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passed in their studies and elected to elders orders. Frank B. Ham, Thomas W. Mathews, Henry Trezona, Oscar Eggleston and Geo. H. McAdam.

   Continued. -- The characters of the following were passed and they were continued in the class of the fourth year: Walter H. La Vake, Lewis Campbell, with a request that he be left without an appointment to attend some one of our schools, and James H. Wilcox, with the understanding that if he pass the examination he shall be elected to Elders orders.

   Question IX. -- "Who are in the fourth years studies?" was taken up. Norman A. Martin's character was passed, his collections reported and he was passed to the class of the fourth year.

   J. A. High. -- Tbe name of Jed A. High was called. The presiding Elder read a communication from him declaring his withdrawal from the ministry and membership of the M. E. Church.

   Referred. -- On motion of J. W. Shank his case was referred to the committee on Conference relations.
   Thomas Bithel's character was passed. He was continued in the class of the third year and it was requested that he be left without an appointment to attend one of our schools.

   Question VII. -- Was taken up. "Who have been admitted into full membership?"
   The following were called forward: Frank W. Bross, Wm. VanBuren, John T. Crooks, Abram J. Young, Arthur L. Mickel, John A. Dooley, Cromer O. Larrison, Jehu H. Johnson and Albert W. Hobson, The Bishop read a scripture lesson. The 813th Hymn was sung and the Bishop offered prayer after which he addressed the candidates and asked them the usual Disciplinary questions, after which their characters were passed. their collections reported. They were advanced in their studies, admitted to full membership and the following elected to Deacons orders: Wm. VanBuren, John T. Crooks, Abram J. Young, John A.



Dooley, Cromer O. Larrison and Jelin H. Johnson. The others having been previously ordained Deacons.
   Cromer O. Larrison was requested to bring up his studies in Pope's Theology.
   The character of Robert E. Neal was passed. He was continued on trial in the class of the second year and it was requested that he be left without an appointment to attend some one of our schools. The character of Robert J. Cocking was passed and he was continued on trial in the class of the second year.
   On motion of A. Hodgetts the time was extended

   C. F. Heywood. -- The committee on Conference relations reported in the case of C. F. Heywood and his character was passed.
   On motion of F. B. Ham, it was ordered that after announcements were made the Conference stand adjourned.
   By request G. A. Luce and B. Blain were elected members of the committee on Sabbath observance, in place of J. B. Priest and C. M. Griffith.

   Announcements were made. The Doxology was sung and the Conference adjourned with the Benediction by the Bishop.



SATURDAY, September 17, 1892.

   Devotional exercises were conducted by H. L. Powers. At 9 o'clock the Bishop took the chair. The minutes of yesterday's proceedings were read and approved.

   Camp Meeting. -- The committee on Conference Camp Meeting submitted the following report:
   "We your committee on Conference Camp Meeting find an old indebtedness of one hundred and seventy dollars and sixty three cents. We recommend that the roll of the Conference be called for contributions to liquidate said indebtedness. We further recommend that the commission be dis-



solved, and that the Conference Camp Meeting be discontinued. " Signed

spacerJ. W. JENNINGS,

   The report was adopted and on motion of J. W. Bovee the calling of the roll for subscriptions was made the order of the day for 10 a. m.

   Reports. -- The reports of the following standing committees were read and approved:
   Periodicals, Tracts, Epworth League, Hospital and Deaconness' Home, American Bible Society, Auditing Church Extension, State of the Church, Education. On Motion of J. B. Maxfield, that part of the report on education referring to Chancellor C. F. Creighton was adopted by a unanimous rising vote. (See Reports.)

   Address. -- By invitation Chancellor Creighton addressed the conference.

   The report on Episcopal fund was re-committed.

   Jed A. High. -- The report of the committee on Conference Relations in the case of Jed A. High was read and adopted. (See Report.)

   Question XI was taken up: "What local preachers have been elected to deacon's orders?" The committee reported the examinations of the following and they were elected to deacon's orders: Wm. H. Linn, Robt. M. Henderson, Robt. J. Cocking, Richard N. Throckmorton and Farnum Ellis.

   Question XII was taken up. What local preachers have been elected to elder's orders? The committee reported the examination of Charles G. Rouse and he was elected to Elder's orders.

   On nomination of the Bishop, the examining committees and triers of appeals were elected (see standing committees) and D. K. Tindall, was appointed to preach the mission sermon, with Wm. Gorst as alternate.



   Treasurer. -- Tbe report of the Conference Treasurer was adopted. (See Treasurer's Summary.)

   Collection. -- On motion of Wm. Gorst the order of the day was taken up and the roll was called for subscriptions to liquidate the Conference Campmeeting indebtedness, and the amount called for was secured.

   Stewards. -- The report of the Conference Stewards was submitted, amended and adopted. (See Report.)

   Transfers. -- The following resolutions concerning transfers from this conference were adopted:

   WHEREAS, Rev. H. A. Crane has been transferred to the South India Conference, be it

   Resolved, 1st, That it is with sincere regret that we part with our beloved brother.

   2nd, That we wish him Godspeed in his new field of labor

   3rd, That we will gladly welcome his return as one of our number at any time. Signed,

spacerGeo. A Brown.   spacerT. C. Clendening.
C. N. Dawson.   spacerD. C. Winship.
J. W. Robinson.  spacerJ. W. Jennings.

   Resolved, That we recognize in the transfer of L. H. Eddleblute to the Erie Conference the loss to our Conference of a most devoted and able minister of Christ, and we shall ever pray the blessing of God upon him and his work.

spacerSigned spacerT. C. Clendening.
spacerA. Hodgetts.

   Resolved, That we have learned with sincere regret of the transfer of Rev. P. S. Merrill D. D. to another Conference. That we recognize in him a beloved brother and a worthy and efficient minister of the gospel. That we bid him God speed, in his new field of labor, and that we will gladly give him a place among us if at any time he should seek a re-admission to our ranks.spacerSigned

spacerW. K. Beans, spacerT. C. Clendening,
spacerJno. P. Roe, spacerGeo. M. Brown.

   Whereas, Wm. Carter has been transferred to the Dakota



Conference and will there continue his labors for the Master.

   Resolved, That it is with regret that we part with this man of God, and we hereby assure Brother Carter, that should he in the Providence of God desire to return to us we will extend to him a hearty welcome. Signed

spacerJ. B. Priest,spacerWm. Esplin,
D. W. McGregor,spacerH. C. Myers,
J. W. Jennings,spacerC. N. Dawson.

   Methodist Publishing Co. -- The following resolution was read and adopted:

   Whereas under the act of incorporation the Conference is authorized to elect two members of the board of directors of the Methodist Publishing Company at Omaha, we respectfully nominate for that position Wm. Gorst and D. K. Tindall. Signed,

spacerGeo. M. Brown
C. N. Dawson
J. B. Maxfield.

   Resolution. --The following resolution was adopted:

   Whereas in the Providence of God we have granted our much beloved brother H. L. Powers a supernumerary relation, to engage in Evangelistic work among us.

   Resolved, That we take great pleasure in recommending him to our brethren of the Ministry as being a true and faithful man of God and loyal to the Church. Signed,

spacerJ. B. Maxfield. spacerJno. P. Roe.
D. K. Tindall. spacerJ. E. Moore.
J. B. Priest. spacerT. C. Webster.
T. C. Clendening. spacerD. Marquette.
J. W. Robinson.

   Itinerants Club. -- D. K. Tindall offered the following resolution concerning the organization of an Itinerants club.

   Whereas we as a church have ever believed in the highest pulpit efficiency, and in all possible legitimate measures looking thereto. Resolved that we favor the organization of an Itinerants club composed of the ministers of the several



annual Conferences of Nebraska which shall meet annually at Fremont, Nebraska, at or about the time of the Fremont Chautauqua Assembly. That the under-graduates of the Conferences be requested to meet at that time and place in the interest of their Conference course of study: and that the work of the club consists of lectures, sermons, courses of reading, etc.

   Resolved, That there shall be no financial obligations for this Conference connected with this Itinerants club.

   Resolved, That we earnestly request the other two Conferences of the state at their next session to take similar actions an this matter. We recommend the election of the following named brethren as officers of this society for one year: President, J. W. Jennings; Secretary, G. M. Brown; Treasurer, Wm. Gorst.

Signed. spacerD. K. Tindall, Wm. Gorst,
spacerG. M. Brown, J. W. Jennings.
spacerJ. W. Robinson.

   Encyclopedia. -- J. B. Maxfield made a statement as to the conditional gift by himself to the North Nebraska Conference seminary of a set of Encyclopedia Britanica. and on motion of T. C. Clendening, the trustees were requested to restore the books to him.
   J. W. Shank announced the donation of six shares of stock, one of which was by L. H. Rodgers of Fremont, to the Methodist Publishing company at Omaha, and moved that the conference directors be made recipients of such and all similar donations; and on motion of F. B. Ham, our heartiest thanks were tendered to the donors of the aforesaid stock.

   Question XXIII was taken up "Who are the supernumerary preachers?" On motion of J. E. Moore, the relation of C. F. Hyywood and W. A. Davies was at their own request changed from effective to supernumerary.
   On motion of D. Marquette, the relation of W. R. Phelps was changed from effective to supernumerary.

   Located. -- On motion of T. C. Clendening, Thos. L. Helliwell was granted a location at his own request.



   The characters of the following were passed and their relation continued: T. W. Owen, Samuel Cates, C. H. Savidge, N. H. Gale, J. W. Bovee, J. P. Roe.
   At his own request the relation of D. T. Olcott was changed from effective to superannuate.

   Adjournment. -- On motion of J. W. Robinson, it was ordered that when we adjourn it be to meet at 7:30. p. m.

   Question XXIX. -- "Where shall the next conference be held?" was taken up and Norfolk was unanimously chosen.

   Seminary. -- Wm. Gorst offered the following resolution, which after discussion, was on motion of J. B. Maxfield, laid on the table:

   Resolved, That it is the sense of this conference that the proposed location of a seminary at Pender is not looked upon with favor for the following reasons:
   1st. Pender is within about fifty miles of the location of the university of the northwest.
   2nd. Pender is located in the extreme east end of the conference with settlement only on one side, and an Indian reservation on the other; and a one-sided location has always been one of the chief objections to the location at Central City.
   3rd. We believe that there are other towns more centrally located where a seminary would be much more efficient and useful to our church, and which would put up as much or more money and property for such a school were it generally known that a seminary is to be located within the conference territory. Signed,

spacerWm. Gorst, spacerF. B. Ham,
J. W. Jennings,spacerD. C. Winship.

   The doxology was sung and the Bishop pronounced the benediction.


   At 7:30 P. M. the conference re-convened. The Bishop read Scripture lesson and offered prayer. The minutes of the morning session were read and approved.



   Question XV. "Have any died during the past year?" was asked. There were none.

   Reports. -- Following committees submitted reports which were adopted. Temperance, Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Woman's Home Missionary Society, Sunday Schools, Freedman's Aid and Southern Educational Society, Resolutions, Episcopal Fund and Missions.
   The report of the committee on Sabbath observance was read, amended and adopted as amended.

   Chaplain. -- On motion of J. E. Moore the Bishop was requested to appoint Geo. W. Martin Chaplain of the State Industrial school at Kearney.

   President. -- On motion of J. B. Maxfield the Bishop was requested to appoint E. A. Whitwam President of the North Nebraska college at Madison.

   Collection. -- On motion of A. Hodgetts a collection was taken to pay the janitor for services. The collection amounted to $8.01.

   Trustees. -- On motion of D. C. Winship, D. Marquette, J. W. Robinson and James Stephens were re-elected Trustees of Conference Claimant's fund.

   Board of Directors. -- On motion of J. W. Robinson the persons composing the Board of Directors of the Deaconess" Home of last year were re-elected.

   Question IV. -- "Who have been admitted on trial?" was taken up.

   The names of James M. Bothwell and Darley R. Collings were called. The Committee reported their examinations and they were admitted on trial.
   The following named were called forward, questioned by the Bishop, the Committee reported their examinations and they were admitted on trial. Thomas P. Donnelly, Albert V. Wilson, John A. Roads, Benjamin B. Keister, Edward W. Errickson, Henry R. St. Louis, Emory R. Adriance, Richard N. Throckmorton, William E. Northrop, Benjamin F. Masten, Richard J. Millard.



   Address. -- Chaplain C. C. McCabe was introduced and addressed the Conference.

   D. Marquette reported the receipt of a letter from J. J. Banbury, Missionary to China.

   Certificate of Ordination. -- The following certificate of ordination was received:

   This certifies that at St. Paul, Nebraska on the 17th of September, 1892, I ordained Wm. Van Buren, John T. Crooks, Jelin H. Johnson, Abram J. Young, John A. Dooley, Cromer O. Larrison, Wm. H. Linn, Robt. M. Henderson, Farnum Ellis, Robt. J. Cocking and Richard N. Throckmorton Deacons, and aided by Elders present, Charles G. Rouse, Frank B. Ham, Thomas W. Mathews, Henry Trezona, Oscar Eggleston and Geo. H. McAdam, Elders in the Church of God after the usages of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
spacerH. W. WARREN.

   St. Paul, Nebraska, Sept. 18, 1892.

   On motion of A. Hodgetts it was ordered that after the reading of the appointments the Conference stand adjourned sine die.

   The minutes of the evening session were read and approved, announcements were made, the doxology was sung and the Conference adjourned with the benediction by the Bishop. The appointments were read at the close of the Sunday evening service.

   We hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct record of the business of the North Nebraska Conference in its eleventh session.

spacerHENRY W. WARREN, President.

D. C. WINSHIP, Secretary.

Anniversaries, Sunday Services


   Tuesday evening Sept. 13th a Conference reception was held. J. E. Moore, P. E. of Grand Island District presided and introduced Hon. J. W. Templin of St. Paul who gave the address of welcome which was responded to in behalf of the Conference by Dr. J. B. Maxfield, after which followed general handshaking and greeting by old friends.


   The anniversary of the Woman's Home Missionary Society was held Thursday afternoon. Mrs. M. E. Roberts presiding. After singing Mrs. H. A. Barton led in prayer, Mrs. P. C. Worts read the scripture lesson and Mrs. J. B. Maxfield Cor. Secretary read her report. In the absence of the Treasurer, Mrs. A. Hodgetts, her report was read by Mrs. Wm. Gorst. The address was made by Mrs. Roberts and was well received.

   The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Pres., Mrs. T. B. Lemon; Cor. Sec., Mrs. J. B. Maxfield; Rec. Sec., Mrs. W. K. Beans; Treas., Mrs. H. H. Millard. A vice president and one manager from each District was elected as follows:

   Omaha, _____, Vice President. _________, Manager; Norfolk, Mrs. D. C. Winship, Vice President; Mrs. J. Charles, Manager; Grand Island, Mrs. J. B. Leedom, Vice President; Mrs, Geo. McAdam, Manager; Elkhorn, Mrs. Marquette, Vice President; Mrs. John Crews, Manager.


   Epworth League Anniversary was held Wednesday at 3:30 P. M. W. K. Beans presiding. After singing led by H. L. Powers, N. A. Martin led in prayer. Wm. Gorst of Neligh was introduced and spoke on the organization of the League. J. W. Robinson spoke on the relation of the young people to the moral and social problems of the day. G. M. Brown spoke, urging the necessity of religion and literary work by the young people of the church. G. H. McAdam in a very neat address emphasized the efficiency of the Epworth League in restoring the old time customs of our church.

   The music was inspiring, and services were closed with benediction by J. B. Leedom.


   The Missionary sermon was preached by H. C. Myers on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock and was well received by the large audience.



   Dr. Spencer being unable to be present J. B. Maxfield presided. After singing, G. M. Brown offered prayer. The scriptures were read by A. Hodgetts. J. B. Maxfield, in a few well chosen words, introduced the following, who all made excellent addresses: J. W. Shank, J. W. Robinson, J. W. Jennings and D. Marquette. This meeting was one of the best ever held by the conference. The services were closed with benediction by Dr. Maxfield.


   A memorial service was held in memory of Mrs. Bartley Blain on Friday afternoon, Bro. J. Crews presiding. A very able and pathetic address was given by Mrs. J. B. Maxfield as a tribute to preachers' wives. A very appropriate memoir was read by J. Crews. D. C. Winship spoke of the beautiful character as a wife, a mother and a christian, of the deceased. The sympathy of the Conference was extended to Brother Blain. The closing song, "We'll never say goodbye in heaven," was sung and the benediction was pronounced by Wm. H. Carter.


   The educational anniversary was held on Friday evening at 8 P. M. N. Dawson presiding. After singing by the choir, J. B. Maxfield led in prayer. The scripture was read by Bishop Warren. J. W. Shank was introduced and spoke on the children's day collection. Bishop Warren followed and was received with applause, and delivered a masterly address on the possibilities of man if educated. After singing, Chancelor C. F. Creighton of Nebraska Wesleyan University was introduced and spoke on our educational interests in the state.
   After the announcements the services closed with the benediction by L. St. Clair.


   The Sabbath services were held in the opera house, opening with a love feast at 9:30 led by J. W. Robinson. The relation of the experiences of the year, as told by the brethren were exceedingly touching and profitable.
   Following this service came the ordination of deacons by Bishop Warren.
   At 11 o'clock the large audience was delighted with a masterly sermon, full of spirit and of power by the Bishop from Eph. 3:14, 19. The subject treated was, "The growth and development of christians." At the close of the sermon Dr. C. C. McCabe took the platform and called for a subscription of $900.00 in the interest of our church in St. Paul. Which amount was soon secured. After singing the doxology the meeting was dismissed with the benediction.



   At 3 o'clock A. Hodgetts delivered a beautiful and forceful sermon on the atonement, which was followed by the ordination of elders.


   Was held at the Opera House at 7:00 P. M., which was opened by a service of song led by Chaplain McCabe. Rev. Wm. M. Worley presided. Rev C. B. Allen read the scripture lesson and J. L. St. Clair led in prayer. After singing, Chaplain McCabe was introduced and delivered a stirring address on Missions. Rev. Dr. Mason of the Savannah Conference was then introduced by the Bishop and delivered an eloquent address on Freedman's Aid and Southern Education. The Bishop followed with a short address after which the appointments were read. The conference stood adjourned by previous motion, and the benediction was pronounced by Bishop Warren.



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