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Marge Galus Sandlier has graciously permitted the reproduction of her helpful letter which has appeared more than once on the NE Roots list. Thank you, Marge.

"Let me describe how I located naturalization information for a few of my ancestors. This is rather lengthy, but shows that there is not a simple answer to the question

"Who has the Naturalization Records?"

1. My Grandfather

I was fortunate enough to have a copy of my grandfather's Naturalization Certificate. It told me he was naturalized in the "District court of Holt County, Nebraska held at O'Neill, Nebraska". This was in 1922. Through the Nebraska GenWeb, I found a person doing lookups at the courthouse in Holt County. I emailed her all of the information included on GFather's Naturalization Certificate. She found a copy of my GFather's Declaration of Intention and his Petition for Naturalization.

Through these two sources, I found from which European port GFather sailed and the date of departure, the name of the ship he was on, the date and port of arrival in the US, the place from which he immigrated.

Had I not had the Nebraska GenWeb resource, I could have mailed my inquiry to the Courthouse in Holt County.

2. My Great Uncle

Again, I had a copy of GUncle's Naturalization Certificate. However, his certificate indicated he was naturalized in "United States District Court of District of Nebraska - Omaha, Nebraska". This was in 1937.

Through help on a Prodigy bulletin board, I was directed to the Regional National Archives website for Kansas City <>. From this site I emailed all the info I had from the Certificate to <> asking if they had GUncle's Naturalization papers. Within a week they emailed me back saying they had the information and gave instructions on what to do to obtain copies if I desired.

I received his Petition for Naturalization, Certificate of Examination, and Affidavit in Support of Petition for Citizenship Based on Military Service. The cost for these copies was $11.00. Again I found the European port of departure, the ship name and his date and place of arrival in the US.

3. My Great Grandfather

In this case I do not have a copy of his Naturalization Certificate. According to the Nance County Nebraska census on which I located my GGFather, he was naturalized in 1911. In the query I sent to the Kansas City Nat'l Archives, I also asked if they had any information regarding my GGFather. I gave them the little info I had...state and county where he resided and the date from the census. They did not have anything on GGFather.

Next I wrote to the Nance County Courthouse. I included all the information I had from the Census and asked if they had any records of his naturalization papers. They did not.

In one of the censuses GGFather was enumerated in Platte County. I next wrote to Platte County. They indicated their naturalization information had been transferred to the Nebraska State Historical Society. The NSHS has a web site at <> that describes how to initiate a search and the cost.

I wrote to the NSHS with the same info that I sent to the Nance and Platte counties. I sent a check for $5.00 which covers the cost of the search and any copies they may make. They were able to find GGFather's Declaration of Intention, but no Petition. They searched several volumes before and after the 1911 date I provided, so I feel they are very thorough.

As an aside, based on the date on GGFather's Declaration (1911), I don't think he was naturalized - at least not in 1911. The date on the census provides a place to start however. I'm still searching for any additional information on his naturalization.

Information I got from the Declaration included date and European port of departure, name of ship, and date and port of arrival in the US.

As you can see there is no pat answer. I hope this helps you in your search.

Marge Galus Sandlier

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