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1890 Gazetteer - Antelope County

Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


Farmers list.


Aberswhaw R R, Oakdale     Austin W, Oakdale         Bartsch W, Royal
Aby P C, Willowdale        Babcock J L, Neligh       Baxter C j, Plainview
Adair C C, Ewing           Babcock L G, Neligh       Beard Jas, Willowdale
Adams E E, Mentorville     Bachous J C, Neligh       Beatty J, Plainview
Adams O W, Mentorville     Bacon J D, Neligh         Beatty T G, Neligh
Ahlman J P, Elgin          Baggs E. Clearwater       Beatty W J, Ewing
Alsenant A M, Neligh       Bagley E, Vim             Beckley Jas, Millerborough
Akins A D, Neligh          Bagley W L, Clearwater    Beckley MC, Millerborough
Alderson Geo, Oakdale      Bailey L W, Neligh        Beckley Sam, Millerborou
Alderson J, Oakdale        Baily J, Elgin            Beckman A, Petersburg
Alkins C C, Neligh         Baker C W, Neligh         Beckman J, Petersburg
Allen G, Neligh            Baker L, Creighton        Bedor J, Elgin
Allen J L, Vickory         Baker S H, Creighton      Beecham Thos, Neligh
Allen J W, Royal           Baker W F, Creighton      Beecher C, Neligh
Anderson A J, Neligh       Baker W T, Elgin          Beecher L A, Neligh
Anderson C, Mentorville    Baldwin J C, Willowdale   Beer A W, Elgin
Anderson C, Neligh         Bates L, Plainview        Beer L, Elgin
Anderson C G, Elgin        Ball J, Neligh            Beer S, Oakdale
Anderson G J, Millerborou  Ball Wm, Clearwater       Bellar J H, Mars
Anderson M, Mentorville    Balliett R S, Oakdale     Bellinger A, Creighton
Anderson N, Millerborough  Barber R S, Oakdale       Bellmar Chas, Creighton
Anderson R. Clearwater     Bare A, Neligh            Bennett C C, Elgin
Anderson W, Orchard        Bare O S, Neligh          Bennett L, Oakdale
Ansley W W, Willowdale     Bare W H, Neligh          Bennett W J, Neligh
Ansink J, Tilden           Barkdoll M M, St. Clair   Bennett W J, Neligh
Anson C F, Orchard         Barkdoll S A, Oakdale     Benson J M, Orchard
Anson J W, Tilden          Barnes a B, Oakdale       Bergman A H, Mentorville
ApplegateE D, Vim          Barnes A H, Oakdale       Bernard F, Elgin
Applegate S H, Neligh      Barnes H, Elgin           Berneyer F L, Elgin
Aunshung W J, Mentorville  Barnes J F, Creighton     Berry D G, Willowdale
Ashcraft E, Tilden         Barnhardt P, Elgin        Berry E H, Willowdale
Atkins A E, Elgin          Barnum A E, Neligh        Bertram H, Plainview
Atkins W N, Tilden         Barrett Clair, Vim        Bicks J A, Oakdale
Aubort J N, Willowdale     Barrett Jas, Neligh       Billings C G, Ewing
Auman J, Barber            BartholomewHC,Creightn    Billings W G, Clearwater
Ausman J, Barber           Barton G W, Plainview     Binden N G, Elgin
Austin J, Oakdale          Barton S R, Jessup        Bishop H F, Royal
Bitney E, Willowdale       Briggs E W, Royal         Buhler Geo, Neligh
Bitney L, Willowdale       Brittell J D, Neligh      Bullock W, Plainview
Black I, Creighton         Brittell O, Elgin         Bult H, Elgin
Black N, Creighton         Britten C L, St. Clair    Bunge F, Neligh
Black W, Plainview         Brockau G L, Willowdale   Buoy Z, Ewing
Blackburn J A, Royal       Brocker L W, Clearwater   Burdick T A, Elgin
Blackmore J, Jessup        Brocker T A, Clearwater   Burdoure M, Oakdale
Blacock W H, Clearwater    Broyden O, Willowdale     Burgess D C, Neligh
Blair E H, Creighton       Brokaw Geo, Willowdale    Burke W E, Elgin
Blanchard J H, Royal       Brooks C N, Mentorville   Burltell L, Elgin
Blazer M A, Mentorville    Brooks W H, Neligh        Burns A E, Neligh
Blesh D, Oakdale           Brotherton D, Tilden      Burns N, Neligh
Bligh C H, Royal           Brotherton M, Tilden      Burton J, Neligh
Bliss Jas, Oakdale         Brown A A, Elgin          Burton Jno, Neligh
Bliss M E, Oakdale         Brown C C, Elgin          Butler J S, Ewing
Block W, Oakdale           Brown C E, Neligh         Button H M, Elgin
Blumley S, St. Clair       Brown E, Jessup           Button M C, Mentorville
Bohnert F, Neligh          Brown F, Oakdale          Butts J H, Tilden
Bonas D F, Plainview       Brown G G, Neligh         Buxton J E & Co, Mars
Boom B F, Oakdale          Brown G H, Neligh         Buxton E R, Mars
Boner H J, Creighton       Brown H F, Plainview      Byrim S W, Orchard
Bonesteel B B, Royal       Brown H H, Elgin          Cady M E, Tilden
Boone C, Creighton         Brown M, Mentorville      Cain J W, Willowdale
Booth E M, Orchard         Brown M, Jessup           Cain M, Clearwater
Booth M N, Tilden          Brown R, Clearwater       Calder Ben, Clearwater
Botsford C, Tilden         Brown Robert, Jessup      Caldwell A C, Tilden
Bowen & Lee, Orchard       Brown W, Frenchtown       Calkins C S, Mentorville
Boyd A N, Royal            Brown W, Mentorville      Calkins S, Creighton
Boyd F, Oakdale            Browning H, Ewing         Calkins S M, Mentorville
Boyer P, Tilden            Buchanan J, Clearwater    Calvin C, Tilden
Brad P, Ewing              Buchanan U, Clearwater    Cape Slue, Neligh
Brand B, Willowdale        Buchs J, Plainview        Carey S, Oakdale
Brand H B, Willowdale      Buckhead J V, Elgin       Carey Thos, Mars
Brandenburg E, Creighton   Buckmaster A B, Neligh    Carlson F, Mentorville
Bramard Jas, Willowdale    Buckmaster Bus,Creighton  Carlson N P, Royal
Bray Chas, St. Clair       Buckmaster J W, Neligh    Carmichael J B, Oakdale
Brenner H, St. Clair       Buckmaster W, Neligh      Carmichael J G, Oakdale
Bretts E S, Tilden         Budge G W, Elgin          Carnack Jas, Jessup
Breen M O, Tilden          Buer C J, Jessup          Carpenter Bob, Millerboro
Carpenter E, Millerborough Closson J G, Orchard      Covenhover A, Creighton
Carpenter J, Jessup        Cochrane J, Orchard       Covey D F, Oakdale
Carpenter M D, Oakdale     Cochrane Jno, Orchard     Covey J H, Oakdale
Carpenter S A, Tilden      Cochrane W W, Orchard     Cowen J, Tilden
Carson J L, Neligh         Coffman E J, Mars         Cox F J, Barber
Carstens C, Neligh         Colla M, Neligh           Craig Henry, Ewing
Carver D, Mars             Collings J R, Plainview   Cramer S P, Ewing
Carver D H, Mars           Cowins R R, Creighton     Cratly W, Elgin
Carver L L, Mars           Compfeldt L, Tilden       Cratly W H, Elgin
Carver O, Mars             Comstock, A, Orchard      Craw G W, St. Clair
Case M M, Neligh           Comstock E, Oakdale       Craw M J, St. Clair
Casey C N, Plainview       Conden J, Elgin           Craw V E, St. Clair
Cash A, Clearwater         Condeman J, Creighton     Crinklaw a B, Neligh
Caswell A S, Neligh        Connelly F, Mentorville   Crinklaw J G, Neligh
Cattell J, Neligh          Conneng W H, Neligh       Crippen J, Plainview
Cattron J F, Jessup        Constock W, Oakdale       Crisp C, Plainview
Caulson A C, Creighton     Conway A F, Neligh        Crisp R, Plainview
Chalfant D, Neligh         Cooley Geo, Clearwater    Cristam P C, Orchard
Chamberlin J, Neligh       Cooper B, Creighton       Criswell J M, Creighton
Chapman O G, Oakdale       Cooper B, Oakdale         Crosier W, Oakdale
Chappell A E, Neligh       Cooper Geo, Oakdale       Crowell H L, Neligh
Chappell J, Neligh         Cooper J. M, Royal        Crowell J S, neligh
Childs A B, St. Clair      Cooper J R, Orchard       Crowther A W, Mars
Childs E V, St. Clair      Cooper W, Oakdale         Cullon W R, Willowdale
Christianson M, Plainview  Corby Geo, Neligh         Cummings C C, Neligh
Church F D, Tilden         Corby N, Neligh           Cummings C, Mentorville
Clair Aug, Neligh          Corkle A, Oakdale         Cunningham W S, Tilden
Clapp R L, Ewing           Corkle C L, Oakdale       Curtin Pat, Jessup
Clarch E H, Vickory        Corkle F, Oakdale         Curtin S, Jessup
Clark A D, Royal           Corkle W E, Oakdale       Curtin T, Jessup
Clark G, Mentorville       Corless S H, Ewing        Curtis J E, Oakdale
Clark S B, Elgin           Cossart J, Tilden         Curtwright C T, Jessup
Clark W B, Elgin           Couch W H, Neligh         Cushman R, Orchard
Clatchey W M, Oakdale      Couch W H, Royal          Daly M, Elgin
Clatfeld G L, Neligh       Coupland Ge, Neligh       Damphin C D, Oakdale
Cleveland J C, Jessup      Coupland T, Neligh        Danials J, Elgin
Cleveland J H, Jessup      Contois D, Clearwater     Darling F W, Millerborough
Clifton J S, Orchard       Contois Jos, Clearwater   Davenport W F, Creighton
Clifton S H, Orchard       Coutts W, Neligh          Davidosn G A N, Neligh
Davis A L, Clearwater      Dorland R M, Elgin        Elliott E, Neligh
Davis A W, Tilden          Dorland T, Elgin          Elliott H, Mentorville
Davis G A, Tilden          Douglas J A, Creighton    Elm A. Elgin
Davis H N, Ewing           Doughtie D, Oakdale       Elwood H C, Creighton
Davis Jas, Plainview       Dowler C H, Willowdale    Elwood N, Creighton
Davis L, Ewing             Dowling D, Creighton      Engles W M, Creighton
Davis L J, Elgin           Dragoo J, Mars            Erickson J, Elgin
Davis N J, Neligh          Dragoo M, Mars            Erskine E T, Tilden
Davis R, Barber            Drayton J W, Ewing        Erskine J, Tilden
Davis W, Elgin             Dulaerd J C, Elgin        Erskine J F, Tilden
Dawson G H, Neligh         Duncan D, Clearwater      Erskine N N, Tilden
Dawson R W, Creighton      Duncan G, Jessup          Erskine P, Tilden
Dean H E, Neligh           Duncan J, Clearwater      Erskine W G, Tilden
Dean G W, Neligh           Duncan W P, Oakdale       Evans A, Elgin
Dech G A, Neligh           Dunkee S W, Royal         Evans Jas, Elgin
Dech J, Neligh             Durham E G, Vim           Evans J E, Elgin
Delsem C F, Mentorville    Dutcher J, Plainview      Everson T, Neligh
Delaney J S, Clearwater    Dutcher Theo, Creighton   Eyer A, Royal
Delong A B, Tilden         Dworak C F, Oakdale       Eyer F S, Royal
Delzell J E, Ewing         Eacutt A F, Mentorville   Fairchild S C, Tilden
Delzell S, Ewing           Eacutt T, Neligh          Fannon G, Neligh
Dempsey J, St. Clair       Eastman P, Clearwater     Fannon J F, Clearwater
Denney H, Oakdale          Eaton J L, Elgin          Fannon W M, Neligh
Denney M E, Oakdale        Echberg P, Neligh         Farber L, Neligh
Dennis T W, Neligh         Eddy A, Tilden            Farber W, Neligh
Deuel G, Orchard           Edwards A, Elgin          Farbees I E, Oakdale
Devey M W, Oakdale         Edwards C, Elgin          Farbes M C, Plainview
Dewey H, Tilden            Edwards D, Elgin          Fay C H, Elgin
DeWitt F, Mentorville      Edwards K C, Elgin        Fee M, Elgin
Dibble B F, Oakdale        Eggleston J, Elgin        Fee M E, Elgin
Dickinson J, Elgin         Eggleston N B, Oakdale    Fee R V, Elgin
Dikeman D, Royal           Eggleston O, Elgin        Ferguson G E, Neligh
Dikeman Wm, Royal          Eggleston W, Elgin        Fieckert J, Ewing
Dinsmore A R, Neligh       Eisler J. Tilden          Field C, Jessup
Dodge Chas, Oakdale        Eichoff J H, Tilden       Field E M, Jessup
Doubenmier W, Neligh       Elark H L, Mentorville    Field G W, Jessup
Donner G, Neligh           Ellington J M, Neligh     Field W R, Jessup
Donner J, Neligh           Elliott A, Oakdale        Fields H, St. Clair
Dorland J W, Elgin         Elliott a S, Plainview    Fields O, St. Clair
Finch R, Frenchtown        Galloway F, Neligh        Grant J U, Elgin
Fisher C M, Plainview      Garnet L, Clearwater      Grant L, Elgin
Fisher P B, Neligh         George Jas, Neligh        Grant L C, Neligh
Fisher W S, Creighton      George E T, Clearwater    Grape R, Mentorville
Fletcher Geo, Neligh       Gemmell G A, Neligh       Graybell A, Elgin
Folson C H, Plainview      George H W, Neligh        Graybell D, Ewing
Foltz J L, Oakdale         Gerard G W, Tilden        Green G H, Elgin
Foltz V J, Oakdale         Gerard W, Elgin           Green Jas, Creighton
Foot J W, Neligh           Gest G I, Clearwater      Green N F, Oakdale
Forbes G W, Plainview      Getchell J W, Neligh      Grenier T, Clearwater
Ford J, Neligh             Getchell M, Neligh        Griffiths J, Mars
Forgeot C C, Orchard       Gibson A, St. Clair       Grose A J, Jessup
Forgeot M, Orchard         Gibson A E, Neligh        Grose J N, Glenalpine
Forsburg Gus, Royal        Gibson C, Creighton       Guenslitt M C, Jessup
Forsell G, Neligh          Gibson G, Oakdale         Guffy G B, Neligh
Fosdick J E, Plainview     Gibson G A, Neligh        Gumdmeyer A, Elgin
Fosdick S, Plainview       Gieler T, Neligh          Gumdmeyer J, Elgin
Fosdick S J, Plainview     Giffin G J, Elgin         Gunthorpe W, Clearwater
Fosi J, Tilden             GillespieJ B, Clearwater  Gurney J H, Neligh
Foss Ole, Elgin            Gittinger W P, Neligh     Gustur P M, Ewing
Foster Sam, Willowdale     Glampe F, Elgin           Hadden Geo, Creighton
Fovargan D, Creighton      Glars C W, Oakdale        Hadley L D, Oakdale
Fox H, Neligh              Glover J, Tilden          Haines D, Neligh
Fox R, Neligh              Glover P H, Tilden        Hale F, Tilden
Francis J, Plainview       Goble E, Jessup           Haley W, Jessup
Frady C H, Neligh          Goble G D, Royal          Hall O, Neligh
Freund R, Tilden           Golner A, Clearwater      Hall S, Neligh
Frisbie D C, Neligh        Goodrich LW, Mentorville  Halverson H, Mentorville
Frisbie E G E, Neligh      Goodrich W, Tilden        Haman E, Clearwater
Fritz G, Oakdale           Goodsil L, Ewing          Hamden L N, Neligh
Froot C, Willowdale        Goodspeed C, Plainview    Hamet A, Mentorville
Frost D H, Willowdale      Goodspeed E F, Plainview  Hamet C, Mentorville
Fryer J R, Willowdale      Gotscholl W E, Creighton  Hamilton Geo, Neligh
Gable U M, Plainview       Graham C W, Clearwater    Hamilton J, Neligh
Gaily E, Elgin             Graham E, Royal           Hammenger C D, Elgin
Gainard W, Elgin           Graham Henry, Clearwater  Hammerly I, Creighton
Galenby G, Neligh          Graham Thos, Clearwater   Hammond M, Creighton
Galgren J L, Glenalpine    Grant C, Neligh           Hamon D J, Clear Spring
Galloway C, Neligh         Grant J N, Neligh         Hamyer E P, Neligh
Hannor J, Petersburg       Herman F H, Orchard       Hovey W W, Neligh
Hansen H, Neligh           Herman H W, Clearwater    Howard D, Neligh
Hansen L, Plainview        Heron J R, Orchard        Howard  J, Neligh
Hanson R, Plainview        Herring J, Jessup         Howard J C, Orchard
Hanson T R, Tilden         Hesenant E, Neligh        Howard R, Orchard
Harlow G T, Tilden         Hewill C H, Neligh        Howarth Jas, Orchard
Harold Jas, Clearwater     Hickman J B, Neligh       Howe S E, Royal
Harper H E, Millerborough  Hickman M E, Neligh       Howell J D, Elgin
Harper R J, Millerborough  Hindley O E, Willowdale   Hubbard C M, Jessup
Harrington E L, Elgin      Hitchcock D, Clearwater   Huckins H J, Vim
Hart J, Millerborough      Hoag R J, Orchard         Huff E M, Neligh
Hartman C J, Elgin         Hoagland W H, Plainview   Huffman M B, Neligh
Hartman W, Elgin           Hobble S R, Oakdale`      Hughey J, Barber
Harvey R C, Orchard        Hoefft Gus, Clearwater    Hughman J A, Glenalpine
Harvey R G, Tilden         Hoffman D, Oakdale        Hullhoff J, Clearwater
Harvey W T, Glenalpine     Hohn F, Ewing             Hultquist J C, Elgin
Haskill F, Clearwater      Hoke W, Ewing             Hunt J, Tilden
Haskin C N, Mars           Holbrook A D, Creighton   Hunt L, Tilden
Haskin E, St. Clair        Holcomb E, Elgin          Hunter W H, St. Clair
Haskin Saul, Mars          Holcomb G, Elgin          Hutchinson J, Elgin
Haskin W R, Mars           Holcomb Jason, Elgin      Hutchinson J W, Elgin
Hatcher J T, Jessup        Holcomb Justin, Elgin     Hutchinson W, Elgin
Hatfield, J D, Neligh      Holcomb N, Elgin          Hutto J A, Willowdale
Hathaway C A, Neligh       Holland J, Clearwater     Ickler R, Creighton
Haverland G P, Elgin       Holm P, Neligh            Imet N, Clearwater
Haverland S P, Elgin       Holm S G, Royal           Ingalsbe H, Oakdale
Haverland W, Elgin         Holt J J, Barber          Ingram I H, Vickory
Havershind O, Elgin        Housdell G W, Neligh      Ireland R, Oakdale
Hays O M, Vim              Hooker Con, Clearwater    Irish J J, Tilden
Headmyton S, Plainview     Hopkins A, Tilden         Ives E, Neligh
Headland E, Mentorville    Hopkins C. Tilden         Ives F J, Tilden
Heithoff J, Elgin          Hopkins E, Oakdale        Ives J, Tilden
HemmingwayCE,Clearwate     Hopkins J, Oakdale        Jackson J N, Jessup
Hemmingway E L, Orchard    Horn R J, Elgin           Jackson J V, Plainview
HemmingwayMM,Clearwat      Horr S, Clearwater        Jackson W, Elgin
Hemmingway P, Clearwate    Hossington A, Neligh      Jacobson H, Clearwater
Hendrick L B, Neligh       Hossman I, Oakdale        Jacobson Hans, Clearwater
Henery C L, Neligh         Hossman T, Elgin          Jacobson J L, Mentorville
Herman A B, Orchard        House F M, Oakdale        James W W, Plainview
Jarmin Jno, Tilden         Keck Geo, Oakdale         Kniss S W, Clearwater
Jeffres Jas, Oakdale       Keith H, Neligh           Kniss U G, Clearwater
Jencks F, Plainview        Keller C, Oakdale         Knowlton J, Royal`
Jensen L, Ewing            Kelley G T, Plainview     Koby J A, Elgin
Jensen N, Plainview        Kelsey J H, Clearwater    Kochel J, Ewing
John F, Creighton          Kemmyton M C, Neligh      Kosier C B, Plainview
Johnson A, Mentorville     Kent J, Elgin             Krause W, Clearwater
Johnson A J, Tilden        Kesling J D, Oakdale      Krebs W, Neligh
Johnson C, Plainview       Kesler B, Clearwater      Kryger H E, Neligh
Johnson C, Mentorville     Kesler J. Orchard         Lafaver G, Mentorville
Johnson C, Royal           Kidder S L, Oakdale       Lambert N M, Oakdale
Johnson C H, Plainview     Kiechel D, Neligh         Lampman J, Elgin
Johnson C M, Royal         Kilbourn E D, Neligh      Lamson Jno, Elgin
Johnson C P, Royal         Kile D H, Creighton       Lamson P, Elgin
Johnson G W, Neligh        Kile L E, Plainview       Lamson T, Neligh
Johnson H B, Tilden        Kile R, Plainview         Land O, Neligh
Johnson H H, Plainview     Kim D C, Tilden           Land O C, Neligh
Johnson I D, Creighton     Kimble A, Creighton       Landelmilk L D, Oakdale
Johnson Glenalpine         Kimble Chas, Creighton    Lang F, Elgin
Johnson J C, Neligh        King J H, Oakdale         Lang L, Elgin
Johnson J N, Jessup        King W, Tilden            Larson D, Plainview
Johnson D, Creighton       Kinney C, Mentorville     Larson P, Mentorville
Johnson L A, Elgin         Kinney Geo, Oakdale       Lawrence T, Neligh
Johnson M M, Neligh        Kinney H W, Mentorville   Lawrence T M, Neligh
Johnson O, Mentorville     Kinney J E, Oakdale       Lawson J A, Elgin
Johnson P, Creighton       Kinney J H, Oakdale       Leach M H, Oakdale
Johnson P, Plainview       Kinnie A, Elgin           Leake S E, Neligh
Johnson S P, Plainview     Kircefer H, Tilden        Learman A, Oakdale
Johnson T, Plainview       Kirchefer W, Tilden       Learman A, Tilden
Johnson W, Elgin           Kirk M, Plainview         Lebeau J, Creighton
Johnson W L, Neligh        Kirk W T, Creighton       Lee Saml, Neligh
Jones A, Mentorville       Kirney A B, Mentorville   Leeper C K, Neligh
Jones A E, Ewing           Kiser S H, Creighton      Lehr W, Elgin
Jones J M, Oakdale         Klahen Chas, Orchard      Lemmerman F, Elgin
Jones W O, Oakdale         Knable F, Clear Springs   Lemmerman W, Elgin
Jordan M A, Neligh         Knapp H H, Orchard        Leonard H M, Neligh
Kahli L V, Creighton       Knibbs C C, Ewing         Lewis N E, Neligh
Karls H, Oakdale           Kniss P, Ewing            Lickty J. Millerborough
Kass A W, Orchard          Kniss P G, Vickory        Lichty S L, Millerborough
Lichty S P, Millerborough  McDonald R M, Tilden      Mayer S C, Creighton
Linbberg John, Oakdale     McGinty P M, Tilden       Mead G W, Vim
Lindous O A, Oakdale       McGoff H, Elgin           Mead S P, Vim
Lloyd E, Neligh            McGue Jas, Oakdale        Meafus G B, Elgin
Lobdell Chas, Elgin        McIntosh J M. Oakdale     Means T W, Tilden
Lofts J L, Jessup          McIntyre H, Elgin         Melindy D, Elgin
Lois L, Tilden             McKamey F M, Orchard      Melindy Danl, Elgin
Long Jas, Clearwater       McKay Alex, Elgin         Melindy W M, Elgin
Lord A D, Tilden           McKay H, Elgin            Mellick J J, Neligh
Lorenz A, Orchard          McKay H H, Elgin          Mendenhall L H, Neligh
Lorenzen H, Neligh         McKay Jas, Elgin          Mendlesohn W, Plainview
Lorenzen J L, Neligh       McKee J L, Creighton      Merritt J F, Neligh
Lorenzen L, Neligh         McKeever Ed, Creighton    Meuret Bros, Orchard
Loske A, Clear Spring      McKeever J, Tilden        Meuret Geo, Orchard
Losure C H, Millerborough  McKim J L, Clearwater     Meyers G N, Neligh
Losure W, Creighton        McLane G F M, Royal       Meyers J H, Creighton
Lower J W, Creighton       McMahan J M, Plainview    Michaelson H, Tilden
Luben Aug, Clearwater      McMahan T F, Willowdale   Michaelson P, Tilden
Ludwick L, Neligh          McMerter E N, Jessup      Micks Q B, Plainview
Ludwick W, Clearwater      McMillan D W, Creighton   Miller A, Ewing
Luke W, Tilden             McNut J, Creighton        Miller A L, Orchard
Lund CD E, Neligh          McVey H, Vim              Miller A Sr, Ewing
Lundeen P, Elgin           Macauley B M, Clearwater  Miller C T, Willowdale
Luther E. Clearwater       Madson H, Plainview       Miller E, Plainview
Lutomaski F, Clearwater    Madson L, Plainview       Miller F W, Closter
Lybolt J H, Neligh         Madson N C, Plainview     Miller G, ST. Clair
Lybolt W, Neligh           Madson S, Neligh          Miller G E, Clearwater
Lytle S W, Neligh          Malzacher J, Oakdale      Miller I, Plainview
McCann B L, Neligh         Marion R G, Ewing         Miller I L, Clearwater
McCartney D, Neligh        Manville M, Tilden        Miller Jas, Ewing
McClain J, Elgin           Manville O B, Tilden      Miller J O, Oakdale
McClintock D, Neligh       Mapes C, Neligh           Miller John, Ewing
McConnell EC, Willowdale   Marshall H S, Orchard     Miller L, Tilden
McConnell OD,Willowdale    Martin C A, Tilden        Miller P G, Clearwater
McConnell WE,Willowdale    Martin J, Petersburg      Miller Seth, Royal
McCord S M, Oakdale        Mauck R W, Plainview      Miller W, Ewing
McCormick J, Orchard       Maurer J, Neligh          Miskimen H H, Elgin
McCormick S W, Neligh      May F, Neligh             Miskimen W C, Elgin
McDonald J W, Tilden       Mayer J W, Jessup         Mitchell Alex, Ewing
Mitchell E, Creighton      Murphy P, Oakdale         Norris D M, Clear Spring
Mitchell H W, Clearwater   Myers C H, Orchard        Norris J D, Neligh
Mitchell JE, Jessup        Myers F, Neligh           Norris W S, Clear Spring
Mitchell J W, Ewing        Myers L J, Jessup         Nosen Jno, Jessup
Mitchell M, Millerborough  Myers Marji, Clearwater   Nott G W, Elgin
Mitchell T A, Ewing        Myers W, Oakdale          Nygren C, Tilden
Mock S W, Closter          Myers W H, Clearwater     Nycop C, Elgin
Monrow TB, Millerborough   Nagle H, ClEar Spring     Obershaw F, Oakdale
Monson A, Millerborough    Napier A, Ewing           Ocher T, Creighton
Monson O F, Royal          Napier J M, Ewing         Oelschigle C A, Tilden
Moon D R, Oakdale          Napier W, Royal           Oelschigle T, Tilden
Moon T B, Neligh           Nath W, Plainview         Oelschigle W M, Tilden
Moore A L, Millerborough   Neafers B, Elgin          Olin T M, St. Clair
Moore C J, Millerborough   Neilson A, Neligh         Oliverson O, Oakdale
Moore F, Creighton         Neis J, Neligh            Olson A, Royal
Moorhouse G, Neligh        Neis J H, Neligh          Olson J, Royal
Morgethe P, Mars           Nellis A, Millerborough   Olson Jonas, Royal
Moritz F, Elgin            Nellis J D, Millerborough Olson P, Royal
Morriston A H, Neligh      Nelson C, Clear Spring    O'Neil E, Clearwater
Morriston N M, Neligh      Nelson Geo, Tilden        O'Neil J. Clearwater
Morse H H, Orchard         Nelson Geo, Plainview     Owen A, Plainview
Mosbarger W, Tilden        Nelson J, Tilden          Owen H C, Jessup
Mosen C J, Jessup          Nelson  Jas, Plainview    Owen H L, Jessup
Moses A, Neligh            Nelson N, Plainview       Packwood A, Plainview
Moses E E, Royal           Nelson N G, Mentorville   Packwood J C, Creighton
Moses T R, Neligh          Nepper V, Petersburg      Packwood Saml, Creighton
Mosher B, Millerborough    Newer Geo, Clearwater     Packwood S L, Creighton
Mower M, Plainview         Newhall G, Oakdale        Packwood W R, Creighton
Moyer J, Neligh            Newhart J N, Mars         Palmateer J, Neligh
Mueller Frary, Clearwater  Newhouse L A, Creighton   Palmateer A F, Willowdale
Mueller H, Tilden          Newman W A, Clearwater    Palmer A H, Oakdale
Muhn T, Neligh             Newton O, Oakdale         Palmer E R, Oakdale
Mullen J A, Creighton      Newton L B, Ewing         Palmer G, Oakdale
Mumm J, Plainview          Newton O, Ewing           Parker J C, Elgin
Mummert G W, Clearwater    Newton&Pennington,Orch    Parker W H, Elgin
Munger W, Vim              Nicumber B, Clearwater    Parkins J, Oakdale
Murten J, Creighton        Nichols M S, Royal        Parrish H E, Mentorville
Murphy J, Oakdale          Nichols N S, Royal        Parrish P, Mentorville
Murphy M W, Oakdale        Northgraves J, Orchard    Patterson W, Neligh
Pearson N, Clearwater      Pratt C, Oakdale          Rice C, Neligh
Pearson N, Clearwater      Pratt W W, Neligh         Rice F H, Neligh
Peets E, Oakdale           Prevo Peter, Oakdale      Rice Jos, Neligh
Peets J, Oakdale           Price L, Orchard          Rice L Y, Royal
Pendleton W A, Neligh      Priestley C W, Oakdale    Richardson B B, Vickory
Perry A, Mentorville       Proudfit L, Ewing         Rickets E, Oakdale
Perry A J, Elgin           Putnam J H, Neligh        Rief J, Haigler
Perry A J, Neligh          Putnam J V, Neligh        Riekert J W, Neligh
Perry D, Elgin             Putney A L, Royal         Riggs A, Orchard
Perry E, Mentorville       Putney W W, Oakdale       Riggs H, Elgin
Perry J M, Neligh          Rafferly M, Creighton     Riley L R, Orchard
Perry S H, Neligh          Ralston M J, Creighton    Ringer E, Neligh
Peters M W, Oakdale        Randall A L, Clearwater   Ritcher M, Clearwater
Peterson B, Neligh         Randall W, Neligh         Roberts C C, Neligh
Peterson C, Mentorville    Rankin Bell, Tilden       Robinson O, Orchard
Peterson T, Tilden         Raser A, Glenalpine       Robinson G, Tilden
Peterson F, Clear Spring   Rash H F, St. Clair       Robinson Geo, Royal
Peterson H, Plainview      Rasmussen H, Plainview    Robinson M E, Tilden
Peterson J, Neligh         Rasmussen J P, Plainview  Robinson Wm, Millerborou
Peterson S, Ewing          Rasp J, Neligh            Roche J J, Neligh
Peterson W A, Elgin        Rathburn W A, Neligh      Roeder Aug, Jessup
Peterson W E, Elgin        Rauhauser J D, Neligh     Rogers Clifton, Orchard
Pexton Henry, Neligh       Rawson L K, Ewing         Rogers E B, Orchard
Pexton Jno, Neligh         Ray H H, Oakdale          Rogers S C, Clearwater
Pexton Thos, Neligh        Rebmen H, Jessup          Rogerson J, Clearwater
Phillips A H, Neligh       Redding C S, Neligh       Rogman J, Orchard
Phillips L, Clearwater     Reed J, Petersburg        Rooth B A, Royal
Phillips N L, Tilden       Reefe Jas, Royal          Rooth E H, Tilden
Pieper H, Tilden           Reefe John, Royal         Rorbyl C, Clearwater
Planty M, Neligh           Reefe W, Royal            Rose B I, Willowdale
Planty U S G, Neligh       Rehberg J I, Clear Spring Ross A W, Neligh
Poling Danl, Neligh        Rehberg J W, Creighton    Roter J, Tilden
Potras F, Clearwater       Rehberg J W, Plainview    Rouse C Jr, St. Clair
Potras F H, Clearwater     Reiswick J H, Neligh      Rouse C Sr, St. Clair
Potras Jos, Clearwater     Reno Bros, Oakdale        Roush W N, Vickory
Potras L, Clearwater       Reno C F, Oakdale         Roush DW T, Elgin
Potras L Sr, Clearwater    Reno X, Oakdale           Routz Geo, Ewing
Powers A, Creighton        Reynolds T T, Neligh      Rowel F G, Tilden
Pratt A, Neligh            Rice A, Neligh            Rowel W F, Tilden
Rundbery C, Creighton      Shabram F, Neligh         Simmons S, Elgin
Runquist M, Royal          Shade A C, Neligh         Simpson & Wilson, Glenalp
Russell W, Elgin           Shain D B, Elgin          Sisler W H, Glenalpine
Rutibrias H, Clearwater    Shain D F, Oakdale        Skeen J H, Creighton
Ryan J R Jr, Oakdale       Shain E A, Elgin          Skinner J, Jessup
Ryan J R Sr, Oakdale       Shain T E, Elgin          Staples D K, Neligh
St. John W, Clearwater     Shane F, Orchard          Slatter J O, Oakdale
Saffle T J, St. Clair      Sharp Chas, Neligh        Slivers E W, Tilden
Saffle T J, Tilden         Sharp G, Elgin            Smith B H, Elgin
Sage R, Tilden             Sharp Jas, Elgin          Smith C J, Clearwater
Sale C, Plainview          Sharp J, Oakdale          Smith C W, Willowdale
Sandholt Mrs, Neligh       Sharp P, Elgin            Smith F, Neligh
Satterley Z, Ewing         Shay M H, Mentorville     Smith G A, Neligh
Sawer W, Creighton         Shearer Jos, Royal        Smith H J, Neligh
Saxton J, St. Clair        Sheets A W, Elgin         Smith J F S, Oakdale
Saxton J R, St. Clair      Sheldon J H, Neligh       Smith J H, Clearwater
Saxton M, St. Clair        Shell B, Neligh           Smith J L, Neligh
Saxton W, St. Clair        Shepard W A, Elgin        Smith J S, Oakdale
Schanck W H, Plainview     Shepherd J, Neligh        Smith L E, Royal
Schenk T P, Royal          Sherman J, Jessup         Smith L O, Neligh
Schmidt L, Neligh          Sherman T, Jessup         Smith O D, Neligh
Schultz Aug, Elgin         Sherman W L, Jessup       Smith W R, Clear Sspring
Schultz C, Elgin           Shidler S A, Neligh       Smith W A, Plainview
Schultz F, Neligh          Shoemaker H P, Elgin      Snead J B, Neligh
Schultz M, Elgin           Shoemaker L E, Jessup     Snivelly S, Elgin
Scott F R, Creighton       Sholes A M, Barber        Snyder A H, Oakdale
Seabring C F, Elgin        Sholes Chas, Barber       Snyder F M, Clearwater
Seabury I C, Plainview     Sholes E W, Barber        Snyder L J, Oakdale
Seabury S P, Plainview     Shon A A, Clearwater      Solso A, Elgin
Seaman W L, Jessup         Shulte C, Elgin           Solso M C, Elgin
Sears G F, Neligh          Shumaker H, Neligh        Sondricker H C, Royal
Seck H, Elgin              Shuman H O, Vim           Sonnison J, Plainview
Seeley C M, Elgin          Shurtz J, Elgin           Sorenson J, Neligh
Seeley J L, Millerborough  Shurtz J L, Oakdale       Sovereign A N, Royal
Seeley L L, Creighton      Sied C, Neligh            Sparks M D, Mars
Seeley R W, Clearwater     Siever L A T, Neligh      Sparrow B, Creighton
Seeley W H, Clearwater     Sigler A, Ewing           Spaulding S E, Neligh
Severn F, Clearwater       Sigler P, Ewing           Spencer Geo, Neligh
Sewan W, Elgin             Simmons L A, Neligh       Spencer J L, Neligh
Spencer W W, Neligh        Suddaby S, Neligh         Thompson S M, Tilden
Spenner J P, Creighton     Suter L H, Neligh         Thompson P B, Tilden
Spenner Jos, Clearwater    Sutton T M, Neligh        Thompson AA, Mentorville
Spjut A V, Royal           Swanson A A, Mentorville  Thompson D, Vim
Spring Jos, Neligh         Swanson C A, Mentorville  Thompson I, Barber
Springer C, Neligh         Swanson G, Mentorville    Thompson J, Clearwater
Stall W, Elgin             Swanson K, Mentorville    Thompson J, Millerborough
Stanley F, Plainview       Swanson L, Barber         Thompson Joshua, Orchard
Stanley G, Tilden          Swanson M, Barber         Thompson L, Neligh
Stanton A, Tilden          Sward A, Elgin            Thompson R H, Elgin
Starkey R S, Tilden        Sward J, Elgin            Thompson W A, Elgin
Statton C H, Neligh        Sweatland E M, Royal      Thorman R, Oakdale
Stebens A, Mentorville     Sweatland J S, Royal      Thornburg G H, Oakdale
Steffins F, Neligh         Sweet Geo, Elgin          Thornton C, Tilden
Stemkee Jos, Creighton     Sweet H S, Elgin          Thornton G W, Tilden
Stevens D L, Mentorville   Sweet H W, Oakdale        Thornton T, Tilden
Stevens H, Mentorville     Sweet Oscar, Elgin        Thorp M M, Oakdale
Stevens J L, Mentorville   Switzer V M, Clearwater   Tibbs O W, Elgin
Stewart C, Creighton       Talley H C, Oakdale       Tibbs Sidney, Elgin
Stewart D, Creighton       Talves N S, Plainview     Tiffany C, Neligh
Stewart H, Creighton       Taregoy M D, Mars         Tilton B F, Clearwater
Stewart P V, Vickory       Tarr G W, Clearwater      Tindle W H, Orchard
Stith C C, Oakdale         Tarr P, Clearwater        Tittle R B, Ewing
Stolp J, Neligh            Taylor E C, Neligh        Todd F B, Neligh
Stolp M, Creighton         Taylor J H, Jessup        Todd F J, Neligh
Stone H S, Plainview       Taylor Jos, Royal         Todd J W, Neligh
Stone J A, Royal           Taylor M G, Jessup        Todd T, Elgin
Stonebraker A J, Royal     Taylor S K, Neligh        Toller G, Jessup
Stonebraker G B, Jessup    Tedro J B, Elgin          Toller M, Jessup
Stoner T H, Neligh         Tepner H, royal           Townsend C B, Neligh
Stoop J, Barber            Terile F L, Orchard       Troxell O, Neligh
Storm M, Royal             TerwilligerWH,Mentorvill  Tregoning J, Neligh
Storrs Z, Tilden           Tewksbury C E, Creighton  Trenepold F, Clearwater
Stotler J M, Neligh        Thaxton D F, Clearwater   Tripp B, Creighton
Stout P, Neligh            Thaxton W S, Neligh       Trowbridge G H, Neligh
Stringfellow J S, Tilden   Thayer Geo A, Royal       Trowbridge H, Neligh
Stull A, Elgin             Thilbault A, Clearwater   Trowbridge H W, Neligh
Stubbs G B, Elgin          Thomas B L, Jessup        Teube Ed, Neligh
Styles E W, Mentorville    Thomson J, Neligh         Tubbs A S, Neligh
Tuttle W E, Elgin          Warner G W, Neligh        Whitmore P, Tilden
Twining I, Creighton       Warner L E, Ewing         Whittemore E W, Ewing
Tyler J M, Plainview       Warner T, Oakdale         Wilber L, Clearwater
Ullson S, Oakdale          Warren C, Oakdale         Wilber Wallace, Creighton
Ulrich C, St. Clair        Warren J D, Jessup        Wilcox N, Vim
Ulrich Chas, St. Clair     Warrick N, Elgin          Wilcox W B, Neligh
Elrich W M, St. Clair      Waterhouse C H, Royal     Wildermuth C E, Millerboro
Unthank W M, Neligh        WatkinsWJ,Millerborough   Wildmarth E, Creighton
Updike E, Plainview        Watson E P, Plainview     Wilkes J, Plainview
Uphoff Jos, Clearview      Wattles W T, Neligh       Wilkinson P, Oakdale
Utterbach F H, Clearwater  Weaver F, Millerborough   Will F, Tilden
Vail H F, Mentorville      Weaver R L, Clear Spring  Willard W A, Orchard
Vain A, Mentorville        Weaver T, Clear Spring    Williams C, Tilden
Vandermark F, Plainview    Webb C H, Plainview       Williams C H, Mentorville
VaneveryNelson,Willowdal   Webb E W, Mentorville     Williams J B, Clearwater
Van Gilder C H, Neligh     Weigand J, Plainview      Williams J H, Jessup
Vanostrand G E, Jessup     Weiler F, Neligh          Williams C, Neligh
Van Patten L, Clearwater   WeitzenKampD,ClearWat     Williamson M, Royal
Vanwinkle J T, Creighton   Welch J T, Clearwater     Willoughby L S, Neligh
Vanwinkle M, Creighton     Welch M, Tilden           Wilson A R, Creighton
Vaughan J E, Tilden        Welsh R, Oakdale          Wilson D C, Neligh
Veitch W, Clear Springs    Welsh M, Tilden           Wilson H, Oakdale
Vestal J E, Neligh         Welsh P, Tilden           Wilson H H, Neligh
Vincent Henry, Orchard     Wenke H, Elgin            Wilson J, Clearwater
Vinkle Peter, Clearwater   Werts G C, Elgin          Wilson J W, Vim
Vogt F, Tilden             Werts N F, Elgin          Wilson M H, Creighton
Voorhees J W, Vickory      Weschi E, Plainview       Wilson M P, Oakdale
Wagner F, Tilden           West C H, Clearwater      Wilson P, Clearwater
Wagner J, Tilden           West J, Creighton         Wilson W, Creighton
Waldman F J, Elgin         Wetts B C, Jessup         Wilson W, Jessup
Waldron Thos, Neligh       Wheeler N, Tilden         Winders E, Tilden
Wallace L, Elgin           Wheeler W, Tilden         Wins W, Elgin
Wallace P F, Vickory       White J M, Neligh         Winters G W, Tilden
Wallin A, Elgin            Whiteman H, Oakdale       Wintersteen LL,Willowdale
Wallis Geo, Elgin          Whiteman J, Elgin         Wittshire G, Mentorville
Ward A A, Tilden           Whiteewer N, Tilden       Witzle J, Oakdale
Ward E N, Jessup           Whitmore R, Tilden        Wolf F, St. Clair
Wares M A, Plainview       Whitmore M, Oakdale       Wolfe A H, Oakdale
Warner A, Tilden           Whitmore N, Tilden        Wolfert G N, Neligh
Wolpert G W, Neligh        Young S P, Willowdale
Wolley A D, Mentorville    Young W A, Ewing
Wood Clas, Elgin           Ziegenbein H, Royal
Wood S H, Creighton        Ziegenbein W, Royal
Wood W P, Creighton        Zigler E, Jessup
Woodland J F, Neligh       Ziegler F, Jessup
Wookman F C, Clearwater    Ziegler H, Jessup
Wooley W G, Clear Spring   Ziegler J, Jessup
Woolham W, Neligh          Zulcher G, Oakdale
Woulen E W, Orchard
Wreyend H C, Neligh
Wright A E, Vickory
Wright A S, Mentorville
Wright C W, Creighton
Wright D F, Royal
Wright W E, Clear Spring
Wright G, Millerborough
Wright J, Tilden
Wright J, Plainview
Wright L, Elgin
Wright M, Tilden
Wright M B, Royal
Wuir J. Clearwater
Wuth J W, Jessup
Wyants S B, Oakdale
Wyckoff C S, Tilden
Wyman C M, Clearwater
Yager J, Oakdale
Yates J H, Neligh
Yeeglin C E, Tilden
Yeoman C W, Oakdale
Yeoman O E, Tilden
Yostin R, Elgin
Young A, Tilden
Young A J, Oakdale
Young C B, Tilden
Young J U, Creighton
Young L A, Ewing

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