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Handwritten to right "Fairbury Sept 20, 1898"

Nebraska Conference.


   J. S. Dean led the devotional service on Saturday. G. W. Selby was granted a location, W. R. Halstead the supernumerary, J. C. H. Hobbs and F. Holland the superannuated relation. W. H. Prescott was made conference evangelist. The select number in the case of C. M. Ellinwood reported, and he was expelled from the ministry and membership of the Church.
   Charles D. Metcalf, Ira W. Kenagy, Geo. Wash, Herbert V. Price, George W. Ayres and Thomas H. Lillie were admitted on trial. A. J. Hollingsworth, R. A. Barnes, M. R. Crisp were admitted into full membership and elected to deacon's orders. Henry Zinnecker was announced as transferred from the North Nebraska Conference.
   Saturday afternoon the Woman's Home Missionary Society held its anniversary. Mrs. J. R. Woodcock addressed the meeting and Mrs. Evans read a paper. In the evening Dr. Kynett gave an address on Church Extension.
   On Sunday the conference love feast was led by H. Burch. Bishop FitzGerald preached in the morning from the words, "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews." In the afternoon the ordination services were held, and A. J. Hollingworth, R. A. Barnes and M. R. Crisp were ordained deacons, and A. W. Shamel, H. W. Cope, J. W. Embree, F. E. Smith and A. V. Wilson were ordained elders.
   In the evening the superannuate's anniversary was held; P. C. Johnson presided,
     - - - - - - - - - - - - (cut off) - - - - - - - priate program pre-

__er was granted a a certificate of loca- ___ at his own request. A. P. Jones and / Hiram Curtis was granted a superannuated relation, and James Mailley was granted a supernumerary relation.
   A report was made by J. H. Mickey, trustee of the Nave Topical Bible. $14,- 837 were reported received from sales. The net proceeds go to the Nebraska Wesleyan University. The statistical secretary made his report, which while it showed a gratifying increase in the salaries and benevolent collections, showed a decrease in members, which was ascertained to come from a thorough cleaning __ of the Church records. J. B. Carnes, superintendent of the Nebraska Anti- Saloon League, addressed the conference in an enthusiastic manner. The committee on education reported recommending that $3,000 be apportioned to the several districts and charges, and that the Sunday following Thanksgiving day be set apart to take the collections. J. W. Shenk addressed the conference in the ___erests of the Omaha Advocate, and the ___hop also made some remarks concern- ___ the publishing of the same.
   At half past two a sermon was preached --- C. S. Dudley, and at four o'clock ___ conference made a trip to the Nebras-__ Wesleyan University, and was enter ___ned by the Vincent Association. In ____ evening a service was held in the interests of the veteran ministers, which was __resided over by P. C. Johnson, and at which several of the brethren made addresses.
   On Sunday many of the pulpits of the ___y were filled by the members of the __onference. The Bishop preached at _race Church in the morning, and or___ined the deacons, and in the afternoon __fore the memorial services the Bishop __dained the elders and consecrated Miss __ctoria Tweedle as a visiting deaconess, __nd Miss Rose Hartman as a nurse dea-__ness. In the evening G. W. Abbott _reached the Missionary sermon, and the _ulpits of the city were again filled by the __siting ministers.


   The last pentecostal service was a_dressed by George Morey.
   The treasurer made his report, and the _enevolent collections aggregated $14,513.
   The Bishop was requested to appoint F. __ Campbell as a conference evangelist.
   The credentials of C. B. Ebersol were _rdered to be restored to him.
   A resolution concerning the esteem in _hich C. S. Dudley is held in the confer_nce was read and adopted, he being on _he eve of his departure from us.
   The resolution of the Baltimore conference relative to the reception of the provisional lay delegates into the General Conference was adopted by a count vote of 90 to nothing.
   Professor J. R. VanPelt, of the Iliff School of Theology at Denver, was introduced and addressed the conference in the interests of theological schools in general and that school in particular. Rev. E. E. Tarbill, superintendent of the Wyoming Mission, was introduced and addressed the conference.
   J. A. Johnson, a transfer from the Arkansas Conference, was granted a certificate of location at his own request. Charles E. Ruck, Marvin E. Gilbert, Eugene F. Gates and Herbert Covel were admitted into the conference on trial. Nebraska City was selected as the next place for holding the conference.
   The apportionment for Conference Claimants was fixed at $5,000, and steps were taken to provide the means to take better care of the aged ministers and their wives. Seven preachers were superannuated this year, and as many of them had no visible means of support, a cash collection of over $100 was taken and this was increased by a subscription.
   W. R. Halstead was granted an effective relation and he was announced as transferred to the Northwest Indiana Conference. J. G. Walker was granted a supernumerary relation at his own request.
   The Bishop addressed the conference, led in prayer, read the appointments and the conference stood adjourned, sine die.


BEATRICE DIST.--G. W. Isham, P. E.
(P. O., Beatrice.)

Alexandria, T H Lillie.
   Centenary, L T Guild.
   LaSalle St, A W Coffman.
Belvidere, A J Hollingworth.
Blue Springs, Leander Morrison.
Burchard, to be supplied.
Chester, U G Brown.
Crab Orchard, L C Parker.
Dakin, H E Covel.
DeWitt, W H Turrell.
Diller, A E Chadwick.
Du Boise, A B Grossman.
Ellis, to be supplied.
Fairbury, J A Barker.
Filley, C H Gillmore.
Hebron, J R Gettys.
Holmesville, P C Johnson.
Hubbell, G M Morey.
Liberty, to be supplied.
Odell, F Deal.
Ohiowa, W N Simpson.
Pawnee City, J W Stewart.
Plato, to be supplied
Steele City, F E Smith.
Swanton, to be supplied.
Tobias, D C Philipps.
Vesta, M C Smith.
Western, I L Lowe
Wilber, O T Moore
Wymore, J R Woodcock.

HASTINGS DIST.--W. B. Alexander, P. E.
(P. O., Hastings.)

Ayr, to be supplied.
Bladen, to he supplied.
Blue Hill, to be supplied.
Bromfield, E F S Darby.
Carleton, C P Metcalf.
Clay Center, F W Bean.
Cowles, J G Day.
Davenport, W H Mills.
DeWessee, to be supplied.
Doniphan, J T Roberts.
Edgar, W J Swett.
Exeter, T S Fowler.
Fairfield L C Lemon.
Fairmont, C B Lenfest.
Geneva, F A Colony.
Grafton, H E Seymore.
Guide Rock, W M Morrow
Hardy, E S Burr
Harvard, A W Shamel.
Hastings, G W Abbott.
Juniatta, E L Wolff.
Kenesaw, E D Gideon.
Lawrence, W H Stanley.
Nelson, C L Hamilton.
Oak, to be supplied.
Ong, to he supplied.
Red Cloud, R A Baines.
Red Cloud Ct, to be supplied.
Riverton & Inman, J E Ripetoe.
Roseland, to be supplied.
Superior,T A Hall.
Sutton, P H Smith.
Trumbull, J E McKenney.

LINCOLN DIST.--H. T. Davis. P. E.
(P. O., Lincoln.)

Alvo, to be supplied.
Ashland, G M Jones.
Bennett, I W Kenagy.
Cedar Bluffs, J W Royse.
Ceresco, to be supplied.
Crete, R. Pearson.
Davey, J W Seabrook.
Denton, to be supplied.
Dorchester, W W McGuire.
Eagle, J A Nichols.
Elmwood, J M Perry.
Friend, P H Worley.
Greenwood, G L Horsford.
Havelock, E L Batch.
Ithaca, Wm Van Buren.
   Asbury, to be supplied.
   Bethel, to be supplied.
   Emmanuel, J W Embree.
   Epworth, H Zinaker.
   Grace, R N Orrill.
   North Lincoln, C E Ruch.
   St Paul's, F L Wharton.
   Trinity, N A Martin.
Mead, A W Patch.
Normal, ME Gilbert.
Raymond, A G Foreman.
Roes, H F Smith.
Prairie Home, to be supplied.
Sharon, to be supplied.
University Place, B W Marsh.
Valparaiso, to be supplied.
Victoria, to be supplied.
Wahoo, H G Wilcox.
Waverly, W M Worley.
Weston, to be supplied.


Adams, Duke Slavens.
Auburn, A C Crosthwaite.
Brock, J G Stanard.
Brownville, J M Darby.
Cook, to be supplied.
Douglas, A V Wilson
Elk Creek, J F Harman.
Falls City, J S W Dean.
Highland, George Wash.
Howe, to be supplied.
Humboldt, E M Evans.
Johnson, G Shuman.
Louisville, J Calvert,
Murdock, C L Meyers.
Nebraska City, C M Shepherd.
Nehawka, to be supplied.
Palmyra, H W Cope.
Peru, J H N Cobb.
Plattsmouth, Asa Sleeth.
Rulo, to be supplied.
Salem, to be supplied.
Smartville, to be sup]led.
Stella, to be supplied.
Sterling. D S Davis,
Syracuse, D B Lake.
Table Rock, G M Gates.
Tecumseh, A B Whitmer.
Turlington, to be supplied.
Union, David Fetz.
Weep'g Water, J K Maxfield.

(P. O., York.)

Arborville, to be supplied
Aurora, G H Moulton.
Beaver Crossing, to be supplied.
Bellwood, J F Kemper.
Bradshaw, H G Claycomb.
David City, L F Smith.
Emerald, to be supplied.
Garrison, F Mills.
Gresham, S T Walker.
Hampton, to be supplied
Linwood, M R Crisp.
McCool, to be supplied.
Marquette, G W Ayers.
Millford, C E Giwitts.
Osceola, J W Swan.
Philips, H V Price.
Platte Valley, to be supplied.
Pleasant Dale, to be supplied.
Rising City, E J Randall.
Seward, J Gallagher.
Shelby, S T Hawkins.
Stockham, W K Williams.
Stromsburg, J H PresSon
Surprise, C E Rowe.
Ulysses, G W Martin.
Utica, D P Kline.
Thayer, to be supplied.
Waco, J A Chapin.
Ware, to be supplied.
York, O W Fifer.

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