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1890 Gazetteer - Cass County


Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891

Business (town) listings


Andrusville  Avoca  Cedar Creek  Eagle  Eight Mile Grove  Elmwood  Greenwood

Louisville  Manley  Murray  Nehawka  Oreopolis  Plattsmouth  Rock Bluff  

South Bend  Union   Victoria   Wabash  Weeping Water

page 50

     Andrusville, a post office situated in the extreme southwest part of Cass county, 42 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat. It is near the M. P. Ry. Population 25.

page 63

     Avoca is in the southern part of Cass County on the Missouri pacific Ry., six miles south of Weeping Water, and has a population of 250. The Bank of Avoca has a capital of $10,000. There is a grain elevator, a hotel, a substantial schoolhouse, which cost $3,000, and a Congregational Church.

Bank of Avoca, capital of $1,000, David Dean, pres, C A Kaufman cashier.
Barden A A, hardware.
Bartell & Co, grain and implts.
Brendel J F, phys.
Central Hotel, Caleb David, prop.
Davis Caleb, prop Central Hotel.
Dawson W Z, sta, tel and ex agt.
Eikel Henry, meat market.
Goodman F, shoemaker.
Graham & Wilkinson, hardware and furniture.
Haight Wm, livery.
Hate Gideon, blacksmith.
Hulburd O T, grain elevaor.
Kaufman C A, ins.
Kaufman J F, ins.
Keaton Milum, restaurant.
Koster Deitrich, blacksmith and wagon maker.
Lindemann & Buesching, genl mdse.
Marquardt B C & Co, genl mdse.
Mozingo Charles, drugs.
Opp Jacob, barber, watch repairer.
Ruhge F W, saloon.
South Platte Lumber Co, C A Kaufman mgr, lumber.
Sriver & Peckham, carpenters.
Tefft Amos, postmaster.

page 106

     Cedar Creek, a town of 150 people located on the B. & M. R. R. in the northwestern part of Cass county 14 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat.

page 146

    Eagle is a village located 16 miles east of Lincoln on the M. P. Ry. It is in the midst of a very productive country 40 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat, and has a population of 175. There are two grain elevators. A school house and a Methodist church building are being erected at a cost of $1,500 each. The churches are the Congregational and the Methodist.

Adams & Gilbert, grain elevator.
Allen S E, blacksmith.
Bank of Eagle, capital $15,000 J Adams pres, A C Adams cashier.
Day E E, grain elevator.
Dodds Mrs, dressmaker.
Dunagan W C, blacksmith.
Eagle House, Paul Frohlich pro.
Edson H J, agl implts.
English & Hedges, genl mdse.
Frohlich Paul, prop Eagle Hotel.
Gardner & Price, tobacco, cigars.
Geib J C, sta, tel and ex agt.
Judkins B, confectionery.
Latrom J H, hardware.
McCurdy D W, billiards.
Ray J M, harnessmaker.
Riordan H C, hardware.
Roelofsz H, genl mdse and livery.
Shannon J J, justice of the peace.
Taylor A O, postmaster, genl mdse and drugs.
Tidball & Fuller, lumber.
Trumble & Kent, meat market.

page 147

     Eight Mile Grove, a post office in the north eastern part of Cass county about eight south of Plattsmouth, the county seat.

Chriswisser B, justice.
Fulton, Thomas, blacksmith.
Jenkins Walter, blacksmith.
Miller Saml C, postmaster.

 NOTE: The 1890 Business Gazetteer states Eight Mile Grove is south of Plattsmouth.
Cass county maps of the era show Eight Mile Grove eight miles west of Plattsmouth.


page 150 Elmwood

      This thriving town is situated a little south and west of the center of Cass County, 35 miles west of Plattsmouth, the seat of justice. The beautiful country surrounding it is of gently rolling prairie and is noted for its fertility. It has a population of 400, and is located on the Missouri Pacific Ry., 24 miles east of Lincoln. Two banks with capital respectively of $25,000 and $9,000, facilitate the financial operations of the vicinity. "The Echo " is the title of the newspaper; the societies are K. of P., A. O. U. W. and G. A. R.; the churches are the Christian, Methodist and Catholic; two elevators further the shipment of grain, and two hotels accommodate the traveling public. 

Adams & Gilbert, grain elevator.
Allen Charles, billiards.
American Exchange Bank, capital $9,000, T E Stevens pres, W S Waters, cashier.
Arends & Thomas, genl mdse.
Bailey C L & Son, harnessmakers.
Bailey & Saxton, meat market.
Beardslee Clark & Co, lumber.
Beardslee H G, furniture, agl implts.
Carroll H H, prop Elmwood poultry yards.
Cartmell D L & Co, hardware, agl implts.
Church & Hibbs, millinery, dressmakers.
Clapp C D & Co, genl mdse.
Clements John & Son, furniture, agl implts and undertakers.
Cole Mary J Mrs, fancy goods.
Davis Bros, livery sale and board-stables.
Eels Bros, grain elevator.
Elmwood Echo, Mayfield Bros, prop.
Elmwood House, Mrs. L P Green slate, prop.
Elmwood Poultry Yards, H H Carroll prop.
Green James, drugs.
Green J H Mrs, millinery.
Greenslate L P Mrs, prop Elmwood House.
Hatch George, groceries.
Hobbs & Haughey, phys.
Hogan L V, drugs.
Jacobs E M, wagonmaker.
Jaynes J L, wagonmaker.
Lockey A, pumps, windmills.
Marshall A L, drugs.
Mayfield A U, postmaster.
Mayfield Cros, pub, Elmwood Echo.
Mueller Wm, blacksmith.
Neihart A W, photographer.
Raker Sam, harness and shoemaker.
Rosencrance E W, barber.
Sarver W N, hardware.
Smith C N, justice.
State Bankof Elmwood, capital $25,00, James Rivett Jr, pres.
Striplin F M, prop Union Hotel.
Striplin Henry, livery.
Swearingen W A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Union Hotel, F M Striplin prop.
Vick Bros, genl mdse.
Webber Bros, blacksmiths, wagonmakers.

page 207

     Greenwood, a town on the mainline of the B. & M R. R., 37 miles from Omaha and 17 miles from Lincoln. It is located in the broad level valley of Salt Creek in the northwestern part of Cass County, 37 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat. The population if 750. Grain and live stock are largely produced in the surrounding country. Among the flourishing enterprises of the town are the First National Bank, which occupies a fine new structure of brick and stone; lumber yards, grain elevators, bee hive manufactory, flour mill, hotels. There are five churches: Catholic, two Methodists, Episcopal, Congregational, and Christian. There is one weekly newspaper, the Greenwood Gazette, W. S. Elliott, publisher.

Annis M Mrs. carpet weaving.
Armstrong Wm, meat market.
Bouk J W & Hubert, seedmen.
Bowker J W, sta agt B & M R. R.
Buskirk Warren, livery.
Clark G W, atty,
Cline Henry T, blacksmith.
Coleman & McPherson, lumber, coal
Conn Wm W, drugs, paints.
Connor Joseph A, grain elevator.
Craig Elias B, undertaker.
Crittenden & Burr, hardware, agl implts.
Crittenden E A, justice, notary.
Cunningham H Mrs, hotel.
Cunningham Mrs H & Wickersham Mrs., millinery.
Cutler Geo B, bee hive mfr, flour, agl impts.
Cutler Gertrude Mrs, postmistress.
Dickenson Geo, justice.
Elliott Winfield S, editor Greenwood Gazette.
Finely W A, live stock.
First National Bank, John Fitzgerald pres, N H Meeker Cashier.
Fitzgerald John, genl mdse.
Foracell Olof, blacksmith.
Fulmer & Co, drugs, paints.
Galley Phillip S, furniture.
Green P & Co, genl mdse.
Greenwood Broom Factory, R A Stone prop.
Greenwood Gazette, W S Elliott, editor and mgr.
Hardin Bros, drugs, paints.
Hoham O C, hardware, agl implts.
Holloway A E, harness.
Hotel Ellsworth, G W Morris prop.
Johnson Chas A, boots, shoes.
Kerrihard W G, mgr Railsback, Mitchell & Co.
Kimberly Will, carpenter.
Kinnison Abraham, billiards.
Lackey Alexander, pumps and wind mills.
Laughlin B F, livery.
Laughlin E G, saloon.
Magee Ashford H, mgr, South Platte Lumber co.
Meeker N H, real estate.Morris Geo W, prop Palace hotel.
Pailing Walter E, groceries, shoes.
Polk Bros, arrys.
Railsback Mitchell & Co, W G Kerrihard mgr, grain elevator.
Rich Edw A, groceries, stationery.
Roberts Wm, barber.
Rulof A, groceries.
Sayles John, meat market.
Shaw & Lytle, genl mdse.
South Platte Lumber Co, A H Magee, mgr, lumber, coal.
Steiner Jacob, blacksmith.
Still F A, barber.
Stone Rollin A, broom mfr.
Swanback H F, auctioneeer.
Tamblin Jerome B, physician.
Wickersham J F, jeweler.

page 280

     Louisville is in the northern part of Cass County, at the intersection of the B. & M. R. R. and the M. P. Ry., the latter having a bridge across the Platte River at this point. Near the town are valuable stone quarries which give employment o a large number of men. In the town a number of industries, a pottery and stoneware manufactory, flour mills, an elevator, etc., are in operation and an extensive brick and tile manufactory is just beginning operations, with a capacity of 35,000 bricks per day. A good school building that cost $4,000 affords educational opportunities to the young. There is a Methodist church and several secret societies. There are two weekly newspapers--the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Louisville Advertiser. Population, 800.

Akeson Peter M, livery.
Alderman H F, agt B & M R R, and Wells, Fargo & Cos Ex.
Baker W E, mgr Waterman & Sons.
Bankof Commerce, C H Parmele pres, C A Manker cashier.
Behan Hugh, stone quarry.
Brand Fred, blacksmith, carriage maker.
Bringman John, shoemaker.
Burns & Riddle, saloon.
Cleghorn Wm A, notary public, justice of the peace, collections.
Cline Alfred G, justice.
Cutforth Walter, hardware, furniture.
Drake James N, genl mdse, prop Louisville Advertiser.
Ellis J P, agt M P Ry, Pac Exp Co.
Fetzer Frank, saloon.
Flower Pearl F, clothing, etc.
Green John H, stone quarry.
Guthmann Oswald, groceries.
Hall A W Mrs, prop Hall House.
Hall Emma Miss, mgr Nebraska Telephone Co.
Hall House, Mrs A W Hall prop.
Hall Truman, harness.
Hamlin Martin D, barber.
Hartshorn James L, postmaster.
Hartshorn W A, paper hanger.
Hasemeier Jacob A, drugs, phys.
Jackman & Son, flouring mill.
Jenkins Elijah, genl mdse.
Kitts Samuel, prop Louisville House.
Knott A A Mrs, hair goods,
Louisville Advertiser, J N Drake, prop.
Louisville Bank, Frank Stander pres, James Stander cashier.
Louisville Courier-Journal, Mayfield & Co, prop.
Louisville House, Samuel Kitts prop.
Manker Cary A, furniture, cashier, Bank of commerce.
Mayfield & Co, props Louisville Courier-Journal.
Nebraska Telephone Co, Miss Emma L. Hall mgr.
Nichols John K, genl mdse.
Ossenkop John, grain elevator.
Palmer Emil, genl mdse.
Penkonin H E, hardware, agl implts.
Petersen Peter, boots and shoes.
Robinsen Aleck, phys.
Rockwell Seth F, atty, notary.
Ruby Minnie Mrs, millinery
Schlafli Chas, meat market.
Shryock Thos W, furniture.
Shryock Wm B, drugs.
Siekgost Chas, blacksmith.
Spence Charles W, meat market.
Stander F, genl mdse, prop Louisville Bank.
Stevens Fred W, restaurant.
Wade Wm. mfr, pottery, stone ware.
Waterman H A & son, W E Baker mgr, lumber and coal.

page 288

     Manley, a finely located town, situated on the M. P. Ry., in the central part of Cass County, 15 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat, and about 27 miles from Weeping Water. Population, 80.

Brown G A, harnessmaker.
Goehry Jacob, blacksmith, agl implts, hotel.
Hulburd O T, grain.
Jenkins & Coon, genl mdse.
Low August, shoemaker.
Maust E, grain dealer.
Mullins C L, phys.
Pankonin H E agl implts.
Schwab John, hardware, agl implts.
Rockwell O T, justice.
Shryock W B, drugs.
Rockwell O T & Bros, genl mdse, coal.

page 299

Murray, a postoffice in the eastern part of Cass county, eight miles from Plattsmouth. Population, 35.

page 305

     Nehawka is a growing town in the southeastern part of Cass County, 18 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat, on the Missouri Pacific Ry. It has a population of 200. They have a bank, two elevators, a hotel, etc. during the past year a building or the bank and several other structures were erected, and a hotel and other buildings in course of erection. Fine stone quarries add greatly to the business of the place.

Applegate Lee, blacksmith.
Baier Oswald, genl mdse.
Baldwin Edward, sta, tel and ex agt.
Banning J E, grain elevator.
Bardan A D, livery.
Conrad H R, livery.
Hulburd O T, grain elevator.
Loff Henry, barber.
McBride J D, live stock.
Marshall Bros, hardware.
Mothersead Charles D, drugs, medicines, etc.
Nehawka Bank, capital $6,400, C H Parmele pres, L C Pollard Vice pres,
   David C West cashier.
Nehawka House, H g Strong prop.
Newell Mary Miss, milliner.
Opp Peter, meat market.
Pollard L C, postmaster.
Pollard M D, confectionery, billiards.
Sheldon F P, genl mdse.
Smoots Wm I, meat market.
Strong H G, prop Nehawka House.
Strum A F, lumber, coal, paints, oil.
Warder Kate Miss, dressmaker.

page 436

   Oreopolis, a station on the B. & M. R. R., four miles west of Plattsmouth.

Clement R W, agt.

pages 451-454

   Plattsmouth, is situated at the confluence of the Missouri and the Platte rivers, and has a population of 8,403. It is the county seat of Cass county, one of the most productive agricultural counties in the Union. Plattsmouth is the gateway to the great South Platte country. It is the connecting point if the C. B. & Q and B. & M. R. R. in Nebraska, who have built a magnificent steel bridge, 2,900 feet in length, across the Missouri at this point. It will also be on the main line of the M. P. Ry., when the new line, now in course of construction, shall be completed, which it is to be during the present year. It is only thirty minutes ride from Omaha, the metropolis of the state, and two hours from Lincoln, the capital. The chief industry at present is the machine shops, round houses, store houses, etc., of the B. &. M. R. R., which are valued at $2,000,000. The supply department, also located here, distribute several million dollars worth of material to the different divisions of the road yearly. About 1,000 employees of the road reside here, and the company disburses over $50,000 monthly. The city enjoys the benefit of the most modern improvements. Main street has been paved with Sioux Falls granite at a cost of $50,000; a system of sewerage that gives thorough drainage cost $40,000; a complete water works system, which cost $125,000; an electric light plant that cost $30,000; am electric street railway with two and a half miles of track. Among the additional industries are extensive brick and terra cotta works, an electric lamp manufactory, several cigar manufactories, canning works, employing from 150 to 200 persons, flouring mills, etc. The Plattsmouth nurseries, lying a half mile north of the city, supply a fine assortment of fruit, ornamental and forest trees to improve and beautify the city and surrounding country. The elegant Hotel Riley is an imposing structure in the French renaissance style of architecture, recently completed at a cost of nearly $80,000. The City Hotel, the Perkins House, and several other good hotels are also here. The Citizens Bank and the First National have been each a capital of $50,000. The newspapers are represented by the Journal, published by Sherman & Cutright, and the Herald. Both are issued daily and weekly, and have a large circulation. The school facilities are excellent. The High School, a fine four story structure erected at a cost of $25,000, with a campus two blocks in extent, and seven small ward schools are in use for the education of 2,000 children. Besides there are good parochial schools, and a kindergarten. The Y. M. C.A. have commodious quarter, handsomely furnished, and a choice library extensively used. A good fire department with five volunteer companies protects the city. A handsome opera house and several public halls provide for the entertainment of the people. The churches here are the Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, German Methodist, German Presbyterian, Christian, Colored Baptist, Swedish and Catholic, who also have a convent here. The city officers are: F. M. Rickey, mayor; W. K. Fox, clerk; Frank Morgan, treasurer; M. Archer, police judge.

Antill James P, restaurant, confectionery.
Archer Michael, justice.
Atwood S H & Co, stone and sand.
Babington D E, carpenter.
Bach August, groceries, billiards.
Ballou & Browne, real estate, ins and loans, attorneys.
Bank of Cass County, capital $50,000, C H Parmele pres, J M
Patterson, cashier.
Bates P D, carpenter, contractor.
Baumeister F W Mrs, dressmaker.
Beeson & Root, attys.
Bennett & Tutt, groceries, crockery.
Bilstein Richard, meat market.
Boeck Henry, furniture, undertaker.
Boeck W A & Co, boots and shoes.
Bons Henry M, prop Perkins House and saloon.
Boone John C, barber.
Black John, broker.
Briggs Milo S, barber, job printing.
Brown Thomas B, blacksmith.
Brown Wm B, laundry.
Burke Fred A, agl implts.
Burlington House, Geo Sitzmann, prop.
Bush & Grassman, laundry.
Buzzell Stephen, mgr, Nebraska Telephone Co.
Carruth Frank & Son, jeweler.
Cedar Creek Stone Co, stone, sand.
Citizens Bank of Plattsmouth, capital $50,000, Frank Carruth pres,
W H. Cushing, cashier.
City Hotel, John Mumm, prop.
Clark Asher, groceries, crockery.
Clark Byron, atty.
Clark Timothy, coal.
Clifford T S, painter.
Cohen A & Co, dry goods.
Coleman James C, wagonmaker.
Cook Edwin W, phys.
Cook Wm P, barber.
Copeland E A Miss, dressmaker.
Crabill W F & Son, blacksmith.
Cunningham Nicholas C, saloon.
Dawson & Pearce, millinery.
Denson John R, restaurant, confectionery.
Despain A D, carpenter and contractor.
Dixon Isaac N, restaurant, bakery.
Dovey & Son, genl mdse.
Dressler Frank, merchant tailor.
Dressler Karl, merchant tailor.
Dwyer Dennis O, atty.
Egenberger Fred G, saloon.
Egenberger Joseph V Jr, bakery, etc.
Elingson Peter, painter.
Elson Benjamin, clothing, etc.
Fetzer Joseph, boots, shoes.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, John Fitzgerald pres,
S Waugh cashier.
Fricke F G & Co, drugs, paints, etc.
Gering & Co, drugs, wallpaper.
Gring Matthew, county atty.
Golding Levi, clothing.
Gorder Fred, agl implts.
Grassman Jacob W, meat market.
Greusel Edwin S, master mechanic B & M R R shops.
Grossenbacher Louis, blacksmith.
Hall & Craig, agl implts.
Hall Joseph H, phys.
Hall S E & J S, tinsmiths.
Hansen P J, groceries, crockery.
Hansen Rasmus, shoemaker.
Harris Charles, brick contractor.
Hatt & Otto, meat market.
Hawrick A, second-hand goods.
Heinrich Jacob, restaurant.
Heisel C, prop, Plattsmouth Mill.
Herold Wm, dry goods, boots, shoes.
Hermann Fred, dry goods.
Hesser W J, florist.
Hicks T J, prop, Pacific House.
Hill T J, sewing machines.
Hilton E E, surveyor and engineer.
Holmes & Hinkle, livery.
Holton Geo H, lessee Plattsmouth Herald.
Hotel Riley, H H Van Aranam prop.
Humphrey Wm A, phys.
Johnson J Finley, hardware.
Jones D M, brick contractor.
Jones & Fitzgerald, livery.
Journal (The) (daily and Weekly) Sherman & Cutright, props.
Karges, Wohlfarth & Co, props, Plattsmouth Door Factory.
Keefer Wm G, harness.
Klein Joseph, clothing, etc.
Klietsch Herman, saloon.
Koon Walter J, photographer.
Kraus Phillip, groceries, crockery.
Krecklow Wm F, billiards.
Kuhney Bros, barbers.
Latham Frederick, sta agt.
Leach John, painter.
Lee Quong, laundry.
Leesley John E, proprietor Plattsmouth Nurseries, ornamental
     and forest trees, one-half mile north of Plattsmouth.
Lehnhoff Bros, stationery, etc.
Leonard V V, photographer.
Leyda J M, abstracts, notary, ins.
Livingston T P &R R, phys, surgeons.
McCourt Francis, groceries.
McElwain Bert A, jeweler.
Mcmacken & Son, ice.
McVey Joseph J, saloon, billiards.
Marshal Cary A, dentist.
Mathews James S, atty, real estate.
Mathews Uriah V, hardware.
Mayer S & Co, clothing, etc.
Melvin & Stitzer, second-hand goods.
Moore Elsie Miss, millinery.
Moore L A, florist.
Mumm John, prop City Hotel, saloon.
Murphy M B & Co, groceries and crockery.
Nebraska House, J M Woodson, prop.
Nebraska Telephone Co, Stephen Buzzell mgr.
Newell Wm H & Co, grain elevator.
O'Connor Joseph A, grain elevator.
O'Donohoe M, atty.
Oliver & Ramge, meat market.
O'Rourk M & Son, merchant tailors.
Osborn S F, carpenter, contractor.
Owens L A Mrs. dressmaker.
Pacific House, T J Hicks prop.
Pailing Charles E, bill poster.
Palmer George, blacksmith.
Parmele & Son, livery.
Pearlman Israel, furniture, stoves.
Perkins House, Henry M Bons, prop.
Petersen John C, meat market.
Petersen & Larsen, groceries.
Pickens W H, carpenter, contractor.
Plattsmouth Brick & Terra Cotta Mfr Co, J G Richey pres, T H Pollock sec
and treas, F D Lehnhoff supt.
Plattsmouth Canning Co, Chas Nachbauer, supt.
Plattsmouth Door Factory, Karges, Wohlfarth & Co, props.
Plattsmouth Gas & Electric Light Co, office 623 Pearl, J G Richey pres,
S B Hovey treas, C D Jones sec.
Plattsmouth Herald (daily and weekly), George H Holton lessee.
Plattsmouth Mill, C. Heisel prop.
Plattsmouth Nurseries, John E Leesley prop.
Plattsmouth Street Railway Co, O H Ballou pres, J A Davies sec,
J M Patterson treas.
Plattsmouth Water Co, Geo A Rawson pres, Boston; A B Treas treas,
Boston; T F Courey supt Plattsmouth.
Polk Bros, attys.
Porter Wm B, hay, feed, storage.
Reese Eva C Mrs, dressmaker.
Reinhackel August,harness maker.
Reynard Peter G, sec YMCA.
Richey Bros, lumber.
Rosier A Mrs, millinery.
Rounds Peter, wagonmaker.
Ryan Michael S, saloon.
Sage Harvey W, tinsmith.
Salisbury Ackland, dentist.
Schiappecasse John, fruits, etc.
Schildknecht W H, boots, shoes, phys.
Schirk Michael, groceries and coal.
Schhellbacher John M, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Sherman & Cutright, (Charles W Sherman, John W Cutright), prop
The Journal.
Sherwood Robert, boots and shoes.
Shipman Alfred, phys and surgeon.
Shumaker S H, pumps, windmills.
Siggins Ernest L, phys.
Sitzmann G, prop Burlington House.
Skinner & Ritchie (L E Skinner, H C Ritchie), real estate, abstracts and loans.
Smawley R M Mrs, boarding house.
Smith C H, surveyor, civil engineer and draughtsman.
Snyder Oscar H, drugs, paints, wallpaper etc.
Soennichsen Henry M, groceries, crockery.
Speck & Lau, saloon.
Spencer Charles L, agt W F & Cos and Am Ex.
Spencer H G, groceries, crockery.
Spies Herman, cigar mfr.
Stamm Edward, cigar mfr.
Stiles Loren C, justice.
Streight Henry J, postmaster.
Streight Orevin M, llivery.
Sullivan Albert N, atty.
Swoboda John J, groceries.
Unruh J I, furniture, undertaking.
Valery Jacob R, meat market.
Van Aranam H H prop, Hotel Riley.
Vannatta S P & Son, attys and ins.
Vass George W, jewelry.
Walling Thomas, atty and notary.
Waterman H A & Son, lumber, coal, prop Waterman Opera House.
Waterman Opera House, H A Waterman & Con, prop, J P Young Mgr.
Weber Wm, saloon and mfr soda and mineral water.
Weckbach J V & Son, dry goods, millinery, etc.
Weidman & Breckenfeld, hardware, etc.
Wescott Clarence E, clothing, etc.
White Francis E, grain dealer.
White Francis S, genl mdse.
Wickersham S L, jewelry.
Wildman & Fuller, drugs, etc.
Windham & Davies, attys and ins.
Wise & Root, millinery.
Wise Wm S, real estate.
Withers Alonzo T, dentist.
Wohlfarth, Karges & co, mfrs sash, doors, blinds.
Woodson James M, prop, Nebraska House.
Woodward Wm H, laundry.
Young John P, musical instruments, stationery, etc. Mgr,
Waterman Opera House.
Young Mens Christian Association, P G Reynard sec.

page 467

     Rock Bluff, a post-office in the northeastern part of Cass County, seven miles south of Plattsmouth, the county seat.

Allen W B, blacksmith.
Graves E M, justice.
Graves M J Mrs. dressmaker.
Graves Nellie, postmistress.
McCullough Ben, wagonmaker.
Patterson Fred, genl mdse.
Reynolds E E, phys, drugs.
Slura Joe, genl mdse.


      SOUTH BEND is in the northwestern part of Cass county, on the B. & M. R. R., 23 miles west of Plattsmouth, the county seat. A wagon bridge across the Platte river facilitates communication with the country north of the river. The South Bend quarries are among the best in the state although none are now in operation. The stone for the capital was quarried here. The place is also an extensive grain depot. There are two grain elevators and a flour mill. There is a Methodist church here. Population, 200

American House, Mrs. M. A. Streight, prop.
Babbitt & Evans, grain elevator, agl implts.
Bank of South Bend, David Dean pres, Frank P. Folsum, cashier.
Barbee C. A. & Bro, genl mdse.
Childers Frederick, blacksmith.
Commercial Hotel, Dr. William Kirk, prop.
Coon Henry, blacksmith.
Evan Hampton S. agt. B. & M. R. R. and Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex.
Folsom Frank P, cashier Bank of South Bend, mgr South Platte Lumber Co.
Grace J. M. , saloon.
Kirk H Mrs., drugs, crockery.
Kirk W. Dr. , prop Commerical Hotel.
McKee Clara Miss, dressmaker.
Nebraska Telephone Co., Miss F. May Patterson, mgr.
O'Brien Charles, livery.
O'Brien Charles L., meat market.
Patterson Silas C., genl mdse.
Smith Thomas H, barber.
South Platte Lumber Co., F P. Folsom, mgr.
Streight M. A. Mrs. prop American House.
Sturzenegger Emil, genl mdse, postmaster.
Wacker Christian F., meat market.
Wells Wm. L., atty, justice.
White Francis E., grain elevator.

page 529 

     Union is a thriving town in the western part of Cass County, on the M P Ry., 52 miles from Omaha, and 16 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat. The first sale of town lots took place in 1887:--the present population is 400. A good school house was built during the past year at a cost of $2,800. Several business houses are to be built during 1890, among which will be one for bank purposes. There are here, one hotel, the Union House, two elevators, a brick-yard, a saw-mill, a weekly newspaper, the Union Ledger, and other kinds of business in operation here. And of churches there are the Baptist and the Presbyterian.

Baker Thomas, hardware.
Bauer F, shoemaker.
Brissey H M, meat market.
Brissey Wm, meat market.
Chicago Lumber Co, D W Foster agt.
Douge J H, prop Union House.
Frans R H & Co, genl mdse, postoffice
Graves Chas L, editor the Union Ledger and attorney.
LaRur G N, blacksmith.
Leach G W, livery.
McDermad G E, barber.
Martin John, hardware, sawmill.
Martin Lizzie Miss, dressmaker.
Nebraska City Elevator Co, W Perkins mgr.
Noelting & Meyer, hardware, agl implts.
Pittman J Miss, millinery.
Roberts Marve, brick mfr.
Rose G A & Co, genl mdse.
Schminke P & Co, grain elevator.
Smith A R, billiards.
Thomas M L, drugs and public telephone.
Union House, J H Douge prop.
Union Ledger (The), Chas L Graves, editor.
Wallace R B, phys.
Wills H R, sta, tel and ex agt.
Wolfe Wm, blacksmith


     VICTORIA, a postoffice in the southern part of Cass county, 28 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat. Cross L. E., postmaster.

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     Wabash is a town on the Missouri Pacific Ry., 28 miles from Lincoln, in the southwestern par of Cass County, 38 miles from Plattsmouth, the county seat. The population is 200. There are here good stores, an elevator and a hotel. The churches are the Baptist and the Methodist. The Wabash Weekly News is published by A. Schlegel. During the past year a school house has been erected at a cost of $1,500 and also a M. E. church building at a cost of $1,800. The town is surrounded by a superior farming region. W. J. Horton has a fine park one-half mile east of town, beautified by an artificial lake.

Brown & Smith, well borers.
Brown S S, prop Eddy House.
Dearing W H, phys.
Dimmit Edward, justice.
Eddy House, S S Brown, prop.
Edgar J Mrs, dressmaker.
Fickes Thomas, genl mdse.
Hay D E, agl implts.
Hulfish Annie Mrs., millinery.
Hulfish S, postoffice and drugs.
Miller I C, sta, tel and ex agt.
Murtey John, lumber and coal.
Nagle Chris, plasterer.
Neely J M, phys.
Schlegel Alex, ed and prop Wabash Weekly News.
Sever Joseph, blacksmith.
Shewe Fritz, hardware.
Smith G, barber and confectionery.
Towle & Shank, grain elevator.
Wabash Weekly News, Alex Schlegel ed and prop.
Zabel & Dettman, genl mdse.

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     Weeping Water is a thriving city located on the Missouri Pacific Ry., at the junction of the Lincoln extension, near the center of Cass County. It is 24 miles southwest of Plattsmouth, the county seat. Population 2,200. The city derives its name from the Weeping Water River, which is known by the Pawnee Indians as "Keets-so-te-et-ticut." The river supplies motive power for three flour mills. Several large elevators are in operation. Three stone quarries give employment to about 300 men. During the past year an electric light plant has been established costing $15,000. The Noble Sewing Machine Co. has erected a large factory at a cost of $18,000 for the building, and $120,000 for the plant. They employ about 120 men. Water works have been constructed at a cost of $16,000. A new Congregational Church has been erected of brick and stone at a cost of $25,000. Several large brick buildings have been built for store and office purposes, and a pressed brick plant put in operation. The contract has been let for the construction of a two-story brick railway depot at this place. Two ably conducted banks, with a capital of $50,000 each, attend to the financial wants of the community. The public schools are noteworthy for their excellence. The Weeping Water Academy, Rev, George Hindley, B. D., principal, under the auspices of the Congregational denomination, is a prosperous institution. The Congregationalists, Methodists, and Baptists all have church edifices here. The Y. M. C. A. has reading rooms, etc., under the direction of an able secretary. City officers: P. S. Barnes, mayor; A. L. Timblin, clerk; Robt. Emens, treasurer; C. H. King, police judge; G. W. Noble, surveyor.

Adams & Gilbert, grain elevator and Norman horses.
Alexander B J & Co, drugs, jewelry, wall paper and books.
Ashley A O, sign painter.
Baldwin C A, wagonmaker.
Baldwin F H, blacksmith.
Barnes P S, mayor.
Beardsley, Clark & Co, lumber, coal.
Bellows J H, atty and real estate.
Burns W G, boot and shoemaker.
Butler Milton M Dr, postmaster.
Campbell A B, tel operator.
Campbell A B, barber.
Carmichael Oliver, wagonmaker.
Cass County Eagle, H G Race & Co prop.
Chase Jonathan, furniture.
Cherry C M, billiards.
Cissna W D, bakery and restaurant.
Clapp D L, justice.
Clark, Howard & Wright, real estate and loans.
Clark T K, pres Commerical Bank.
Coglizer S W, pumps, windmills.
Colman Allan, meat market.
Comer and Ralston, pumps, windmills.
Commerial Bank, capital $50,000, T K Clark pres, Anselmo B Smith
     Vice pres, T M Howard cashier.
Corley & Hubbard, confectionery.
Cromwell & Corley, lunch counter.
Cromwell O K, prop Gibbon house.
Day E E, genl mdse.
Dunn W M, livery.
Edgar J M, sta and ex agt.
Emens Robt, city treas.
European Hotel, Mrs. F D Krebbs prop.
Fenner w A, dry goods, groceries.
First national Bank, capital $50,000, B A Gibson pres, M F Wolcott Cashier,
     Thomas Murtey assistant cashier.
Fitchie S D, real estate, ins. Loans.
Flower & Anthony, drugs.
Franklin Wm, genl sec YMCA.
Gibbon House, O K Cromwell prop.
Girardet & emens, genl mdse.
Gorder Fred & Son, agl implts.
Haldeman J H, atty and notary.
Hall J E, phys.
Herman Bros, clothing.
Hindley Geo Rev, principal of academy.
Howard T M, cashier Commercial Bank.
Huston J W, photographer.
Jamieson T F, contractor.
Jaquette Anthony, merchant tailor.
Jones D E. blacksmith.
Keithley J K, prop the Weeping Water Republican.
Kennedy J L, tinner.
King C H, insurance agent and police judge.
Krebbs F D Mrs, prop European Hoe.
Lang B F, phys.
McDonald R D, furniture.
McGee John A, real estate.
Marshall Chas, boots and shoes.
Miller H C, dentist.
Monroe W J, livery.
Morris W R, hardware, stove, tinware, etc.
Murless E W, dentist.
Noble G W, surveyor, sec, and treas, Academy.
Noble Sewing Machine & Manufacturing Co. P S Ensworth,
B F Bellow, mgr.
Olmstead H M, clothing.
Orton S W, drugs, paints, stationery.
Paine C M Miss, millinery.
Race H G & Co. props Cass County Eagle.
Reed Bros & Co, genl mdse.
Ripley Bros, meat market.
Root A L, phys.
Root & Parish, (A L Root, E L Parish), drugs, fancy goods, tobacco and cigars.
Rutt & Cuttell, dry good, notions.
Sackett & Gates, hardware.
Sackett & Joyce, meat market.
Sayles A Mrs, millinery.
Selleck W B, blacksmith.
Smith Anselmo B, vice-pres, Commercial Bank.
Stear King, boots, shoes.
Street W L & M A, millinery.
Thomas J W, phys.
Tidball & Fuller, lumber, coal.
Timblin A L, city clerk.
Travis H D, atty.
Ward I, broom mfr.
Ward I M, prop Weeping Water House.
Webster C A, watches, clocks, jewelry, books, wall-paper,
Sewing machines, etc.
Weeping Water elevator Association, J Hayes, mgr.
Weeping Water House, I M Ward, prop.
Weeping Water Lime & Stone Co., E L Reed pres, F R McConnell sec.
J H McConnell mgr.
Weeping Water Republican (The), issued every Thursday,
Keithley, prop.
Widmeier Bros, harness, saddles.
Wilson O T, barber.
Woodard Y.
Young Men Christian Association, Wm Franklin genl sec.

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