were pastors of Zion Lutheran Church, Wanda Twp
     Rev Ernst Flach 1881
     Rev Fred Duever 1885
     Rev A Mueller 1890 - 1897
     Rev H Wm Meyer 1898 - 1906

This church is located in Verona Twp, just south of Prosser, Adams Co., NE


31 May 2001: Above info for Adams County provided by Jan Plambeck <> Thank you!

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