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[41st Session


   1 -- Who have been received by transfer, and from what conferences?
   Charles A. Hale, Nelson J. Chrysler and H. P. Young, a probationer, from the West Nebraska; Phidella P. Carroll from the Genesee; John W. Lewis from the Maine; Delbert L. Thomas from the Des Moines; John B. Hammel from the West German.

   2 -- Who have been readmitted? None.

   3 -- Who have been received on credentials, and from what churches?
   Edgar M. Reed as an elder from the Church of the United Brethren in Christ.

   4 -- Who have been received on trial?
   (a) In studies of first year? Edward M. Furman, Irvin C. Lemon, Lawrence Yost, Eugene Maxey.
   (b) In studies of third year? None.

   5 -- Who have been continued on trial?
   (a) In studies of first year? None.
   (b) In studies of second year? William W. Hull, Wiley H. Shoaf, Dora W. Wilt, Albert S. Bull, Charles D. Metcalf, Herbert E. Covell.
   (c) In studies of third year ? Eugene F. Gates.
   (d) In studies of fourth year? None.

   6 -- Who have been discontinued? None.

   7 -- Who have been admitted into full membership?
   (a) Elected and ordained deacons this year? Charles E. Ruch, Marvin E. Gilbert, George Wash.
   (b) Elected and ordained deacons previously ? None.

   8 -- What members are in studies of third year?
   (a) Admitted into full membership this year? Charles E. Ruch, Marvin E. Gilbert, George Wash.
   (b) Admitted into full membership previously? Truman M. Ransom (1899), George W. Ayers (1900), Henry Zinnecker (1899).

   9 -- What members are in studies of fourth year?
   George C. Cobb, Samuel T. Walker, Henry F. Smith, Green W. Selby, Ira W. Kenagy, Herbert V. Price.

   10 -- What members have completed the conference course of study?
   (a) Elected and ordained elders this year? William H. Stanley, John Calvert, William M. Morrow, Edward S. Burr, Mortimer R. Crisp, George L. Hosford, Alexander B. Grossman.
   (b) Elected and ordained elders previously? James E. McKenney.

Sept. 1901]



   11 -- What others have been elected and ordained deacons?
   (a) As local preachers? Leonidas M. Fleming.
   (b) Under missionary rule? None.

   12 -- What others have been elected and ordained elders? None.

   13 -- Was the character of each preacher examined? This was strictly done, the name of each preacher being called in open conference.

   14 -- Who have been transferred, and to what conferences? T. McK. Stuart, W. J. Calfee and D. C. Phillips to the Des Moines; S. T. Hawkins to the Idaho; P. Van Fleet to the Eastern South America; F. E. Smith to the Puget Sound; T. H. Lillie to the Oklahoma.

   15 -- Who have died? None.

   16 -- Who have been located at their own request? A. J. Young, J. H. N. Cobb.

   17 -- Who have been located? None.

   18 -- Who have withdrawn? C. H. Gilmore, S. H. Maxwell.

   19 -- Who have been permitted to withdraw under charges or complaints?. None.

   20 -- Who have been expelled? None.

   21 -- What other personal notation should be made? None.

   22 -- Who are the supernumerary preachers? T. M. Ransom, A. P. Hull, J. G. Walker, C. W. Wells, Francis Deal, H. B. Seymour, A. W. Coffman.

   23 -- Who are the superannuated preachers? C. L. Smith, A. L. Folden, G. W. Selby, William Cowley, N. H. Davis, A. P. Jones, Hiram Curtiss, O. P. Sheldon, Hiram Burch, G. B. Crippen, C. G. Lathrop, Jeptha Marsh, Harrison Presson, Charles Reilly, L. W. Smith, J. W. Taylor, J. L. Fort, G. A. Smith, J. W. Warfield, G. A. Hobson, Enoch Holland, J. A. Chapin, Lorenzo Jean, D. C. Brannon, Alvin Madole, James Williams, R. G. Adams, J. S. Orr, Moses Anderson, J. H. Beery, G. H. Moulton, E. W. McMillan, H. T. Davis.

   24 -- Who are the triers of appeals? J. W. Stewart, R. A. Barnes, W. M. Worley, J. R. Woodcock, C. M. Shepherd, F. A. Colony, J. R. Gettys.

   25 -- What is the statistical report for this year? See Statistical Tables.

   26 -- What is the aggregate of the benevolent collections ordered by the General Conference, as reported by the conference treasurer? $29,470.

   27 -- What are the claims on the conference fund? $5,000.

   28 -- What has been received on these claims, and how applied? $2,544. According to action of the conference.

   29 -- Where are the preachers stationed? See List of Appointments.

   30 -- Where shall the next conference be held? Wymore.



[41st Session


   The Board of Examiners will arrange for two examinations in each district in May and in August. Places and dates will be announced later. The May examinations will be upon the first three books of the respective courses. Syllabi on the first two books to be read should be ready at that time. If possible the remaining books and syllabi should be ready for the August examination. The Board will meet at the seat of annual conference one day before the session opens. Students who have failed in any examination or who have found it impossible to complete their work sooner, can be examined then. By order of the Board no other examinations will be held except those in May and in August, at the time and place appointed, and on the day before conference. Positively no examinations after conference opens. The chairman of each district, assisted by the other examiners in that district, will arrange for and conduct the district examinations. Examiners will send lists of questions to the chairman and to the following district chairmen before the May examinations: Beatrice district, P. C. Johnson, Holmesville; Lincoln district, L. C. Lemon, Univeristy (sic) Place; Nebraska City district, G. H. Moulton, Weeping Water; York district, J. W. Scott, Osceola; Hastings district, R. N. Orrill, Fairfield. Examiners will report to undergraduates when they fail in any study that they may have opportunity to prepare for a second examination. By order of the conference each person examined shall pay twenty-five cents to the district chairman at the first examination to cover incidental expenses. All written work must be neat and orderly. Examiners will furnish written questions and require written answers.



   I. L. Lowe. English Branches, Smaller Scripture History: Syllabi of The Tongue of Fire, (Theme -- The Promise and Fulfillment.) A Short History of the English People. (The Conquest of the Commonwealth.)
   T. H. Worley. Aspects of Christian Experience, Plain Account of Christian Perfection, Life of John Wesley, Syllabi: The Revival and the Pastor. Selections from the Writings of John Wesley.
   R. A. Barnes. Larger Catechism, History of the Methodist Episcopal Church. English and American Literature. Syllabus: Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Sept. 1901]




   A. B. Whitmer. Introduction to the Holy Scriptures. (Old and New Testament.) Syllabi: Wesley's Sermons, Sermon XI, The Modern Sunday School, Chapter VI.
   G. W. Abbott. Rhetoric, Logic, Syllabi: Christian Science and Other Superstitions, Methodist Review (For the Four Years.)
   P. P. Carroll. Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. (First year, Parts 1 and 2, Second Year, Parts 3 to 5.) Syllabus: History of the Methodist Episcopal Church. (First Year, book III, Chapters 3 and 4 Second Year, book V Chapters 7 and 8. Third Year book VI Chapters 12 and 13.)
   J. W. Scott. Systematic Theology (2 Volumes). Syllabi: Asbury's Journals (First Year Vol. 1, Second Year Vol. 2, Third Year Vol. 3.) Introduction to the New Testament.
   John Gallagher. Christian Purity or the Heritage of Faith. Discipline of the M. E. Church. (First Year Parts 1 to 5 Second Year parts 6 to the end.) Syllabi: From the Himalayas to The Equator. History of Methodism.
   R. N. Orrill. Outlines of Universal History. 1000 Questions on Methodism. Syllabi: Problems of Religious Progress: Ecclesiastical Architecture.


   P. H. Smith. Hermeneutics, Syllabi: The Supernatural Book, Hymn Studies, Life and Epistles of St. Paul.
   B. W. Marsh. Foundations of the Christian Faith, The Land of Israel, Syllabi: Introduction to Political Economy, Future Punishment.
   C. M. Shepherd. Outlines of Descriptive Psychology, Christian Ethics. Syllabi, Butler's Analogy, Part 1, Chapter 3, The Son of Man.
   L. C. Lemon. Extemporaneous Oratory. Syllabi: Supplementary History of American Methodism, The Historic Episcopate, Foreign Missions of the Protestant Churches.
   W. M. Balch. History of the Christian Church (two vols.) Introduction to Sociology, Syllabus: History of Rationalism.
   O. T. Moore. Syllabi: The Governing Conference in Methodism, History of the Ritual of the M. E. Church, Digest Of Methodist Law, The General Conference and Episcopacy, Christian Archaeology.



[41st Session


   H. G. Wilcox. outlines of Bible History, Theological Compend, Christian Baptism, Primer of Psychology, Short History of the Christian Church, History of Methodism (Abridged.) Discipline 1900.
   F. A. Colony. Systematic Theology, (Raymond, Three Vols.) Essentials of Argumentation, Introduction to Gospel Records, Digest of Methodist Law, 1000 Questions on Methodism, Plain Account of Christian Perfection, Doctrinal Aspects of Christianity.


   The books to be read in the Local Preacher's course should be reread but syllabi will not be required in the review. This board will examine only on the review.
   All examinations excepting those for local orders will be in writing.
   P. C. Johnson will have charge of all the exegetical work and the examination of the sermons of the class of the third year.
   O. W. Fifer will announce subjects for essays upon request. Essays should be sent to him at York, not later than August 1st. They should be about 1200 words in length. An essay written in school during the current year will be accepted.
   G. H. Moulton will examine the sermons of the classes in admission and the first year.
   The Presiding Elders are requested to report to the Chairman of the Board the names of candidates for admission and local orders as early as September 1.
spacerO. T. MOORE. Registrar, spacerG. H. MOULTON, Chairman.
spacerTalmage, Neb. spacerWeeping Water, Neb.

Sept. 1901]





   The Auditing committee of the Nebraska conference has examined the accounts of the Presiding Elders, the Secretary and the Conference Stewards, and find them correct.
spacerL. MORRISON, Secretary, spacerD. S. DAVIS, Chairman.


   Inasmuch as both our ministry and our church are giving greater attention to Bible study with a view to vitalizing in daily life and practice the wonders of the Word of God, and our universities and colleges are giving more attention to Bible culture than ever before, and in view of the further fact that many are satisfied that the next era of revivals must be based on sane, reverent, earnest Bible study, it is a cause for congratulation that the collections for the Bible cause this year show a decided increase.
   If renewed study of God's Word is neccessary (sic) for a growth of spiritual life and power in the church, how much greater then the need of putting this Word into the hands of all people both at home and abroad; to this end your committee urges that the next year may see no reaction in this matter, but rather a still further increase in the amount contributed to the cause of the American Bible Society.
spacerGEORGE C. COBB, Secretary.


   1. We heartily congratulate the Board of Church Extension, and the Church at large, on the remarkable success of this work through a period of thirty-two years. Two hundred and thirty-eight churches within our own bounds have received aid up to Nov. 1st, 1900.
   2. Our country, being new, with rapidly increasing population and new territorial additions, will continue to need Church Extension, in the future as in the past, and our Church by fostering and strengthening this work will increase its own power to do tire larger work now thrown upon it.
   3. As a Conference, we will not be content with anything less than a full response to the call of the General Committee for our proper share in Church Extension, until, everywhere, in communities now destitute, the people shall have opportunity to "enter His courts with praise."
   4. As a Conference, we will co-operate with the Board of Church Extension. in securing within the ensuing three years. Twentieth Cen-



[41st Session

tury Thank Offerings for Church Extension to the amount of $1.000,000.
   5. We request our Presiding Elders to apportion with care, the full amount asked for Church Extension, to the several districts and pastoral charges for collection; and, availing ourselves of the helps; provided by the Board, and especially CHRISTIANITY IN EARNEST and GLAD TIDINGS, we will present this cause in all our churches, and endeavor to secure, at least, the amount asked, in accordance with the plan of our Discipline.
   6. In the death of our beloved brother, Dr. W. A. Spencer, our church has lost one of its most efficient and able workers and we as a Conference extend our sympathy and love to his bereaved family.
spacerW. N. SIMPSON, Secretary. spacerGEO. M. GATES, Chairman.


   From information given us by our Board of Insurance we are pleased to know it has met with a royal reception and is meeting a great need, as it now protects more than 10,500 policy holders representing more than $13,000,000. in risks.
   The carefulness of administration is shown by the fact that since its organization it has sustained a much less ratio of loss than old line companies, and besides paying every dollar due has accumulated more than one hundred and seventy thousand dollars net assets.
   The company insures the homes and goods of our preachers, and all property held by the church, writing its policies for the total amount desired up to three-fourths valuation of the property, and protects itself against excessive loss by proper reinsurance. It receives its premium in annual installments and rebates its savings annually, yet by its system and rebates saves more than 50 per cent of the cost of annual policies in stock companies, so making it possible for every church to be protected.
   More than one-half of the 10,500 policy holders were unable to meet the requirements of stock companies, and in several of these cases our policies have saved the societies from annihilation.
   We urge all our people to use their own company, for every policy given to another company, by that much prevents the best results possible in our own, and may keep just out of reach the help sorely needed by some struggling church.           A. G. Forman, Chairman.


The committee recommend that E. W. McMillan be given the superannuated relation; that A. W. Coffman be made supernumerary; that Hiram Curtiss be continued in the superannuated relation with the request that he be given work if possible as a supply; that Moses Anderson be continued in the superannuated relation.
spacerASA SLEETH, Secretary. spacerJ. F. KEMPER, Chairman.

Sept. 1901]




   The committee on Current Book Accounts beg to report that the total amount due is more than $3,000, of which $1,800, remains unpaid. Some of the brethren have made no effort to either pay or settle in any way their accounts. The per cent of accounts uncollected in the conference is so largely in advance of all other conferences that it is feared that our good name is liable to reproach if we do not insist upon our delinquents settling their bills promptly.
spacerA. W. SHAMEL, Secretary.


   We, the committee on District Conference Records, have examined the Record of the York District Conference and find the same correct.
spacerC. L. MYERS, Chairman.


   Your Committee on Education submit the following report:
   First, We commend the work of the Board of Education, the wise deliberations of the University Senate and the faithful work of Secretary McDowell. We would call special attention to Children's Day and urge its observance in every charge that there may be increased contributions to the Children's Fund.
   Second, We rejoice in the spendid (sic) work being done in our Theological schools and in the opportunities afforded our young ministers to make a thorough preparation for their ministry. We believe the instruction in these schools should be such that every graduate going out therefrom should be thoroughly furnished to teach the doctrines of our Church. We recommend all our young men expecting to enter the ministry to take a thorough course in our Nebraska Wesleyan University and if possible to attend one of our Theological Schools.
   Third, We have great joy in the success of our Nebraska Wesleyan University. We would commend our noble faculty, the high grade of work done in the channels of literary instruction and in the music, art and other departments. Especially. would we record with unmeasured gratitude the remarkable religious sentiment and power that has pervaded the University from year to year.
   Fourth, The indebtedness upon our University has been raised. When we consider the severe drought and other unfavorable conditions we can but say truly God has wrought for us. $50,983 has been provided on conditional subscriptions, $10,00 from the Topical Bible fund and about $9,000 from the Thank Offering fund. Words fail to do sufficient honor to our beloved Chancellor, who has been the prime mover in this great victory and we would express our profoundest gratitude to Bishop McCabe for his wise councils and able assistance rendered, and commend and express our appreciation of our Board of Trustees, who have



[41st Session

so heroically grappled with the financial problems. $37,2746.26 of the conditional subscriptions have already been paid. We urge the speedy collection of all subscriptions and payment of all indebtedness and that the fixed policy of the trustees shall be that no debt shall be incurred in the future. The fact that the attendance promises to be much larger than any previous year gives evidence of the growing confidence in the University.
   Fifth, We recommend, 1st., the apportionment of $10,000 among the four conferences to be raised for the University for the current year. 2nd., The appointment of W. M. Balch and A. H. Whitmer, conference visitors to the Nebraska Wesleyan University. 3rd., The appointment of J. S. W. Dean as conference visitor to Garrett Biblical Institute and W. T. Cline as alternate. 4th., We recommend the election of F. M. Esterbrook and J. S. W. Dean, trustees for the Nebraska Wesleyan University for the term of four years. Respectfully submitted,


   The Conference Visitor to Garrett Biblical Institute, May 25. 1901, respectfully submits the following report:
   The number of conference visitors to Garrett Biblical Institute. May 25th, 1901, was the largest in the history of the institution. There were thirty-seven present, representing twenty-one conferences from the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, South Dakota. Missouri and Nebraska. All the brethren seemed pleased with the management of the Institute and with the work done. The President and all the Faculty have stood heroically at their posts during the year: but Dr. Bradley because of ill-health was compelled to vacate his position. All of the faculty were elected for the ensuing year, with the exception of Dr. Bradley.
   The, report of the Trustees shows that the receipts for the past year exceed the expenditures to the amount of $3.044.50: Receipts, $45,493.53; Expenditures, $42,444,03: Excess $3,049.50.
   Judge Horton chairman of the board of trustees stated in the joint meeting that the annual income ($80,000) of Garrett was the largest of any similar institute in the world.
   The Library consisting of 57,000 bound volumes and the Library of the North Western University (to all of which the students have access) afford rare facilities for all who can avail themselves of this great and growing institution in Methodism.
   A new library building is one of the pressing needs of the institution. At the earnest solicitations of the conference visitors, the Trustees assured them that a large and commodious library building, creditable to the Institute and to the Church, would be built soon.
   From Dr. Little's report we gleaned the following facts. "The

Sept. 1901]



number of graduates this year was the smallest (only twenty seven) for several years. The number of degree students outnumbered the diploma students. This is the first time this has occurred in the history of the Institute." He further stated that
   We failed to notice any sentence in the annual love-feast, the social meetings or in Dr. Terry's sermon, that would indicate a lack of orthodox teaching. We were impressed with the spiritual tone of the school, in perfect accord with the word of God. There were only four students from Nebraska. Garrett should have a larger patronage from the west.
   We shall long remember the gentlemanly and christian courtesy of the faculty and trustees of Garrett and the citizens of Evanston.
spacerWM. M. WORLEY, Conference Visitor.


   Your committee find in a communication from the treasurer of this fund that last year the deficiency on the part of this conference was $681, and that the amount for this year apportioned is $1,358. In order to meet this claim in full it must be presented to every congregation and the people informed of its importance. Last year twenty five charges failed to report anything in the column for the support of Bishops. Two of these charges were in Beatrice district, three in Hastings, four in York, seven in Lincoln and nine in Nebraska City district. We would recommend that the Presiding Elders inquire as to the amount raised for Bishops in connection with amount at the same time with that of the pastors and if the amount apportioned has not been collected at the time of their last quarterly meeting on the several charges that they present the deficiency to the people and ask that it be made up in full.
spacerE. L. BARCH, Secretary.spacerJ. H. PRESSON, Chairman.


   Whereas we recognize in this society one of the most effective agencies through which the Church is enlightening, educating and Christianizing the illiterate people of the South both white and black, and
   Whereas, the future success of its work depends largely upon the interest and efforts of our pastors;
   Therefore we recommend that every pastor use renewed diligence in making our people acquainted with the work of this society and to lay upon their hearts their obligation to this cause; and we further recommend so far as practicable the circulation of the Christian Educator as a means to this end; and we further urge upon all our pastors the necessity of using all reasonable effort to bring up our contributions to the full amount asked of us as a conference which is $1,000.
spacerH. G. CLAYCOMB, Secretary. spacerE. L. WOLFF, Chairman.



[41st Session


   In our annual meeting, it is our great pleasure to express our high appreciation of the Methodist Hospital and Deaconess Home at Omaha. Its most efficient nurses, commanding the highest respect of the city; its staff of most skilled physicians of national reputation; its impartial treatment of both rich and poor who need its ministrations; its vast amount of service rendered without compensation for the needy; its Christian and benign influence on its patients, all call for unstinted praise, and is worthy of all commendation.
   It is gratifying to know that the splendid reputation of this institution is spreading in every direction, and that its precincts are always tilled with those who depart to speak its virtues. The fact that literal hundreds are turned away from its portals, calls loudly and eloquently for the large and more commodious building just now in the genesis of erection. Since it is determined to build amply and well, to make the edifice fireproof, it will be necessary to secure increased subscriptions for this purpose.
   Resolved, therefore, that we give the Hospital Home our cordial support, and welcome its agents to our pulpits. and commend them to our people in their good work of building tip this great philanthropic institution.


   A pure and strong religious press was never more greatly needed than it is today. For never before was it more important that there should be taught and enforced the vital doctrines of government, of home, of the Church, of virtue, of God, and of eternal life. And these are teachings not for the secular, but for the religious press. The periodicals of our church are promptly, faithfully and ably enforcing these teachings. We cite as especially worthy of this credit, the Central Christian Advocate, the Epworth Herald, our Sunday School literature, and our bi-monthly Review. For this merit we recognize it to be our duty to sustain these periodicals, to read them and to circulate them, not willingly permitting any others to be substituted for them, to the end that we may be good citizens, good Christians and withal good Methodists.
spacerDUKE SLAVENS, Chairman.
   M. C. SMITH, Secretary.


   We note with grateful satisfaction the material and spiritual prosperity of the work of God in the hands of our brethren, as indicated by the reports of our presiding elders.
   It is matter for humble thanksgiving that there are increasing indi-

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