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Newspaper Articles: newspaper unknown, publication date not known.
These clippings glued to what appear to be pages of a conference booklet, all are damaged -
tears & holes, some stains, raggy edges. The booklet for 1900 is NOT in collection.


Nebraska Conference. (1900)

   The fortieth session of the Nebraska Conference convened in Nebraska City, Sept. 12. Bishop Merrill presiding. This is the seventh time the session has been held here since its organization in 1861. The last session was eight years ago. The members of the conference could not but be impressed with the great improvement in the church which has been wrought out under this pastorate of Dr. C. M. Shepherd during the past year. It is now one of the most beautiful, commodious and substantial churches in the state, and is entirely paid for.
   On Tuesday evening the examining board held Its annual meeting. and Secretary E. _. Mills addressed a large congregation on the Twentieth Century Offering. On Wednesday morning the conference organized by electing W. Fifer secretary, with W. J. Scott and L. T. __ assistants; Geo. Hobson, recorder, and O. T. Moore assistant. E. D. Gideon was elected statistical secretary with A. V. Wilson. F. A. Barnes, H. B. Seymour, H. W. Cope. J. W. _mbree, C. L. Myres. S. T. Walker and W. M. Morrow as assistants. U. H. Gilmore was elected treasurer, with J. G. Stanard as assistant. The transfer of W. M. Balch from St. Louis Conference was announced.
   The following presiding elders read their reports: W. B. Alexander, Hastings district: H. T. Davis, Lincoln district; P. Van Fleet, Nebraska City district; G. W. Isham, Beatrice district, and Geo. I. Wright, York district. W. H. Turrell and James Mailley were permitted to withdraw from the ministry and membership of the Church. Dr. J. F. Kemper was elected president of the conference missionary society, vice, Dr. J. C. H. Hobbs deceased during the year. The death of D. P. Kline was announced. In the afternoon Rev. T. A. Hull preached the conference sermon. and in the evening Dr. H. K. Carroll gave the missionary address.
   On the second day of the session a telegram was read by the secretary announcing the death at Boulder. Colo., of Dr. J. B. Maxfield, of Omaha. for many years a member of this conference. The secretary was instructed to send a message of sympathy to Mrs. Maxfield. C. E. Ruch, H. E. Covell. M. E. Gilbert and E. F. Gates were advanced to the second year. C. D. Metcalf was continued in the class of the first year and given credit for studies passed. S. T. Walker, Phil. H. Smith and W. H. Stanley were advanced to the fourth year. T. M. Ransom was continued in the third year. John Calvert. W. M. Morrow. J. E. McKenney. E. S. Burr and M. R. Crisp were passed to the class of the fourth year. Geo. C. Cobb was advanced, Henry Zinnecker was continued in the third year. G. W. Selby was excused from the third year studies and advanced to the class of the fourth year. A. J. Young was continued in the third year.
   I. W. Kenagy, Geo. Wash, H. V. Price, T. H. Lillie, and G. W. Ayers were admitted into full connection. George Wash was continued on trial.
   The following were introduced: C. B. Spencer. of the CENTRAL: W. M. Balch, recently transferred to this conference; C. N. Dawson, of North Nebraska; Miss Tweedy, of the Omaha Hospital and Deaconess Home; E. F. Miller. evangelist, of Chicago; L. A. Turner, pastor of the Congregational Church at Nebraska City; and W. J. Calfee, of the South Dakota Conference.
   On Thursday afternoon O. W. Fifer preached the annual missionary sermon, and at night an anniversary for the superannuates was held, presided over by Dr. P. C. Johnson. Addresses were made by F. L. Wharton. O. T. Moore, C. L. Smith and A. L. Folden.
   On the third day S. W. Gamble conducted the devotional services and addressed the conference upon the Sabbath question.
   A. J. Hollingworth, R. A. Barnes, E. M. Evan and Philip H. Smith were elected to Elders' or-

... (end of column - the following is on back of above, may be from a differant article)

ders. H. F. Smith, G. L. Hosford and A. B. Grossman were continued in the class of the fourth year. J. A. Chapin was superannuated at his own request and addressed the conference. A. W. Raimund, of La Salle Street Church, Beatrice, was elected to local deacon's orders. The orders of W. H. Lockwood, of Blue Hill, from the Free Baptist Church. and of Cyrus Wells, from the United Brethren Church, were recognized. Mr. S. H. Pye, of the Book Concern and Dr. C. B. Spencer, of the CENTRAL, addressed the conference. A resolution was adopted asking that the old tunes be restored to the hymns in the new book now in preparation.
   On behalf of the Hastings district preachers, C. B. Lenfest presented W. B. Alexander, retiring presiding elder, with a gold watch. The Bishop announced the transfers of L. T. Guild to the Des Moines Conference, and T. McKendree Stuart from that conference to this. By vote of the conference the transfer of W. J. Calfee, of the South Dakota Conference, was invited. Miss Tweedy addressed the conference in behalf of the Omaha Hospital, and E. E. Hosman, financial agent of Nebraska Wesleyan University, represented the interests of that institution. The board of stewards announced that the receipts by collection for the superannuate fund was $1,748 cash.
   In the afternoon the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society anniversary was held and addresses were made by Dr. Spencer, of the CENTRAL and Geo. C. Cobb. returned missionary from Korea. In the evening the educational anniversary meeting was held with addresses by Dr. Huntington and E. E. Hosman.
   On the fourth day A. J. Young, T. M. Ransom, A. P. Hull, E. L. Wells were continued in the supernumerary relation. The following were changed from the supernumerary to the superannuated relation: L. Jean, D. C. Brannon, A. Madole, James Williams, R. J. Adams, J. L. Orr. E. W. McMillen was made effective.
   A. L. Folden, Wm. Cowley, N. H. Davis, G. A. Smith, J. P. Jones, O. P. Sheldon, Hiram Burch, G. B. Crippen, C. G. Lathrop, Jeptha Marsh, Harrison Presson, Chas. Reilly, L. W. Smith, J. W. Taylor, J. L. Fort. J. M. Warfield, G. H. Smith, Geo. Hobson, Enoch Holland were continued in the superannuated relation. The relation of C. W. Wells was changed from supernumerary to superannuated.
   A. L. Bull, W. H. Shoaf, Wm. Hull, D. W. Wiet were admitted on trial. C. E. Winters was reinstated in the conference and elected to deacon's orders. Herbert Covell and Eugene Gates were elected to deacon's orders under provision of the Discipline applying to "remote fields" of labor.

Article follows the one above. 
Des Moines Conference.


   The forty first session of the Des Moines annual Conference met at Boone, Iowa, Sept. 12, with Bishop Walden in the chair. Wm. Stevenson was re- elected secretary with G. M. Hughes, M. G. Rambo and Chas. J. English as assistants W. G. Riheldaffer was re-elected statistical secretary. and David Shenton was re-elected treasurer. J. W. Taylor and C. E. Wood were announced as transferred from the Misouri Conference; W. O. Wooleter, a probationer of the first year, and E. H. Fleisher, from the Northwest Kansas Conference, and E. W. Erickon from the North Nebraska Conference. Dr. M. D. Collins, formerly a member of this confernce, was introduced.
   An impressive communion service was held. Dr. H. G. Jackson, of the Rock River Conference, represented the Church Extension Society. In the afternoon the missionary sermon was preached by McKendree Stahl. At the anniversary of the Woman's Home Missionary Society, Dr. W. H. W. Rees delivered an address. In the evening Bishop Walden delivered his lecture on Africa.
   On Thursday the presiding elders read reports of their work during the year. S. H. Pye, Agent of the Western Methodist Book Concern, addressed the conference. He presented a draft on the Book Concern for $1,088, and one on the Chartered Fund for $22, which were ordered paid. A statement was received from the treasurer of the Episcopal Fund which shows our apportionment to be $2,261, and our deficiency for 1st year to be $519. T. J. Wright. recently transerred from the East Main Conference. was introduced. The recommendations of the follow-

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Newspaper Article: newspaper unknown.
Nebraska Conference

   On Sunday H. T. Davis conducted the conference love feast, after which Bishop Merrill preached from Jno. 1: 12: "But as many as received him, ect." (sic) In the afternoon Ira W. Kenagy, H. V. Price, G. W. Ayres, T. H. Lillie, F. E. Winter, A. W. Reimund, E. E. Gates and H. E. Covell were ordained to the office of deacon; and A. J. Hollingsworth. R. A. Barnes, Edgar M. Evan. and P. H. Smith to the office of elder.
   Samuel H. Maxwell, from the Methodist Protestant Church, took the ordination vows of an elder. and W. H. Lockwood, from the Free Baptist Church, those of a deacon.
   On Monday W. J. Calfee was transferred from the Dakota Conference and appointed conference evangelist. W. H. Prescott and T. A. Campbell were elected conference evangelists.
   David City received the unanimous vote of the conference to meet there next year.
   At 2 P. M. a memorial service was held for E. Wilkinson. Dr. J. C. H. Hobbs and D. P. Cline.


BEATRICE DIST.-- George W. Isham, P. E.
(P. O., Beatrice.)

Alexandria, T H Lillie.
  Centenary, T McK Stuart.
  LaSalle Street. E L Barch.
Belvidere, E F Gates.
Blue Springs, L Morrison.
Burchard, J T Roberts.
Chester, C H Gilmore.
Crab Orchard, L G Parker.
Daykin, H E Covell.
DeWitt, U G Brown.
Diller, S H Maxwell.
DuBois, to be sup.
Ellis, H E Bromwell
Fairbury, W M Balch.
Filley, E F S Darby.
Hebron, J R Gettys.
Holmesville, P C Johnson.
Hubbell, to be sup.
Liberty, A B Grossman.
Mayberry, to be sup.
Odell, I L Lowe.
Ohiowa, W N Simpson.
Pawnee City, J W Stewart.
Plato, W W Hull.
Steele City, C D Metcalf.
Swanton, W H Lockwood.
Strang, to be sup.
Tobias, D C Phillips.
Vesta, F E Smith.
Western, G M Morey.
Wilber, F W Bean.
Wymore, J W Swan.

LINCOLN DIST.-- Heny T. Davis. P. E.
(P. O., 1019 S. Sixteenth St., Lincoln.)

Alvo, A S Bull.
Ashland, G M Jones.
Bennett, I W Kenagy.
Cedar Bluffs, J W Royse
Ceresco, J W Seabrook
Crete, W B Alexander.
Denton, R E Howard.
Dorchester, CB Lenfest.
Eagle, T A Butcher.
Elmwood, A M Perry.
Friend, J K M Maxfield.
Greenwood, J A Nichols.
Havelock, T S Fowler.
Ithaca, Win Van Buren.
  Asbury, to be sup.
  Bethel, L E Marsh.
  Emmanuel, T Engree.
  Epworth, H Zinneker.
  North Lincoln, T B Newburn.
  St. Paul, F L Wharton.
  Trinity, N A Martin.
  Grace, R N Orrill.
Mead, M E Gilbert.
Normal, H O Perry.
Raymond, J G Stanard.
Roca, D Fetz.
Prairie Home, C E Austin.
Sharon, A J Armstrong.
University Place, L C Lemon.
Valparaiso, W H Shoaf.
Victoria, R B White.
Wahoo, H G Wilcox.
Weston, A. J. Warne
Waverly, Wm Worley.

HASTINGS DIST.-- R. Pearson. P. E.
(P. O.. Hastings.)

Ayr, A G Blackwell.
Bladen, T C Priestly.
Blue Hill, J A Larkin.
Carleton, C P Metcalf.
Clay Center, W M Morrow.
Cowles, J E Rippeme.
Davenport, A G Forman.
Deweese, George Hammet.
Doniphan, G L Hosford.
Edgar, B W Marsh.
Fairfield, G H Moulton.
Fairmont, O M Gates.
Geneva, F A Colony.
Grafton, H B Seymour.
Guide Rock, E L Wolff.
Hardy, E L Burr.
Harvard, R A Barnes.
Hastings, C W Abbott.
Inavale, C A Parks.
Juniata, A W Coffman.
Kenesaw, E D Gideon.
Lawrence, W H Stanley.
Nelson, C L Hamilton.
Oak, F A Welles.
Ong, C W Welles (?)
Red Cloud, J H N Cobb.
Roseland, G M Andrews.
Superior, T A Hull.
Sutton, P H Smith.
Trumbull, J E McKenney.

(P. O., Nebraska City.)

Adams, Duke Slavens.
Auburn, A C Crosthwaite.
Brock and Talmage, O T Moore.
Brownville & Nemaha, A V Wilson.
Cook, J Calvert.
Douglas, E A Demott.
Elk Creek, T F Hamon.
Falls City. J S Dearn.
Glenrock, G W Avers.
Humboldt, E M Evans.
Johnson, George Shuman.
Louisville, D S Davis.
Murdock, C L Meyers.
Nebraska City, C M Shepherd.
Nehawka, F E Toms.
Palmyra, G W Martin.
Peru, W W McGuire.
Plattsmouth, Asa Seeth.
Rulo, George Wash.
Salem, Eugene Maxey.
Smartvile and Trinity, J W Davis.
Stella, S Goldsmith.
Sterling, J M Darby.
Syracuse, D B Lake.
Table Rock, A W Shanel.
Tecumseh, AB Whitmer.
Tarlington, H W Cope.
Weeping Water, T H Worley.
Zion, H F Smith.


YORK DIST.-- G. I. Wright, P. E.
(P. O.. York.)

Arborville, M R Crisp.
Aurora, J R Woodcock.
Beaver Crossing, Gideon Burch.
Bellwood, J F Kemper.
Bradshaw, H O Claycomb.
David City, L F Smith.
Emerald, E Holland.
Exeter, W H Mills.
Garrison, F Mills.
Gresham, O E Ruch.
Giltner, A E Chadwick.
Hampton, E W McMillian.
Linwood, J G Day.
McCool, S. Keiser.
Marquette, J L Mayo.
Milford, J L Presson.
Osceola, W J Scott.
Phillips, W V Price.
Platt Valley, D M Rickett.
Pleasant Dale, H C Lawyer.
Rising City. E J Randall.
Seward, John Gallagher
Shelby, S T Hawkins
Stockham, W K Williams
Stromsburg, George C Cobb.
Surprise, C E Rowe.
Ulysses, C E Giwits.
Utica, M C Smith.
Waco, S T Walker.
Ware, G E Ahern.
York, O W Pifer.


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