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Reports of COMMITTES.


   Your committee respectfully report that, "We find that the accounts of the Presiding Elders are correct, and there has been returned $12.50 by David Marquette and $50.00 by J. E. Moore. That we find the Secretary's account, correct. That we find the accounts of the Treasurer correct.
spacerF. B. Ham, G. H. McAdam, D. N. McGregor.


   We recognize the Bible as not only the the soul of pure religion, but also the basis of all morality and true education, and as the leaves of this tree of life are scattered among the poor, the needy and the afflicted, so will they become rich in faith and in grace and ultimately be lifted up into the realms of eternal life.
   Resolved, That we find in the American Bible Society a noble assistant, at home and abroad, in putting the Word of God into the homes of the people. That we pledge our continued sympathy and co-operation with the agent of this society, and that we will welcome him to our charges in his work, and collect or aid in securing good collections, for this splendid cause.    Signed,
spacerD. C. Worts, Chas. C. Snavely, W. A. Wilson, J. R. Gearhart.

Church Extension.

   We recognize the organization of the Church Extension Society as one of the great providential movements of Methodism. We rejoice in its wonderful growth, the thousands of church buildings standing as monuments to this beneficient agency. In view of the marvelous work accomplished in the extension of Christ's Kingdom, by direct donations, and through the same friend of this society. The cheering fact which ought to appeal most penetratingly to us, that more than one hundred church buildings have been made possible in this Conference through the beneficence of this society, that over $60,000 have been poured out upon this field, in donations and loans, and that the Church Extension Society stands ready to give back to us four dollars and one-half for every dollar we place in her treasury. We believe, in view of these facts, in every charge, where a heroic effort is not made on the part of the pastor and people to raise at least the amount apportioned for this society, that the people are justly censurable, and the pastor, short sighted, and unappreciative. Signed,
spacerW. K. Beans, F. B. Ham, W. H. H. Pillsbury.   



 Conference Campmeeting.

   Your committee on Conference campmeeting find an old indebtedness of $170.63. We recommend that the roll of the conference be called for contributions to liquidate said indebtedness. We further recommend that the commission be dissolved and the Conference campmeeting be dissolved.
   Signed, spacerJ. W. Jennings, J. W. Robinson, W. M. Worley.

Conference Relation.

   Your committee respectfully reports in the case of Brother C. F. Heywood as follows: After duly considering all evidence presented, the committee finds that Brother C. F. Heywood did not go to the charge to which he was assigned at the last Annual Conference; but that unavoidable circumstances made it apparently impossible for him to travel the circuit sufficient to excuse him from any violation of the spirit of paragraph 182 of the Discipline and that as far as we can determine Brother Heywood has not manifested a spirit of unsubordination to the authority of the church but on the contrary a spirit of loyalty. We also find that Brother Moore, P. E., in his relations to Brother Heywood was actuated by the purest motives, and sincere desire to promote his welfare and the best interests of the church.   Signed,
spacerJohn P. Roe, Chas. C. Snavely, Wm. Gorst, J. B. Priest, E. C. Harper.

   Your committee in the case of Brother J. A. High submits the following report:  From a carful consideration of the testimony before us, we conclude that Brother High's conduct in leaving the appointment at Leigh was wholly unjustifiable, and to say the least, his request for a certificate of ministeral standing ought not to be considered so long as he retains his credentials instead of delivering them to the properly constituted authorities, and understanding that he is indebted to the Book Concern, we respectfully recommend to the Annual Conference to refuse permission for his withdrawal until he either pays that indebtedness or secures the payment of the same in a manner satisfactory to the Book Agents. Whatever course the Conference may pursue with respect to this case, your committee trusts it will be such as to severly censure trifling with Conference relations and ministerial vows.    Signed,
spacerJno. P. Roe, Chas. Snavely, Wm. Gorst, J. B. Priest, E. C. Harper.

Episcopal Fund.

   Your committee on Episcopal fund find that the assessment for this Conference year was $378.00 of which assessment but $323.00 were collected, leaving a deficit of $55.00. We respectfully recommend that every pastor use his utmost endeavor hereafter to collect his apportionment for the Episcopal Fund.    Signed,
spacerE. C. Harper, J. W. Miller, H. L. Powers.




   Whereas, our church has ever emphasized the importance of Christian Education and Denominational schools, and though it was not born in a University, it originated with University men; and while we may not have done our whole duty in this work of higher Christian Culture, we rejoice in the success thus far achieved, and since so much depends upon Christian Education as to the highest efficiency of the church in the world's salvation.
   Resolved, That we greatly feel the importance of, and are much pleased with the excellent work and prosperity of our Nebraska Wesleyan University and pledge to it our most liberal and hearty support. That we keenly feel and fully appreciate the financial needs of our University and urge our preachers and people to rally to its support now in the time of its need. That we deeply sympathize with Chancellor Creighton in his present trials and perplexities and pray upon him and the University the choicest benedictions of our Heavenly Father.
   Resolved, That we again affirm our faith in and loyalty to our unification plan. That we much regret the failure of our North Nebraska Conference Seminary, and would positively discourage the founding of any more schools of learning in our state which shall not be self supporting. That it gives us pleasure to learn the founding of a Theological School in connection with our University at Denver, and we wish for it, as for all such of our schools, great prosperity. That we emphasize the importance of all our charges duly observing Children's Day and the collection thereon, forwarding the same to the Secretary, Dr. Payne, at New York. That we greatly rejoice in the great enterprise in your coming American University to he established at Washington, D. C. and wish for it the greatest possible success. That we earnestly recommend that our young ministers, in every case practicable attend some one of our Theological schools. We recommend as officers of our Conference Educational Society, the following; President, C. N. Dawson; Vice President, W. K. Beans; Secretary, J. Charles; Treasurer, H. H. Millard. To supply vacancies in directors in same, G. A. Luce, J. H. Wilcox, for term ending 1895. D. W. McGregor, and E. C. Harper for term ending 1894. Member at large, J. B. Maxfield.
   For vacancies on Board of Trustees of Nebraska Wesleyan University we recommend the following in place of L. H. Rogers resigned: R. B. Schneider for term ending 1894. For term ending 1896, J. B. Maxfield and T. C. Clendening. To fill unexpired term of Dr. Merrill, A. Hodgetts. We recommend the following Conference visitors to Nebraska Wesleyan University: G. M. Brown, N. A. Martin; to Garrett Biblical Institute, W. M. Worley, Wm. Gorst; to Denver Theological School, A. Hodgetts, H. A. Barton; to De Pauw University, D. K. Tindall and T. C. Webster.
                       Signed, C. M. Griffith, A. Hodgetts, D. K. Tindall, G. A. Luce.



Freedmans Aid and Southern Education.

   It is with devout thanks to the great Head of the Church that we note the increasing prosperity of this Society. While prosperity has marked almost every period of its past history, yet its needs were never more pressing, or its demands more urgent than at the present time. Think of 20,746,683 population in sixteen of our southern states, forty-six per cent. of whom can neither read nor write. During the past year only $106,651 have been raised for the purpose of carrying forward this great work, $50,524 of which was contributed by the Western Conferences.
   Resolved, That we should put forth greater efforts for the raising of funds for this particular field of labor during the coming year.    Signed,
spacerJ. L. St. Clair, F. Ellis, Henry Trezona.

Hospital and Deaconess Home.

   Your committee appointed to consider the matter of the Hospital and Deaconess Home in Omaha, reports as follows:  We are gratified with the reports sent out by the institution, showing a large increase in material prosperity and a great deal of both hospital and deaconess work done during the year. We are confident that the work done in both directions is of a character that should command our highest esteem, greatest effort to support and most generous financial aid. But while so much has been done, and the prospects for future usefulness are so promising, it is our conviction that certain changes should be made in regard to several points of great interest in the work.  1st. We are of the opinion that while Deaconesses work the year around, receiving only board and clothing, with a cash allowance of but two dollar's per month, it is not the best plan to employ in agent at $100 per month to look after the temporal interests. Thousands of our people have never seen a Methodist Deaconess and we believe that if arrangements were made for one or more of them to visit our churches and communities, and present their own cause, much more money could be raised for the work at a great deal less expense to the institution, and we, therfore, recommend, so far as may be, that the deaconesses visit the churches in the financial interests of the institution.  2d. Your committee have not a copy of the articles of incorporation of the hospital at hand but are under the impression that such safeguards have not been thrown around the institution as would surely maintain it under Methodist management under all circumstances which might arise, and we therefore recommend that the articles of incorporation be so amended that the association may nominate the board of trustees, each member of which board shall be finally elected by some one of the patronizing, annual Conferences and as it is desirable to enlist a number of Conferences in the support of the hospital and deaconess home, we recommend that one third (or about that



number) of the trustees be subject to final election by the North Nebraska Anunual Conference and the balance of the board be equally distributed, for final election, among the Nebraska, the West Nebraska, the Des Moines and the North West Iowa Conferences.    Signed,
spacerWm. Gorst, J. W. Miller, J. T. Knuckey, H. D. Brown.


   We recognize the wisdom of the last General Conference in the appointment of a commission to publish the Omaha Christian Advocate and in authorizing any annual Conference or Mission to adopt it as its official organ. We congratulate the Commission on the successful inauguration of the enterprise. We believe that this paper has the opportunity to become one of the foremost advocates of our Church. Being established in the center of a vast Methodist population sufficiently remote from all other official papers of our denomination, it has a first claim upon our cordial support and we recommend its adoption as the official paper of this Conference. The confidence of the General Conference in authorizing its publication, its attractive, appearance, the ability shown in its editorial columns, its contents of local and general news, and the low price of subscription placing it within the reach of all, leads us to urge the earnest effort of every pastor to place it in the homes of all our people. We heartly endorse the action of the Commission in the selection of Rev. J. W. Shank, D. D., to the editorship of the Omaha Christian Advocate, and request Bishop Warren to concur in the election by appointing him to the position. We consider the New York Christian Advocate, the leading journal of our great Methodism. We believe the Central, the Western, and the Northwestern scarcely second to this. They are all sound in doctrine, commanding in appearance, outspoken upon all questions of our times, and their influence in the home is without a question. The Epworth Herald, published for the especial benefit of our young people, we consider a child of necessitv, well calculated to accomplish great good by instructing our ever rising and growing minds of Methodism along those lines of thought and work that are sure, to produce fruit to the glory of God and the blessing of the Church. We believe the present age of Methodism demands the very best and highest grade of literature; literature which will develop the best possible thought along the line of all those questions that are now attracting the attention of the best thinkers of this age. We believe the Methodist Review is wisely and ably organized to meet this demand. While we much lament the untimely death and departure of its most efficient editor. Dr. Mendenhall, we congratulate the Book Committee upon its wise choice of Dr. Buttz, as his successor, and will continue to ask God's blessing upon it and renew our pledge of hearty support both by subscription and pen. Signed,
spacerG. M. Brown, Wm. Gorst, H. C. Myers, N. A. Martin.

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