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   (For Monday and Tuesday, and also Wednesday afternoon see minutes.)

   WEDNESDAY EVENING occurred the anniversary of the Conference Missionary Society, President N. A. Martin, presiding. Rev. Dr. A. Hodgetts, Representative 10th District, and Rev. Dr. A. B. Leonard, Corresponding Secretary, delivered addresses after which C. N. Dawson, Secretary of Society, made report and on motion of J. W. Robinson the present officers were re-elected for ensuing year.

   THURSDAY AFTERNOON the anniversary of the Womans' Home Missionary Society occurred. Mrs. L. Borsheim, President of Conference Society, presided and delivered address. Mrs. J. W. Jennings, Mrs. D. K. Tindall, Mrs. H. H. Millard, Mrs. J. Crews and Mrs. Wm. Esplin, participated.

   THURSDAY EVENING was the anniversary of the Church Extension Society. Rev. Dr. A. Hodgetts, Vice-President of Conference Board of Church Extension, presided. Rev. Dr. M. L. Hard, Recording Secretary of the Society, delivered an address.

   FRIDAY AFTERNOON the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society held their anniversary. Mrs. Ida J. Moe, the Secretary of Conference Society, presided and delivered an address. Miss --- Watson, of Lincoln, also delivered an address. Mrs. Tindall and Mrs. N. A. Martin, participated.

   FRIDAY EVENING. The Educational Anniversary was presided over by Rev. Dr. J. W. Robinson, Vice-President of the Board of Trustees Nebraska Wesleyan University. Chancellor C. M. Ellinwood delivered the address.

   SATURDAY AFTERNOON. The Omaha Hospital and Deaconess' Home held an anniversary presided over by Thos. C. Webster, one of the trustees. Addresses were delivered by Rev. Dr. C. N. Dawson, one of the managers, and Miss Lida M. Herrick, one of the deaconesses. The Bishop consecrated to the office of deaconess, Miss Thyra L. Brandt and Miss Jennie E. Jackson.

   SATURDAY EVENING the Freedmen's Aid and Southern Education Society held its anniversary, presided over by Rev. Dr. J. W. Shank. Addresses were delivered by Rev. Dr. J. B. Carns and Rev. Dr. J. W. Hamilton, the latter one of the Corresponding Secretaries of the Society.

   SUNDAY MORNING at 9:30 the Conference Love Feast began, conducted by Rev. C. Owen Larrison. At 10:30 the Bishop took charge of the services, assisted by the pastor of local church and Rev. J. P. Roe,. The Bishop preached the Sermon from the text, "What Will Thou Have Me to Do?"



   SUNDAY AFTERNOON the Ordination Services of Deacons and Elders occurred, and the following named were ordained by the Bishop, assisted by the Presiding Elders and other Elders, viz: DEACONS: Allen Bishop, Elmer E. Day, R. Frank Shacklock, Josiah E. Fowler, Edward T. Antrim, Henry H. Burch, Francis M. Wright and Henry Zinnecker. ELDERS: Edward W. Erickson, Robert J. Cocking, Edward T. George, John P. Yost, Francis M. Clark and James M. Bothwell.


   The Memorial service followed the Ordination services. Rev. Jabez Charles presided. John Crews read memoir of David C. Worts, and W. R. Peters and D. K. Tindall made brief addresses. Geo. H. Main read memoir of Thos. P. Donnelly, and F. M. Sisson and J. E. Moore made brief addresses. C. N. Dawson read memoir of Alice Clendening and D. K. Tindall made a brief address.

   SUNDAY EVENING the anniversary of Epworth League occurred. Rev. Dr. F. M. Sisson, president of Conference League, presided, and delivered an address, as did also Revs. W. P. Murray, C. C. Cissell, E. T. George and Mr. A. E. Spencer.





   Rev. David C. Worts was born in New Cumberland, Cumberland county, Penn., June 1, 1825. He died at his home in Wood River, Neb., Jan. 10, 1897, at the age of 71 years, 7 months and 9 days.
   He was converted when a boy and had a clear call to the ministry. He received his education at Williamsport, Penn., and Dickenson College, Carlisle. At the age of 23 he was sent out by the church to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ. He was ordained elder by Bishop Bowman. The Baltimore Conference, of which he was first a member, took in much of the mountainous country of Pennsylvania. Some of the circuits he traveled required from one to two hundred miles travel in one round of the appointments, enduring great privations of hunger, cold and weariness.
   On account of asthma Bro. Worts was compelled to come west. He joined successively the Upper Iowa, Des Moines and North Nebraska Conferences. During the last twelve years, and up to the time of his death he was a member of the North Nebraska Conference, and died, as he testified on his death, loving greatly every member of the Conference. His ministry was a soul saving ministry. During forty-eight years he received some twenty-eight hundred persons into the church. He was confined to his bed for about eight weeks prior to his death. He expected to die, was fully resigned, and calmly arranged his business and the details of his funeral services. He was conscious to the last, happy in the assurance that he was going home and passed in triumph from the church militant to the church triumphant.
   He leaves a wife and six grown children. Sister Worts is with her brother at Brighton, Iowa.


   Thos. P. Donnelly was born in Ireland, of Roman Catholic parents, June 19, 1872. At the age of 15 he was converted to God. He obtained a copy of the Bible and for twelve months read it in secret, at times hiding it in a hay stack. Bro. Donnelly's friends now found out that he was a Protestant and various means were used to turn him from the faith. Failing in this he was driven from home, but not from Christ.
   In 1889 he was admitted to the Junior class in King's college, England. He came to Nebraska in 1892 and joined the North Nebraska Conference.
   The following charges were served by him:
   1892 Chapman and Fairview.
   1893 Wood River.
   1894 he spent in a theological school in Boston, and in 1895 he went to the Black Hills Conference.
   Two years ago Bro. Donnelly was sent to the Black Hills, hoping that the mountain air would be conducive to the restoration of his health, but



this was not to be, and as a last resort, Dr. Clough, his Presiding Elder, obtained for him a horse and covered wagon with all provisions for outdoor life, and with this he went to seek in Texas and New Mexico the health that seemed beyond his grasp. He returned to his friends in Nebraska, and at the home of Bro. Sisson, in Fremont, on July 5, 1897, he passed from the church militant to the church triumphant.


   Mrs. Alice Clendening was born in Boone county, Illinois, A. D. 1855; she was a daughter of the Rev. Garrett Luke; she graduated in the High School of Galena, Ill., and after a course in the State Normal, of Iowa, she became principal of the High School of Galena, Ill., where she had graduated; she was married to Rev. T. C. Clendening fourteen years ago, and was a faithful wife, and as a pastor's wife of ability, love and goodness, won the friendship of all; and is held in highest esteem by all who knew her.
   She spent ten years with her husband in the Lord's work in Nebraska, and went to her eternal home from Chicago, Illinois, June 24,1897; aged 48 years, 11 months and 23 days. She leaves her husband and one child to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate Christian wife and mother.

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