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1885 Census of Nebraska
April 1998

Following extracted from messages of Chris Christensen

To order film from a census, the telephone number at NARA is 1-800-234-8861. There are two recorded voice mail type messages. The first one is directions for reaching a specific person, followed with instructions for different functions. Select "for ordering publications and films".

As 1885 NE is a rarely sought microfilm, you will probably will be transferred to an extension that has an answering machine for a specific person. Leave message with name, phone number and what is wanted. When you receive return call, be ready with a credit card number. Films are $34.00 each. (Spring 1998)

Order confirmation is sent within two days. Takes about a month for the film to arrive.

FACTS: Chris made first call to order film 27 April 1998 & dealt with answering machine then. He received 1885 Frontier Co. on 2 May 1998. Truly amazing service!


Response from Nancy Beach -

There are 56 rolls of microfilm, which cover the 75 counties in the census.
The following is Nancy's list.

National Archives microfilm series M-352

Roll 1 Adams

Roll 29 Jefferson

Roll 2 Antelope and Boone

Roll 30 Johnson and Kearney

Roll 3 Brown

Roll 31 Keith, Keya Paha, and Knox

Roll 4 Buffalo

Rolls 32-34 Lancaster

Roll 5 Burt (partial)

Roll 35 Lincoln and Logan

Roll 6 Butler

Roll 36 Loup and Madison

Roll 7 Cass

Roll 37 Merrick and Nance(Done, see county websites)

Roll 8 Cedar, Cherry, and Cheyenne

Roll 38 Nemaha

Roll 9 Clay

Roll 39 Nuckolls

Roll 10 Colfax and Cuming

Roll 40 Otoe

Roll 11 Custer

Roll 41 Pawnee

Roll 12 Dakota, Dawes, and Dawson

Roll 42 Phelps and Pierce

Roll 13 Dixon

Roll 43 Platte (loaned for extraction, person vanished)

Roll 14 Dodge

Roll 44 Polk and Red Willow

Rolls 15-17 Douglas

Roll 45 Richardson

Roll 18 Dundy* and Fillmore

Rolls 46-47 Saline

Roll 19 Franklinand Frontier

Roll 48 Sarpy

Roll 20 Furnas

Rolls 49-50 Saunders

Rolls 21-22 Gage

Roll 51 Seward

Roll 23 Garfield, Gosper, and Greeley

Roll 52 Sheridan, Sherman, Sioux, Stanton

Roll 24 Hall

Roll 53 Thayer and Valley

Roll 25 Hamilton

Roll 54 Washington and Wayne

Roll 26 Harlan, Hayes, and Hitchcock*

Roll 55 Webster and Wheeler

Roll 27 Holt

Roll 56 York

Roll 28 Howard




Film appearing in green has been ordered and will be extracted for NEGenWeb.

*Combined index for Hitchcock & Dundy Counties is part of the Paul Riley Collection.

The columns of the 1885 Census are:

Name of street, house number. Dwelling house number in order of visitation. Family number in order of visitation.

Name (of each person), color, sex, age, month of birth if born in census year, relationship of that person to head of family,

Civil condition (single, married, widowed, divorced).

Married during census year? yes/no answer entered although sometimes find month of marriage.

Profession, occupation or trade

Number of months person was UNemployed during census year. (sometimes appears that answer given was for months employed)

Health (six columns total): Is person on day of visitation ill, etc. If answer yes, enumerator was to check one of following columns -
     Blind; deaf & dumb; idiotic; insane; maimed, crippled, bedridden or otherwise diasabled?

Education (3 columns) : attended school within census year? cannot read? cannot write?

Nativity (3 columns): birthplace, birthplaces of parents.


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