Business Directory and Farmer list

for 1890-1891

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Washington County NE

Admah, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Washington county, 22 miles from Blair, the county seat.
Christenson J R, justice.
Forsberg August, blacksmith.
Pegan G, genl mdse, postmaster.
Tomlingson R L, phys.


Arlington, is a pleasant and thriving placce of some 600 inhabitants, located at the junction of the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley, and the Sioux City and Pacific divisions of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway system. Situated on a high plateau close to the Elkhorn river, its location is both healthy and beautiful. The surrounding country is nearly all under cultivation, and is one of the best agricultural regions of the state. It is distant from Omaha 29 miles, from Fremont nine miles. The county seat, Blair, is 16 miles northeast on the Sioux City & Pacific R. R. There are three grain elevators, a large flouring mill, Ludwig & Hyndshaws extensive brick yards, two banks, a good hotel and a number of well established business houses. The newspaper is the People's Defender, long and favorably known as an anti-monopoly and union labor organ. Among the buildings recently erected are the Masonic Block, cost $7,000; the flour mill, cost $9,000, and the R. E. Roberts elevator, which is one of the finest and most capacious in the state. A new bank building is now being constructed. There is a good public school and the following churches: German Methodist, the Methodist Episcopal and the Congregational. The societies are: A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., K. of L. and I. O. G. T.
Abbott E A, barber.
Alpers Henry, shoemaker.
Arlington Mill Co, flour mill, Denison & Monroe props.
Arlington State Bank, capital $25,000 paid up, T E Stevens pres, H Chapman vice-pres, H W Schoettger cashier.
Badger & Batson, grain elevator.
Bell Creek Valley Bank, capital $10,000, Wm D Badger pres, L Brownell cashier.
Blessing J G, harness and saddlery.
Brandon J O, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Chapman Bros, genl mdse.
Cook W S, atty, ins, real estate, notary public.
Crowell Lumber and Grain Co, O K Lewis mgr.
Denison & Monroe, props Arlington Mill Co, flour mill.
Eagle Market, E D Baith, H C Young, C E Campbell, props.
Goetz Frank, wagonmaker, blacksmith.
Goltry M H, editor and prop The Peoples Defender, justice of the peace, ins agt.
Hadley S J, physician.
Hammang Bros & Co, hardware, stoves, pumps and general blacksmithing.
Hansen Nels, saloon, billiards.
Heuermann F H, agl implts, pumps, windmills.
Hyndshaw F M, meat market.
Kaniston J S, barber.
Lease L L, justice of peace.
Lewis O K, mgr Crowell Lumber and Grain Co.
Ludwig A G, lumber, contractor, builder.
Ludwig & Hyndshaw, brick mfrs.
Marshall Bros, nursery 2 1/2 miles east.
Nonamaker H Mrs, milliner and dressmaker.
Peoples Defender (The), independent weekly, M H Goltry editor and prop.
Pounds S P Mrs, dressmaker.
Reckmeyer Wm & Son, furniture, undertaking.
Roberts R E, grain elevator, lumber and coal yard and live stock dealer.
Robinson Bros, livery stable.
Service Samuel, prop Whitney House.
Sonberg Jacob H, restaurant, confectionery, fruit, etc.
Sonberg J H, billiard hall, cigars and tobacco.
Squier W P, agt F E & M V R R, S C & P R R, W U Tel Co and Wells, Fargo & Co Express.
Stoltenberg Wm, saloon.
Unthank J A, notary public.
Unthank, & Smith, live stock.
Wade J T, phys.
Watts H, dry goods, notions.
Weber L C & Co, groceries, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes.
Weber L C & Son, drugs, paints, oils, glass, wall paper and jewelry, watches and clocks.
Whitcomb E L, postmaster and mgr Nebraska Telephone Co.
Whitney House, Saml Service prop.
Whitney W H, livery, feed and sale stable.
Williams W H, house and sign painter.
Wilson P Z, genl mdse.


Blair is at the junction of the C., St. P., M. & O. Ry. and the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 25 miles north from Omaha, and has a population of 2,500. It is in the eastern part of Washington county, of which it is the judicial seat. The city is supplied with water works capable of meeting any emergency, which cost $20,000. There are two flour mills, a canning factory with a capacity of 25,000 cans per day, a horse collar factory, with a capital of $30,000, which employs over 100 men, among the industries of the place. The Blair State Bank is the monied institution. The Pilot, Courier, Advertiser and Republican are the weekly newspapers. The churches of the city are the Catholic, Baptist, Christian, Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutheran.

Acme Roller Mills, Edgecomb & Kellogg props.
Anderson & Rathmann, saloon.
Arndt B, cigar mfr.
Ballard Hattie Miss, millinery.
Baltrusc? Charles, genl mdse.
Bedal M D Dr, drugs.
Blair Advertiser, David Myers prop.
Blair Building & Loan Assn, capital $200,000, Hon F W Kenny pres, J H Stewart vice-pres, L H clow sec.
Blair Canning Co, T C Rutter supt.
Blair Pilot (weekly), Selden & Allberry publishers.
Blair Republican, C B Sprague prop.
Blair Separable Horse Collar & Mfg Co. J W Wambold pres, W A Bennett sec.
Blair State Bank, capital $100,000, F W Kenny pres, A P Howes vice-pres, T E Stevens cashier.
Boggs J W, postmaster.
Bolt Emmet, carpenter.
Bonine Wm, blacksmith.
Boyle Margaret Miss, millinery.
Brenbarger Isaac, sewing machines.
Brooks W F, second hand goods.
Bump Newell E, blacksmith.

Casteller A, banker
Catherwood W, county surveyor.
Clark E H, at'y.
Clow L H, sec Patrons Lumber Co,
Cohen B, dry goods.
Commercial Hotel, George D Moore prop, Frank S Moore mgr.
Conner Esther, restaurant.
Cook W J, abstracts, ins.
Courier (The), B C Maynard mgr.
Crabill S W, meat market.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co, A P Howes genl mgr.
Davis Jesse T, atty.
Dixon James M, barber.
Dixon James W, barber.
Dunn C, groceries.
Dunn C Mrs, millinery.
Edgecomb & Kellogg, props Acme Roller Mills
Eller I C, clerk dist court.
Eller W H, atty.
Erikson & Thompson, genl mdse.
Evans Jacob, flour & feed.
Farr Edward J, agt Wells, Fargo & co and American ex.
Fawcett S H, phys.
Flinn Nelson, wagonmaker.
Franz Geo, prop Blair House.
Fuller B F, harness.
Garretson C H, groceries.
Garske A, merchant tailor.
Gaylord E S, horse breeder.
Gilliam E, feed stable.
Gray W H, florist.
Gross Wm, livery.
Gutshow Joseph, prop Merchants Hotel
Haller Bros, genl mdse.
Haller S A Mrs, restaurant.
Haller S C, meat market.
Haller W D, drugs.
Hammang Peter, county judge.
Harriman Frank, sheriff.
Harris C H, photographer.
Harrison W G, livery.
Heenzerling E, harness,
Heimann Theo, cigar mfr.
Henderson J W, supt of schools.
Higley Harry, confectionery.
Higley S E Mrs, millinery.
Hilton T C, dry goods.
Hornes & Son, bakery.
Howes A P, vice-pres Blair State Bank, mgr Crowell Lumber and Grain Co.
Humphries W H, saloon.
Irwin Charles, broom maker.
Jackson E C, county treas.
Jensen Hans, blacksmity.
Jensen Soren, billiards.
Johnson Neils, machinist.
Kay H, shoemaker.
Kemp S E, drugs.
Kenny F W, pres Blair State Bank.
Lamb H P, groceries.
Lantry L L, meat market.
Leverkus R, saloon.
Lippincott Thomas P, agl implts.
Londelius Martin, carpenter.
Lothrop J, atty.
Lundt & Arndt, hardware.
Lutz J E, marble and granite.
McBride M C, dry goods.
McCrumber F, wagonmaker.
McMenemy Charles, real estate, broker.
McQuarrie & Wiseman, lumber.
Maher James E, genl Mdse.
Maley J W, books, stationery and notions.
Matthiesen Bros, genl mdse.
Maynard B C, mgr The Courier.
Merchants Hotel, J Gutshow prop.
Meservey H E, genl mdse.
Michael & Ridler, contractors.
Milestone F J, fgt agt F E & M V
Monroe B F, phys. [R R.
Moore Frank S, mgr Commercial Hotel.
Moore George D, prop Commercial Hotel.
Myers David, prop Blair Advertiser.
Nash & Boyd, livery.
Naudain T N, broker.
Nelson C Mrs, restaurant.
Nelson Samuel, barber.
Nestl Charles, bakery.
Neve Samuel, jeweler.
Newell & Jackson, flour and feed.
Noble H Dr, importer and breeder Clydesdale and English coach horses.
Nordby J C, genl mdse.
Osborn & Farnsworth, attys.
Osterlund N M, clothing, etc.
Palmer E A, dentist.
Palmer O V & Co, genl mdse.
Palmer & Ryan, drugs.
Palmer W H, phys.
Patrons Lumber Co, L H Clow sec.
Peavey F H & Co, grain.
Pelle D H, tailor.
Perkins Alonzo, justice.
Peterson Chris, blacksmith.
Pierce E C, furniture.
Pounds Ella Mrs, dressmaking.
Pratt A M Mrs, dressmaker.
Pratt A W, painter.
Rathmann Chris, abstracter, notary.
Reed Alex Co (The), real estate.
Reed H H, groceries.
Rhoades E J, atty.
Riker George B, city ticket agt f E & M V R R, C St P M & O Ry, and S C & P Ry.
Ritcher John, Brick mfr.
Rosenbalm M H B, genl mdse.
Rutter T C, supt Blair Canning Co.
Ryan B W, boots and shoes.
Sas & Estague, genl mdse.
Aauer & Franzenburg, meat market.
Selden & Allberry, pubs Blair Pilot.
Siert Henry, choice wines, luquors and cigars.
Siert Peter, saloon.
Smith Geo W, laundry.
Smith James R, blacksmith.
Smith J H, blacksmith.
Smith John, barber.
Sprague C B, prop Blair Republican.
Stanfield & Schweinebert, saloon.
Stevens T E, cashier Blair State Bank, notary
Stewart E A, groceries.
Stewart J H & Co, hardware.
Stinson & Riker, photographers.
Strobe M, jeweler.
Struve Henry, saloon.
Taylor S B Dr, drugs.
Tebury Isaac, hardware.
Tew John W, blacksmith.
Verlautz August, harness.
Walton W c, atty.
Wadsworth & Co, hardware.
Wild Edward, veterinary surgeon.
Wil??s & Son, sale stable.
Willsey & Smith, agl implts.
Wulff Bros, agl implts.


De Soto, a postoffice in the eastern part of Washington county, six miles from Blair, the county seat. The station is Mills, which is on the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry. Population, 25. Dairying seeems to be the main pursuit of the inhabitants.
Cruickshank J, justice.
Donaldson Joseph, dairyman.
Michelson Anton, dairyman.
Rohwer Claus, flouring mill.
Rowe Henry, dairyman.
Seltz Chas, postmaster, genl mdse.
Smith H M, justice.
Wulf Henry, dairyman.


Fletcher, a rural postoffice in the northwestern part of Washington county, 16 miles from Blair, the county seat. About 20 people live in the vicinity.
Bailey T B, blacksmith.
Fletcher F, postmaster.
Fletcher & Jackson, genl mdse.


Fontanelle, a postoffice in the western part of Washington county, two miles east of Nickerson, on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., the nearest railway station.


Fort Calhoun one of the oldest towns in Washington county, is located in the southern part of the county near the Missouri river, on the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry., 10 miles south of Blair,the county seat. Population, 300. Various kinds of fruits are grown and shipped from this vicinity.
Clossen Louis, blacksmith.
Cone W G, sta agt.
Grenell E N, justice.
Johnson Wm, saloon.
Jonsen M, genl mdse.
Klindt E, saloon.
Kurtzman T, genl mdse.
Neal Geo, justice.
Paulsen H C, agl implts, blacksmith
Pettengill S, phys.
Rix H, genl mdse.
Stiltz Mrs. dressmaker.
Taylor H B, drugs, postmaster.
Wulff Bros, agl implts.


Herman, is a town of 250 people in the northern part of Washington county, on the line of the C. St. P M. & O. Ry. It is 10 miles north of Blair, the county seat, and has a very pretty location. An excellent school building is erected here. Other good buildings adorn the place. Its financial institution is the Plateau Bank. The newspaper is the Breeze, published by Harper Bros. The churches are the Baptist, united Brethren and the Methodist Episcopal.
Bailey J C, wagonmaker.
Bennett J A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Bennett & Steele, genl mdse.
Chambers & Burdick, genl mdse.
Cornell L, groceries.
Cornell Wm, sign painter.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co.
Fitch J F, blacksmith.
Fitch J T & J F, loans.
Greeno O, livery.
Harper C J & A F, prop Herman Breeze.
Harper D H, hardware, agl implts.
Harper L C, drayman.
Harper & Wachter, agl implts.
Harris E P Mrs, millinery.
Herman Breeze, C J & A F Harper props,
Hilsinger Gammell, meet market.
Kimball G. B, saloon.
Kirk & Co, drugs.
McKercher George, barber.
Mead J H, harness,
Noyes Bros, genl mdse.
Peavey F H & Co, grain.
Plateau Bank, G C Latta pres, W H clark cashier.
Steele I Mrs, millinery.
Stutsman J B, postmaster.
Swanson A, blacksmith
Williamson H, prop Williamson House. [prop.
Williamson House, H Williamson


Kennard, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the central part of Washington county, seven miles west of Blair, the county seat. It has a population of 300.
Abels Anton, meat market.
Abels B, hardware.
Dahlberg John, blacksmith.
Edwards C F, genl mdse.
Gains W F, genl mdse, postmaster.
Hadley J C, phys.
Hansen & Schaefer, hardware and tinsmiths.
Nissen John, genl mdse.
Pratt F, drugs.
Pruner W H, phys.
Thompson W H, sta, tel and ex agt.


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Telbasta, a post office recently established in Washington county.


Vacoma, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Washington county, 15 miles from Blair, the county seat. Population 15.
Cameron L G, blacksmith.
Marsh E, justice.
Sheldon O H, justice.
Skinner John, postmaster, genl mdse.


Washington, a station on the Omaha and Hastings line of the F. E & M. V. R. R., in the extreme southern part of Washington county, nine miles from Arlington, and about 13 miles across the country from Blair, the county seat.
Cunningham Bros, genl mdse.
Durkin J, blacksmith.
Fitch & Bro, agl implts.
Fitch J W, postmaster.
Jarzkowiak J, grain, genl mdse.
Lirden Wm, genl mdse.
Myers Chas N, sta, tel and ex agt.
Roberts R E, grain, live stock, lumber.




Blair--County Seat.

Ackerman Jacob, Herman.
Ackerman Hohn, Herman.
Ackerson Andrew, Admah.
Ahrens Gustave, Admah
A?es William, Blair
Albrecht Aug, Fontanelle.
Allen A T, Herman.
Allen Joseph, Blair.
Allen Robert, Blair.


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Allen Wm H, Ft Calhoun.
Ames Joe p. Ft, Calhoun.
Andersen Andres, Herman.
Andersen Chas. Blair.
Andersen Ed, Blair.
Andersen Gust, Blair.
Andersen Hans, Admah.
Andersen J P, Admah.
Andersen Lars, Herman.
Andersen Nels, Blair.
Andersen Nich, Bennington
Andersen Neils, Kennard.
Andersen Ole, Herman.
Andersen Ole, Bennington,
Andersen Olof, Blair.
Andersen Peter, Blair.
Andersen R P, Kennard.
Andersen Soren, Herman.
Anderson C S. Blair.
Anderson Erick, Blair.
Anderson John, Admah.
Anderson John, Blair.
Anderson P C, Arlington.
Anderson S F, Blair.
Archibald John, Herman.
Arnold Charles, Vacoma.
Arnold J, Blair.
Arnold L L, Admah.
Aronson L J, Blair.
Asmusson A, Ft Calhoun.
Athan W W, Blair.
Atherton John, Herman.
Aye Hans, Blair.
Bailey Thos B, Fletcher.
Barry Michael, Blair.
Bartling D, Admah.
Bartling L, Admah.
Bassett S, Blair.
Bassett S M, Vacoma.
B?rtson A B, Arlington.
Beales R B, Ft Calhonn. (sic)
Beales W B, Ft Calhoun.
Feals A W, Ft Calhoun.
Beam D C, Admah.
Beck M, Ft Calhoun.
Beck Marcus, Blair.
Becklum John, Blair.
Beckmann Hans, Blair.
Behmer Detlef, Herman.
Behrendt F, Blair.
Benbennick A J, Ft Calhoun
Bentrup Peter, Fontanelle.
Bickford L R, Fontanelle.
Bigford Saml, Herman.
Billings H C, Blair.
Bisbee C G, Fontanelle.
Blanchard S S, Arlington.
Blew Wm, Blair.
Boscholte H, Fontanelle.
Boscholte Herman, Admah.
Boucher Henry, De Soto.
Bouvier Louis, De Soto.
Bouvier Oliver, De Soto.
Bouvier Saml D, De Soto.
Bovee A M, Vacoma.
Bovee N A, Vacoma.
Bowen Benton, Herman.
Brandert H, Fontanelle.
Brandt Claus, Blair.
Brewster Al, Kennard.
Brinkmann Hy, Fontanelle.
Brodersen D, Vacoma.
Brodersen R, Vacoma.
Brown Henry, Ft Calhoun.
Brown James, Ft Calhoun.
Brown Wm H, Arlington.
Browning H, Ft Calhoun.
Buffington George, Herman.
Bugeson E, DeSoto.
Burdick Chas, Herman.
Burmeister F, Ft Calhoun.
Byers A C, Kennard.
Cachelin George, De Soto.
Cachelin Urban, De Soto.
Cameron H, Fletcher.
Cameron John H, Herman.
Cameron L D, Vacoma.
Cameron M, Vacoma.
Cameron W C, Vacoma.
Carter Alex, Blair.
Carter Charles, Blair.
Carter Jacob, Blair.
Charlotte W R, Blair,
Christensen James, Kennard
Christensen James, Admah.
Christensen Louis, Kennard
Christensen Louis, Herman
Christensen Peter, Herman.
Christensen Peter, Kennard
Christian, H, Admah.
Christiansen A, Herman.
Christiansen Niels, Herman.
Christiansen Paul, Admah.
Christiansen P C, Herman.
Christophersen H, Herman.
Clausen Chris, Admah.
Clemens John, Herman.
Coffman W B, Ft Calhoun.
Colley Orin, Arlington.
Compton G A, Kennard.
Compton John, Blair.
Compton T, Kennard.
Cook E M, Arlington.
Cook J L, Fontanelle.
Cook Peter, Arlington.
Cook W S, Arlington.
Coon Isaac, De Soto.
Cooper Henry, Herman.
Cotter John, Blair.
Couchman H, Ft Calhoun.
Coupal Vital, Vacoma.
Craig Allen, Ft Calhoun.
Craig Hiram, Ft Calhoun.
Crist John W, Kennard.
Crofs Chas sr, Herman.
Crounse Lorenzo, Ft Calhoun
Cruickshank James, De Sota
Cunningham W G, Kennard
Cushman S W, Vacoma.
Dailey Tim, Ft Calhoun.
Dais E, Fontanelle.
Darlin John, Fontanelle.
Davidson Saml, Kennard.
Davies J E, Blair.
Davies L K, Blair.
Davis Chas, Herman.
Dawson George, Vacoma.
Deaver Wm, Blair.
Debinus Henry, Herman.
Dickmeyer Ulrich, Blair.
Diedrichsen J, Bennington.
Diedrichsen N, Arlington.
Dirks Wm, Fontanelle.
Dixon C A, Blair.
Doll Joseph, Herman.
Domacker Nich, Bennington
Donaldson Joe, DeSoto.
Donelley Thos, Ft Calhoun.
Donelley James, DeSoto.
Drevsen Geo, Blair.
Drumm Jacob, Admah.
Dulany John, Blair.
Dunkel Chris, Blair.
Dunn Thos, Admah.
Duval Thos R, Blair.
Eaken J D, Arlington.
Echtenkamp G, Fontanelle.
Egbert E, Arlington.
Elders Wm, Ft Calhoun.
Elling Chas, Fontanelle.
Elsner E, Arlington.
Emery J W, Blair.
Erickson H P, Admah.
Erickson J G, Herman.
Erickson L P, Herman.
Ervey Wm, Blair.
Erwin J W, Blair.
Evans Thos, Herman.
Eyl Theo, Ft Calhoun.
Fairchild G W, Kennard.
Farnham W E, Blair.
Fenton Daniel, DeSoto.
Fink John, Arlington.
Fischer Christ, Ft Calhoun.
Fisher Martin, Vacoma.
Fitzgerald Jno, Ft Calhoun.
Flake Wm, Blair.
Fletcher F E, Fletcher.
Fletcher L R, Blair.
Foley Jno, Blair.
Foster ? W, Kennard. (either Q or O)
Foster Silas, Blair.
Fox Mathew, Blair
Frahm Henry, Ft Calhoun.
Francis Saml, Arlington.
Franzen Christ, Herman.
Fredericksen J?r, Admah.
Friedrichsen, M H, Bennington.
Frederickson H C, Admah.
French B M, Kennard.
Fritchman Ed, Herman.
From John A, Blair.
Frost W S, Blair.
Fryman J M, Blair.
Gaines W F, Kennard.
Gannon W A, Fontanelle.
Geary Arthur, Fletcher.
Geary Eliza, Herman.
Geary George, Vacoma.
Gehrk Carl, Kennard.
Gehrk Henry, Kennard.
Gehrke Henry, Ft Calhoun.
Gideon O, Ft Calhoun.
Gieselmann H, Arlington.
Gilbert Le?, Ft Calhoun.
Gilbert Thos, Ft Calhoun.
Gilbertson Peter, Blair.
Gilliland G W, Blair.
Gilliland S, DeSota.
Gloede John, Blair.
Goedeker H, Blair.
Goetsch Peter, Bennington.
Goll Jacob, Blair.
Goodell S A, Blair.
Goodman J L, Vacoma.
Gosch C, Ft Calhoun.
Gosch John, Ft Calhoun.
Gosker Wm, Fletcher.
Gossard G M, Fletcher.
Gossard Jeff H, Fletcher.
Gossard P J, Vacoma
Gossard Wm, Fletcher
Grabbe Mart, Blair.
Grant S G, Vacoma.
Graven Wm, Blair.
Gray J W, Blair.
Green Alex, Blair.
Greene W F, Ft Calhoun
Greene L W, Blair.
Gregg Wm, Herman
Grenell E N, Ft Calh
Grimm Hans, Blair.
Gnuse B, Fontanelle.
Gnuse Wm, Fontanelle.
Gutschaw Christian, Blair
Haack Adolph, Blair.
Haas Geo, Arlington.
Hains C B, Blair.
Hall S R, Blair.
Hamilton W R, Fontanelle.
Hammang Jos, Arlington.
Hammer Peter, Herman.
Hammond P J, Admah.
Hampton Morgan, Blair.
Hancock B F, Vacoma
Hanlon Stephen, Vacoma.
Hansen Carl, Kennard.
Hansen Chris, Blair.
Hansen Henry, Ft Calhoun.
Hansen H V, Admah.
Hansen J M, Herman.
Hansen John, Blair.
Hansen Lars, Bennington.
Hansen Lars, Kennard.


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Hansen Lorenz, Herman.
Hansen Peter, Herman.
Harber E, Fletcher.
Harder Hans, Bennington.
Harder John, Bennington.
Harder Joseph, Kennard.
Harles John, Kennard.
Harrison J N, Herman.
Hart Fred, Admah.
Hart W H, Blair.
Hartung Fred, Fontanelle.
Hartung Wm, Fontanelle.
Harvey Joe, Vacoma.
Hass H, Ft Calhoun.
Hastings Bros, Blair.
Hatch W O, Admah.
Hawes F, Arlington.
Haybrook Fred, Fontanelle.
Hedgebaumer A, Fontanelle.
He?nsen Martin, Kennard.
Helens A J, Blair.
Hendricksen J B, Herman.
Henermann D B, Arlington.
Hetrick Adam, Arlington.
Hetrick Wm, Arlington.
Hewitt Anson, Admah.
Hewitt F L, Admah.
Hilgenkamp H, Arlington.
Hilgenkamp H H, Arlington
Hilgenkamp Peter, Arlington
Hilgenkamp Wm, Arlington.
Hindley Ed, Blair.
Hineline Sol, De Soto.
Hinkley W E, Vacoma.
Hinrichsen J, Fort Calhoun.
Hinz Christian, Blair.
Hitchcock G P, Blair.
Hjernsen Lars, Blair.
Hogan Daniel J, Admah.
Hogan P S, Admah.
Hoier Lars, Kennard.
Holmes A W, Admah.
Holmes George, Admah.
Holstein Chris, Blair.
Hooks Robert, Blair.
Hooler Jacob, Fontanelle.
Hoppel Jacob, Fontanelle.
Hoerndick H H, Blair.
Horn C F, Herman.
Horn H C, Herman.
Houghton Chas, Blair.
Houghton L, Blair.
Howe W G, Blair.
Huber Ernst, Bennington.
Huddleston S D, Blair.
Hufendick John, Kennard.
Hugelman Leo, Herman.
Hungate T C, Herman.
Hunt S, Blair.
Hurkley C E, Blair.
Hurt S E, Blair.
Irersen John, Ft Calhoun.
Isaacson C, Blair.
Jackson Nelson, Fletcher.
Jacob H, Arlington.
Jacobsen Hemming, Blair.
Jacobsen Lars, Blair.
Jacobsen Nels, Blair.
Jacobsen Ole, Blair.
Jacobsen Soren, Kennard.
Jahnel Frank, Blair.
Jansen Peter, Blair.
Jansen Wm, Bennington.
Japp John, Kennard.
Jaspersen N, Ft Calhoun.
Jaspersen Niels, Blair.
Jensen Anton, Kennard.
Jensen Hans, Blair.
Jensen Jens, Kennard.
Jensen Jens, Blair.
Jensen Jens, Herman.
Jensen Johannes, Blair.
Jensen Knud, Blair.
Jensen N G, Ft Calhoun.
Jensen Niels G, Blair.
Jensen Peter, Blair.
Jensen Peter A, Blair.
Jensen R, Blair.
Jeppersen Hans, Kennard.
Jeppersen Peter, Kennard.
Johns A T, Blair.
Johnson Andrew, Blair.
Johnson Bengt, Kennard.
Johnson C, Arlington.
Johnson Chris, Herman.
Johnson Joe, Blair.
Johnson J P, Blair.
Johnson J W, Arlington.
Johnson Magnus, Blair.
Johnson Muns, Blair.
Johnson Peter, Fontanelle.
Jungbluth B H I, Arlington.
Justice H, De Soto.
Kay Carl, Ft Calhoun.
Kay Wm, Ft Calhoun.
Kelley John, Ft Calhoun.
Kelsey Robert, Kennard.
Kennicott David, Arlington.
Kennicott Wm, Arlington.
Kepler John, Arlington.
Kepp John, Arlington.
Keppel Jacob, Blair.
Ketchmark J, Ft Calhoun.
Kilgoord Martin, Herman.
Kindred M R, Blair.
Kingdon W J, Arlington.
Lkindt Herman, Ft Calhoun.
Klindt Peter, Ft Calhoun.
Klotz John, Kennard.
Knutsen Martin, Blair.
Kohnk Geo, Kennard.
Kohnk John, Kennard.
Krause Augustus, Herman.
Kronberg A, Blair.
Kronberg G, Blair.
Kronberg, Magnus, Blair.
Kronberg Olof, Blair.
Kruger Christ, Arlington.
Kruse Wm, Ft Calhoun.
Kubl H, Ft Calhoun.
Kuhls Geo, Fontanelle.
Kuhr Geo, Blair.
Kuhr John, Blair.
Kundsen A, Kennard.
Lacrone John W, Kennard.
Lage Eggert, Ft Calhoun.
Lage Henry, Bennington.
Laker Casper, Arlington.
Laker Henry, Arlington.
Laker Wm, Arlington.
Lallmann Aug, Fontanelle.
Lallmann C L, Fontanelle.
Lallmann Fritz, Fontanelle.
Lallmann H, Fontanelle.
Lamb H P, Herman.
Lamb Wm, Blair.
Lamp C H, Bennington.
Lamp Ha?s A, Bennington.
Lamp Mart, Bennington.
Lantry J A, Blair.
Larsen A, Herman.
Larsen Anders, Blair.
Larsen Anders, Herman.
Larsen Andrew, Admah.
Larsen August, Blair.
Larsen Christian, Blair.
Larsen Gustav, Blair.
Larsen Hans, Herman.
Larsen H P, Herman.
Larsen Jens, Herman.
Laresn M P, Blair.
Larsen O P, Blair.
Larsen Simon, Blair.
Laughorst Otto, Fontanelle.
Lawdon Wm, Kennard.
Lawrence N, Blair.
Lazure Adolph, DeSoto.
Leeche John, Ft Calhoun.
Leehee Mike, Ft Calhoun.
Leehe Pat, Ft Calhoun.
Leonard Thos, Blair.
Limbaugh John J, Herman
Lippincott E C, Blair.
Lippincott J C, Blair.
Lippincott J W, Blair.
Lochead Geo, Vacoma.
Logis Peter, Arlington.
Lohse Hartwig, Blair.
Loosing Wm, Arlington.
Lorenzen John, Ft Calhoun.
Lorsch Louis, Ft Calhoun.
Love George, Blair.
Lubker Ed, Fontanelle.
Lunk Mat, Ft Calhoun.
Luningholmer Wm, Admah.
Lute G W, Vacoma.
Lute James, Blair.
McBride H W, Blair.
McBride J W, Blair.
McCann Isaac, Kennard.
McCarthy M, Ft Calhoun.
McCarthy Pat, Ft Calhoun.
McCormick Wm, Blair.
McCowen Wm, Blair.
McCracken J E, Blair.
McDonald Thos, Ft Calhoun.
McKenney M M, Blair.
McKey B A, Herman.
McMahon Ed, Arlington.
McMahon John, Blair.
McMillen Dan, Herman.
McMullen I W, Fontanelle.
McPherson Danl, DeSoto.
Magill H H, Vacoma.
Maguire J H, Blair.
Mall John, Fontanelle.
Maney Johanna, Blair.
Marshall B C, Arlington.
Marshall B, Kennard.
Marshall C W, Arlington.
Marshall J C, Arlington.
Marsh Elias, Vacoma.
Marsh Fred, Vacoma.
Martin W M, Arlington.
Masters R, Arlington.
Mattes John, Arlington.
Matthews James, Fletcher.
Matthiesen M, Blair.
Mayden B W, Admah.
Mayden Martin, Admah.
Mead Giles, Blair.
Mead J L, Herman.
Mehrens Gerhart, Blair.
Mehrens Herman, Blair.
Hehrens Jacob, Ft Calhoun.
Meier August, Fontanelle.
Meier Ernest, Vacoma.
Meier H, Admah.
Meierhenry Aug, Fontanelle.
Heierhenry H, Fontanelle.
Melone S, Blair.
Mendell E R, Admah.
Menking Fred, Arlington.
Metzger V, Blair.
Meucke Gust, Blair.
Meyerhenry Wm, Vacoma.
Michael J, Kennard.
Michaelson H, Ft Calhoun.
Michelson Anton, DeSoto.
Miller B P, Blair.
Miller H J, Herman.
Miller J A, Arlington.
Miller Jacob, Herman.
Miller Louis, Fontanelle.
Miller Michael, Blair.
Miller Niels, Kennard.
Miller W J, Ft Calhoun.
Misfeldt Fritz, Blair.
Miner H C, Blair.
Mock P B, Arlington.
Moller Carl, Ft Calhoun.
Monke Henry, Fontanelle.
Moore Albert, Fletcher.
Morgensen Peter, Vacoma.
Morley C, Arlington.


page 1332

Morrison Alex, Blair.
Morrison Dan, Herman.
Mortensen N, Blair.
Mosel Henry, Fontanelle.
Mullen Pat, Fletcher.
Mundorf G L, Fletcher.
Mundorf H E, Fletcher.
Mundorf I F, Herman.
Murley Wm, Arlington.
Murphy I P, Ft Calhoun.
Murphy Martin, Blair.
Murray Pat, Blair.
Myers Sol, Blair.
Natter J A, Blair.
Neale David, Ft Calhoun.
Neave George, Kennard.
Neff George W, Blair.
Neilson Otto, Blair.
Nelson N, Blair.
Nelson Paul, Ft Calhoun.
Nelson P C, Admah.
Newell J W, Blair.
Newell Samuel, Fletcher.
New Kirk Clifton, Blair.
Niebaum Henry, Fontanelle
Niebaum H, Fontanelle.
Niebuhr H, Fontanelle.
Nichols Fred, Ft Calhoun.
Niederhoffer H, Fontanelle.
Niederhoff H, Arlington.
Niederkruger H, Blair.
Nielson August, Ft Calhoun.
Nielson Hans P, Blair.
Nielson Jens, Ft Calhoun.
Nielson R, Blair.
Niemann Casper, Fontanelle.
Nohronberg Peter, Blair.
Nordquist J A, Admah.
Norton L M, Blair.
Nystrom John, Kennard.
Oetzmann Henry, Blair.
O'Hanlan Richard, Herman.
Ohrt George, Bennington.
Ohrt Tim, Ft Calhoun.
Olds Anson, Ahmah. (sic)
Olsen Louis, Blair.
Olsen N C, Vacoma.
Olsen Olof, Vacoma.
Olsen Soren, Blair.
Olsen Swan, Admah.
Ommerman John, Blair.
Opeland Louis, Herman.
Osterman Henry, Arlington.
Osterman Wm, Arlington.
Overgaard A C, Kennard.
Parker James M, Kennard.
Parker John, Fontanelle.
Patrick John, Fletcher.
Pauling T B, Admah.
Paulsen Christ, Blair.
Paulsen Johannes, Herman.
Paulsen Niels, Blair.
Paulsen Theo, Bennington.
Peck S, Blair.
Pegan G, Admah.
Pemberton Geo C, Arlington
Pennington C, Arlington.
Peoples Hans, Herman.
Peters Henry, Admah.
Peters Rudolph, Bennington
Peters Wm, Fontanelle.
Petersen Bengt, Blair.
Petersen Carsten, Blair.
Petersen Chas, Kennard.
Petersen C P, Blair.
Petersen Chris, Blair.
Petersen Fred, Vacoma.
Petersen Fred, Bennington.
Petersen Hans, Herman.
Petersen Henning, Blair.
Petersen Jens, Blair
Petersen John, Ft Calhoun.
Petersen Lars, Blair.
Petersen Lars, Herman.
Petersen Lars J, Blair.
Petersen N H, Blair.
Petersen Nich, Bennington.
Petersen Niels, Admah.
Petersen Niels, Blair.
Petersen Paul, Bennington.
Petersen Peter, Blair.
Petersen P F, Blair.
Petersen Rasmus, Blair.
Petersen R P, Blair.
Petersen S, Blair.
Pettingill J E, Blair.
Pettit J B, Blair.
Pfeiffer Jos, Ft Calhoun.
Pitcher Ed, Blair.
Playford Thos, Fletcher.
Polansky E, Blair.
Pollock John, Arlington.
Porath John, Blair.
Porter John B, Blair.
Prochnow Fritz, Ft Calhoun.
Puls Carl, Blair.
Puls Henry, Blair.
Push Julius, Ft Calhoun.
Rabe Henry, Vacoma.
Raddus B, Herman.
Raddus B, Herman.
Rahlfs Jacob, Arlington.
Rahlfs John, Arlington.
RAmser Fred, Arlington.
Ramser John, Arlington.
Rasmussen Hans, Blair.
Rasmussen Martin, Kennard
Rasmussen Niels, Blair.
Rasmussen Peter, Blair.
Rasmussen Peter, Fontanelle.
Rasmussen R, Blair.
Rasmussen Soren, Blair.
Rathjen Jacob, Ft Calhoun.
Rathjen Nich, Ft Calhoun.
Rathmann Geo D, Blair.
Rathmann H, Ft Calhoun.
Raver Ham J, Blair.
Raver W A, Blair.
Reah Jas, Kennard.
Reckmeyer H C, Arlington.
Rector J F, Admah.
Reeh Jas, Blair.
Reeh Peter, Blair.
Remington O N, Blair.
Renard A, Arlington.
Richter H, Blair.
Robinson Wm, Blair.
Rohlfs Aug, Ft Calhoun.
Rohwer Claus, DeSoto.
Rohwer George, Ft Calhoun.
Rose A D, Blair.
Rose August, Fontanelle.
Rose S C, Fletcher.
Rose S C, Herman.
Rosenbaum E, Kennard.
Rosenbaum H Mrs, Blair.
Rosenbaum H J, Kennard.
Rosenbaum J C, Kennard.
Rosenbaum Noah, Blair.
Rosenbaum Parker S, Blair.
Rowe Henry, DeSoto.
Russell W H, Herman.
Ruwe A H, Fontanelle.
Ruwe August, Fontanelle.
Ruwe Christ, Fontanelle.
Ruwe Wm, Fontanelle.
Ryan Daniel, Ft Calhoun.
Ryan James, Blair.
Ryan John, Ft Calhoun.
Ryan Philip, Arlington.
Saint Wm N, Fontanelle.
Saltzman Sol, Ft Calhoun.
Salviken G A, Blair.
Sampson S, Arlington.
Saum L W, Ft Calhoun.
Savage H, Blair.
Schaefer Christ, Blair.
Schaefersmann C, F'tanelle.
Scheer Henry, Fontanelle.
Scheer Herman, Fontanelle.
Schenck A D, Admah.
Schenck B H, Admah.
Schenck F, Blair.
Schenck W H, Admah.
Schmidt Carl, Ft Calhoun.
Schmidt Henry, Kennard.
Schmidt J H, Arlington.
Schmidt Peter, Ft Calhoun.
Schmuck Henry, Ft Calhoun
Schneider Carl, Ft Calhoun.
Schneider Henry D, Blair.
Schoettgee Wm, Fontanelle.
Schultz Fred, Arlington.
Schultz H, Ft Calhoun.
Schultz John, Admah.
Schultz Wm, Arlington.
Schumacher H, Kennard.
Schur?hl George, Fontanelle
Schutt Cyrus, Admah.
Schutt Frank, Adamah. (sic)
Schutt Henry, Admah.
Schwager Hans, Ft Calhoun.
Schwagler T, Fontanelle
Seaton Chas, Fletcher.
Selleck Chas, Herman.
Seltz Chas, DeSoto.
Sheer Herman, Blair.
Sheets Sol, Blair.
Sheldon O H, Vacoma.
Shepherd H H, Vacoma.
Short Jacob, Blair.
Siebuhr C, Fontanelle.
Sierk John J, Ft Calhoun.
Siert Henry, Blair.
Sievers Nicholas, Kennard.
Simpson G W, Admah.
Skinner John, Vacoma.
Slader N G, Ft Calhoun.
Slayback Thomas, Kennard.
Smith David, Blair.
Smith S M, DeSoto.
Soll P L, Ft Calhoun.
Sommers James, Blair.
Sommers Miles, Blair.
Sorensen Alfred, Vacoma.
Sorensen H P, Fletcher.
Sorensen John, Ft Calhoun.
Sorensen Peter C, Vacoma.
Souder Eli, Herman.
Souder J M, Herman.
Souder Jacob, Herman.
Spencer Amos, Vacoma.
Spiker S R, Blair.
Sprick Henry, Fontanelle.
Spring Henry, Blair.
Staben Christ, Ft Calhoun.
Staben Hans, Blair.
Steffen A H, Ft Calhoun.
Stewart George, Blair.
Stewart Grant, Blair.
Stewart Jacob, Kennard.
Stewart Sam, Blair.
Stokes James, Herman.
Stork August, Arlington.
Stork Casper, Fontanelle.
Stork C H, Arlington.
Stork F W, Fontanelle.
Stork Herman, Arlington.
Stork Wm, Blair.
Stoltenberg H, Ft Calhoun.
Stroughohner F, Arlington.
Stunkel Wm, Admah.
Sullivan Thomas, Herman.
Sutherland Abe, Blair.
Sutherland Geo, Blair.
Sutherland John, Blair.
Swansen Alfred, Vacoma.
Swart John, Arlington.
Tarleton N C, Blair.
Taylor Ed, Blair.
Taylor Geo T, Arlington.
Taylor P C, Arlington.
Taylor Wm, DeSoto.
Tegt Henry, Arlington.
Thone H N, Blair.
Thone J P, Blair.


page 1333

Thone Oscar, Blair.
Thorndike L N, Admah.
Thornton John, Blair.
Tice Geo, Blair.
Tiedgen H D, Ft Calhoun.
Tobben D, Fontanelle.
Toft Mads, Blair.
Tomlinson R L, Admah.
Town N R, Arlington.
Tri?pe C O, Fontanelle. (possibly Trinpe)
Triplett Elzy, Herman.
Truhlsen Niels, Blair.
Turkelson Rasmus, Blair.
Tyson Lou, Blair.
Tyson Peter, Blair.
Tyson Watson, Blair.
Unland G F, Arlington.
Unthank O N, Arlington.
Utermann John, Blair.
Van Deusen Egbert, Blair.,br> Van Deusen G S, Blair.
Van Valin Alfred, Fletcher.
Van Valin Clement, Vacoma.
Van Valin James, Vacoma.
Vestal J, Arlington.
Viele W P, Blair.
Vizina Frank, Herman.
Vizina Peter, Herman.
Vizina Samuel, Herman.
Vofs George, Blair. ( VOSS is the correct spelling per Douglas Clark

Vofs William, Blair. ( VOSS is the correct spelling per Douglas Clark

Vogt Carl, Fontanelle.
Vogt John, Blair.
Vorhies L, Blair.
Voth Fred, Arlington.
Wachter Anton, Herman.
Wachter J C, Herman.
Wagner Otto, Ft Calhoun.
Wallace Updike, Vacoma.
Walkenhorst H, Arlington.
Walter Henry, Fontanelle.
Ward A G, Herman.
Ward Lewis, Blair.
Ward S J, Blair.
Warrick J G, Blair.
Warrick Saml, Blair.
Waterman Fred, Fontanelle.
Weaver J, Arlington.
Weaver Joe, Arlington.
Weaver Wm, Arlington.
Weed Chas, Blair.
Weitkamp H, Fontanelle.
Wert R W, Blair.
West Wm, Herman.
Wheeler S G, Herman.
White Chas, Blair.
Whitford C A, Arlington.
Whitford R A, Arlington.
Wiese Asmus, Blair.
Wiese Theodore, Blair.
Wilbur Jonas, Fontanelle.
Wilcox C T, Arlington.
Wilcox Elias, Fort Calhoun.
Wild J M, DeSoto.
Wilkenning H, Fontanelle.
Wilkinson Thos, Blair.
Williamson P W, Admah.
Wilson F, Arlington.
Wilson Robert, Blair.
Wilson Thos R, Vacoma.
Wilson W G, Blair.
Wilson Wm, Blair.
Windus James, Blair.
Windus James, Kennard.
Wolf Geo, Herman.
Woods W H, Ft Calhoun.
Wrduch Josiah, Ft Calhoun.
Wrich Carston, Kennard.
Wrich Claus, Kennard.
Wrich Henry, Kennard.
Wright J D, Ft Calhoun.
Wright Sam, Kennard.
Wright S H, Blair.
Wright T M, Kennard.
Wulf Claus, Blair.
Wulf Christian, Blair.
Wulf Detlef Wm, Blair.
Wulff C H, Ft Calhoun.
Zaepffel Joseph, Kennard.
Ziegler George, Arlington.
Zimmerman G, Herman.

File Complete.

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