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1890 Gazetteer - Adams County

Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


Business (town) listings

Ayr  Brickton  Hansen  Hastings  Holstein  Juniata

Kenesaw  LeRoy  Mayflower  Pauline  Prosser  Roseland

page 64

   Ayr, on the Hastings and Red Cloud branch of the B. & M. R.R. is in Adams county, 12 miles south of Hastings. The population of the town is 150 and about 250 farmers receive mail at this office. Two large grain elevators provide storage and shipping facilities. There are a Presbyterian and a Methodist church here. Several new buildings are being erected.

Allen George E, blacksmith.
Edgington Thomas J, hardware.
Flemings S E Miss, drugs.
Gund & Co., A Goble mgr, grain elevator.
Holmes Edgar R, physician.
Howe Henry A, postmaster, groceries.
Oliver & Bechtelheimer, lumber, coal.
Shamblin & Bechtelheimer, meat market.
Sweeney Edward P, agt B. & M. R.R.
Uerling F P & Sons, genl mdse.
Woodworth & Jeffers, restaurant.

page 95

   Brickton, a station on the B.& M. R.R, seven miles south of Hastings.

page 212

   Hansen, a village in the northern part of Adams county, on the St. Joe and Grand Island R. R., eight miles north of Hastings, the county seat. The town has a population of 70 and for its size transacts a heavy business, there having been shipped over 600 cars of grain, over 30 cars of live stock and five cars of potatoes. The price of land ranges from $15 for unimproved to $30 for improved per acre.

Allen J H, blacksmith.
Carracker I H, hotel and livery.
Chamberlain W A & Co, grain.
Clatworthy W H Rev, pastor Presbyterian church.
Farmers Alliance, W E Lucas, mgr, genl mdse and coal.
Gregg Bros Grain Co, J Wilson, mgr.
Kinser John, harnessmaker and shoemaker.
Lanfear Frank, mgr Oliver & Baker.
Loucks George B, livestock.
Oliver & Baker, Ferank Lanfear mgr.
Smith W H, sta agt St. Joe and G. I. R. R.
Stone Walter, postmaster, hardware.
Wilson John, notary and justice.

page 216-221

   Hastings, the county seat of Adams county, is at an altitude of 1,934 feet, has a population of 13,630 (census of 1890), and is the central point of a network of railways in the heart of the South Platte country, 151 miles from Omaha. It is on the G. I. & St. J. division of the U. P. Railway, the Republican Valley branch of the M. P. railway, the York and Hastings line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., the main line of the B. & M. R. R. from Omaha to Denver, and three branches of the B. & M. R. R., to Kearney, to Aurora and to Red Cloud. The city is a bright example of thrift, enterprise and perseverance, especially in wholesale and rail mercantile operations and educational institutions. The manufacturing opportunities, too, are excellent. The city enjoys a splendid system of public improvements. The water works were constructed at a cost of $85,000 and $25,000 have since been expended in extending the system. The water is clear, cold, sparkling, and inexhaustible, the pressure being sufficient to throw water to the tops of the highest buildings, it affords an excellent protection against fire. A paid fire department and police department are under metropolis control. Hastings is handsomely lighted, being supplied not only with gas works, but also a fine electric light plant, with furnishes 600 incandescent and 60 arc lights. Two street railways have about 17 miles of track, making communication with the various parts of the city quite easy. The Adams County court house, which is just being completed at a cost of $76,000, occupies a commanding position, is the most attractive building in the city, and one of the finest of its kind in the state. The State Asylum for the Incurable Insane is another fine edifice which was erected by the state at a cost of $75,000 on 160 acres of ground presented by the citizens of Hastings for that purpose. There are at present 120 insane confined within the institution. The Hastings College, under the control of the Presbyterian denomination, occupies a prominent place among the educational institutions of the West. It has two fine substantial buildings, surrounded by one hundred acres of handsome grounds, which have been laid out and ornamented with great care and taste. Thirty-five acres have been reserved for a college campus, which contains one of the highest elevations about the city. The college is heavily endowed. The Academy of the Sisters of the Visitation is a large and commodious building costing $75,000 and affording good accommodations for the growing attendance on the school. The new High School is a model of architectural beauty, accommodates 600 pupils, and was built at a cost of $25,500. Four additional buildings of a substantial character are provided for the ward schools. There are five banks ands four other financial institutions, with a total capital of $1,385,000. Many fine private buildings and business blocks have been erected. The Walback block costing $35,000, the Opera House and others. The newspapers are what we might expect in such a live progressive community; they are the Hastings Daily Nebraskan, Gazette-Journal, Tribune, Union Worker, Hastings Democrat, Hastings Republican, and Weekly Independent. There are 13 civic societies representing the various orders. The churches are Congregational, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic, German Evangelical and Christian.

Alexander Bros, china and glassware.
Alexander C L, livery.
Alexander M L, sec-treas Burger Alexander Hardware Mfg. Co.
Alexander Samuel, treasurer The Union Life of Nebraska.
Anderson E P, carriagemaker.
Anson & Pratt, plumbing.
Anstrom & Addleman, blacksmiths.
Atlas Lumber Co (The), R A Barr mgr.
Augustine G L & Co, coal.
Babcock F C, dentist.
Bacon A J, phys.
Barns Bros, clothing.
Barr R A, mgr Atlas Lumber Co.
Bartlett E H, veterinary surgeon.
Barty C A, variety store.
Battrell Emily G Mrs, restaurant.
Beckman & Knapp, meat market.
Benedict F J, grocer.
Berg & Storey, props Hastings Importing Co.
Berry C D J, cigars and tobacco.
Bickman C M, photographer.
Binderup & son, cigar mfrs.
Blair D, musical instruments.
Blake Fred, meat market.
Blomerkamp Wm, merchant tailor.
Blue Valley Land Co, G F Work sec.
Bowman Bros, livery.
Braasch & Goevel, saloon, billiards.
Brandt Geo, soda water mfr.
Broege A F, merchant tailor.
Brose J W, loans.
Brown & Williams, dressmakers.
Bruce J E, crockery, glassware.
Brueningsen F, guns, pistols.
Buckeye House, W Criley prop.
Burger, Alexander Hardware Mfg Co, capital $35,000, P S Burger pres,
     O Olliver vice-pres, M L Alexander sec-treas.
Burger & Co, hardware.
Burger P S, pres Burger, Alexander Hardware Mfg Co.
Butterfield L & Co, elevator.
Cameron Charles, boots and shoes.
Castro John A, atty The Union Life of Nebraska.
Chapman J R, atty.
Chapman W A, phys.
Cheney Samuel, saloon.
Chicago Lumber Co, W H Payne mgr.
Christenson C, agl implts.
Churchill G O, photographer.
City National Bank.
Cline Wm M, asst postmaster.
Cloyd B, grocer.
Cole D S, real estate, loans.
Commercial House (The), James Roman prop.
Consolidated Tank Line, G W Forbes, mgr.
Cook H & Co, ice dealers.
Cook John, phys.
Corbett John, livery.
Corey C, phys.
Cox A W, plumber.
Cox & Reed, undertaking, furniture.
Cramer & Rohrer, abstracts, ins agt.
Creeth John A, (Merrett & Creeth) pubs Hastings Daily Nebraskan.
Craft A W, coal dealer.
Crowley Jerome, saloon.
Dalbey Frank, boots and shoes.
Damron N F, livery.
Davis J W, clothing, boots, shoes.
Davis L P, baths.
Delagneau Geo, guns and pistols.
Denver House, S S Hirsch prop.
Dicken W S & Co, hardware.
Dietrich Chas H, vice-pres The Union Life of Nebraska.
Dietz C N, lumber.
Dilley S C Mrs, millinery.
Dillon N H, prop Hotel Bostwick.
Dilworth C J, (Dilworth, Smith & Dilworth), attorney at law.
Dilworth, Smith & Dilworth (C J & W A Dilworth, B F Smith)
     attorneys at law.
Dilworth W A (Dilworth, Smith & Dilworth), notary, attorney at law.
Dilyen J P, barber.
Dorner Fred, harnessmaker, hides and tallow.
Douglas G E, dentist.
Doyen C A, meat market.
Dreitzler G A, livery.
Dungen W W, furniture.
Eastern Banking Co, real estate and loans.
Edwards H L, coal.
Engel John G, prop Hastings Bottling Works, bottler of Lemps St Louis beer.
Evans B A, mgr W U Tel Co.
Evans G J, druggist.
Everett A T, veterinary surgeon.
Eves J M & Son, grocers.
Falk & Bloom, clothing.
Farrell Thos E, stone contractor, vice-pres and mgr Nebraska and Colorado
     Stone co, office Farrells Stone block.
Farrens A H, druggist.
Fawthrop James, blacksmith.
Fay E R & sons, loans.
Feeny John & Son, marble yard.
Ferguson J A, mgr Lininger & Metcalf Co.
Finsterer L, pawnbroker, second-hand furniture.
Firmin F H & Co, genl collections, loans.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $10,000, A L Clarke pres,
     G H Pratt vice-pres, J N Clarke cashier.
Fisher C, shoemaker.
Fisher J W, baker, grocer.
Fleming J H, atty, notary.
Forbes G W, mgr Consolidated Tank Line.
Fowler E A, real estate and loans.
Fyler H A & co, dry goods.
Garmon J O, phys.
Gauvreau & Son, grocers.
Gazette-Journal Pub Co, S P Rounds Jr prop, book and job printing.
Gazette-Journal (The), C F Royce & co pubs and props.
Georg I A, dentist.
Glannon John, tobacco and cigars.
Goodin C E, agt Wells, Fargo & Co.
Guersney L H, jeweler.
Hakes G L, capt fire dept.
Haney J H & Co, harness mfrs.
Hansher John, real estate, loans.
Harman & Trotter, livery.
Harrison W B, asst sec and dept treas the Union Life of Nebraska.
Hartigan John C, atty.
Hartigan M A, atty, notary.
Hastings Bottling Works, John G Engler, bottler of Lemps St. Louis beer.
Hastings Daily Nebraskan, Merrett & Creeth props and pubs,
     Leading Paper of the 2d Congressional district.
Hastings Democrat (The), R B & C B Wahlquist, pubs, editors.
Hastings Door & Sash Factory, N Button prop.
Hastings Dry Pressed Brick Co, H Knowlton, M L Elsemore props.
Hastings Electric Light & Power Co., Geo B Johnson mgr.
Hasting Fruit Canning Co, canning factory.
Hastings Grocery Store, E Langevin mgr.
Hastings Importing Co, Berg & Storey props, horse breeders and importers.
Hastings Improvement Co, capital $100,000, J B Heartwell, pres, J J Wimple
     vice-pres, L M Campbell treas, C D Heartwell sec and mgr.
Hastings Republican, C L & F A Watkins, props.
Heacox S C, mgr Pacific Express Co.
Heartwell C D, real estate, loans.
Heartwell James P, postmaster.
Hester J H, veterinary dentist.
Hewitt & Olmstead, attys.
Hicks Bros, druggists.
Hildebrand Robt B, genl collection agency.
Hirsch J R, grocer.
Hirsch S S, prop Denver House.
Hoeppner E E, atty, notary.
Hogan T P, grocer.
Hotel Bostwick, N H Dillon prop.
Houghton & Slater Bros, bakery.
Howard & Worth, jewelry.
Humphrey & Edgerton, flouring mill.
Iddiols John, blacksmith.
Ideson John C, books, stationery.
Irwin Ralph J, phys.
Jacobson C C, com merchant.
Jacobson J L, tobacco, cigars.
Jahn & Fischer, meat market.
James J, grocer.
Johnson C & Co, abstracts, real estate.
Johnson G B, mgr Hastings Electric Light & Power Co.
Johnson, McLaughlin & Brown, loans.
Johnson O G, watchmaker.
Jones A W, vice-pres Eastern Banking Co.
Jones Bros, carriage repository, harness, agl implts.
Kauf & Rinderspacher, meat market.
Keller A H, phys.
Kelley Simon, saloon.
Kendall & Smith, elevator.
Kent G E, boots and shoes.
Kerrs Opera House, Murray & Nellis, mgrs.
Kepp C H, grocer.
Kleinfeldt Fred, tailor.
Kolby H, prop Mechanics House.
Labelle House, A McCarl prop.
Ladd & Berry, carpenters.
Lakinney & Co, confectioners.
Langvin E, mgr Hastings Grocery store.
Lapenski Anton, shoemaker.
Lee M J Mrs, dressmaker.
Lehman H, blacksmith.
Lepine Hotel, H Lepine prop.
Leptine F, barber.
Letson W, hardware.
Levy Mark, clothing.
Lindsey L C & co, second hand furniture.
Lininger & Metcalf Co, J A Ferguson agt, agl implts.
Loda L Dr, medical director, The Union Life of Nebraska.
Loeb Abraham, livery.
Long Samuel, prop Union Hotel.
Lowman W M, real estate, loans.
Lumbard M J, grocer.
Lustig Max, wholesale wines and liquors.
Lynn Geo, atty and notary.
McCarl A, prop Labelle House.
McDowell J E, real estate.
McEl Hinney D M, pres the Union Life of Nebraska.
McKinley & Lanning, loans.
McKinney M C, phys.
McKinney W S, atty and notary.
McTaggert & McKennan, cigar mfrs.
McWade & Smith, druggists.
Macalaster Neil R, dentist.
Marquis Bros, hardware.
Martin J Z, shoemaker.
Massa John, confectioner.
Maxwell Samuel, abstracter, real estate and loans.
May R, prop Northwestern Hotel.
Mechanics House, H Colby prop.
Merritt & Creeth, (Ed E Merritt John A Creeth) pubs Hastings Daily Nebraskan.
Metropolitan Hotel, J rooney prop.
Michael Bros & Coons, wall paper, painters.
Miller N A, merchant tailor.
Mills Chas C, saloon.
Miltimore J P, prop Star Livery stable.
Mohr Jacob V, pawnbroker, second hand goods.
Monroe E, painter, paperhanger.
Moore Frank, confectioner.
Moriarty, Tremble & co, wholesale grocers.
Morledge & Allbright, ins agt.
Morledge R, justice.
Morrell B S, dentist.
Morris Andrew, saloon, billiards.
Murphy Gus, barber.
Murray A H, wallpaper, painters.
Nebraska Loan & Trust Co. capital $500,000, surplus $135,000, A L Clarke Pres,
     D M McEl Hinney vice-pres, E C Webster treas, C P Webster cashier.
Nellis E P, coal.
New Process Steam Laundry, J C Spangler, J C Benedict props.
Northwestern Hotel, R May prop.
Nute C N, photographer.
Oliver & Boston, lumber.
Oliver H M, coal dealer.
Oliver O, vice-pres Burger, Alexander Hardware Mfg. Co.
Our Own Opinion, J B Koch & Co props and pubs.
Palmer Bros, meat market.
Palmer & Sons, livery.
Passey & Wilkin, ins agt.
Paulick, Keal & Carr, merchant tailors.
Payne W H, mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Pearson Ira F, restaurant.
Penfield & Sample, genl mdse.
Petteys E, flour, feed.
Peycke Bros Co, commission merchants.
Pickens & Hanna, dry goods.
Pielstick Wm A, barber.
Pierce A S, phys.
Pierce I E, loans.
Plamondon Charles, grocer.
Pugh F A, agl implts.
Queen City Business College, J H Schoonover, principal.
Queen City Hotel J Winney prop.
Queen City Mills, Humphrey & Edgerton props, flouring mills.
Quinn A T, prop, Fremont House.
Reith Wm, merchant tailor.
Renner Printing House, F & P Renner props, job printing.
Rhoads Charles, livery.
Ridly W C, prop Buckeye House.
Riley Bros, loans
Rittenhouse C D, architect.
Roberts D, painter.
Rodgrs J D, real estate, ice, coal.
Ronian J, prop Commercial House.
Rooney J, prop Metropolitan House.
Rose Bris, plumbers.
Roe Clarence L & Co, bridge builders and contractors.
Rosenfield J, com merchant.
Rounds S P Jr, prop Gazette-Journal Publishing Co.
Royce & Brown, real estate, loans., props Gazette-Journal
Russell & Jakeway, hardware.
Sawhill F H, dentist.
Saxelby & Whipple, millinery.
Schaufelberger T J, phys.
Schwaibald S, saloon.
Scott E L, variety store.
Scrabill F S, saloon, billiard hall.
Sherrrard P H, barber, baths.
Shirey & Dubel, restaurant.
Sims J R, builder and contractor.
Smith B F, (Dilworth, Smith & Dilworth), atty at law.
Snyder & Brewer, cigar mfrs.
Solomon J C, optician.
Star Livery (The), I P Miltimore prop.
Steele J T, phys.
Stewart C W, real estate and loans.
Stiner L S, billiard hall.
Stone Charles L, agl implts.
Stout Edward, harness makers.
Tanner C H, atty.
Taylor C D, atty, notary.
Taylor Wm, real estate.
Tedrow J L, real estate, loans.
Thatcher O D, loans.
Themar E W, grocer.
Thomas J, merchant tailor.
Thompson & Brown, pubs The Tribune.
Thompson S M, boots and shoes.
Tibbets, Morey & Ferris, attys at law, notaries.
Toedter Fred, shoemaker.
Townsend I L, photographer.
Tremont House, A T Quinn prop.
Tribune (The) Thompson & Brown pubs.
Trotter C L, Harman & Trotter.
Tyler & Moessner, real estate, loans.
Union Hotel, S Long, prop.
Union Life of Nebraska (The), incorporated April 1885, D M McEl Hinney pres,
     Chas H Dietrich vice-pres, A L Wigton sec, S Alexander Treas, Dr. L Loda
     medical director, John A Castro atty, W B Harrison asst sec and department treas.
Union Worker (The), Mrs. H B Fitch pub.
Unna A J, dry goods.
Urquhart Thomas , phys.
Valentine John, saloon.
Van Sicle & Casselll, phys.
Vieth A, real estate and loans.
Vineyard N B, police judge.
Volland geo, real estate, loans.
Walquist R B & C B, pubs, The Hastings Democrat.
Wallis & Athouse, meat market.
Watkins C L, editor Hastings Republican.
Watkins F A mgr Hastings Republican.
Weekly Independent (The), A L Wigton & Son pubs.
Weingart John, grocer.
Wells Fargo & co, C E Goodin agt.
Western Loan and Investment Co. H Bostwick pres, A H Cramer vice-pres,
     J R Penfield treas, C m Weiss cashier.
Wigdon & Train, bookbinders.
Wigton A L, sec the Union Life of Nebraska.
Wigton A L & Son, pubs The Weekly Independent.
Williams G, real estate.
Williams J C, chief engineer, fire department.
Winney J, prop Queens City Hotel.
Wolbach & Brach, genl mdse.
Wooster J, blacksmith.
Work Bros, real estate, ins.
Wright J L, barber.
Yeatman J A, civil engineer.
Yetter A S & son, wallpaper, paints.
Zinn O C, jewelry

page 231

   Holstein is a town on the Alma branch of the U. P. Ry., in the western part of Adams county, 32 miles from Fairfield. The population is 300. The Holstein Bank, two newspapers, the Record and the Nonpareil, a roller mill, a hotel and a Presbyterian church are among the evidences of prosperity of the place.

Boyd A L, sta, tel and ex agt.
Brown Darius, prop, Holstein Hotel.
Carson W T, phys, editor the Holstein Nonpareil.
Cooley J H, lumber and coal.Davy H H, restaurant.
Furer C J, grain.
Hargleroad M A, hardware.
Heckler W M, ins.
Hershey S S, blacksmith.
Hill G W, saloon.
Holstein Bank (The), T B McAuley, A G McAuley W S McAuley,
     J F McAuley, props.
Holstein Hotel, Darius Brown, prop.
Holstein Nonpareil, Dr. W T Carson editor.
Holstein Record, W S McAuley pub.
Kentzer C F, genl mdse.
Larsen C, justice.
McAuley W S, insurance, notary and editor, Holstein Record.
McCall C D, meat market.
Metzer Geo, agl implts.
Metzer Sons, Shelhammer & Co, roller mills.
Schellenberger Louis, genl mdse.
Schwab & Pope, grain elevator.
Thompson A S, drugs, postmaster.
Trier Henry, livery.
Van Veghten FC, furniture.

page 241

   Juniata is in the north central part of Adams county, on the Hastings & Kearney branch of the B. & M. R. R., six miles west of Hastings, the judicial seat of the county, and about 600 inhabitants. There are here grain elevators, steam flour mills, lumber yard, mercantile houses of various kinds and other evidences of thrift. Handsome residences are numerous. The only newspaper is the Herald, which ably looks after the interests of the section. The churches here are the Methodist and the Baptist, and several societies. The Central Hotel, H J Murphy, proprietor, and the Cottage Hotel accommodate the traveling public.

Ackley W, phusician
Angell C H, prop Cottage Hotel
Angel G O, furniture
Atlas Lumber Co., James E McDermith mgr, lumber and coal
Aylworth H M, genl mdse
Ball D R, justice, veterinary
Brass G A, sta tel and ex agt.
Brass S L, attorney
Bridger John, notions
Central HotelBrown G T, notary
Brown S T, livery
Central Hotel, H J Murphy prop. (see adv)
City Hotel, M Wilhelm prop.
Commericial Hotel, R VanBuskirk prop
Cottage Hotel, C H Angell
Cushing W D, grocer
Daily Richard, blacksmith
Freeman D H, genl mdse
Frew W C, wagonmaker
Gettle E F, hardware
Hardin M B, Drugs
H. B. HuckfeldtHill J T, billiards
Huckfeldt H B, blacksmith (see adv)
Jones C R, & Co., bankers
Juniata Herald, I R Rickel pub.
Juniata Milling Co. O R Palmer mgr grain elevator
Kelly F E, drugs
Kilburn Chas, atty
Langjahr A H, harnessmaker
Lemon J D, livery
Light A Mrs, millinery
Lininger & Metcalf Co. agl implts
Moreland H A, livery
Murphy H J, prop Central Hotel
Palmer O R, lumber, stone, justice
Picard L F, hardware
Rnatz T H, barber
Rhiner C B, confectionery
Rickel I R, pub Juniata Herald
Rogers A J, phy
Scholl Matther saloon
Slack A P, & Co. genl mdse
Smith J W, phy
Spade W, carpenter
Stephens D V, postmaster
Twidale & Sons, meat market
Vanbuskrik R, prop Commerical Hotel
Vreeland G G, grain elevator
Watkins Emma, phys
Webster A F, livery
Wilhelm Nicholas, prop City Hotel
Wilson Frank, livery SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 252

   Kenesaw, is on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., at its junction with the Kearney branch, 14 miles west of Hastings, the county seat. Elevator and other facilities afford a home market for the producers. The Bank of Kenasaw and Kenasaw Exchange Bank are the local monetary institutions. The Commercial is the only hotel here. The church organizations are the Presbyterian, Methodist and Evangelical. Population, 600.

Atlas Lumber Co, O B Frazer mgr, lumber and coal.
Bank of Kenasaw, capital $35,000, E P Gillette cashier.
Bentz O A, boots and shoes.
Branson T C, hardware.
Brosius F C Dr, drugs.
Carter & Dutton, patent agts.
Commercial Hotel, A S Howard prop.
Cook Bros, confectionery
Courtright C D, livery.
Jatch P E, genl mdse.
Hayzlett J L, grocer.
Howard A S, prop Commerical Hotel.
Kenasaw Exchange Bank, Norton & hatch props.
Latta W E, genl mdse.
Lininger & Metcalf Co, agl implts.
McClellan Harry, meat market.
Mendenhall J L, sta, tel and ex agt.
Moore E B, furniture.
Norton & Hatch, prop Kenasaw Exchange Bank.
Parmeter & Evans, blacksmiths.
Pattererson John, Carpenter.
Ragsdale J S & sons, drugs.
Robinson J M, breeder Poland China hogs.
Schalauff C A, harnessmaker.
Schlegel B F, hardware.
Schultz & Co, blacksmiths.
Schunk Nick, notions.
Spurgeon Frank, jeweler.
Scovell J M & Co, gain.
Templeton T A, postmaster.
White M F, genl mdse.
Whitesel G F, barber.

page 256

   LeRoy, a station on the St J & G. I. R. R. in the central part of Adams county, 11miles from the county seat. Population 30.

page 291

    Mayflower, a postoffice in the western part of Adams county, 20 miles from Hastings.

page 442

   Pauline, a thriving village in the southeastern part of Adams county, 14 miles from Hasting, the county seat, at the junction of the M. P. Ry., and the Alma branch of the St. Joe & Grand Island Ry. A new school house has been erected at a cost of $1,500.

Atkins J W, harnessmaker.
Barns Wm, genl mdse.
Bechtelheimer S V, postmaster.
Brewer L S, sta agt, U P Ry.
Burton A O, sta agt M P Ry.
Cronin P J, genl mdse.
Dean J K, justice.
Hibbs & Anawalt, genl mdse.
May N, blacksmith.
Miller J E, drugs and phys.
Smith Miss, dressmaker.
Tilburg J W, blacksmith.
Townsend Wm, agl mdse.
West B K, hardware.

page 457

   Prosser is the present terminus of the M. P. Ry., and is situated in the northern part of Adams county, 14 miles from Hasting, the county seat. Population, 100.

page 458 Prosser continues

Crow & Co, hardware.
Greenup Ed, sta agt.
Madsen Mads, blacksmith.
Moore Bros, genl mdse.
Moore S G, postmaster.
Smith Jennie Miss, dressmaker.
Strait H J, justice.
Ware & Pratt, genl mdse.
Yates C J, physician.

page 467

   Roseland, a village of 175 population on the St. Joe and Grand Island Ry. in the central part of Adams county, 18 miles from Hastings, the county seat.

Bacon Chas Dr, drugs.
Bennett Mrs, dressmaker.
Burchard Gus, blacksmith
Carter T W, justice.
Caverny Mrs, millinery
Gafford G M, sta agt.
Green J P, harnessmaker.
Hartman & Kasper, agl implts.
Keilman Bros, saloon.
Lull R W, postmaster, genl mdse.
McNaul & Wisner, genl mdse.
Miller Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Richards J S, genl mdse.
Schmidt J H, hardware.
Weber M, blacksmith.

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