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now found in this district to exemplify all degrees. Fitzgerald Council has exemplified practically all degrees of the Council since its inception. Hastings and McCook have exemplified the first degree on all classes since their first. I wish to commend the splendid efforts of Council officers on the first two degrees, and those who assisted as staff officers for the uniformly high character of effort devoted to the major degree.
     All Councils during the past year have given the care and serving of the after-initiation dinners to the ladies of the parish or some society of the Church. This experience has proven highly satisfactory, with better service and more wholesome results than hotel accommodations.
     Almost twenty-five students of the University of Nebraska are members at Lincoln. I wish to commend the interest and zeal manifested by them. They have served as a nucleus in retaining intact nearly 100 Catholic students of that institution. The Council is officered by several of them and I know that their enthusiasm will carry them in due time into their several avocations as useful and valued members of society, the Church and the Order.
     At the beginning of the Easter period attention of the members of the several Councils was called to the requirements of the Church in regard to their Easter duty. A record is kept in each Council and at the close of the Easter period it is believed that in practically every instance the members will have complied with the rule of the Order and the Church.
     I believe the Knights are taking more than usual interest in Catholic literature, papers and periodicals, and are keeping well in mind the ideals of a cultured and intellectual Catholic laity. The tone and spirit of Catholic society is much improved in the locality of subordinate Councils, and just pride seems to prevail in the fact that an intellectual enthusiasm is propagating the Order. The above is particularly true among the younger Catholics. There seems to be a real Catholic atmosphere for the young people, while in the past they found. associations wholly or in part in organizations and societies outside the Church and in many cases antagonistic to it. With this community of interest there seems to come an increasing number of Catholics, and there are now those identified with the Church as a living asset who were never credited up to it before.
     The social side in all Councils is extended beyond the Council membership and into the families of members. Parties, gatherings, socials and variety of refined entertainments of a high order are had and enjoyed. Lectures, musicales, literary programs, form a considerable part of the energies of each Council.
     The Councils have been reasonably fortunate in the character of their membership, and members as a rule seem thoroughly Instilled with the necessity of protecting Councils in the case of applicants. There have been some, though I think not in any degree general, infractions of the rules and spirit of the order in the case of personal conduct, and my attention has been called to a few cases of excesses, but these are isolated and I am certain that the membership as a whole are temperate in all their personal conduct.
     As a whole the Order in this district is in a satisfactory condition. The ground work has been laid over the entire district and I have


every reason to believe the missionary spirit which has followed these members into their several groups and communities cannot fail in continuance of a wholesome growth, and that in the years to come the Order will be propagated on to those who do not yet know our purpose or grasp the immensity of its mighty possibilities.

Respectfully and fraternally submitted,
District Deputy of Southern District.

     Arthur F. Mullen, District Deputy of the Northern District, submitted the following report:

Omaha, Nebr., May 14, 1907.

To C. J. Smyth, State Deputy,
Omaha, Nebraska.
     In compliance with the laws of this Order I beg leave to report as to the condition of the Knights of Columbus in the Northern District of Nebraska.
     At the present time there are five Councils in this district. They are: Charles Carroll of Carrollton Council, of O'Neill, No. 701; Alliance, No. 975; Chadron Council of Chadron, No. 1128; Hartington Council of Hartington, No. 1233; Count Creighton Council of Creighton, No. 1238.

     The membership of the various Councils is as follows:

Charles Carroll of Carrollton,
Count Creighton
Total for State

     Count Creighton Council and Hartington Council have been organized since the first of May. A class of forty is to be initiated in Alliance within a few days. Another class of condidates (sic) will be initiated in Alliance in the fall. All the Councils are in a prosperous condition financially. Final arrangements have been made to erect a ten thousand dollar hall at O'Neill by the local Council. They expect to have the building completed before the first of January. Alliance Council has its own club room, used exclusively for the Knights. The Alliance Council and the Charles Carroll Council have memorized the ritual. Both of these Councils have a complete set of robes.

     The two Councils recently organized are located in territory that needed such an organization. There is, abundant material to make these Councils strong in membership and influence.

     Only two deaths reported, D. L. Tobin and F. Gillias, both insurance members in the Alliance Council.

Respectfully submitted,
District Deputy.

     All reports received and placed on file.

     State Secretary J. F. O'Donnell submitted the following report:


Amount of Dues
Omaha Council
$ 59.10
McCook Council
O'Neill Council
Grand Island Council
Hastings Council
Chadron Council
Columbus Council
North Platte Council.
Lincoln Council
Alliance Council
Creighton Council
Hartington Council

State Secretary.

     State Treasurer J. H. Schmidt submitted the following report:

Omaha, Nebr., May 10th, 1907.

J. H. Schmidt, Treasurer.
     In account with Nebraska State Council of Knights of Columbus,
May 8. 1906, to T. F. Swift, Secretary, $293.55.

By order No 13, J. H. Schmidt
$ 12.85
By order No 14, W. P. McDevitt
By order No 15, T. 3. Fitz Morris
By order No 16, J. A. Maguire
By order No 17, T. 3. Mahoney
By order No 18, J. H. Sherlock
By order No 19, H. P. McGuire
By order No 20, L. E. Dunn
By order No 21, T. F. Swift
By order No 22, Arthur F. Mullen
By order No 23, E. H. Whalen
By order No 24, Rev. Thomas Walsh
By order No 25, T. J. Mahoney
By order No 26, Pansy Marks
Balance on hand


     Orders and checks attached hereto. Report approved by Auditing Committee.

     The Committee on Resolutions submitted the following report:

     Resolved, That the state officers and the Nebraska representatives to the National Convention in August be requested to use their best efforts towards obtaining the creation of the state of Nebraska as a separate Fourth Degree District.
     Whereas, Declarations 3 and 4 of the Application for member-


ship and Section 101 of the laws, make practical Catholicity an absolute qualification for membership in the Knights of Columbus; and,
     Whereas, the laws of subordinate councils are inadequate to maintain among the members of the order either the practice of Catholicity, or to clearly define what is meant by the term "practical Catholics" as used in the Application for Membership and Section 101 of the laws; and
     Whereas, Section 162 provides for expulsion for failure to continue a "practical Catholic," but as it is only after a trial that expulsion can be secured, it is apparent that the failure of a council to prove charges is certain; therefore, be it
     Resolved, That for the purpose of clearly defining what is the duty of a member with regard to the performance of the Easter duty as required by the Church, and provided in Section 101 of laws, there be inserted in Section 167 the following: "Who fails, neglects or refuses to furnish to the Grand Knight of his Council satisfactory proof that he (the member) has complied with the Easter duty, as required by the Church;" and, be it further
     Resolved, that the laws of subordinate councils be changed as follows: Strike out Sub. 2 of Section 162.
     Resolved, that it is the sense of the Nebraska State Delegates in convention assembled, that the delegates from this state to the National Convention in 1907, be, and are hereby instructed to advocate and work for this or a similar alteration or amendment to the laws and rules of subordinate councils.
     Resolved, that our National Representatives obtain, if possible, a change of the rules of the National Board of Directors which limit the expense which a District Deputy may incur in exemplifying the Third Degree to the expense of himself and one additional man from his own District.
     Resolved, that the delegates to the National Council be and they are hereby instructed to use their best endeavors to procure such a change in the rules of the order as will permit engineers and firemen and all trainmen to become insurance members the same as passenger conductors and other train hands, now eligible to insurance.
     We recommend that at all public dinners and banquets the toast, "Impressions of the Day," be dispensed with.
     Your committee strongly recommends that the formal banquets or dinners following the initiation be entirely discontinued--and in lieu thereof lunch be served at an appropriate time during the ceremonies or immediately thereafter--and that a reasonable time after the day of initiation the new members be tendered a formal banquet by the council.
     We recommend that the state deputy be authorized to procure at the expense of this council suitable stationery and books for state officers.
     Resolved that we recommend to the councils of the state that preceding initiations the Grand Knight appoint a committee of three to pass on all traveling cards and that no person presenting a traveling card be admitted to the council chamber without the approval of said committee.
     We recommend that the state be re-districted so that we have at least four districts because of the increase of councils since last meeting.


     Whereas, our present State Deputy since the institution of our order in this state, has always been one of its most faithful and effective workers and more particularly has this been true during his service as the head of our state organization; therefore
     Be It Resolved, that the wise and impartial administration of our state deputy be heartily endorsed in all things.

Respectfully submitted,



     On motion the following recommendation was lost: We recommend that for all traveling cards issued to members that a small charge of twenty-five cents per annum be charged for obtaining same, which motion was rejected.

     On motion the following recommendation of the committee was then rejected: Your committee strongly recommends that the formal banquets or dinners be entirely discontinued and in lieu thereof a lunch be served at an appropriate time during the ceremonies or immediately thereafter, and that we in a reasonable time after the day of initiation of new members be tendered a formal banqut (sic) by the council.

     The report of the Committee on Resolutions was adopted as amended by the preceding motion.

     Moved and seconded that the proceedings of this meeting be compiled and twenty-five copies be printed and a copy be forwarded to the Grand Knight of the various councils in the state. Carried.

     The following state officers were elected by ballot: C. J. Smyth, Omaha Council, state deputy; J. F. O'Donnell, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, state secretary; J. H. Schmidt, of Omaha Council, state treasurer; M. A. Reardon, Alliance Council, state warden; Brother Whelan, Fitzgerald Council, state advocate; Arthur F. Mullen, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, elected an alternate to the National Convention for the past state deputy; J. E. O'Hern of Omaha Council, elected as an alternate for state deputy to the National Convention.

     Motion carried making Omaha the next meeting place. Carried by vote of 24 to 4.

     Moved and seconded that the deficit in the expenses of the present state council be paid by Omaha Council and that said council be given credit on their assessment for next year. Carried. This motion was passed at request of Charles Carroll of Carrollton.

     On motion the assessment for the ensuing year was fixed at thirty cents per member.

     A meeting of the officers was held and ballot taken. Rev. Father McNamara of Alliance Council was elected state chaplain for the ensuing year.

     On motion the convention adjourned and was closed in due form.


Proceedings of Fourth Annual State Council,
Held at Omaha, May 15th, 1908

     The State Council of the Knights of Columbus, of Nebraska, convened la accordance with the last State convention in the Knights of Columbus Hall, at Omaha, on May 12, 1908.

     The council was called to order by State Deputy, C. J. Smyth, and was opened in due form at 10:30 A. M.

     The following State Officers being present: State Deputy, C. J. Smyth; State Secretary, J. A. Donohoe; State Treasurer, J. H. Schmidt; State Warden, M. E. Reardon; State Chaplain, Rev. W. G. McNamara; State Advocate, W. N. Whelan.

     The State Deputy appointed the following committee on credentials: Brother Green, of Creighton Council; Brother Pass, of North Platte; Brother Ryan, of McCook; Brother Cushman, of Hartington; and Brother Mentgen, of Wymore council.

     The Committee on Credentials submitted the following report: We, the committee appointed on credentials, upon examination of credentials, presented to the committee, find the following delegates entitled to a seat in the State Council:

Council No. City Delegate
Bishop O'Connor, 1312 Greeley M. F. O'Malley
T. P. Lannigan
St. Marys', 1159. Grand Island J. H. O'Hara
J. F. Mathews
Charles Carroll of A. Mullen
Carrollton, 701 O'Neill M. R. Sullivan
Hastings, 1123 Hastings D. A. Jones
J. F. Kealy
Omaha, 652 Omaha T. J. Nolan
T. J. Fitz Morris
St. Patricks, 1211 North Platte C. J. Pass
F. L. Tobin
Columbus, 938 Columbus Mark Burke
F. J. Gerharz
Wymore, 1295 Wymore A. P. Mentgen
A. G. Markwert
McCook, 1126 McCook Frank Real
C. J. Ryan
Count Creighton, 1238 Creighton F. P. Berger
W. H. Green
Hartington, 1233 Hartington H. L. Spark
E. B. Hirschmann
Chadron, 1128 Chadron Wm. Chisolm
Wm. Chaulk
Fitzgerald, 833 Lincoln J. J. Ledwith
W. B. Straub
Alliance, 975 Alliance J. A. Kenneday


     All the State Officers and District Deputys: E. W. Simeral of the Eastern District; A. F. Mullen, of the Northern District; J. A. McGuire, of the Southern District; and J. F. Mathews of the Western District.

Respectfully submitted,


     The State Deputy then appointed the following Committee: Committee on Resolutions, Brother J. F. Mathews, of Grand Island; Brother F. L. Tobin, of North Platte; J. A. Donohoe, of O'Neill; Brother T. P. Lannigan, of Greeley; and Brother T. J. Nolan, of Omaha. Committee of Auditing: W. E. Straub, of Lincoln; F. J. Gerharz, of Columbus; and William Chisolm, of Chadron. Committee on Mileage: D. A. Jones, of Hastings; Burke, of Columbus; and Brother J. H. Schmidt, of Omaha.

     State Deputy Smyth, then submitted his report. Moved by Brother Mullen, and duly seconded, that the report of State Deputy C. J. Smyth and a copy of the minutes of this Convention be printed and a copy furnished to the various councils in the state--carried.

     Moved by Brother Simeral, that greetings be wired to the State Councils of South Dakota, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri Arkansas, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and that the State Deputy, and the State Secretary take charge of it--carried.

     The Auditing Committee then reported as follows: Your Committee appointed to audit the books of the worthy State Treasurer beg to report that we have examined the books, Bank Books and Vouchers, and find the same to be correct. With a balance of $39.00 on hand, May 1st, 1908.


     The report of the State Treasurer was adopted and placed on file as read.

     The Committee on assessment and mileage then reported as follows: Your Committee on expenses and mileage, beg to submit the following report, that all the expense accounts be allowed as submitted, and that we estimate a balance from this convention of $220.00 and a revenue for next year based on a membership of 3,000 members, at $0.20 each would amount to $600.00, which in our opinion, would be sufficient funds for next year's convention. Therefore we recommend an assessment of $0.20 per capita for next year.

Fraternally submitted,


     The report of the committee on assessment and mileage was adopted as read.

     The report of the State Chaplain, Rev G. W. McNamara, was read and adopted and placed on file.


Report of State Chaplain

Alliance, Neb., May 12th, 1908.

To the State Council of the Knights of Columbus,
          In Convention Assembled.
Dear Brothers:
     As State Chaplain of our order I congratulate you on the great increase of membership during the past year and also on the number of new Councils established over the state. This means much, not alone for the Catholics in the immediate vicinity of the councils, but for miles on all sides. In the early days of Catholicity in Nebraska the priests and laymen felt the want of unity. This object has been accomplished chiefly through the establishment of various councils throughout the state.
     First of all I would suggest that we encourage the establishment of new councils wherever it is found that a sufficient number can be induced to join to keep up the council.
     Secondly, I feel that it is our duty as Knights of Columbus to move slowly in the matter of expulsions from the order. A weak brother may fall and it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak, and not immediately close the door against him, thus leaving such a one a prey for the enemies of our order and our faith.
     Thirdly, it is most gratifying to note the true Catholic spirit and real brotherly love which animates the actions of the various councils in receiving Holy Communion in a body once a year, and also to have the Holy Sacrifice of the mass offered up for their deceased brothers; thus advancing their own sanctification and remembering their brothers who have gone before.
     Lastly, I would suggest that the order do something for itself that has a state significance. The local organzations (sic) are making progress but as yet, nothing that shows a united effort of all the councils in the state, has been done. As a habit to what might be done, let us follow out the plan of he (sic) Wisconsin State Council in furnishing able lecturers or entertainers to the various Councils throughout the state, or we might get together and in a permanent way, erect a monument or a church on the spot where the first mass was said in this state, or we might make a special effort to imitate our Colorado brothers by seeing to it that Columbus Day is made a legal holiday in this state etc., etc.
     There is no denying that the order has done much for Catholicity and for itself in the state and let us hope that the glories of the one may ever increase, and the success of the other never diminish.

Fraternally yours,

     Moved by Brother Mullen and duly seconded that the State Deputy appoint a committee on a State lecture course.-Carried.

     The reports of the District Deputys were now read and adopted, and placed on file.

Omaha Nebr., May 7th, 1908.

C. J. Smyth, Esq.,
State Deputy, Knights of Columbus.
Omaha Nebr.

Dear Sir & Brother:
     I have the honor of submitting, herewith, my report as District Deputy of the Eastern District of Nebraska.


     There are in this district four councils of our order, viz: Omaha Council, No. 652; Columbus Council, No. 938; Emerson Council, No. 1309; Bishop O'Connor Council, No. 1312, of Greeley, Nebr.

     The number of insurance members in said councils are as follows:

Omaha Council
Columbus Council
Emerson Council
Bishop O'Connor Council
Total Insurance Members. .

     The number of Associate Members in said Councils is as follows:

Omaha Council
Columbus Council
Emerson Council
Bishop O'Connor Council
Total Associate Members

     Making a total Insurance and Associate membership in the four councils of 780.

     The Emerson Council at Emerson, Nebr., was instituted on April 26th 1908, with n Charter Membership of 42.

     The Bishop O'Connor of Greeley, Nebr., was instituted on May 3rd, 1908, with a Charter Membership of 5_ (illegible).

     The growth of the order in this district is most excellent, particular stress is laid upon the quality of the membership, of officers and members, realizing that high character and personal worth is the members only basis upon which to build for the future, that the standard of the order may be retained and its influence for good in the community may grow with its growth.

     I would respectfully suggest that as the future stability of the order must depend largely upon the number and constant increase of Insurance members, that particular stress be laid upon this feature, and officers and members urged to obtain as many Insurance members as possible.

Respectfully submitted,
District Deputy, Eastern District, Nebr.

Report of District Deputy

John A. Maguire, Lincoln, Nebr., May 1, 1908.

C. J. Smyth, State Deputy,
          Omaha, Nebraska.
Dear Sir & Brother:
     I have no statistical facts from the several councils yet upon which I might base an accurate report to you of conditions of the Knights of Columbus in this district, but I will, at this time, give you a general view of conditions within my own knowledge, that you may be aided in your report.
     There are three councils in this district: Fitzgerald, No. 833, at Lincoln, installed February 7, 1904; McCook, No. 1126, at McCook, installed July 1, 1906; and Wymore, No. 1295, at Wymore, installed February 2, 1908.


     Fitzgerald has about 245 members, McCook about 110, and Wymore 42.

     Since the last State council, through redistricting, Hastings council was included in the formation of a new district.

     A new council is under process of formation at Falls City, and is expected to be ready for installation in the very near future. Requests have been received asking for councils at Tecumseh and Orleans, and these points are now being investigated. Membership could be far more rapidly increased and councils multiplied, should the doors of the Order be thrown open, but I have pursued the other policy with a view that the Order will beget the now permanent and ultimate results in keeping close to its ideals and standard of requirements.

     All members in these councils are third degree men with the exception of about 14, who are fourth degree members in the Fitzgerald council.

     In Fitzgerald and McCook councils, officers are fitted to exemplify the first and second degrees and at Wymore they, while a new council, are ready to exemplify the first degree when called upon.

     Another class will be initiated at McCook some time this month.

     All councils have halls leased in which they meet twice each month for meeting purposes.

     Fitzgerald and McCook councils have complete outfits of robes and paraphenalia (sic), those of McCook being in first class condition, while those belonging to Fitzgerald are growing somewhat soiled from use. Wymore has yet no robes, not having immediate use for them.

     The initiation fee is $10.00 at McCook and Wymore, and $15.00 at Lincoln; the dues in all councils are $5.00 per year for associate, and $4.00 insurance.

     I am quite certain there are no outstanding debts in any of the councils and in fact, I think all councils have considerable sums of money in their treasurer.

     Practically all members reside in territory tributary to their council, the exception being the case of those who have moved.

     I think there are not more than half a dozen members of the Order, now in this jurisdiction, who belong to councils outside the district.

     I have insisted the past year that members make application to the council in their own territory unless such would work hardship.

      I will be glad to furnish more specific data when same comes to me from the councils, if you so desire.

      By or before the State councils meeting, I shall submit a formal report.

Fraternally yours,
District Deputy, Southern Nebraska.

Report of State Deputy

Arthur F. Mullen, May 9, 1908.

C. J. Smyth, State Deputy,
Omaha, Nebraska. Dear Sir & Brother:
     In compliance with the laws of the Order, I beg leave to report as to the conditions of the Knights of Columbus in the Northern District of Nebraska.

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